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  1. Hey there! I was the translator for Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome, so I can confirm it doesn't have any of the stuff you listed. :> The devs, Kalmia8, recently released another game as well, Kami-sama Nante Yondenai! which, while I've only played the demo, seems to be in the same vein of light-hearted romance stuff. Alternatively, would you be into something like Cute Demon Crashers? Not sure if it's the right art style you're looking for, but it's fairly vanilla, sex-positive stuff. There is one route (Orias) where there's light bondage, but the game is all focused around consent, s
  2. Maybe Starry Sky is more up your alley? Tsukiko tends to be pretty helpful as far as heroines go.
  3. As of episode 46, I have officially made it to the Yandere Hell half of the game! Time to start Sayuri's route!!
  4. That's entirely possible! Someone also commented to say that it chose Sayuri for me because the game actually forces you to play Sayuri's route first, which, I haven't read about that in any reviews, but I suppose it's possible? I've read that Haruka can only be played last, so it's not a stretch that the other routes would have a specific play order too. Anyway, here's episode 32!
  5. Yep, it's PS3. Hence I went the YouTube translation route. Episode 25 is up, btw: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRY5d_XnxDM
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