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  1. 35 minutes ago, Black Sands Entertainment said:

    @firecat I dont know what you are talking about. "we don't look like them or talk like they do" huh? I don't even know what that entire reply was, All I wanted to know was where i can talk to hispanics that are not closely affiliated with black culture. You seem to know and you brought it up so is it not reasonable to assume you have the answer? All the other stuff like stats and demographics baffles me. I don't know why you even bring that stuff up. 

    look like who? and it was LA as in los angeles.

    well its very insulting that you think hispanics do not talk to black people or if you think we are close related to them, just like those american tv shows that people watch and support everyday. who ever you talking to doesn't really show you the whole community (considering that you didnt know how many cubans live in NY and that we were forced to learn english). its very clear that you are only talking to the americas not us, when i mean "us" i mean people in The United States of Mexico (you mad that we stole this :makina:), Spain, South America, and parts Cuba (there getting internet give them time).

  2. 20 minutes ago, Black Sands Entertainment said:

    Oh I know. I built this up from the ground over 3 months. I would say I have roughly 800 unique commentators on instagram.

    By all means tell me where the secret societies of hispanics are. Most of the hispanics that see my game are affiliated with blacks, I E nyc and la hispanics.

    what is wrong with you... we don't look like them or talk like they do. some of us are white so we easy can blend in if trump wins and declares us useless, we also talk english i'm living example so don't think we don't know what you are talking about. NYC is filled with mostly cuban people, they are the ones who talk fast spanish with few cuba words mixed. la hispanics what? or do you mean L.A because even they don't know what your game is about, maybe you were talking to the american hispanics that have lived in america since birth who might forgotten spanish.

    my evidence





    “We have research and studies that show corporal punishment was used in elementary schools to deter students from speaking their native Spanish language.”


  3. 2 hours ago, Black Sands Entertainment said:

    I have around 4k followers in my social media pages for my game. Mostly black or hispanic. All fans of Graphic Novels. I advertise my game as "A Pan-African Masterpiece of Gaming." Black Sands - Interactive Graphic Novel.

    We know better but americans do not. Thus we must talk "american"

    dude we haven't heard of your game in the hispanic side, you dont communicate with us or know where we are on the web. also the number of followers could be fake, youtubers have done done this with their channel, facebook as well, tumblr with hype train, blogger.com, etc you get the point.

  4. 41 minutes ago, Cotton Candy Cyanide said:

    Is there anything you would like to know? I'm happy to take questions. :3

    The Kickstarter page has a massive amount of information, and we have some development blogs up on our website if anyone is interested in further reading. (I feel like I'm giving out homework).

    Sometimes it feels like we're fighting an impossible battle against the Internet, we're posting so much stuff that it gets hard to keep track of what you posted when. >_<

    this, this is what i'm talking about. its all business talk and not human talk. you have to talk to your audience as a person not a way to convert them.

  5. 4 hours ago, VirginSmasher said:

    That is a reason why I want more companies, but also more exposure for your VN and your company if you bring your content over to the West.

    technically they already have exposure for their game, the west will just bring less profit since its not very popular and many americans dont consider vn a game. this is why i give up translation on my vn for english, no one in america willing to look into the game without some kind of high PR. also yes the bad english just didnt help but more importantly the americans are never going to consider vn like they do with anime, thats a fact and unless the americans do vn won't get anywhere.

  6. 15 hours ago, Cotton Candy Cyanide said:

    Quantum Suicide has relaunched on Kickstarter!



    We're back and we are bigger and better than ever! We've already raised 50% of our goal on the first day! 

    Please support us in making Quantum Suicide a reality. 


    you could talk to people more about the project, you barely even post anything here.

