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  1. ARENA 01: Yūki Asuna Shiina Mashiro Itsuka Kotori Aisaka Taiga Yoshino [Nakano Azusa] Tokisaki Kurumi ARENA 02: [Abstained] Kirigaya Hitsugi Mahōgasawa Akane Escha Malier Eco Kurebayashi Yuzuki Nanase Miyuki Nekoyama Suzu ARENA 03: Kasukabe Yō Frey Cthugha Shindō Ai Kanzaki H. Aria [Enomoto Takane] Takatori Kotori ARENA 04: Yui Tobiichi Origami Takanashi Tōka Haqua du Lot Herminium Charlotte Dunois [Konjiki no Yami] Kashiwazaki Sena I haven't watched any of the shows in arena 02, so I skipped it.
  2. Have you watched the movie, Hanasaku Iroha: Home Sweet Home? If not I highly suggest you watch it. I really enjoyed both the series and the movie.
  3. Genre bias : slice of life, art house/original, with a slight bias towards comedy I guess. My current top 10, more or less in this order : 1. Monster 2. Nichijou 3. Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt 4. Monogatari Series : Second Season 5. Ping Pong : The Animation 6. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann 7. Chihayafuru 8. Clannad : After Story 9. Mushishi 10. K-On!!
  4. ARENA 01: Kirigaya Suguha [Abstained] Yukihira Furano ARENA 02: Nōmi Kudryavka [Haqua du Lot Herminium] ARENA 03: Roromiya Karuta [Kuriyama Mirai] ARENA 04: [Azuki Azusa] Nyarlathotep ARENA 05: Laura Bodewig [Abstained] Kurousagi ARENA 06: [Yui] Shirakiin Ririchiyo ARENA 07: Yūki Asuna [Chitanda Eru] ARENA 08: [Dekomori Sanae] Shokuhō Misaki ARENA 09: [Nibutani Shinka] Itsuka Kotori ARENA 10: Yukinoshita Yukino [Abstained] Chocolat ARENA 11: Kuroyukihime [Yatogami Tōka] ARENA 12: [Aoyama Nanami] Tokisaki Kurumi ARENA 13: Yoshino [Momo Belia Deviluke] ARENA 14: [Natsume Rin] Takanashi Tōka ARENA 15: Shiomiya Shiori [Yūki Mikan] ARENA 16: Tsutsukakushi Tsukiko [Takanashi Rikka] ARENA 17: Yaya [Charlotte Belew] ARENA 18: [Tobiichi Origami] Himeragi Yukina ARENA 19: Tedeza Rize [Tomoe Mami] ARENA 20: Saya [Abstained] Starship Ezekiel (Ell) ARENA 21: [saber] Kirishima Shōko ARENA 22: Shiina Mashiro [Makise Kurisu] ARENA 23: Charlotte Dunois [Mikazuki Yozora] ARENA 24: Suzumiya Haruhi [Misaka Mikoto] ARENA 25: Akiyama Mio [senjōgahara Hitagi] ARENA 26: [Gokō Ruri (Kuroneko)] Kōsaka Kirino ARENA 27: [Hasegawa Kobato] Kasugano Sora ARENA 28: [Konjiki no Yami] Katsura Hinagiku ARENA 29: [Hirasawa Yui] Sengoku Nadeko ARENA 30: Aragaki Ayase [Aisaka Taiga] ARENA 31: Kashiwazaki Sena [illyasviel von Einzbern] ARENA 32: [Nagato Yuki] Eucliwood Hellscythe ARENA 33: Yuzuriha Inori [Nakamura Yuri] ARENA 34: [Oshino Shinobu] Tōwa Erio ARENA 35: Iwasawa Masami [Abstained] Last Order ARENA 36: Victorique de Blois [Nakano Azusa] ARENA 37: [shana] Yui-nyan ARENA 38: Honma Meiko [Tachibana Kanade]
  5. I did not mean that I now find them sexualy arousing, not sure how you got that from what I said. What I mean is that I used to find them slightly disturbing, but I now understand the cutesy appeal of them. I still don't find sexualized lolis appealing in 98% of cases, but I understand that their appeal is different than that of real children to most loli lovers. (After that it all depends on whether you consider characters like Mikan Yuuki for example as loli characters, I've seen debates on the subject before and I certainly don't consider myself an expert.) As an example, I like Miyauchi Renge as a character because she's cute and funny, but I certainly don't want to see her anywhere near a penis. I just don't care that other people like them in that way, as long as it doesn't hurt real people they're free to fap to whatever they want.
