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  1. What Video Games Are You Playing Right Now?

    I might give ODST a try then,I'm playing the Halo games for the story mainly, sure as hell would not like 4 or 5, but I would like to know whats going on at least,thats why i'm working through the campaigns to follow up on the story,if ODST adds a little more to the story I don't know about, that will be interesting.
  2. What Video Games Are You Playing Right Now?

    Just finished Halo:Reach, was really late to the party, but hell, better late than never,the message at the end by bungie made me a bit sad,reminds you of the past, I wanted to stop halo at 3 because I thought it would be "finish the fight" and keep it at that, but being a huge halo fan I decided to play halo again after so long,its been like 9 years since halo 3 came out, I decided to play Reach since it was bungie's last halo and I read the book :"The Fall of Reach", IDK if I want to play 4, because when I first saw it released, I instantly disliked it, the story for Halo was fine for me...now they just made it more confusing than it needs to be,another alien race....I just don't like it,but I'll probably play it even if I'm skeptical about it, Like I said, huge Halo fan, probably gonna play it anyways, it just took me a long time to finally convince myself and pick up after Halo 3. Never played ODST either,but I'll probably skip that one, despite being a halo fan, well...in the books, it mainly describes the Spartans, not the ODST, respect for the Hell Divers, but I heard ODST was way too short.
  3. What Video Games Are You Playing Right Now?

    Been playing Subnautica, Loving it so far, its my first survival/collect and craft type game that i'v played, so its very interesting to play,ton of fun, but there are some bugs that are rather annoying, but not game breaking, its still in development, but its been under dev for a while now, Really nice gorgeous graphics, probably not the best out of survival games,but when night comes and the lights go out, the fishes and coral starts to glow, it looks amazing.Its a really nice game since its mostly underwater, there is only like a small portion where you can actually walk on land, but its a shame there are no lethal weapons in this game, guess its part of the survival atmosphere, the tension of lurking predators that will stalk you from the seaweeds or sands, great game,and its making me even more hyped for No man's sky, it probably won't have as much underwater detail as subnautica, but it has more details on land and space to compensate for that.
  4. What are you playing?

    So I decided to play something again,been playing too much video games recently, need a breather , currently playing Koikishi Purely ☆ Kiss, it has a really fancy UI, and a nice little sword for your mouse, pretty cool concept, not exactly 100% fantasy, but somewhat,I hope theres no magic though, that would ruin it...
  5. What Video Games Are You Playing Right Now?

    just started Tale of Wuxia,not that many kung fu based games on steam, and it looked pretty interesting, although I hear the translation and UI have some issues, but I know Mandarin, so it won't bother me too much,hopefully it doesn't crash that often like the what the reviews on steam say.
  6. What manga are you currently reading?

    I just picked up Area D: Inou Ryouiki,great start, a plot twist as soon as the book begins, plenty of action and an interesting setting, looking forward to it.
  7. What are you playing?

    Just finished Nobel works and I have to say I liked it alot, probably due to the setting it was in, its a totally new setting and most of the people(except that one person you know) are totally unfamiliar to you, so there are no childhood friends or that one close friend of yours around to make it stereotypical,and I like the idea of meeting new people without some bland narrative introduction when it comes to characters.Humor was great, made me laugh alot and there were a lof ot those moments. The common route was probably one of the best I have read ,filled with interaction with all the characters,and I actually like it alot, because when it ended and you have to pick a girl, its kind of sad because you don't get to spend time with all of the other characters, so it kind of neglects some people despite the the fact that they are in close proximity and all go to the same school. The art was great, and the music was really good, liked it alot , first Yuzusoft game, and I like the company already, probably going to try some of their other games when I'm in the mood. Going to play Evenicle, though I'm not really a big fan of alicesoft, but the rpg part attracted me, so here goes to a lot of time that I'm going to spend on a game,spent 100 hours on kamidori, and that was only just one route...I hope there isn't that much grinding...but when you complain about grinding in a rpg...pointless.
  8. What Anime are you watching now?