  7. 1 hour ago, Rooke said:

    The next stage of Indie development on Steam will be interesting. Far too many Indies making titles looking for quick money, and Steam's letting them all on. With Indies suddenly not being as financially rewarding, and some making comprehensive losses, that suggests an Indie crash coming soon, but we've been expecting it for a few years now and it hasn't come ...

    its official you are a fanboy, i wouldn't say it if you didn't try to think about the developers it hurt but now i definitely know that you are completely and unreasonably hopeless. how could you so selfish, how could you not feel any pain for the developers, why do you think you are a dictator. this is what i'm talking about the steam community being a bad community, just because a community is saying something doesn't mean that community is considered a good community.

    in other words, jumping into the bandwagon is bad for small business, youtubers did the same thing and look what happen... random videos left to right, play the lottery at 1 Billion but small chance at winning , surveys will pay the bills, payed for playing games, twitter/facebook is better (killed myspace rip), iphone is better (its basicly the same as android), make vn for your first game, and the internet will pay for itself (it never did).

    its real you cant say no to it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bandwagon_effect

    moreover, the indie crash is a lie, we dont know who started it but anyone with a brain will understand that every indie developer has different budgets (spending) and in no way shape or form will developers stop building games.


    The idea that people visiting Steam behave badly doesn't show what you want it to show. It's very sad.

    @Valmore this involves you too.

    look what you are doing, you are trying to pressure me into doing something i hate. you are no better than ISIS who do the same things you are doing right now. shame on you, shame on you.

  8. 2 hours ago, Black Sands Entertainment said:

    Let me put a public disclaimer before I go in on this post. I do not respond in a hostile way to almost all critiques but this was not a critique, it was a character assassination on the level of Trumpism.


    It seems you read my entire script and all my references through your Byakugan eyes.

    I will shred your critique apart since it was a hostile attempt to sound educated while belittling me.

    "Akkadian is a language for ancient Mesopotamia people, not a culture."


    The Akkadian Empire was the empire that predated the Sumerians.


    "Kushite Religion is very limit, there is basically no research done on it."

    The reason its called Kemetic-Kushite culture is because they were one and the same. They worshipped the same gods, exchanged gods, and had the same cultural norms.

    "you will run into Canaan vs Bible reference battles, its best to understand why the two are not the same."

    I am using the book of enoch as my reference since historically it is based on both the biblical and canaanite religious bases. All historians agree on this.

    Additionally, who said this game was about the bible? Not I. 

    "Hindu mythology is way different, it never has been connected with the bible while everything else has in some way shape or just plan added."

    "We incorporate ancient Kemetic-Kushite, Canaanite, Akkadian, Minoan, Greek, and Hindu mythology into the Black Sands universe while tying them all together with the ancient alien theory as the base. This will bring new fans to the genre as the ancient alien gaming world is an untapped market and the cultures of the middle east and black community would love to have heroes that look like them. "


    So unless you somehow missed the multiple references to the ancient alien theory or just have no clue what it is, you should not be saying how my research is off.I would not say Elves from the lord of the rings is not the same as "elves from the norse mythologies therefore tolkien is an idiot.:"

    He wasnt writing about ancient Norse mythology. He based his writings on it. I am done.


    yes thats the thing i'm talking about, the story might fit but history is mess up. unless someone where a full time historian, the audience will not understand certain reference to your vn.

  9. 4 hours ago, Sakamoto said:

    This. This this THIS.

    Why hasn't this point been counter-debated yet

    its already been point out that people use that sentence has propaganda. if 20+ developers cant find success in steam (including fnaf creator) then there is no way that sentence is true.

    also just so people won't counter, fnaf creator only wanted to create games (sure i dont like the game). but he is receiving death threats, this has nothing to do with being popular or else there would have been laws about this kind of stuff (this is not a law debate). the fans are the ones to blame for making a game into something people dont like, where do these fans come from? steam because every fnaf game (not mobile) has been only in steam. you know what steam will do? nothing because its just a website.

  10. just a few notes:

    Akkadian is a language for ancient Mesopotamia people, not a culture.

    Kushite Religion is very limit, there is basically no research done on it.

    you will run into Canaan vs Bible reference battles, its best to understand why the two are not the same.

