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    Kawasumi got a reaction from MaggieROBOT in What?! A moege tale?!   
    omg yes, hes so cute!
    this rambling is spot on
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    Kawasumi reacted to Narcosis in Offensive ableist expressions you are probably using on your daily life   
    The sole point of someone becoming offended over a word is wrong enough to start with.
    Blessed are those, who don't give a damn.
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    Kawasumi got a reaction from Dergonu in Tokage no Shippo Kiri   
    man I need to read this.
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    Kawasumi reacted to fun2novel in 2016: VN of the Year Candidates so far   
    What, no love for Interview with Kaziklu Bey? I'm sad.
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    Kawasumi got a reaction from Deep Blue in Gin'iro Haruka general thoughts.   
    I still have no idea what attracts me so much about this vn, but I know this will bore me to tears if I eventually decide to read it lol 
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    Kawasumi got a reaction from Dergonu in The Last GM Standing - Chapter 3!   
    Holy fuck, why am I so cool?   , 10/10 would become my own waifu
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    Kawasumi reacted to Decay in My Guilty Pleasure: Ojousama-ge   
    I'm used to reading about the american upper class, where arranged marriages are very uncommon/practically non-existent these days. And I have to imagine it's a lot less common in Japan than these VNs would lead us to believe.
    But the realism isn't the issue. I just get really mad when a heroine is having their lives dictated by others down to something as huge as marriage and they just accept it. I suppose I should then like these stories because they obviously always end with the heroines going with the protagonist instead of their pre-arranged partner, but there's invariably major plot points along the way that piss me off. 
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    Kawasumi reacted to LinovaA in Kitto Sumiwataru Asairo Yori mo   
    *Lino begins jotting down all of these VNs in order to sate his feels masochism*
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