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  1. guys you only thinking about steam, you dont understand that many developers are not willing to give up their full name, address, (whatever a SSC is called in japan), credit card, and lose 70% of profit to steam app. if anything they would switch to itch.io or amazon since none of them require extreme requirements just the bank info, something that should only be between developer and campanys. many people in japan are not really going to steam anytime soon, as long as steam has those extreme requirements you guys are not getting them in steam.
  2. So exactly who is this person(s?) that consider Mass Effect a visual novel? Because it's not a visual novel, there aren't really any visual novel elements, there is some dialog and choices which is common in both RPGs and visual novel, but even they are perhaps even more RPG elemts than visual novel elements. Now I'm no developer, but these are already developed games and while I'm sure there's a very real possibility to break the game when translating I am fairly certain that this is not anywhere near the top on the list when considering localizations. yep but its not RPG as well, it doesnt have the magic or random enemy spawn types, the game fits into the FPS. thats not the problem, people are refusing to accept all the stuff the developer mixed into, so in reality its really called a Visual Novel, action role-playing, third person shooter video game series. we just haven't got a name for these kinds of hybrid games. the future of games could be many things, just making it one thing is like buying water with another water. these guys tell you why there's no set date, we just dont know when its finish. they could make a new engine, the art is taking forever, bugs, oh knows.
  3. Lack of Moege Localization: its your option it has nothing to do with the world or VN and there really is not a define way to say moege. the word can be anything from rpg, love story, horror, anything. Running Out of "Good" Games: options again, some might consider it good others may not. just think about mass effect, it has the same vn elements but many didnt consider it a vn but many others did. Company Release Dates: have you try developing a game, NO. there has to be a good reason why they don't release them, after all you dont want a broken game like assassin's creed or batman games. Japanese Priorities Set Visual Novel Localization: as many others and by our overview, we can see that japan people do not want to learn english and the english community is only willing to play jp games that are popular. that should answer all your questions.
  4. ya your right, most of the money its being spent on digital goods: I see a dark future in this project...
  5. nope you asking for the impossible, the story is one a kind and there's no way to copy it. however my novel that i'm working on is similar, teleportation, earth being attack by aliens, and magical creatures. there's no countries fighting because that never happen in 2005.
  6. But, does this works for Cinderella Girls? I mean, I didn't read anything about using Yahoo! for verifying my account... I think they need a phone number specifically... you should be able to log-in and connected like any account game but the real problem is that there is no downloads in their official page. you can download the Iphone version easy but android had it block from usa, however thanks to the their official website i have manage to get it: http://cinderella.idolmaster.jp/ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.mbga.a12008305.lite
  7. i have a account with them, as a developer on the west as well as a gamer in both english and japan. there's a secret way to bypass the phone verify thing, you have to make a account on yahoo japan, they dont ask for phone numbers but they also dont let you get off easy. the first steps are easy, its recommended that you dont use english or else they could kick you. next i think its address but not full address, a number like the usa uses to determine where a local country is located (example CA, 90027) , it should pop up on google results. lastly have another email, this doesnt have to be japan it could be anything, most recommend would be gmail since gmail doesnt require you to have a address. thats when you done and enjoy the games.
  8. Don't know, though if you have a look at the scripts for the page it does state it was using Unity. i dont know, cant find it with these small text (who ever thought it was a good idea to make it 100x1000). yes i can see that its on kirikiri but that doesnt mean its better or greater than Novelty because its the same thing. they both have C++ language, they both are windows only, and both are only in one language. the reason Novelty is place there is because it offers more stuff like Object oriented design, NoveltyML, Animation, and collaboration. kirikiri cant do that and its abandoned, who knows if Novelty may one day be translated into JP lagrange or be a rival for renpy.