    Hindu mythology is way different, it never has been connected with the bible while everything else has in some way shape or just plan added.

    it seems lke you not thinking this through, while the story you thinking might sound good, it ultimately will be misleading if people find that nothing in the vn is worth its price. these are what makes people think oelvn has bad vn, they think its an american trying to do a story.

  11. 7 hours ago, Valmore said:

    You seem to ignore a few certain things.

    Steam is a brand name, by using its platform, you give yourself a recognizable outlet for people to potentially find your game easily and download it. That doesn't guarantee success. You can't upload a game to Steam and think it will magically take off just because of it. You still need to market the game and give the fact that it's easily accessible through Steam as a selling point. Even then, there's no guarantee of success. It's called capitalism - sometimes you're a winner, many times you're not.

    If a developer is approaching the idea of having their game on Steam as some sort of magic gateway to millions of downloads and money out the butt, they're living in a fantasy land.

    let you said this: "I don't think Steam can really fall under the title of "Just Another Website" until you can name 9 more similar websites that deliver the same impact as Steam does."

    now you saying it can't do that: "You still need to market the game and give the fact that it's easily accessible through Steam as a selling point. Even then, there's no guarantee of success."

    oh and just so you wont play word games, keywords are "impact" for the first sentence and for your current post the keyword is "success".

    3 minutes ago, B0X0R said:

    You are a broken man. Unable to form his own opinions from his personal experiences. You are living your life behind the walls of other people's lives. I suggest that you step away from your home which you call the internet, and start living. Learn how to build your own wall and stand on it. Until then, you are simply just a useless child running in circles.


  12. 8 hours ago, Lumaria said:

    Steam is the most popular place to go and it's difficult to really pinpoint the amazing ones. Especially when everyone wants be an Indie dev.

    its never proven, people keep saying that to make it "sound" like its the only place indie developers visit but thats not true. this is coming from people who also say that there are more users in xbox/psp than psp/xbox, its all just lies that people want to fill to make it true.

    24 minutes ago, B0X0R said:

    Let us dive deeper into the core of the conflict. @firecat, what did Steam do to you?

    steam ruins lives, the ultimate truth, 10 developers who got nothing from steam:



    It was another cataclysmically disruptive event, so soon on the heels of the last. Suddenly you’ve got a massive problem on your hands. You’ve sold 40,000 games! But you’ve only made enough money to survive full-time for two weeks because you’re selling them for 10 cents each. And several hundred new customers suddenly want their computers fixing for free. And when the dust from all the bundles has settled you’re left with a market expectation of games now that means you can only sell them for a dollar. That’s how much we sell our games for. One dollar. They’re meant to be $10, but nobody buys them at $10. They buy them when a 90% discount coupon lands in their Steam inventory. We survive only by the grace of 90% coupon drops, which are of course entirely under Valve’s control. It doesn’t matter how much marketing we do now, because Valve control our drip feed.



    Doomsday, the first sale reports from our publisher came in. I was brave enough to ask them to share early numbers. We had sold...almost nothing. Approximatly ~250 people had bought our game and sales numbers were dropping fast. We did not hit the Steam front page, we did not do as well as our numbers showed. Harsh reality check, 90+% of our players had pirated the game. They played and enjoyed our hard work for two years and payed nothing for it. This wasn't the biggest problem, because at least they enjoyed it (I hope at least). But the impact of piracy was way bigger then we anticipated and the response from people pirating the game, was what hit me personally the most.



    “It’s difficult when people seem to dislike you only because you’ve found success with something,” wrote Cawthon. “I think some people have this idea that I spend my days swimming in gold coins like Scrooge McDuck and cranking out games with no effort — then laughing all the way to the bank. The reality is quite different, and I think that people who hate on me for being successful are misguided.”

    ~ Five Nights at Freddy’s developer Scott Cawthon



    This is the second time Quinn has attempted to get the game through Greenlight, and the second time a series of abuse has followed her.