  6. From seeing how other recent debates went, I agree with Niko that it's pointless to push the argument any further, I can already see things starting to go in circle. On topic. Lolis used to bother me a little, but after posting here for over a year and immersing myself in the world of anime and visual novels, I not only have come to accept and understand lolis, I even now like a few of them!
  7. People get instinctively violent when the subject comes up. I know people who would straight up castrate any pedophile whether he acts upon his impulses or not, and their opinion is generaly well accepted by mainstream society . There are reasons why it is generally not accepted. I'm usualy on the defending side when the subject of lolis come up, but there are things one just can't morally support. I recently saw someone on NeoGAF say that he would straight up punch someone in the face if he saw him playing a game like Monster Monpiece in public.(and there aren't even any sex scenes!) People can get irrational when it comes to these things.(Not that this kind of behavior is any less stupid.) People around here actualy got arrested and added to the Canadian sex offender registery simply for having downloaded hentai of characters that looked like minors.(Which I admit makes me a bit nervous lol.)
  8. I recently finished Tokyo Magniture 8.0. They really rub it in to make sure you're super sad huh? The last episode was a mind numbingly depressing cry fest, but otherwise I found the rest of the series enjoyable. It was a bit plain in both visuals and execution, but it was fitting with what the anime wanted to present. The last plot twist was kind of awkwardly done and one of my friends called it outright manipulative, but it was still powerful enough to provoke manly tears. It was also a little annoying how characters would constantly wander off on their own despite promising not to and adults generally failing at watching over them. I started Date A Live since a lot of people here seem to like it and I liked the character designs. It's very fanservicey, but not on a level that I would call ecchi.(They still don't have nipples even in the BD versions!) The story seems interesting so far and the girls are cute (Origami for looks and Tohka for personality being my favorites I guess.) I started yesterday and am almost done with season 1 now. I've also been making progress in Hunter X Hunter after my friend pressured me into watching it. Up to episode 16 now, still a long way to go before I catch up! As for the season's new shows : My faves so far : 1. Barakamon 2. Akame Ga Kill 3.SAO2 4.Zankyou no Terror, 5.Hanayamata Others I've been watching : Blue Spring Ride, Glasslip (much disapointment so far), Aldnoah.Zero. I also plan on checking out Tokyo ESP, Fate Illya whenever I get around to finishing season 1 and maybe Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun.
  9. For a long time I've considered Chaotic Good as my ideal. (Old time AD&D player here >_>;; ), but nowadays I consider myself leaning a lot more towards a true neutral alignment, at least in accordance to what I would consider my ideal values.
  10. Got a brand new Vita "The Walking Dead" bundle for my birthday last weekend. I bought Ys : Memories of Celceta so I've been alternating between this and Walking Dead(Telltale's). Both have been quite fun so far. I'm liking the touch screen controls in The Walking Dead. I also had a moment of weakness and ordered To Love-Ru Darkness : Battle Ecstasy, though it only shipped today so I don't have it yet. (Seems like a real treat for TLD fans though.)
  11. Forythos


    After looking through both exhentai and gelbooru for Date A Live H, it seems there is a severe lack of Origami love. It's almost just Kurumi and Yoshino doujins, with a little Tohka and barely any Origami at all. No love for my white haired beauty it would seem. Also found out Boichi did a hentai manga called "Lovers in Winter". Kinda cool to see actual H from a somewhat popular manga artist.
