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  1. Hello! I hope everyone is doing fine, because I am! I finished my summer semester and got accepted into university! These last months have been really tiring, but worth I would just like to say that I will be coming back to the facebook page! I see it has been a bit off lately but I'll focus on it! So, if there are some important news to share, please tl;dr me? And good job on promoting the Steam page also (y) PS: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOMER <3
  2. Heyo to everyone who knows me (like 4 people lol), I'll be taking a break from Fuwanovel since alot of stuf is happening IRL...mostly good stuff so no worries! So wow, where to start XD I haven't been on computer for enternainment purposes much these past weeks, and I barely login on osu! & Steam. For those who see me on League, it's mostly my friends using my account as their smurf (I've played like 8 games in 2015). Another big factor is that University is coming in 1 semester so I need to prepare for that (tutoring); I also have karate classes and social life. Yeah, I have a soc
  3. Drop out while you can guys because... ...I can see the ending. You will all fail and I will prevail.
  4. Oh god did everyone see the power of Wiz Kalista on NA LCS yesterday? Doublelift dodging litterally every skill shot with the attack mirco *.* http://youtu.be/vbIFPQ7kkq4?t=4h48m49s
  5. dakjswerygfoqaiwuervba;ksjdgbar memorial box akwsjedyfgaklwuijehbfolaiuwehtwa435tqfa <3
  6. I started streaming! (Well today was actually to test my internet, looks like i cant stream in high quality ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itoZr21GSiM http://www.twitch.tv/kyoup/c/6004338
  7. Just play other games and play osu! when you actually feel like it Or maybe switch to mania for a bit and come back later? On another note, I went to Azer's house yesterday So much fun hahah there was SDVXII, IIDX, LR2 and Smash! (I sucked at all 4 of the mentionned games rip) http://ask.fm/AzerFrost/answer/124943780258
  8. Sick score And this new profile feed though´Ż×
  9. 0-16 The Dream feat boomer and a 400 ping Lewy <3
  10. Cosplay Kanooooo Random stuff in my room!
  11. I'm telling you, Ren's gonna win his own giveaway xD
  12. Tomorrow then~ (Pics are in my phone) (and I dont wanna become a meme lolol)
  13. Damn, nice ranks you've got there I see you look up to Azer Canada too stronk haha
  14. new otaku meme 2k15?????????? LOL THIS IS GOLD
  15. FL is fun mod pls, no breaking my fun :3
  16. Picture of me in cosplay or stuff in my room? >.<
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