    “It’s now a standard gamer behavior to wait 3 or 4 months before buying any game because you know for sure there’s a major discount coming. It’s so systematic that it’s nearly stupid not to do so!”



    "When you look at things like Steam Greenlight and people complaining about needing 80,000 votes to even get onto Steam, it's like, getting 80,000 people to click a button that says yes first of all means you need to have an exponentially larger number of people get to your page in the first place"



    I have quite a few steam friends that have developed games on Steam. Several of them have lost money with development vs sales. Usually the games that don't do well aren't willing to publicly share their failures and chances are they want to move on with life.



    I see it as a risk that's simply not worth taking. I can’t help but make games, so I’ll keep working on them in my spare time, but without any real hope for commercial success.



    "My game UFHO2 has been on Greenlight for 2+ years now, and with no luck. Is it so bad?" he wrote in a Reddit post. "I released it days ago on Desura/Humble Store, but the trend is clear: nobody is going to buy it unless it's on Steam. Thus, I've put it on torrent so everyone can enjoy it."

    this is why vale VR is a failure:

    Valve blames developers







  13. 1 hour ago, Rooke said:

    Nup. Once again - you're wrong.

    Generic statement which is irrelevant unless you show specifically how it relates to the case in question.

    No you didn't.

    Unsubstantiated claim... about me, which is something I should know about more than you.

    Furthermore, it's possible to get 10 million concurrent connections from a single server, so to say that '10 million people will crash a website for sure, without a doubt, you could have as many servers as you want it won't matter' is obviously dodgy.

    Pretty much. Although applying it to your title would make it ... Steam is special and not just another website. I suppose that's a bit boring and cliche though, eh, c'est la vie.

    all i know is that you hate me, which leads people to not trust anything about him/her. its sad to see how much hate you have on me for something so simple, maybe you can call this peer pressure. if you stop the hate you lose credit on the forum. its very sad how things when for you, we all dont hate users on this forum but continue to do so will just end on a bad taste. unlike you i dont care about credit i'm too old for that, everything and everything you youngers try to do will not work.

    also you got to admit, the legal system is 50/50 you cant win or lose.

  14. 26 minutes ago, Rooke said:

    Unsubstantiated statement.

    Unsubstantiated AND false, so that's pretty nice.

    Unsubstantiated claim. False also.

    Linking Steam going down once with an inability to ever handle a specific load without any additional information is what the scientific community calls 'a guess.'

    Blizzard was sued in Korea, and they somehow managed to stay standing. I don't know how such a multi-billion dollar organisation will ever handle the devastation of being sued not once, but TWICE.

    And you haven't proved Steam is worse. You've ranted a lot, about stuff which matters little, but it's contained little actual substance.

    and you say i'm wrong, everything you just said is wrong and this is just one sentence. legal stuff is tricky, there never is a clear winner so forget everything you never known about legal system because people did get away with killing someone. i did prove that steam is bad but you hate to admit the truth just like how religion people hate the truth about jesus being a zombie (like come on, he die 3 times that should never happen).


    35 minutes ago, Satsuki said:

    What, can't argue so now trying to talk in a way no one can understand?

    it really is opposite day

    here domino's supports my claim https://twitter.com/dominos

  15. 1 hour ago, Satsuki said:

    Same for me? I gave you a clear evidence with those statistics, which you just desperately bashed them aside for no reason. Unless you can prove that my data is wrong, or else, it remains true, and you are still talking nonsense.

    And I don't give a damn about how WoT doesn't have millions players or what, one is wrong doesn't mean everything else is wrong too.

    You want Steam's sales report? Hell, even if someone managed to drag Gaben in here and blackmailed him to show you the sales report, you will just say that "it's fake" or "it's unreliable" anyway.