  12. I've been forgetting to post them for a while, but here are those that haven't expired yet : LTEBZT3TVLD exp : Oct 12, 2014 C5ZHA3UKCXP exp : Sep 12, 2014 XXXGWJR3T7A exp : Aug 13, 2014
  13. ARENA 01: [Tobiichi Origami] Yui ARENA 02: Yukinoshita Yukino [Natsume Rin] ARENA 03: [Kuriyama Mirai] Shirakiin Ririchiyo ARENA 04: Yaya [Nōmi Kudryavka] ARENA 05: Himeragi Yukina [Abstained] Kurousagi ARENA 06: [Aoyama Nanami] Roromiya Karuta ARENA 07: [Nyarlathotep] Tokisaki Kurumi ARENA 08: Yukihira Furano [Yūki Mikan] ARENA 09: [Nibutani Shinka] Charlotte Belew ARENA 10: Itsuka Kotori [Dekomori Sanae] ARENA 11: [Momo Belia Deviluke] Takanashi Rikka ARENA 12: [Haqua du Lot Herminium] Kirigaya Suguha ARENA 13: Yoshino [Takanashi Tōka] ARENA 14: Laura Bodewig [Abstained] Yatogami Tōka ARENA 15: [Chitanda Eru] Shiomiya Shiori ARENA 16: Shokuhō Misaki [Yūki Asuna] ARENA 17: Azuki Azusa [Kuroyukihime] ARENA 18: [Tsutsukakushi Tsukiko] Chocolat ARENA 19: [Jibril] Chaika Trabant ARENA 20: [ikezawa Hanako] Mare S Ephemeral ARENA 21: [Hasegawa Kobato] Kirishima Shōko ARENA 22: [Nakano Azusa] Tōwa Erio ARENA 23: [Makise Kurisu] Yui-nyan ARENA 24: [Hirasawa Yui] Charlotte Dunois ARENA 25: [sengoku Nadeko] Kashiwazaki Sena ARENA 26: [Konjiki no Yami] Iwasawa Masami ARENA 27: Yuzuriha Inori [Nagato Yuki] ARENA 28: [saber] Aragaki Ayase ARENA 29: Honma Meiko [shana] ARENA 30: Suzumiya Haruhi [Nakamura Yuri] ARENA 31: [illyasviel von Einzbern] Eucliwood Hellscythe ARENA 32: Victorique de Blois [Tachibana Kanade] ARENA 33: Last Order [Oshino Shinobu] ARENA 34: Kasugano Sora [Gokō Ruri (Kuroneko)] ARENA 35: [Akiyama Mio] Mikazuki Yozora ARENA 36: Misaka Mikoto [senjōgahara Hitagi] ARENA 37: [Aisaka Taiga] Kōsaka Kirino ARENA 38: [shiina Mashiro] Katsura Hinagiku
  14. ARENA 01: [Kirigaya Suguha] Azuki Azusa ARENA 02: Yukinoshita Yukino [Kuriyama Mirai] ARENA 03: Shiomiya Shiori [Yūki Asuna] ARENA 04: Tokisaki Kurumi [Charlotte Belew] ARENA 05: Roromiya Karuta [Abstained] Itsuka Kotori ARENA 06: Yui [Momo Belia Deviluke] ARENA 07: [Tsutsukakushi Tsukiko] Himeragi Yukina ARENA 08: [Natsume Rin] Aoyama Nanami ARENA 09: Yukihira Furano [Nibutani Shinka] ARENA 10: Tobiichi Origami [shokuhō Misaki] ARENA 11: Laura Bodewig [Takanashi Rikka] ARENA 12: [Kuroyukihime] Chocolat ARENA 13: [Yaya] Yoshino ARENA 14: Yatogami Tōka [Nōmi Kudryavka] ARENA 15: [Yūki Mikan] Kurousagi ARENA 16: [Chitanda Eru] Shirakiin Ririchiyo ARENA 17: [Haqua du Lot Herminium] Dekomori Sanae ARENA 18: [Takanashi Tōka] Nyarlathotep ARENA 19: Yamai Kaguya [Abstained] Ashisu Sahoto ARENA 20: Sakura Setsumi [Kagari] ARENA 21: [Aisaka Taiga] Victorique de Blois ARENA 22: Kashiwazaki Sena [Nakano Azusa] ARENA 23: Shana [senjōgahara Hitagi] ARENA 24: Mikazuki Yozora [Tachibana Kanade] ARENA 25: Tōwa Erio [Gokō Ruri (Kuroneko)] ARENA 26: Iwasawa Masami [Abstained] Eucliwood Hellscythe ARENA 27: [Yuzuriha Inori] Katsura Hinagiku ARENA 28: Honma Meiko [saber] ARENA 29: Kirishima Shōko [shiina Mashiro] ARENA 30: Kasugano Sora [Abstained] Yui-nyan ARENA 31: [Hirasawa Yui] Makise Kurisu ARENA 32: Hasegawa Kobato [Konjiki no Yami] ARENA 33: Sengoku Nadeko [Misaka Mikoto] ARENA 34: [Nagato Yuki] Charlotte Dunois ARENA 35: Aragaki Ayase [Akiyama Mio] ARENA 36: Illyasviel von Einzbern [Nakamura Yuri] ARENA 37: Suzumiya Haruhi [Oshino Shinobu] ARENA 38: Last Order [Kōsaka Kirino]
