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  1. I don't think many people noticed this at all really and it will take a long time for most people to notice. Yes its a step outside of the field of anime content but i'm not sure if largely happened as a result of sakura clicker and a exploration of that. Some of the weird experiments we may see them do with their sakura titles might be related to what they are trying to do with their other studio and their newer brand with less stain of its reputation can stay safer meanwhile. Since they have no real big personal site or anything of that such it feels as like as much as the disconnect that we
  2. https://twitter.com/FoxDawn_ This is Winged Cloud's other Studio they have one F2P clicker game on greenlight and are working on something else. A while ago Sekai Tweeted that this was Winged Cloud's new thing. & It went by largely unnoticed. If you search their tweet log hard you should be able to find it. Apparently its mentioned here https://beltravi.wordpress.com/2016/06/12/06122016-e3-begins-sekai-project-announcements/ ctrl f fox dawn.
  3. How many of you know that Winged cloud has another studio ? Also I think that we will get more vn games I'm to blame for at least some of that. Like the tons of indie/doujin releases in japan we have a massive international scale in what we consider the "west" quality might be lower with less well planned out titles due to budget etc but people can make different things work out for them all over the world. For example huniepop which isn't a vn but has some of the same style and anime style characters largely featured indonesian & polish artists. I've seen Indonesian vn teams c
  4. Monetary investment will mean something to some developers and more to those from certain countries. I make a living marketing and do public relations for those with or without publishers and generally non of them would ever discuss publicly what their rates are. Its best to approach developers directly or look for those that are looking for some sort of funding. Whilst my knowledge goes further cause of my previous involvement with at least one of the two named publishing companies I can't really say. I know for some devs they don't like the potential idea of taking $5000 to lose $30,000 or
  5. Whilst it can be possible to target specific countries to hire your artists/staff. Look at Huniepop for example most of the artists were from Indonesia or Poland with the exception of one. You still go through the same mindfield to find someone reliable with good enough materiel that people will approve in general. Then they need to be able to produce content reasonably within a timeframe it is very common for even artists that produce great stuff on their own terms to struggle to work towards a deadline. Then who knows if you're able to communicate easily and wherever you want someone you can
  6. Its against steam TOS for companies to post links to other sites in which games can be purchased. They can get away withit without steam noticing however steam users can report you especially those with anti eroge vibes. When steam catches you doing it they may take your steam page down without warning and then tell you after why and ask you to correct it as a heavy handed warning. Steam does have a leniency towards big companies though but not to any of the visual novel crowd/publishers. Though users posting links or informing people is ok and almost encouraged especially when someone asks ho
  7. Whilst its not brought up on Kickstarter it was brought up on reddit and I put some information towards that Vn Reddit Its surprising how many people try to vaguely pass it off, along with game backgrounds as you see in a chunk of other vn's I've mentioned this before. In terms of audience between MG & steam users that normally buy Visual novels not many vn's even the slower more methodical ones that are better received. Receive enough money to support themselves. When you hit that barrier you either step up or people leave. We've seen a few studios blow up in the past. Once people
  8. Finding a good artist that is reliable and good at meeting deadlines or living up to the time they set is pretty tricky. This is a little of why you don't see more from say the better artists. Dharker Studio has 2 good artists in terms of anime style such as Tonee & Kopi but it could take them up to 5 times as long to produce the same amount of art for a visual novel if not longer. Whilst the artists with their own growing style work faster and can finish in a similar time that the writers finish in. This is still all weighed in on short visual novels also. Generally if someone knows they
  9. £30k Goal Game Characters There are two new writers working on the titles one with more visual novel writing experience not that there is much love for to many evn writers. Dharker studio is able to make more visual novels then other studios because they work with lots of different artists and multiple writers & have those that can work full time rather then part time as most indie teams end up being. Still artist paces are very variable. Still this kinda means that we don't get masterpieces that take a year to make and have a lot of thought put into them. Partly down to visual a
  10. If you need to see what its like at a glance click these. Steam Link MangaGamer Link Highschool Romance is a some what ero but non adult title among the more recent adult titles of the Ajtilley brand. Its had the most positive reception & sales of any Ajtilley game to date. With an artist & writer that never previously worked with the brand. The reason I call it brand is due to a recent announcement on the Ajtilley website declaring that they are more of a publisher then exclusively production studio. I had assumed this was a thing before I got involved with them and it was truthful so
  11. The decision to sell those titles on a bundle happened before I got involved in helping them out after I got involved things changed to a degree where DSOL for example has done quite well. Its to late for them to back out of this though. I kinda wish it wasn't on Indiegala as a new release I feel a little sorry for those that bought it at full price so soon. Beach bounce despite critical reception has been doing ok on monthly sales also. But AJ wanted a bundle that was mainly theres so this was how that got started. I just don't think devlaueing on a bundle is a very good idea a vn in general.
  12. Just to mention that you can actually back track through up scroll on the middle button or equivalent. This still works on loading saves also if you want to take other choices. Justin579: It used to have a very different name but apparently people suggested it was to strange to work out. Considering its crossdressing scenario that's not very generic in terms of our evn titles.
  13. I know the next couple of titles won't contain voice acting the title "Highschool Romance" is coming out next month(probably). I'l encourage those pointed options for this as well if possible. If I get any confirmations on upcoming additions to DSOL in general I'l mention it to Fuwan.
  14. Beach bounce had a fair amount of third party involvement & Sword of Asumi was effectively their first VN. Some information on this on the main page http://www.ajtilley.com/ With voice acting its like you can't win(only rarely) when its not there people clammer for it when its there its normally mixed opinion except for the very best funded of titles. Wherever through many kickstarters previously or multiple titles that maybe a bit short for many people, this is something that has grown to a degree of stability. From experience the vast majority of evns are struggling for funding/cannot f
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