    1 hour ago, Nosebleed said:


    My Grandfather smoked his whole life. I was about 10 years old when my mother said to him, 'If you ever want to see your grandchildren graduate, you have to stop immediately.'. Tears welled up in his eyes when he realized what exactly was at stake. He gave it up immediately. Three years later he died of lung cancer. It was really sad and destroyed me. My mother said to me- 'Don't ever smoke. Please don't put your family through what your Grandfather put us through." I agreed. At 28, I have never touched a cigarette. I must say, I feel a very slight sense of regret for never having done it, because your post gave me cancer anyway.

    [Abandons thread]

    by the way happy national opposite day, everything you type is opposite. so ya good job satsuki for admitting your guilt and i didn't give you cancer nosebleed.

  16. 2 hours ago, Satsuki said:

    Again, unless you have something to back your argument up, or else, it has no value, and you simply are just talking nonsense. 

    tu shade (english version = same to you)

    2 hours ago, Okarin said:

    I'm late for this.

    Steam is yet another option for the gamer, yes, but it's one of the main ones. It's kinda convenient as it's pretty easy to navigate games similar to the ones you got in your library, it does so automatically. I think that the biggest advantage of Steam is the sales. The biggest downside, the censorship for the 18+ works.

    read the propaganda post or read the whole thread to understand what we are talking about.

    2 hours ago, Nosebleed said:

    What I got from this thread is that Valve and Steam have psychic abilities and are brain washing people.

    >Do you believe gaves really do have x million players?

    Yes. And even if all these millions of players stopped playing the game after some years, the company who made the game still made a butt load of money.
    I don't know why you think it's so impossible for a game to sell millions of copies and have a really large user base.

    >We talked to a psychologist

    Well I talked to a drunk guy on the street, it's his word against yours mate.

    >people tend to stay on steam for the game but thats because they brought the game

    Well no fucking shit.
    How is this a bad thing?
    Just because you need to own Steam to play games does not, in any way, shape or form mean Steam is a bad platform.

    >Steam is making better and newer games while still making players have unplayed brought games.

    So fucking what? People choose to buy whatever they want, even if they don't play it.
    The act of buying is what supports a product, not the act of playing it after you buy it.
    I love the fact that you think Steam putting out new products while they already have tons of other products is somehow a bad thing. Seriously, do you even market?

    >certain people believe that everyone use steam (which no one can prove)

    I won't say literally everybody uses Steam, but it's undeniable that Steam has a huge chunk of the online gaming market and gaming community.
    Your denial of this by simply saying "no one can prove it" is absolutely retarded and ignorant.

    >i know people from other countries and they dont know what steam application is, they thought it was something to do with steam.

    Well good thing Google exists where you can learn what Steam is.
    Did you know I didn't know what Youtube was in middle school? Youtube is evil confirmededededed!!!11!!

    >Google is where the answer can be found, steam's keywords involved "steam, valve, greenlight, and (english game here)" but not native words

    That's because it would be really retarded for "Steam" to pop up when you search for vapor on Google.
    You need to understand the company name "Steam" is a PERSONAL NOUN, IT'S NOT MEANT TO BE TRANSLATED.
    When you talk about Youtube to other people do you translate the word "You" and "Tube" into your native language? Unless you're retarded, you don't, because it's a company name just like Steam and Valve.

    >another thing, since 95% of steam games are english (indie games included) many international users feel like its not for them. thats right, steam is not friendly to many well known gaming markets.

    I'd like to know about these "many international users", because English is a widely spoken language and even with the most basic of English skills a person can enjoy a regular game.
    When I was a kid I played pokemon in English despite not knowing anything about English.
    I don't know why anyone would feel like something is not for them just because "it's in English". Also Steam's front page exists in many different languages, making Steam very accessible to foreigners who don't know anything about English. Just because the games themselves are English does not mean the store isn't foreigner friendly.