  9. i can find anything that says its made in unity and i whent to itch.io to make sure it might be connected by the same UI but found nothing but errors (chrome): http://q_dork.itch.io/the-banana-killer [Last updated Mon, 02 Nov 2015 23:00:39 GMT] also i looked into the elements with chrome and found that it was buid in HTML, which would make sence since on the webpage it has HTML on the last world. cant see any thing and doesnt show the vn, it could be anything. Now I know your an idiot, look at the top left hand corner and read what it fucken says, "kara-no-shojo-2". not everyone reads small text, there is a limit in pixels in a phtoto. you cant just enhance it like those CSI shows, its impossible. That's bullshit. Unity has it's pros and cons, like any other enviroment. The point is, when you get past the issues (they are actually a huge wall for most vn developers), it provides a solid ground for stable releases with multiplatform support you won't find elsewhere. Considering a lot of japanese game devs have been lately moving onto Unity as well, I'm guessing we'll also see a lot more vn's being released on a single, unified engine, which is always nice; especially in terms of fast and efficient game localization. Why would it be a huge wall for most vn developers? vn programmers are no different from any other programmers. I don't see why it should be such a big problem. Have you ever developed on unity? or any other engine? I'm not defending Unity but if you never developed on Unity or don't have more than at least 10 months to a year of experience developing games and haven't even developed on different engines I don't see how you can make this kind of statement. the wall is unity UI, just like blender UI, you have to read a very long manual to find that one thing you looking for in unity/blender. it doesnt follow the universal UI that many other engines have build so we are left guessing where things have been place or where it could be place. i have try to develop in unity, almost everyone has tried and as i said there were so many tabs, importing works but moving 3d models was difficult because you have to move camera (maya doesnt have that problem), getting a 2d game to work is even more difficult because again the camera but that wasnt all you needed another camera but code them to do what you want. last thing i try before quitting unity forever is just adding water or land, it turns out that if i cant make it fit the whole map will lag the game or it becomes so small and unplayable. why yes i do have other engines i have been working on: http://firecat.itch.io/the-unknowns-saga-palleal-universe yes the cost of losing HTML, linux, and counsel is sad but its better than getting no results. NeoAxis shows what most UI looks like in other engines, including Unreal, Cryengine and Torque 3D.
  10. and they had to add this in... they still have not learn their lesson.
  11. cant see any thing and doesnt show the vn, it could be anything. we already know tha its on a new engine there is no way to show that its the vn (i havent read it so i dont know the story), since this could be fake i cant change Novelty into Kirikiri2 because again it might never work well for other people. Also Salurian i cant use Kirikiri engine, so i cant just buy the novel and expect it to hack into it. that would been too easy and the fight would have ended.
  12. guys unless you have screenshots or anything proving Kara no Shoujo was made in kirikiri2 engine or unity, then i will still think its made without them. you guys have been making so many rumor stories, that i cant even find anywhere online. none of you have pictures, video, or interviews, its just talking back at me for doing real research. follow the rules of journalism to writing real articles that show the real story, things that you guys did would ruin a company's image. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Journalism_ethics_and_standards http://insideanalysis.com/2013/04/keep-it-real-the-five-golden-rules-of-quality-journalism/
  13. *looks at mangagamer stuff blog* https://mangagamer.wordpress.com/2011/05/20/kara-no-shoujo-changes/ so who is wrong now, its really is a mystery how Kirikiri2 got linux and mac support so fast but never been major news or maybe its in a new engine. Obv you are wrong, who else? Original engine for KnS was NOT KRKR2. It was own custom engine of Innocent Grey, which did not supported english at all. This why they ported it to Kirikiri2 for English release (this is what I told you from beginning) and actually KnS2 had to be converted to Unity VN engine (dun remember which one Doddler used though) for same reason. So please educate yourself before going into discussion next time. I never told KRKR2 got linux/mac support, I told that was written an interpreter for Android, which could be ported (maybe author also did that, who knows). Support for linux/mac was planned in KRKR3, but author seems lost motivation and did not worked on it for years. you saying these things but i cant find any evidence about it, you first told me that it had came from Kirikiri2: and now you saying its not from Kirikiri2 engine and that Innocent Grey coded an engine (i dont know what language it was used) that is only in japanese System Locale. MangaGamer does not always make custom engine has told in their questions so this leads me to believe that the engine was custom build or else it be hard to turn somethings into the new engine. No i'm not mistaken when i'm talking about Kara no Shoujo and not Kara no Shoujo - The Second Episode that also has the same engine or else there would have been problems. again they never talk about using unity or Kirikiri2, it was custom made. the evidence is clear, both Kara no Shoujo and not Kara no Shoujo - The Second Episode have custom engines for the 2 countries to enjoy.
  14. *looks at mangagamer stuff blog* https://mangagamer.wordpress.com/2011/05/20/kara-no-shoujo-changes/ so who is wrong now, its really is a mystery how Kirikiri2 got linux and mac support so fast but never been major news or maybe its in a new engine.
