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  1. Rance 5D and Rance VI

    Someone know the purpose of the sexy swimsuit item in rance 6?
  2. Oh man, can't you really resist the urge to fap to literally 2 cg for character ?
  3. solidbatman's New Years Giveaway Palooza!

    Free stuff is the best stuff, i'm in
  4. no news ? just read some spoiler of TDA 03 and hyped as fuck
  5. yes, we get other anime, but we don't know what would be adapted, kouki said that the project would last for seven years and they spent two years for TE
  6. Hi guyz, i just cleared Refrain and wanted to did the other routes of EX, i deleted my save but still don't work, what should I do ? i read this Walkthrough sorry for my english
  7. Make me play Muv Luv

    watch akane maniax too, a prerequel of muv luv
  8. Make me play Muv Luv

    I enjoyed last part of extra too
  9. What are you playing?

    actualy plaing Steins;gate
  10. Hi! i'm new

    yes, low quality product, but let me know muv-luv and start play vn
  11. Hi! i'm new

    i enjoyed them a lot, especially ubw and hf, and the ending of haru route
  12. g senjou no maou character routes

    ok solved, i miss some choise, now i can read the second haru event
  13. Hi! i'm new

    i'm waiting for the remake
  14. g senjou no maou character routes

    haru bad end ? i play all route in the Walkthrough except Shiratori
  15. Hi! i'm new

    muv-luv alternative T_T so much feel