    TL;DR You seem to have an irrational grudge with Steam which I'd love to understand but all you seem to say about it is crazy conspiracy theories with absolutely no data to back it up.

    think about this, we do have millions of humans but we do not have millions of gamers under one synchronice time event or people wanting to always play games 24/7. its impossible to have 100 million or 10 million people under a website, its been proven time and time again that it will crash. we dont have the technology to handle that much people, there just no possible way. steam did go down once, dont say its due to a bug because its not, so if they cant handle traffic then no one can handle traffic thats a fact.

    you can see his name on the newspaper, his name will be Bob, i didnt say his name because i dont believe people think hes real. Bob admits that people dont take him serious for his name, so why should i explain Bob to you, a complete stranger.

    you forgetting that steam is sued by 2 countries and has games under a lock system, if steam goes out of business you lose all games and any mmo connected to steam will be lost. also you didnt get the understand behind the sentence, that leads me to believe that you a kid. let me talk to you in kid talk: you buy a xbox 360, keep the xbox 360, do not sell but look VR go buy.

    again no one has proven that steam is better, its impossible to know what the sales are online without them giving a report. this will explain why online retail is a mystery.



    i said "steam application" which is the ->application <-, the thing that valve forces you to play games. maybe that was too much a big word for any kid.


    7. Computers A computer program designed for a specific task or use.

    you fail to understand google so here is a video explain what SEO is about:



    thats what i mean, kid you haven't experience what it is liked to move into another state or country. there are so many microaggressions in the world its almost feels bad. also google microaggressions if you cant understand the word.

  17. 9 hours ago, Satsuki said:

    Like I said, if you want to know, just make a poll and see how well known Steam is. On the other hand, you have absolutely nothing to prove the opposite.

    And when did I even say that Steam is not a website? Yes, it's a website, a store like all others, but the different being the amount of people using it, and that's the most important thing.

    P/S: A little bit of statistics: On Alexa, Steam Store ranked 194, Itch.io ranked 14799, Humblebundle ranked 1549, Gamejolt ranked 10574 (global ranking).

    what did i tell you about statistics, do you very belive a game like war of war tank has over 100 million players, or darkorbit with 950,000,000+ players, or LOL (league of legends) to have 90 million players. everything you shown is clearly nothing.

    8 hours ago, Fred the Barber said:

    This seems to be the essence of what you're trying to say, so expand this claim, concisely, ideally with some supporting evidence, because as it is, I have no idea what you mean. How is Steam taking advantage of indie developers?

    Any idiot can (and many idiots do) write arbitrary walls of text with no point, let alone supporting evidence for such a point. An intelligent person can present an argument briefly. Right now, I don't even know what claim you're trying to make, except perhaps this little snippet which I culled from your thousands of words of spam thus far. I have yet to see anything like support for this claim, but maybe it's not even what you want to say; it's pretty hard to tell at this point.

    So say what you want to say, concisely, providing supporting evidence, acknowledging and/or refuting counter-arguments. Otherwise you're just an idiot on a rant.

    it involved with people's minds, we talked to a psychologist and discovered that people tend to overreact (like what you guys are doing now) or over think what people say or read. we can never prove people's mind about why they choose to go with steam but we can find the rumors and people's money. our psychologist agrees that people tend to stay on steam for the game but thats because they brought the game, it makes people feel like they had to keep steam to own the game (which we all know that steam will never allow games). if you ever played a mmo you know the feeling of keeping that dress/weapon until you see something better, this is what steam is doing, better and newer games while still making players have unplayed brought games. lastly our psychologist does agree about our research about people believing in steam too much, developers do tend to brag about games, people do want to support the developer, not everyone join steam. it seems like you forgetting that steam is an international game and this means that certain people believe that everyone use steam (which no one can prove). remember everyone has responsibility, not everyone use steam for everything and not everyone can use steam, i know people from other countries and they dont know what steam application is, they thought it was something to do with steam. google is where the answer can be found, steam's keywords involved "steam, valve, greenlight, and (english game here)" but not native words like "vapor (spanish word), スチーム(japan), and 증기 (korean), none of these show steam website. another thing, since 95% of steam games are english (indie games included) many international users feel like its not for them. thats right, steam is not friendly to many well known gaming markets.

