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    Keisuke got a reaction from Mr Poltroon in Noble Works Translation Project (COMPLETE Patch Released!)   
    You'll need to modify scene.sdb with an application like DB Browser for SQLite. Look under the 'name' table, and modify the 'name' field values accordingly from Japanese to whatever language you wish.
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    Keisuke got a reaction from Fiddle in Noble Works Translation Project (COMPLETE Patch Released!)   
    You'll need to modify scene.sdb with an application like DB Browser for SQLite. Look under the 'name' table, and modify the 'name' field values accordingly from Japanese to whatever language you wish.
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    Keisuke got a reaction from Magicflier in .txt.scn decryption   
    There doesn't appear to be a difference between .ks.scn and .txt.scn in terms of what you have to do to extract them.
    Download offzip and use the following command to decompress the .txt.scn file and produce the PSB file:
    offzip <inputfile> <outputfile> 8
    Example: offzip somefile.txt.scn somefile.txt.scn.psb 8
    Monobeno SCN to PSB Example (run offzip_to_psb.bat)
    At this point, you will need some kind of PSB file parser to extract the text data.
    Here's a text sample that was extracted and formatted using my own makeshift PSB file parser/text extractor:
    Monobeno Sample Text Extraction
    As far as finding reliable PSB parsing/repackaging tools, I'd recommend contacting someone like binaryfail, who knows this territory better than I.
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    Keisuke reacted to Fiddle in Another Case of Steam Withholding a VN Release Indefinitely Over Petty Nonsense   
    This topic is just a clever ploy to get me to watch Married with Children. I won't fall for it. That show sucks.
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    Keisuke reacted to aprilia1k in Why I hate the Fruit of Grisaia   
    Having just put Kajitsu down, I had  to go looking for other's thoughts, perhaps even some commiseration - thus I'm a little late to this thread.   What can I say - hated it.  Only because I don't like smug, mean-spirited, d-bag protagonists, and I'm not too fond of heroines that behave that way either.  A little, sure - but that was 20 hours of it...  and how quickly that loli went from "cute kid" to... just ... ugh...

    It's really odd that the one thing we have in common - liking Michiru, the deredere, would-be tsundere - is one prominent reason I didn't like Kajitsu, and what I found most annoying about the common route.  She was constantly being bullied by the jerk protag (I have more colorful words for him, trust me), his little loli was even beating on her physically while he applauded and praised her for it... telling her to tie the ropes tighter next time so that Michiru would become "rope-drunk" and then be more ... compliant.  I know - comedy, right?  And I am just amazed that some folks said  they laughed their ass off.  Really.  Amazed.  Wow.  The MC is abusive and yet clueless as to how bizarre of a person he was, while being a typical eroge perv coupled with a perfectly smug d-bag.   He couldn't imagine why anyone would "stare at water" because Michiru liked looked out at the ocean.   And the robot, Sachi - she may have been taken advantage of, but even she repeatedly stomps on Michiru's self-esteem, despite that she would strip her clothes off in public just at the perv's suggestion she should "show panty" sometimes... which itself was just weird.  She misunderstood almost EVERYTHING, and yet even she felt superior and was snide and even vicious about little Michiru.  That girl never got a break.  Then she was deathly afraid of riding in the truck with Amane, so Yuugi, the dbag had the other girls get in the car, then he got scared and tricked Michiru, as he always did, making HER drive with Amane again  - after apparently suffering injuries and trauma from previous experience.  Such a gentleman.  No wait - he's the opposite, that's right.  An abusive, stuck-up asswipe.  Sorry - that's a fact.  Even if ya liked it - the guy was a jerk.  So - in a way, aside from the nauseatingly repetitive _attempts_ at humor - where the Loli suddenly alternates between talking like a trucker and talking like a teen-hooker, knowledgeable in the ways to please old men in  a brothel, or Sachi will once again behave far more moronically than the one girl she insults in every scene, while the protag never berates her for lacking a brain, only to ... oh yeah, Michiru will try to act tsundere for some reason, yet always be called idiot, simpleton, etc.. despite the fact that she's clearly more observant and on-the-ball than the smug protag...  - Oh!  That was the humor, right!?  Michiru the fake-tsundere is an idiot again, right Yuuji?  Ummm - "rope-drunk", huh?   I  think I might not want to see this guy's H-scenes at all, lol..  jeeez.  Oh - this was all funny, of course.  Amaaaazing.    One other thing - sometimes, HYPE about a game really does far surpass any that the game actually deserves.  So - repetitive as watching paint dry, and - really tired of seeing the only girl that seemed like she was actually nice getting abused, psychologically and physically.  And - if  you're going to say "it's humor, idiot!" ... just save it.  I know what humor is.  Even in that mess, it couldn't decide between drama that's humorous or humor that's dramatic or...  it had these untertones, fairly dark - sandwiched between that repetitive grade-school slapstick.  I am getting a laugh now though at least.  From the thread.