    Just finished God eater, and it was awesome, really nice animation, at the cost of a really high budget too, but it was worth it,story was starting out slow, but as it progresses, you get sucked into it, the theme of hope is nicely done as well,piecing it together from all the characters and giving off a unified idea, now I'm raelly exicited for the port of god eater, don't know when its coming out, but really pumped for it now,also episode 10 was really touching, haven't felt this much emotions since Code geass's ending, Moving on to Gate, the dream that I'v always had, where modern firepower would just crush all opposition, since modern military is considered the weakest thing in anime, usually getting destroyed by magic, monsters, super powers or other stuff, for once they can finally ride on top, and I'm so happy about that.
  9. Heya

    Welcome to the forums! Not too many Vns have harems, even though most of vn is about love and romance, there are good stuff out there that are just like a good book, if you like to read ,reading a vn with an interesting story will be an awesome experience,anyways, enjoy your stay
  10. Humble bundle you can't miss (adventure games)

    I might get this one , since I really like the wolf among us,and when tales of borderlands was complete, I was going to get that, but I choose life is strange over it,but I won't hesitate to grab it when its on sale,as for the game of thrones and walking dead,i'm just gonna leave them hanging, I'm still waiting for the Tv series to finish first before, so I don't want any spoilers.
  11. What Video Games Are You Playing Right Now?

    Stardew valley, just got it on steam, seems like a really good game with a ton of postive reviews, I'll probably be addicted to it for a while just like when I first got Terraia.
  12. Warhammer: Vermintide

    I'v never been kicked in L4D, or CS:GO, in any co-op game because Im rather good at gaming to the point where i won't get kicked...but If you read my rant, I was kicked for just playing the game, had nothing to do with my skills or play time...I mean this first happened in closed beta,everyone is pretty new, and they kick me before even playing with me.....that's why I'm so mad, if they kick me after playing with me, at least i know they think I'm bad, but i wasn't even given a chance to prove anything, and I was kicked.
  13. Warhammer: Vermintide

    Iv played this game since closed beta, and I haven't touched it much,let me tell you why...the community is absolute SHIT, that is right, pardon my language, but thats how I will describe it. So let me tell you about the unfortunate encounters I'v had in this game, this is day 1 close beta, joins the game, sees some people already level 12 and 13ish, was thinking oh wow guys, hardcore players, this high already? KICKED, why? because I was level 1....HOW THE HELL DO I PLAY AND LEVEL IF YOU KICK ME,and this was more than ONCE,so luckily this did not happen too often after a while..managed to play a coupe rounds, around level 8 or 9 ish, was having a ton of fun, everyone was using the magnus horn glitch back then,but I joined a game,and halfway through, the three just ditched me...like as in leaving me for dead against a mob....was playing on very hard because Game got boring real quick(too easy),you don't just survive all those rats on very hard....so I died, they proceeded to kill those rats and fight the ogre, they lost because they were down a man, guess who got kicked? ME, thats right, even though at the screen, I had better stats, damage and kills than those 3, I was kicked because they left me to die....what sort of fucking logic is that? so after that I played a while and then just got off because I had other things to do, I decided to go back when the first DLC was released(which was free, thank the devs for their good and kind souls), and I joined a game....I was in my 10s, like 14 or 15 ish, found a game with three people that are way above me , like 40ish, I was like wow, I was gone for a long while, people have leveld up....and...KICKED...WTF, were you the same bastards that kicked me in closed beta? I just stopped playing after that, the community is just so much shit, worse than the cs:go community, which troll kicks for fun, these people in this community kick for a reason they think is actually legit. If you want to play together, I'd be grateful, this game has only left me with rage disbelief.
  14. So, who else hates travelling for vacation?

    I usually dislike plane rides, especially long ones, but I haven't had anything really too uncomfortable for a while now, also it would be interesting to listen to the events, you'v got a long time off, something funs bound to happen, during last winter break, I only went traveling for like 15 days, and a ton of stuff happened, so hopefully you have quite the eventful trip and share the stories with us.
  15. What Anime are you watching now?

    I just finished Plastic memories, it was good, but not quite how I expected it to turn out,i felt like the ending wasn't touching enough,just didn't make me sad for some reason, the build up to that point was pretty good, but I guess I just didn't like the way it ended...I guess I was expecting a more dramatic ending. God eater is next on my list, So happy that all the winter season animes are over,I was running out of things to watch, and the winter season was pretty damn good, usually winter seaons suck, but i guess this year is an exception.