    9 hours ago, Valmore said:


    Care to try again, or would you like to just keep wasting electrons on the internet?

    sins toxic (final fantasy X reference)

  18. 1 hour ago, Satsuki said:

    Yup, a whole essay, still can't prove anything. Why should anyone care about "how" Steam became popular? Propaganda, bribing, threatening Obama's family, who cares? The fact remain that Steam is still most well known game platform with the largest amount of user (I won't count Uplay or Origin here, because they are store specialize for that company's game, not for others), and no, just because you can't find it on Google doesn't mean it's not true. Let me suggest you something extremely simple: how about just make a poll on New York Times (lol) and see how many people know/use Steam, and how many people know/use the other random sites that you posted?

    And if it's popular, if it can provide developers with lots of potential customers, then the developers will choose it, that's all.

    again with the propaganda and you being part of a congregations group, look let me give you the straight fact answer. you and me have nothing, you and me are never going to win this because it can't be proven or seen. i stated this on the thread and you completely ignore it, the real fact is that steam is a website, you cant say no to it being a website.


    31 minutes ago, B0X0R said:

    Why do you @firecat hold such a disdain hatred for Steam? Don't give me any sources or opinions others, just your reasons and yours alone.

    Why do you hate Steam?

    steam is taking advantage of indie developers, if i could at least make people question the use of steam then maybe this wont happen in the future. its all about stopping something before it gets out of hand.

    8 minutes ago, Valmore said:

    Big developers and publishers don't use Steam?

    Ubisoft (Tom Clancy's The Division)

    Konami (Metal Gear Solid 5)

    2K (XCom 2)

    Bethesda (Fallout 4)

    Yeah... never heard of those indie companies myself...

    i said "there were no major deals through companies" keyword were

    were  (wûr)
    1. Second person singular and plural and first and third person plural past indicative of be.
    2. Past subjunctive of be.

  19. 21 minutes ago, Rooke said:

    *Double post because the mods could always do with more work*

    Also, why is this in creative corner? I realise Firecat's posts could be described as an example of extreme creativity, but is this really the most appropriate place? I would have thought either GD or gaming personally...

    it involves developers not gamers, since i clearly shown that steam is just like any website (where's your meat shield now) it will help developers with deciding their fate. however it might be be lost in time but if i could at least save some people then i'm fine with that.

  20. On 1/23/2016 at 9:23 PM, Satsuki said:

    Then again, how is this have anything to do with the topic? Yes, one time buy, which apply to almost every other games except some big franchises. And in that case, you will want your game to be seen by as many people as possible. And because of that, Steam is much better than other platforms, due to its huge amount of user. I don't know how true those statistics are, but I can be sure that Steam has 10, 100 times more users than itch.io and some other random stores.


    On 1/23/2016 at 9:37 PM, Valmore said:

    Exactly. Every website listed isn't even in the same ballpark as Steam. Just being able to download games isn't delivering the same impact as Steam, and most of them don't have the same brand recognition. For example, Amazon.com isn't somewhere to go and also play the games you download with other people. Sure, I can get anything from a pet rock to Fallout 4, but it's not a place that's going to even bother giving any sort of advertising to a new Visual Novel or indie game. Because Amazon is a marketplace, it doesn't specialize in games.

    IE: I create a new indie game. I need a place to put it. It's not wrong to have it available on multiple locations, but which one are most laypersons going to recognize and likely be a part of already?

    "You can download it on bigfishgames.com."


    "You can download it on Steam."


    On 1/23/2016 at 9:49 PM, Rooke said:

    And still has nowhere near the reach of Steam, unfortunately.


    On 1/23/2016 at 0:52 AM, babiker said:

    I don't really get the point of this thread. It feels like you're just trying really, really hard to make Steam look bad. If being the most popular pc game store doesn't make Steam "special" to you, then that's you're own opinion, but it's a well known fact and really the main reason anyone of us is on there. All of your other points are off topic.