  15. Apart from being the engine of choice among p. much all the people firecat would be talking to, OELVN devs, it's also been used for ports of Japanese visual novels by official localization companies. I know MG's Sonohana release uses it. Last time I checked, Krkr2's problem is lack of English-language documentation. Until that changes, it seems an unwise recommendation. I read using Google Translation, all interpreter commands have an understandable translation. So it is good enough. Anyway you can learn all you need even without docs, as you can just take a sample game test (as it is translated and commented, I believe somewhere in TLWiki). well we have to look at the disadvantage (too many), first one is very common, the language is only japanese. its also only for windows so not many mac or linux users will even pick it up. possibly but maybe english words wont work on it (seen some codes that dont show english), it be really hard to read anything without getting a japanese System Locale as well so you need to know how the keyboard works all over again. As far as wikipedia has told me and the games that only have been only in windows this tells me that it cant do anything other than windows games. As far as coding works, that depends on the user since renpy can do almost anything with python so its no different than Kirikiri C++ language. the only difference is export, that is why Kirikiri wasnt added. it was too limited to just windows with one language. yes it has popular vn but not really famous for its engine, most likely they use it so no one will be able to steal the art. renpy is known to always have the art open in one file or so, if possible you could change it into another game. i would recommend Novelty as a replacement for Kirikiri since its basicly the same thing.
  16. yes but its not simple has TyranoBuilder, it doesnt really explain everything so it may work like GM with less building. On GM free version you lose Mac OS X, Linux, HTML5, Android, IOS and Games Consoles. it also seems like its build for multichoice novel because it doesnt tell users that it has build-in rpg code, date system or how easy it is to make it work (theres like 75 images for this thing than the video has shown). so when it comes to better money and better export options, TyranoBuilder beats it.
  17. the artwork looks very common to another one (one google search later) oh ya hunie pop. i dont know if they hire the same artist or not mmmmm...
  18. o.k please stop spamming, you almost cover the whole topic sidebar.
  19. You just have to find a way to bash everything down without ever reading anything that anyone ever writes, don't you? Simply amazing firecat. For your information, this isn't the same kind of guidebook you are more than likely thinking of, but rather something different. It's meant to be something foreigners can easily relate to since it's coming from a foreigner's view to begin with. It only focuses on Akihabara, and unlike most guidebooks which I have never seen do this, it provides you with properly written English about otaku stores that people can visit. Be you a family visiting electric town for a day, or a die hard figure collector and PC game (visual novel) player, everything will be included. I planned to have a stretch goal which could possibly feature a phone application that self updates every so often and keeps the district up to date as the years advance. No, nobody has ever thought of and actually followed through with that idea firecat. Also in regards to the images I plan to use, there is a reason I am hosting a Kickstarter and specifically stated that I want to hire artists to help me draw content so I don't need to use owned material. PS - Japan isn't going to ban original artwork because I am not commercially selling this item in Japan. They don't have any right to tell me that drawn anime characters which are original are against the law. It's my artwork and I can use it how I'd like. Also, please don't talk about America being sexist and therefore not allowing the images I choose. That is the most pathetic comment I have heard. you spoke too soon, look at these websites that have only anime related topics and locations to visit: http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e3003.html http://akihabaralist.com/ http://www.amazon.com/The-Akiba-Manga-Guide-Akihabara/dp/4889962492 now i think you already know that anime is not really popular in japan so while Akihabara is overused in anime there are limits. these articles already explain the anime side of Akihabara. http://anime.mmgn.com/Articles/testing-T http://www.smh.com.au/digital-life/computers/blog/gadgets-on-the-go/akihabara-a-beginners-guide-to-the-ultimate-geek-pilgrimage-20130923-2ua1r.html This page proofs that even if you made this guidebook, it will only last for a current time until the town change its ways or things might not be there. http://www.orochinagi.com/gamer-guide-japan/akihabara-gamer-and-figurine-guide-2014 You think japan is o.k with anime because you saw so many crazy things but they still have rules: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Censorship_in_Japan On the topic of usa, you still have to watch yourself: http://www.japanpowered.com/japan-culture/anime-blogging-and-copyright-considerations http://www.mbbp.com/resources/iptech/publishing_legal.html http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Publishing+Law <- this tells you everything http://www.thebookdesigner.com/2013/03/5-top-legal-issues/ <- this explains what you will encounter all this research took forever to read and so forth, if you continue to dream about the guidebook without a real plan you will see that it will all be for nothing. remember, anything professional doesn't mean better viewer/fan base. a great example is yu-gi-oh (yes its still alive) it has professional everything but not very famous on the new things only the old series.