    But - Kajitsu SUCKED.
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    Keisuke reacted to Fiddle in A/An (Re)Introduction   

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    Keisuke reacted to OriginalRen in A/An (Re)Introduction   
    Hello everyone.
    My name is OriginalRen and I enjoy Japanese animation. I don't recognize a lot of people on this website, but I used to do some stuff a long time ago on Fuwanovel and met some pretty cool people. It's been a really long time since then.
    A friend of mine named @solidbatman mentioned this website the other day and it made me wonder what's been happening. Seeing as he made an introduction thread, I thought I would make one to say hello as well.
    How is everyone doing?
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    Keisuke got a reaction from Mr Poltroon in Noble Works Info (Seiyuu and Image Song) and Discussion   
    My preferred route order: Maya -> Maya -> Maya -> Shizuru -> Maya
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    Keisuke reacted to Clephas in How does one develop editing skills specific to VNs?   
    Mmm... Decay or Poltroon would probably be better advisors on this matter.  However, I can give you a few pieces of advice.
    First, unify your terminology and name-spelling... when translating from Japanese to English, this is always an issue, especially with fantasy and sci-fi types.  As an example... the term 汚染獣 (romaji: osenjuu) from the anime Koukaku no Regios.  First, ask your translator how many variations on the translation of the jargon term he can think of, then figure out if you can find or create a term that fits and doesn't feel awkward to you when reading it.  In this case, we picked 'Taint Beasts', though the official translations picked something different.
    Second, decide whether you are going to keep honorifics.  This issue tends to make purists go bonkers... but a good rule of thumb is, if it is based in Japan, keep them.  If it isn't based in Japan or an oriental culture, don't. 
    Another issue... one that is probably going to pop up a lot.  Line consistency and line awkwardness.  A lot of translators don't take context into account when translating, so if you find inconsistencies between lines in a scene, mark it down and ask for clarification.  Many translators also go to insane lengths to keep the entire meaning of a sentence in every last detail, including the 'rhythm' in their translation.  Unfortunately, this frequently results in grammatical abominations.  Be prepared for a fight with your translator if he is attached to his work, because no one likes reading awkward lines, but no translator likes to see meaning cut out of a sentence.  Often, simply rewording the sentence is sufficient (I dunno how many times, as a translation-checker, I've simply rearranged a sentence to make it sound like real English), but sometimes you really do have to rewrite the line because it just makes no grammatical sense (ask any editor on a fansub project and they'll probably nod to this). 
    Don't be afraid to break up run-on sentences.  Japanese allows for much longer strings of concepts in a single sentence than English does, and I've actually run across sentences in Japanese that have gone on for five or six lines before concluding.   The natural tendency for a translator is going to be to try to replicate this in English, but that won't work *states this bluntly*  If it looks like a stream of thought is continuing across multiple lines, it is perfectly fine to rearrange the order of them, if the new order works better.  Readability is important.
    Implied subjects pop up a lot in Japanese... and as a result, you'll probably come across a lot of lines where the translator might have completely misunderstood who the subject of the sentence was, because he failed to take the entire context of the series of lines into consideration.  If this occurs, ask your translator to go over it again, pointing out inconsistencies that bothered you.  Some translators are too stone-head stubborn to do this, but a good translator will be willing to accept they might have made a mistake. 
    Last of all... my condolences for picking one of the most thankless jobs in the fantranslation community.
    Edit: One nasty little secret translators tend to use any excuse not to speak about...
    Edit2: There is a lot more that I could say, but this is all from the two perspectives I've experienced most often, translator and translation-checker.  With anime it isn't so bad, but with VNs, the difficulty level for an editor increases exponentially simply because you have to keep track of so many different factors.  Also... how is your prose?  That is going to be important when dealing with narrative.  I don't know how many editors I came across over the years that could write lines that were perfect grammatically but were pure s*** as prose... the same for translators.
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    Keisuke reacted to Fiddle in Dracu-Riot! Completion Project   
    In an unprecedented act of scientific inquiry, we have decided to reveal the true size of not one, but FOUR heroines' foreheads.