    If you're trying to make some other websites more well known, I advise focusing more on why I should go there, rather than bashing Steam.

    yes congregations (its a real word look it up), every last one of you believes in the propaganda and started a propaganda just to prove a point. the real answer is that no one knows the answers, people had made steam into a wonderful thing and look at this, you guys even did it bravo, A++ propaganda.

    steam isnt doesnt even -> market <- itself into a wonderful platform, the only thing its saying its to buy from them just like any other ->market<-. lets talk about this -> market <- steam has been doing, we know its been on since September 12, 2003; 12 years ago. why didnt it become popular in 2003? why it didnt it market itself? well internet was not worth anything to common people in 2003 having digital sales was like paying $200 for fast speed internet or in other words digital sales were worthless to common gamers in 2003. steam never had a market record in the early years of the company, the mear fact was that they were too new and inexperienced which leads gaming companies laughing at steam.

    how did steam become what it is now? its believed in 2009 where news reporters had interesting topics on steam. they question steam application rules which we known today has "Locked Games", they also question many of today's problems they include bad games entering after 1 year or a month without anyone caring why, hidden agreements, etc, you get the point. however people had mistaken this criticism into "join steam but watch out for this stuff". however thats not where the big push comes from, it did start the propaganda but in 2012 of october greenlight was implanted in steam. remember steam never market itself in 2003 - 2012 (10 years), there were no major deals through companies, no indie developers, steam had nothing worth it. if you got a game on steam between 2003-2012 (10 years) it was because you earn it, thats where that propaganda was born. many developers brag about it, they never thought for once that valve would turn on them and they had hope that they can earn money from this digital era (our computers/internet had evolved). sadly many new indie developers saw greenlight, they were all thinking about the same thing... profit and exposure. thus the never ending propaganda, false hope, cheap tricks, etc, started which in turn had brought us to today's steam has the most propaganda talked show, way more than ISIS (its true).

    what about their market? as i said -> new developers only <- uploaded to steam. big companies upload them to consoles or other websites, sometimes studios upload them somewhere else. this had flooded steam with indie games, the new developers brag about it and some are never seen again (most due to not caring). no one said steam is the largest gaming platform, its true look it up on google and you find nothing, steam itself never claim that title they never did, the players/developers made it up. there is no evidence that there are over 10 million active people online, accounts maybe but accounts are not people. people visit websites all the time, its common to see people visit popular websites because of the propaganda, however no one will ever know how many people there are since thats not how things work in the real world and news reporters covering steam deals is not considered "proof", its more like "buy these deals because we are being sponsored by certain company", then youtubers copy the news reporters.

    lets end this with one big shocking discovery, everything you guys post, helped my research for publishing an article for a newspaper (we haven't decided who to talked to yet). every last one of you was very helpful more than reddit users who had rant about being the best and having ignore all our "counter" argument. we have gotten every information we never needed from you guys, greed, disbelieved, trust, lying, history, and love. dont worry your usernames or the mansion of this forum will be talked about on the article, we will only be saying we research users on reddit.

  21. 4 minutes ago, Satsuki said:

    I don't remember the topic ever being about how Steam helped CREATING the vn either. It's selling we are talking about here, and Steam is doing a good job on that. Creating and funding are Kickstarter's job, not Steam.

    good now you are learning, now how many people do play the game? the answer is up to the user since we can never get that information. how many people bought that game? its a very random answer but once people buy it they dont consider to rebuying it ever again, thats right once its brought you are left with no way to gain money from the same audience. that brings us to where things are right now, sales do look good but its one time buy. you could add DLC but really why? vn are complete stories and not one the western companies has rights to upload a DLC. the hype train can only go so far as well, since we cant upload extreme violent games, most visual novels will never past and once the companies had upload all the 13+ age titles people are left with novels that cant upheld the ones we know today.

    its like retro games, people like them and today's newer games cant match the retro era (in other words we might see more bad vn in the future).

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