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  1. well,, i'am myself is muslim and i know why most people says that muslim is terrorist cause in this era terrorist like ISIS existance is make every muslim in this world look like mad people, and i sorry to hear france current states sorry if my english is suck
  2. *cough* *cough* well everyone idk if this is proper way to ask for help, but i will be frank i want to read some subscribe manga on fakku but i dont have money to subscribe them so i cant read it, then i ask you guys if can you guys lend me your fakku account that already subscribe their manga, i promise i wont do anything to that account i only want to read if someone willing to lend me their account please PM me
  3. hooooh i cant wait to play it, btw do you know when A-5 will be out?
  4. i hope takae have her own routte and cant wait to play benkei and azumi route
  5. thanks for answer my question cause it pain me when irotoridori stopped at 85 %
  6. can someone give me where i can download majikoi&majikoi s op?
  7. i hope you can release the game in this year, i really can't wait for playing this
  8. i always hoping this game will release soon but that was only my hope and my selfish demand to the other translator
  9. may i know the accumulation size of game, main patch, add patch
  10. Thank you for reviving this game thank you i can't wait to see nagi
  11. Please do your best i'll cheer you and please finish it i believe in you god bless you
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