  20. you not the only one who wrote a guidebook for commercial use (if its commercial use, since you are trying to get copyrights), it's better to focus on what makes this guidebook better than the others. you'll have to fight with other people who had the same idea but had already detailed everything (google it), the greatest rival would be bloggers because while yours is only about that time it could easy change into new things (then becomes outdated). you really need to fight bloggers than any publisher you encounter, also you can't use sexy anime characters in jp without their approval and that goes double since america really hates anything sexist. Lastly base on the last example in the guidebook it would appear you would use copyright characters which is against the rules in both free and commercial use. yes this is a slap in the face but for your own good.
  21. what if i told you that in another dimension in another time, there exist the same show. the only difference is this show airs every midnight.
  22. oh no another youtuber, how far will does person go this time.
  23. I have seen so many users saying "I can make a visual novel with [name_engine] , its so better than [name_engine_2] because [name_reason]." Yet they forgotten that there are always bad things in a engine, you could fall for paying such engine to only discover that it has no way to make that dream game. This is why why i'm listing well known vn engines and their cons, I hope the guide will help you pick the right engine for you not the company. renpy - One of the most known engine in the world (i'm not kidding), it uses python language to make vn. It's being updated as much as it can and also people have been able to make rpg from it. The main reason people choose this over any other engine is due to the freedom to add anything, learning python takes a while but most people have the novels stay in dating sims or storyline. Another key reason it's used is due to the fact that it can make windows, linux, mac, android, and IOS, which is very great advantage for anyone wanting to build games in a certain area or so. Finally it can be use for commercial and non-commercial use, however the art is not free but that is another topic itself. tyranobuilder - The main problem with this engine is the price but if you willing to overlook that it offers almost the same has renpy. HTML is the reason people have buy the game, however there have been problems with the HTML from not being able to click anything to buttons not working. It claims to be the fastest VN maker but that is something the user has to figure out. If you are able to code 2 scenes in renpy under 30 minutes thats fast progress, tyranobuilder is drag&drop meaning you have to waste 50% of your progress to clicking on a button. lastly tyranobuilder script language is javascript, almost no indie developer even dare use javascript, the reason is due to the fact it was never built for games. It's the main reason why tyranobuilder games lag campre to any other engine in this list. Also the maker of tyranobuilder fail to understand that it was Processing.js that make games work better in javascript not ECMAScript. Novelty- its the same idea of tyranobuilder but it was first built way before tyranobuilder, also its free so there is no reason to even buy tyranobuilder other than the HTML that lags. Novelty use C++ and java to script the language, this is a huge advantage since you can use this language to get jobs faster in the world and people from unity will hire you for just knowing how to code a vn in C++. As far as i understand, the main reason no one goes there is because its only windows OS which limits everyone who is not windows. Belle - Another VN engine that works like tyranobuilder, one big difference is that it's free. If you looking for tyranobuilder alternative for its HTML, this will be the one (again it was build first). Another advantage is that it really does run well in HTML but the bad news is that it only builds HTML which is the only thing it can build the game. Unity plugin: Fungus - Now i dont know much about this engine (reading things off google), it does seem like it another no code engine. what really makes this one different from all other engines that i list is its ability to run animated sprites, unity build (standard build, no consoles included), and the script is whatever unity has right now. Since this is Unity you will face these problems, Poor graphics quality as compared to Unreal Engine, Unfriendly User-Interface (even if you download the plug-in you will still have a bad time on it), and lastly dependent of unity, if their web browser stops working you have to wait for them to fix it, if unity discover a hack bug you have to update, if they going to upgrade you have to upgrade. Cloudnovel- A website browser to make VN, the reason i put this one so low is because it does a poor job to help developers. You'll find that there is no scripting language so you cant really do anything new with it. Another thing is that you cant use it outside their website so it stays in cloudnovel with no way to gain money. The drag&drop has pages that you must click and wait for the website to load your pictures, music and your gameplay. Lastly on why it makes such a bad vn maker is due to the fact that its only in english, sure it might be possible that someone might do it without reading but most of the great stuff is in english writing and in english videos. Thats everything, I didnt add GM because its design to build platform games not VN, construct is way too basic gaming that offers unneeded elements in VN, RPG maker is only build for RPG, adding long dialog will not help in a rpg (only the boss does that) 80% of the game is fighting not learning about the story. I hope this little insight of what each vn engine offers and what doesn't offer will help you. If you have any questions post here or want to ask why [engine_name] is not added it's because i can't post all of them.
  24. firecat

    Halo 5.

    my only complain is the helmet outlook, its so annoying.
  25. thats if you like it, certain people do other things that are beyond what you seen in porn and such which will cause you to have bad insight on sex. there is no clear answer to this and i'm the smart one
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