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  1. On 2018. 05. 02. at 10:22 PM, Clephas said:

    To be clearer

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    The protagonist has a bad habit of dying early.  Because of this, the heroines have lost him repeatedly throughout their various incarnations (except Kohina, who only lost him twice).  Shirone's past lives are particularly sad (seriously sucks to be past-life Shirone as a human).


    Thanks! :)

  2. Yeah, I agree about anime. It is more like a commercial to the manga/ln. And that's a working business model there so it will probably not change for a long time. 


     Right now, companies are trying to excavate or raise new writing and art staff.

    So after seeing 2016, do you think there is potential for more and more high quality vns in the future? Because what I keep hearing is that it's only going to get worse.  But in my opinion with that much competition between companies, it's their interest to produce works that stand out and reach a certain degree of quality. So I'm optimistic, but at the same time, when I read on Japanese sites things like  "The last good year for VNs was 2011", then I don't know what to think anymore.^^

  3. Quote

    Not to mention that 2016 was one of the best out of the last ten years in terms of high-quality releases (though the ones that weren't high quality tended to be singularly awful). 

    That's interesting  because I keep hearing everywhere how VNs are getting worse and worse in terms of quality each year. :D  (Same with anime. )

  4. 31 minutes ago, Clephas said:

    It's something of an inside joke for me... it probably wouldn't make sense to anyone else, lol. 

    Edit: I got touched off by the description on the Getchu page, which had me smiling wryly... I honestly don't know if this would tickle anyone else like it did me.

    Was it the “もう一度、学園生活を送ってみませんか” をコンセプトに" part?

  5. 10 hours ago, ChaosRaven said:

    Oh btw, if you really plan to play Eushully's new Sankai Ou no Yubiwa, then you better be prepared for some severe disappointment. And not just in the way of 'just average' like last year's Kami no Rhapsody, but more along the lines of so utterly horrible that it's the worst thing they ever released. Ratings on VNDN and EGS are shockingly bad. I also consider it somehow weaker in the artistic area than their previous titles, so they might really have messed it up completely this year. Well, at least my Eushully backlog won't get even bigger this year as it already is... :sleep:

    That is sad to hear. I like pirate theme games and wanted to try this out as my first Eushully vn, but I guess it's not worth it then... :( 

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