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  1. What do you seek from VNs?

    The obvious answer for most mediums is the story. But what do I seek in visual novels? An experience. An incredible experience with a great story, memorable music, high level of immersion, great characters, story that reaches out to you and your emotions. I want to feel like I am in the story. I did not read many visual novels so I can't say I can judge their quality well. But I did get such experiences in G - Senjou no Maou, Ever17 and in some other visual novels. But that is not a full answer. What I "seek" is not the only thing I find but it doesn't mean I don't appreciate it. There are many things we don't know that maybe we would have liked and want to seek. Learning things, experiencing new things, in different ways, different perspectives, different stories and emotions, things that are hard to describe but that weren't part of you,... There are many things one can find in visual novels. So, I know some of the things I seek. But there are probably many things I don't know I want. That is also something that I probably seek.
  2. I would like a recommendation

    So, I noticed that I find it hard to get interested in some visual novels because they don't grab my attention from the start. I am not completely against slice of life but I find the story much more important. So, if at the beginning there is no story and it takes very long for the story to start, it probably won't grab my attention. I like visual novels with great stories. I prefer if they are serious but I don't mind some slice of life or comedy. The story should have an external problem (I don't mind if there are also other types of problems) I can't read visual novels in Japanese. I don't like if the gameplay is hard and it can't be skipped. I am not familiar with strategic and tactical games. Here are some visual novels I liked: G - Senjou no Maou (My favorite visual novel) Ever17 Sharin no Kuni Grisaia no Kajitsu (The story doesn't really have much of an external problem until you choose the heroine though I guess there is some story from the beginning that keeps your attention) Symphonic Rain (I guess there is a lot of slice of life but there was story from the beginning and a very clear external problem) Comyu Toushin Toshi 2 9 Persons, 9 Hours, 9 Doors Danganronpa and Danganronpa 2 Phoenix Wright Fate Stay Night Persona 4 Golden I tried Rewrite, Eien no Aselia and Ayakashibito and they did not grab my attention. I also tried some other slice of life visual novels but they did not grab my attention. You don't have to recommend the sequels, Umineko or Muv Luv Alternative.
  3. I would like a recommendation

    I also tried Persona 3. Persona 3 also had a very interesting start. It grabs your attention early in the game. Of course, when I say it has to grab my attention, I don't mean the story has to start immediately. I am willing to give it some time but not hours and hours of absolutely nothing story related. I didn't know that those Persona 4 Spinoffs were visual novels as well. Are they really worthy when compared to Persona 4 Golden, though? Root Double seems interesting. I really liked Ever17, so I would probably like it. I heard a lot about Gakthun but I don't really understand what it is about. What visual novel would you compare it to?
  4. Starter Visual Novel

    G - Senjou no Maou is my favorite visual novel. It is great for starting visual novels. It has a great story, music and art.
  5. I am looking for a visual novel where you are in control or in a high position. It should have a good story. It is alright if you are not in control when you start but slowly become the one in control. Or if you are one of the major players or you become one.
  6. Visual novel where you are in control

    I watched G-Senjou no Maou. I might try True Remembrance. Utawarerumono might be interesting. I played all of them except Cross Channel. I don't really know what that means, is his level of conformity high or low? I assume low, if 100 is average.
  7. Visual novel where you are in control

    I already played Sharin no Kuni. Is the other one you mentioned good? It does not sound like something with a good story.
  8. I thought about this recently. The ending Al Fine seemed the most convincing ending. I always assumed Al Fine is called that because Tortinita's surname is Al Fine. I had no idea what da Capo meant. And then I thought to myself, it probably has a different meaning. I checked and there is. 1. to the end (a direction, as after a da capo or dal segno, to continue to fine, the indicated end). The fact that there are da capo and al fine proves that it was meant like that and not just Tortinita's surname. And the bonus ending is da capo ending, so it is not the real ending. Al Fine seems to be the only ending that goes to the end. In my opinion and considering the name which implies it is the end, the Al Fine ending is canon.
  9. Did you set your system to Japanese? Most of the time you have to do that for visual novels that don't work. Control Panel > Region and Language > Administrative Tab > System Locale button > Select Japanese(Japan) > Restart Computer.
  10. Looking for a game full of heroine deaths <3

