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  1. Violet Hill (DEMO released)

    3+ years later...the website is still there, but nothing else has been posted. That's a shame, i played the demo and thought it was pretty good.
  2. Glad to see you guys still working on this.
  3. Well, I'm certainly not going to hold my breath.
  4. I hope someday that there will be a English patch for the game.
  5. Can't seem to get the game to play, keeps saying debugger mode detected close debugger and try again. Win 7 64 bit OS.
  6. Well, crap. I had a feeling this would happen, I hate it when I'm right about things like this.
  7. Hasn't been updated since Feb 14th, I'm starting to reach for the panic button...
  8. Ah, I see. The phrase "Common route" had me confused.
  9. If I had the scripts to give you, I definitely would! If you can pull this off, more power to you, my friend.
  10. I know I'm bumping an old thread, but it seems absolutely ridiculous to me that this never got translated. Far lesser VN's have been translated, and yet....SMH. *Sigh*
  11. OK, I finally got it to work, I could never get this site's version to work, no matter what compatibility I tried running it in. The game would crash as soon as it tired to load. So, I went to this other site where a member posted their uploaded RAR files of the original Japanese game. I got it, then used the DVD English patch that was included with this site's download of the game. Now, even that didn't quite work at first, as the game would immediately go to a Black screen and stay that way upon the intro movie being played. I should mention that while my computer isn't top of the line spec wise, it having a Hexacore CPU, an NVIDIA 760 4GB FTW edition, and 8 GB of RAM still makes it a force to be reckoned with, and shouldn't (In my opinion) be having movie playing issues. When I mounted the games ISO, I noticed two folders at the top of the list, movie-hi and movie-low. I took the file from the movie-low folder and pasted it into the games folder, and BAM! problem solved. This might just be a problem of not having a codec to play the intro movie properly, but I doubt it. Hopefully, this post will help out someone else that's having the same issues as me.