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    Keisuke reacted to Mr Poltroon in Looking for the worst Visual Novels   
    To provoke desirable reactions such as yours.
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    Keisuke reacted to Fiddle in Looking for the worst Visual Novels   
    grisaia no kajitsu
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    Keisuke got a reaction from Fiddle in Need help with changing default font in Ayakashi gohan   
    1. Download Resource Hacker.
    2. Right-click on ayakashigohan_t.exe and select "Open with Resource Hacker".
    3. Expand "String Table" and click the first item (1 : 1041).
    4. Change "MS ゴシック" and "MS 明朝" to whatever font name you want.
    5. Save and close out of Resource Hacker. There should now be two executable files in the folder, ayakashigohan_t.exe and ayakashigohan_t_original.exe.
    6. Run the newly compiled ayakashigohan_t.exe and hope this all works.
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    Keisuke got a reaction from Love-UMA-Peace in Need help with changing default font in Ayakashi gohan   
    1. Download Resource Hacker.
    2. Right-click on ayakashigohan_t.exe and select "Open with Resource Hacker".
    3. Expand "String Table" and click the first item (1 : 1041).
    4. Change "MS ゴシック" and "MS 明朝" to whatever font name you want.
    5. Save and close out of Resource Hacker. There should now be two executable files in the folder, ayakashigohan_t.exe and ayakashigohan_t_original.exe.
    6. Run the newly compiled ayakashigohan_t.exe and hope this all works.
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    Keisuke reacted to Fiddle in My OriginalRen Fansite   
    I've been learning some HTML/CSS, and to no cause could my knowledge be better applied than a dedication to my good friend OriginalRun. As such, I've decided to craft a website that makes liberal use of CSS's styling capabilities so as to yield maximum Renness. Enjoy!
    Acknowledgement to my friend @Keisuke who wrote some JavaScript and identified a few missing parentheses that made the website a total mess of scattered images.
    EDIT: The website appears to have expired. For posterity, you can download it here. Extract the folder and open "index.html" in your browser.
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    Keisuke reacted to Clephas in Utawarerumono: Both Mask of Deception and Mask of Truth getting localized!!!   
    For those who are interested, it is true.  Atlus is localizing both of these Utawarerumono VN/games.  Something for yall to look forward to, eh?
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    Keisuke reacted to OriginalRen in Learning a language for a hobby is retarded   
    You know, a person who chooses to learn a language has every right to choose why they want to learn a language. The fact they want to take the time to learn a language, even if it's just for a single core skill (reading, writing, listening, speaking), makes them that much better of a person to begin with in my eyes. When I was in middle school, learning a second language was one of the most pleasurable experiences of my life. Going into high school, I expanded that further and decided to major in French and Italian language studies when I reached college. I enjoyed it so much, that I ended up taking Latin, German, and ancient Greek for fun. Oddly enough, I ended up learning Italian because of a friend I met in an online game. I spent 5 years of my life learning a language, which included studying abroad my freshman year, all because of a silly game online. I don't even speak to that person anymore or know what happened to them.
    As a teacher of Japanese students, I can confidently say that everyone has a reason for learning a language. While most 2D animated fans outside of Japan hope to expand their reading skills, that doesn't mean they are retarded for wanting to do so. A lot of Japanese students only care about speaking English, and the comparison between cultures is what makes me respect language that much more. While it does make me sad thinking they are missing out on so much more by ignoring the other core skills, who is anyone to judge? Learning a language is a very difficult task, and even if some people find it a lot easier than others, it still takes time and effort. To those who want to learn Japanese for a hobby, I respect them for making an effort to begin with.
    Teaching ESL and EFL is an entirely different beast. The people who enjoy this hobby aren't required to learn Japanese, yet they do it out of pure excitement and enjoyment. Growing up, we've all had a dream, and even if that dream has changed at some point in our life, something still exists. Why call those who want to learn a language for a hobby they love retarded? I've taught preschoolers who don't even know their native language, and even then I can see the excitement on those children's eyes. I've talked with their mothers and I can tell they aren't doing this for their child's future, but because they want them to enjoy something and be excited. Even if you don't love kids, there really is a joy to seeing someone's face light up when they are having fun.
