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  1. Hard mode is a totally different experience for me than normal. I was stuck for a long time on the Sovereign Gods battle. And now I am totally stopped on Evolia's final battle. I get her down to about 10k and then I can't get past because my attacks actually heal her (Stardust defense)! I do not seem to have anything that can damage her. This is so frustrating!
  2. Starter VN Reviews

    I'm not sure if this is happening. It is possible I am in error but as far as I know, neither my nor anyone else's submissions have been approved or posted since the origination of this thread.
  3. Starter VN Reviews

  4. Do You Like the New Favicon?

    OK time has passed and I have tried to get used to the 'new' favicon. I still think it looks stupid. I know that's harsh but it annoys me every time I accidentally look at it. I don't exactly hate it but it I find it irritating. Hopefully this post will act as a catharsis and I have gotten it out of my system. I won't be holding my breath.
  5. Romance with a happy ending?

    in flight diary though idk thats my thoughts on all that. great review btw. also im still pissed at moe novel for spoiling kotoris route. when i started kotori's route i was curious what other vn's theyve done and so i checked their website. on it had a big spoiler.
  6. Starter VN Reviews

    I was just curious if this is still a thing that is going to happen?
  7. Do You Like the New Favicon?

    I think a random anime head character better represents VNs (and by extension Fuwa) than the letter F. I also am not a fan of the aesthetics of the current icon.
  8. I am in. I was able to reset my password in about 30 seconds. Thanks for your efforts Nay! ::mutters to self - now if I can just figure out how to get people to read and comment on my reviews::
  9. Since you asked there is one other ... I guess bug is the right word for it. I am guessing it is a result of you merging the threads. When I clicked on the notifications alert to get to your post all I would get is a message saying the post no longer exists. I had to go into my profile and click on posts that I had made to re-find the thread. Thanks for your help and quick response.
  10. I can't seem to log in to the Fuwazette. When I try to it times out. When I try to register it says my username and email are already in use. When I try to reset my password it times out. Assistance would be appreciated. Thank you.
  11. Starter VN Reviews

    I'm actually looking forward to getting feedback on my reviews. I hope people like them and find them useful.
  12. Starter VN Reviews

    I just finished a review of If My Heart Had Wings. It's posted here but I'll also submit to the review site.
  13. Romance with a happy ending?

    REVIEW from the happy ending perspective: If My Heart Had Wings (with the adult patch) Summary: Thumbs up from the happy ending perspective. While this VN is not perfect, as a whole it is very well done - excellent in many cases. Overall I was very happy with the plots, art work, music, voice acting, and how the romance was handled. The first thing I want to mention is this VN is long. I mean really, really long. For most people it will take days or possibly weeks to get through all the story lines. I tend to marathon these things and it took me 3-4 days of straight playing. When I was done I was regretful - I didn't want to say goodbye to the characters and wanted to keep reading their story. The VN is about the protagonist Aoi, and a group of his (mostly female) friends who learn of someone else's dream and work to make it come true. In the process the dream becomes their own. The dream is to build a glider and fly it through a very rare cloud formation called Morning Glory. It only occurs once every couple of decades and is hard to predict. Romance of course occurs in the course of this but the rest of the plot is just as important as the romance aspects. There is an aspect to the way the story was written that will either be highly appealing or a major turn off to a lot readers. It spends a lot of time talking about how gliders are constructed and flown. Personally I enjoyed it and learned a lot. The instructional parts can be quickly clicked through for the people that find it in the way of the story telling - reading the instructional bits are not important to the story. For me however it added flavor and helped to join in with the characters love of flying and constructing the glider. It made me feel more like a part of the story. While I really did love this VN there were a number of things that could be improved upon. One of larger criticisms of this VN is it seems the Moe Novel team steadily lost emotional investment as the project progressed. It felt as if there was a wonderful blueprint laid out but the quality control for following that blue print steadily slid with each succeeding route. It just seemed there was less and less polish and care given for each successive route. The English translation needs improvement. While the vast bulk of the translation reads well, there were a significant number of typos. Also there were places where I noticed the translation didn't match what the characters were saying. And I don't speak Japanese. The first cue to me was when I would hear someone's name in the audio but it wouldn't be there in the text. This started me paying closer attention and I also noticed a lot of issues with honorifics. The translation team decided not to use them in the translation. Most people who read a lot of VNs or anime will be aware of how important honorifics are to Japanese language. The translation team in my opinion did not handle it well and it had an impact on the story telling. For example, not using an honorific normally denotes an extremely close relationship with someone. While I don't want this review to become an honorific lesson it is a huge difference when someone refers to someone as sensei, sempai, kun, chan, or simply drops the honorific altogether. And when the characters dialogue is actually about noticing what honorific is used - it can get very confusing when the honorifics weren't included in the translation text. The order the routes are taken matters a little in this VN. I unknowingly did it a bit out of order and wished I hadn't. There are 5 routes that can be taken, some of which need to be unlocked. I would suggest the following: Kotori, Ageha, Amane, Asa, Yoru. With that being said if I had it to do over again - I would probably not have followed Asa and especially not Yoru's route. It is commonly held that Amane is the true route. I will talk more about all of that in the spoilery part of the review. I do want to say though that each of the different routes changes the actual story and that while Amane is the only one that answers a lot of the questions, Ageha was my favorite. I wish the true route was a combination of Kotori, Ageha's and Amane - I will talk more about that in the spoiler section. Before getting to the spoiler part there are 2 things that should be mentioned. Installing the adult patch can be difficult because of some changes that were made in Windows 8. Fuwa has some tech support threads that talk about dealing with it. Second, there is supposedly an effort underway to redo the translation. I have not seen an anticipated release date though. Also I have not seen any recent posts mentioning status so I am not sure if the project is still active. ********************** This review has gotten lengthy so I am going to tie it up here. I would like to say that I enjoyed this VN a lot and have no reservations recommending it. With that being said I would have liked to have been made king for a day and done a rewrite of Amane's route so that it contained a number of elements from Kotori and Ageha's routes. That would have felt more true to me and made for an even better story over all. note: As always, if you would like to see more reviews like this please post a note or give this post a like.