  15. ARENA 01: Kurousagi [Takanashi Tōka] ARENA 02: [Yui] Yaya ARENA 03: [shiomiya Shiori] Laura Bodewig ARENA 04: Dekomori Sanae [Aoyama Nanami] ARENA 05: [Takanashi Rikka] Shirakiin Ririchiyo ARENA 06: [Nōmi Kudryavka] Itsuka Kotori ARENA 07: [Yūki Mikan] Kirigaya Suguha ARENA 08: Chocolat [Abstained] Roromiya Karuta ARENA 09: [Haqua du Lot Herminium] Kuriyama Mirai ARENA 10: Yukihira Furano [Kuroyukihime] ARENA 11: [Tsutsukakushi Tsukiko] Azuki Azusa ARENA 12: Yoshino [Abstained] Charlotte Belew ARENA 13: Yatogami Tōka [Momo Belia Deviluke] ARENA 14: Yukinoshita Yukino [Abstained] Tobiichi Origami ARENA 15: [Chitanda Eru] Shokuhō Misaki ARENA 16: Nyarlathotep [Nibutani Shinka] ARENA 17: Himeragi Yukina [Yūki Asuna] ARENA 18: [Natsume Rin] Tokisaki Kurumi ARENA 19: Kafū Chino [Abstained] Erza Scarlet ARENA 20: [suō Amane] Matsunaga Sara ARENA 21: [shiina Mashiro] Charlotte Dunois ARENA 22: [Makise Kurisu] Hasegawa Kobato ARENA 23: Kasugano Sora [Abstained] Katsura Hinagiku ARENA 24: Yui-nyan [sengoku Nadeko] ARENA 25: [Aisaka Taiga] Iwasawa Masami ARENA 26: [Akiyama Mio] Honma Meiko ARENA 27: Tōwa Erio [Nakamura Yuri] ARENA 28: [illyasviel von Einzbern] Victorique de Blois ARENA 29: [Konjiki no Yami] Nagato Yuki ARENA 30: Kashiwazaki Sena [suzumiya Haruhi] ARENA 31: Kirishima Shōko [shana] ARENA 32: Eucliwood Hellscythe [Hirasawa Yui] ARENA 33: Yuzuriha Inori [Mikazuki Yozora] ARENA 34: Kōsaka Kirino [Nakano Azusa] ARENA 35: Aragaki Ayase [senjōgahara Hitagi] ARENA 36: Tachibana Kanade [saber] ARENA 37: Last Order [Misaka Mikoto] ARENA 38: Gokō Ruri (Kuroneko) [Oshino Shinobu]
  16. I finished reading Soil, by Atsushi Kaneko. Overall I really enjoyed it, confirming Kaneko as one of my current favorite mangakas, though the ending left me somewhat confused, I will have to read it again later. It only got weirder as it progressed, as if we were truly stepping into another dimension. It had a quirky cast of characters that helped keep things interesting as well. I also started Solanin by Inio Asano. It looks like a really good slice of life so far, a bit less depressing than Oyasumi Punpun and Nijigahara Holograph. I also really like the art. (I think Punpun might be the only manga to ever have made me shed a tear.) I'm also reading K-On College, which is an amusing 4-koma, as well as Palepoli by Usamaru Furuya, which is also 4-koma but more on the fucked up artsy side(and it's brilliant!), started Nozokiana and also have K-On High School and Taiyou Matsumoto's Sunny to read later.
  17. I came to this topic a bit late, but it has been an interesting read. (many walls of text though ) I admit I had mixed feeling when I first saw the Grisaia localization announcement. On one hand I'm glad the game is getting more exposure in the west, on the other I think the h-scenes in Grisaia were some of the best in any VN I read(probably some of the only ones I actualy liked reading), and I'm one of those crazy fans who imported the game so it miffed me a bit to lose access to the patch.(Well technicaly I still have it on my PC so no biggie. I also understand that most people who would download the patch would just look for a downloadable copy.) As for Planetarian well I'm just happy all the way. Anyway, I digress, the main thing I wanted to say is that I also think what Mayumi suggested is the best compromise for both parties. If there is ever a restoration patch for Grisaia like KonoSora's I think it should go on the main site though.
  18. I'm about halfway through Katanagatari and Tokyo Magnitude 8.0. Both are pretty good in their own way so far. One of my friends also convinced me to start Hunter X Hunter. I liked what I had read of the manga, but I didn't really feel up to catching up on 100+ episodes until now. Also watched Kaze Tachinu which was pretty good as well. Studio Ghibli know how to do their thing, like always. Gorgeous animation.