    And it's not just the kids. I've taught English to business students, a Japanese history professor for Korean students, a husband and wife who have some spare time, and lonely widows hoping to meet new partners in their life. I've taught elementary schools, junior high school girls, and high school students who don't even know what they want to do when they get older. It doesn't matter their age, the joy I feel as a teacher knowing they have reached that "ah-ha!" moment in their life and the excitement they feel being able to use the language for the purpose they want is all that matters. A lot of VN and anime fans don't show it, but I promise that at some point they have felt the excitement about being able to finally read or use Japanese in some way or another. Nobody is retarded for that; nobody should feel worse than they already are in a hobby that a lot of people find appalling to begin with.
    Language is a wonderful thing, and I feel those who want to learn it for whatever reason they feel like deserve a great amount of encouragement. While I wish individuals would expand their language learning beyond a single core skill, I always need to remind myself that the joy of being a teacher is watching your students grow. It doesn't matter their age, hearing their stories is always a joy. Nobody is retarded for learning a language, and should never, ever feel that way.
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    Keisuke reacted to Fiddle in Birthday thread   
    Happy birthday, Okami!
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    Keisuke reacted to Decay in KARAKARA, Dovac, Twitter wars, and overcharging for adult content   
    There's no way the 18+ version of a game like KaraKara is sold for $10, none of the major VN companies would ever do that. Instead of making every version of the game cost the same, SP decided to give a cheaper option for people who want less content.
    EA sells games for the standard $60 and then sells DLC on top of that, that's a different story.
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    Keisuke reacted to Fiddle in 22 million women played otome dating apps in 2014   
    Making visual novels popular in the west was a mistake.
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    Keisuke reacted to Fiddle in Rap music   
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    Keisuke reacted to Nosebleed in Dracu-Riot! Completion Project   
    Dracu-Riot! Completion Project
    Project Info:
    As i said in a previous post, if the Dracu-Riot scripts were released, I will translate Miu's route, and that's exactly what I'm announcing in this thread.
    But I'm not alone in this crusade, I've partnered with the wonderful people at The Oxford Comma is Superior Subs so we can deliver the best possible final product and lay the Dracu-Riot memes to rest. We also got several people from the Fuwanovel community to help speed up things even more.
    How is the project going to go down, you ask. Well you can read this post if you want detailed info, but the tl;dr version is that we are aiming to release multiple patches.
    The first patch aims to translate the remainder of Miu's route as well as any remaining untranslated content (images, menus, etc.) with complete editing to polish the current patch.
    We are going to try and release this in about 2 months, if everything goes according to plan.
    The second patch is meant to be more heavily translation checked as that's when Fiddle has enough free time to go over the whole game.
    There is no ETA for this second patch.
    This doesn't mean the first patch will be terrible, we will of course strive for a good product, but we would still like to inform you of our schedule. If we waited for Fiddle to be completely free, it would take much more time to release Miu's route, and so we've decided to do it this way.
    I hope you look forward to future updates.
    Why not just make a Miu partial patch, why do you want to go over the whole game?
    There are actually 3 main reasons for this:
    The first and biggest one is that Insem's patch only works with the physical version of Dracu-Riot! which is very hard to get in the West and we want to make a new patch that works on both the physical and digital versions of the game, this way people can purchase the digital version and patch it, thus supporting Yuzusoft. The second one is that we want to americanize the writing style as well as make sure everything is edited properly, because Insem didn't have time to finish the whole thing. The last one is translation checking. Although we don't doubt Insem's abilities, we really want to try and make sure the translation is accurate. We also want to include translation notes in the game. Only 2 months? That seems way too fast.
    2 months is indeed fast, if we were translating the entire game, but we're actually only translating about 4,000 lines and we're splitting those lines between two main translators, this will hopefully make that 2 month deadline possible.
    Please do note we will not jeopardize translation quality for the sake of reaching the deadline. If we can not make it in time, we will delay the release until we're satisfied with the end result.
    Will the translation have memes?
    Yes, but only the dankest ones.
    Why aren't The Oxford Comma people making the announcement here?
    So I can get those sweet, sweet internet points.
    I want to help!
    Contact @Fiddle and beat him in a pipe bag showdown (plaid skirt is mandatory).
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    Keisuke reacted to Fiddle in Dracu-Riot! Completion Project   
    Nosebleed forgot to mention that due to the protagonist, "Yuu," causing confusion with the pronoun "you," we're going to change his name to "Antwon."
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    Keisuke reacted to Nosebleed in Dracu-Riot!   
    Google TL is taking some time, but I'm working on it
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    Keisuke got a reaction from Fiddle in Dracu-Riot!   
    Modified the patch to include proper word-wrapping. In other words, copied various .tjs files that were included in the original patch2.xp3 from way-back-when that were not included in this patch's release... for some reason. Use at your own risk?
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