    Try Danganronpa. I think you might like it.
  11. There is an additional game that I believe takes place before Sharin no Kuni Himawari no Shoujo. I think it is called Sharin no Kuni Yuukyuu no Shounenshoujo. https://vndb.org/v84 It might answer some of your questions.
  12. Grisaia No Kijatsu - 3 days after Amanes good ending

    Aren't you overlooking that usually the true story is canon? You may enjoy other stories, what if scenarios or even fanfiction. But if it is not canon, it is much harder to use it as a proof in discussions. And in my opinion, thinking about it and discussing with others is often a part of an overall experience of some story. I agree that emotions you feel may not change but the idea that what you read or experienced is not canon may change some things. Also, the canon stories are more likely to get sequels or other content. Of course, most of the time you could say that all the stories are canon and that they happened in different universes. The true end would simply mean the canon story of the universe creator focused on. What is your opinion? What is your view on the importance of what is canon?
  13. Shit Drawings! Get Your Shit Drawings Here!

    Could you draw him? http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/naruto/images/b/be/Tobirama_Senju.png/revision/latest?cb=20130130174112
  14. Is 12Riven a good visual novel?

    I read the description for visual novel 12Riven. It seems very interesting. So I wonder, is it good. It seems to be from the people who made Ever17. I really liked Ever17. What kind of novel is 12Riven? Would you recommend it? And is it possible to play it? From what I understand it is translated but I am not sure if there are other things to be done.
  15. Is 12Riven a good visual novel?

    So, it is not likely to be translated soon?
  16. What about this? Your subconscious predicts certain things or you dream of different possible things that could happen. Once one of these things happens, you remember one of your dreams that is closest to what happened? But most likely you are just remembering wrong.
  17. I am searching but I don't know what

    I just finished playing Symphonic Rain. And now I feel like reading or playing a new Visual novel. But I don't know what kind of Visual novel I am currently searching for. I suppose the melancholy atmosphere in Symphonic Rain affected me. I suppose maybe for a Visual novel that puts conflict outside of main character's inner conflict. Or at least story, where inner conflict is not the only one. And that a story is not focused only on romance, I don't mind if it is present. I guess something with great plot. With smart protagonist. Not mecha. With good music. Probably with action, hopefully battle of wits. I already played G Senjou no Maou, Sharin no Kuni, Ever17, Fate Stay Night, Griasia no Kajitsu. I apologize for my style of writing. Especially if I sound depressed or tired. I hope for a great and serious story.
  18. Show off your Writing!

    This is surprisingly good. I really like. At first I thought it was going to be just introduction of everyone but it really turned into something you can imagine. I like how the ending makes it feel that the main character doesn't feel well. But perhaps it made how the things went down slightly unclear. Who is Ken? You said there were 10 scientists and 3 crew members. Is Ken a crew member? Is captain included in the crew? Also, perhaps you could include more about the main character and the kind of person he is. But that is just my opinion. Well done.
  19. I am looking for a Visual novel where you are in a position of some power. But you are not at the top and can't afford doing anything. So, you do have people who are superior to you but you are still not just an ordinary human. Well, position where you have certain privileges that allow you to do some things that other usual people are not allowed or can't do. By privileges I mean rights, not magic powers. Well, unless rights were about using magic. Example of this would be G - Senjou no Maou or Sharin no Kuni. Both characters have their superiors but have certain privileges themselves. Grisaia no Kajitsu would not be the best example because while you do have superiors, you do not have any rights over other characters.
  20. I can't find where you can download them. Did I miss it somewhere?
  21. Did Fuwanovel stop offering Visual novels to download?

    I understand. Thank you for your replies.
  22. Did Fuwanovel stop offering Visual novels to download?

    Well, that makes me sad. It is a shame, Fuwanovel really helped make Visual novels popular. That said, are there any alternative groups that provide same services or that continue the tradition? Are these Visual novels still accessible?
  23. I am searching but I don't know what

    I watched the Anime. I know it is not the same but I don't feel I could fully enjoy it when I already know the story.
  24. VN's that can teach you something

    Try Ever17, there are many new things you can learn. Sharin no Kuni might make you think about certain things. Symphonic Rain might teach you a few things. G Senjou no Maou is a great game and I am not sure whether it fits the criteria or not. It probably depends on what kind of person you are. It did change me somewhat.
  25. Symphonic Rain

    So, I just finished Symphonic Rain. I really liked it but it left me wondering about some things. Warning, there are spoilers.