  19. I read and collect a lot of manga, but I'm mostly into seinen. I try to stick to one manga per artist for my top 5. 1. Oyasumi Punpun by Inio Asano 2. Billy Bat by Naoki Urasawa 3. Akira by Katsuhiro Otomo 4. Berserk by Kentaro Miura 5. Bambi by Atsushi Kaneko 6. Non Non Biyori by Atto 7. To Love-Ru Darkness by Kentarou Miura and Saki Hasemi 8. Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa by Hayao Miyazaki (yeah, I stretched it to a top 8, sue me. )
  20. ARENA 01: [Aoyama Nanami] Yoshino ARENA 02: Chocolat [Nōmi Kudryavka] ARENA 03: [Momo Belia Deviluke] Yūki Mikan ARENA 04: Yui [Kuroyukihime] ARENA 05: Kurousagi [Dekomori Sanae] ARENA 06: [Chitanda Eru] Tsutsukakushi Tsukiko ARENA 07: [Takanashi Rikka] Kirigaya Suguha ARENA 08: [Takanashi Tōka] Itsuka Kotori ARENA 09: [shiomiya Shiori] Shirakiin Ririchiyo ARENA 10: Nyarlathotep [Kuriyama Mirai] ARENA 11: Yukihira Furano [Abstained] Roromiya Karuta ARENA 12: [shokuhō Misaki] Yukinoshita Yukino ARENA 13: [Natsume Rin] Charlotte Belew ARENA 14: [Nibutani Shinka] Yatogami Tōka ARENA 15: [Yūki Asuna] Tobiichi Origami ARENA 16: Tokisaki Kurumi [Haqua du Lot Herminium] ARENA 17: Laura Bodewig [Abstained] Himeragi Yukina ARENA 18: [Azuki Azusa] Yaya ARENA 19: Tina Sprout [Abstained] Momoe Nagisa ARENA 20: Satō Lilly [senri Akane] ARENA 21: Shiina Mashiro [Konjiki no Yami] ARENA 22: Yui-nyan [Last Order] ARENA 23: [suzumiya Haruhi] Kōsaka Kirino ARENA 24: [saber] Yuzuriha Inori ARENA 25: Katsura Hinagiku [sengoku Nadeko] ARENA 26: Charlotte Dunois [shana] ARENA 27: Honma Meiko [Aragaki Ayase] ARENA 28: Iwasawa Masami [illyasviel von Einzbern] ARENA 29: [Gokō Ruri (Kuroneko)] Kashiwazaki Sena ARENA 30: Kasugano Sora [Mikazuki Yozora] ARENA 31: Tachibana Kanade [Akiyama Mio] ARENA 32: [Oshino Shinobu] Nakamura Yuri ARENA 33: [Makise Kurisu] Nagato Yuki ARENA 34: [senjōgahara Hitagi] Kirishima Shōko ARENA 35: Eucliwood Hellscythe [Hasegawa Kobato] ARENA 36: [Misaka Mikoto] Nakano Azusa ARENA 37: Aisaka Taiga [Hirasawa Yui] ARENA 38: Tōwa Erio [Abstained] Victorique de Blois
  21. I started both Katanagatari and Haikyuu!!. Both have been very enjoyable so far. I really like the visuals in Katanagatari. I've also been watching a few episodes of Medaka Box here and there.
  22. I'm mostly just subscribed to anime and video games musical covers channels : Smooth McGroove Jonas Lefvert joshagarrado Taylor Davis Animenz Piano Sheets Douglasfarellmusic (a friend of mine) BKMJMBOX (even though there hasn't been a new video in forever) Non musical : CGR Undertow AlphaOmegaSin
  23. The oldest I can think of that I've seen : UFO Robot Grendizer (known as Goldorak over here) from the mid 70's, Astro Boy 80's version and Space Pirate Captain Harlock (known as Albator around here) from the late 70s. All of those were airing dubbed in french when I was a kid.
  24. I stream on CR from my PS3 because I'm kinda lazy and it's convenient for me to just log in and watch stuff on the living room's big TV. I get most of the rest that isn't there from Nyaa or BakaBT, while also buying blu-rays and dvds from time to time.
  25. I can't get tired of this : http://youtu.be/er_N6Dr6kGk
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