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  1. Where do i see the scenes i just finished Hachiroku story? no scene T_T im stupid "Screen Viewer" .. but found it :>
  2. @Mr Poltroon Let me help you abit :3 In Hiiragi Yuzuyu Route you have to make 2 Choices at "11 May" »Just surprised that you're speaking your feelings so honestly« → »Ask if she has a crush on anyone« I found this on http://seiya-saiga.com/game/smee/friendlover.html Translated to English ■ 5/11  It is rare and honest  I will ask if there is a favorite guy Here is the japanese Version: ■5/11  珍しく素直だな  好きなやつがいないか聞いてみる After Hiiragi Yuzuyu Final Event. There is 2 more choices. (Translated from Japanese to English by Google Translate) ■ Yuzuru route
  3. Fuucccck <.< Seriously?! The translation wasn't even that good but useable. Why are people this way. :'( RIP VNR.
  4. Thanks, Sadly it didnt work. There is only 2 outputs. if i backlog it still comes with the "Shorten" Text. I went around and talked with people and found how that games "Youkai Tamanokoshi" has problem with Machine translation is always need H-code. Just tried another game from that Developer same problem but that game had a H-code so it worked. Im seriously impressed where the text comes from makes no sense at all soo hilarious to be honest. Without a H-code i dont think this game is possible to play on VNR / ITH
  5. No it only happens on this game. Every other games works.
  6. Update: Somebody found the H Code but i cant see it somehow. Im really bad at 4Chan but he replied on my message http://boards.4chan.org/h/thread/4395905/hentai-game-general-hgg-12#p4438709 But i can see it. It just saying here is the h code?
  7. Heey Fuwanovel :3 I came here desperately seeking help for a problem of mine, Since i know that you guys are geniuses that you may help me if you have the time :> The problem consists of VNR not getting the right Text for a game i'm trying to read. The name of the game is "デモジツ!" ... ( I can feel the sensation of people judging me right now ;_; ) As usually i start VNR and run the game. usually the game will find the "string" and translate the text but somehow this game and VNR won't work The picture below shows the problem. The Text is getting "shorten" somehow and i also
  8. Romance anime \^_^/ Please Please Check my MAL 98% of them is romance :3
  9. Urruah Without a windows Simulator like Vmare you wont make this work. i have done ANYTHING trying to get this to work on windows 7 but it wont start
  10. I got both games working. If you guys need help Tell me.. But i warn you.. TAKES ALOT of time may not be worth it xD BUT ATLEAST I CAN PLAY IT ...
  11. Well. I got it to work.. Only with virtual machine simulator and got Windows XP .. Works like a charm there. So confused.
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