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  1. i cant believe no one got this one
  2. well from my experience has a vn maker i cant make good english (see i did something wrong there), and most people are happy to help because it builds experience for future projects that might one day offer money.
  3. not bad, they get people to buy and promote their game all at the same time. GoG and CD Projekt
  4. its there a way to add simple rules, not everyone knows how to do java. also how can this be share? java is o.k but only few websites use java has a gameplay. just something you need to consider.
  5. i am also lost at words... they are trying to add bad dating and adult humor into a game. the whole story seems ridiculous it has no real meaning, its just making jokes with bad words. the art is fine but such a waste has it belongs to a game with bad standards . this video shows how a good story is made https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMv5xMwdau4
  6. o.k i sended a note saying my skype name.
  7. hi, i am the creator for 'The Unknowns Saga' series and i need some help with english side of things. my game is getting huge attention by the months and its starting to be like the next fate/stay night game . however there's one obstacle i cant do, thats making it into a english readable version. its in english alright but i do have reports about the games grammar and such . so thats why am asking here for a person to make a english version, dont worry about the programming i handle all that only need you to spell check the game. if i have time i might make it into a spanish version (which i wanted to be). there will no pay unfortunately however you will get credit for helping to translate it/spell check. the project itself its not big only like a few 10,000 amounts of words (not including code). its only me that you need to work with and as a way to talk we can use skype or google+ either way its easier. lastly the game will be on amazon indie store (if i can release it) and game jolt. please help me and i help you. --------------------------------------------------------------------update------------------------------------------------------------------------------- still need a english writer, this time please reply if you really want to help. i can easily track your progress if you try to google spell check.
  8. yes theres hope, they already have models selling off the roof http://www.goodsmile.info/en/product/4809/Saber+Last+Episode.html must buy it
  9. you know there is a way to do a vn without words, its something that miku hatsune does and maybe most of the psp games (i dont play psp games) by time clicking. i believe that this idea can be use on novels to upgrade it even more daring scenes like a gun fight, fighting, plane crashing, etc. theres also many ideas i have for it but how well does this idea goes, it could be a good thing or a bad thing i dont know.
  10. in a romance novel the main person always never release that the girl is in love with him . i am like 4 steps ahead of him but that guy never change until the ending (i give him bad endings first ). so its rare to find one that lets me dumb the girl and find a new one.
  11. i can help with the spanish translation, its my first language and even better i can help recreate the vn.
  12. i like them to be real with no changes, we know how it should have happen so why change it. however i do like it when the story goes into like a backstory where you can change events but the end result is still the same. example: you alert the government and stop the 2 plans from destroying the twin towers but there was 5 people involved not 3.
  13. i found this one https://vndb.org/v12841 (Crimson Rafflesia) on random picks and it says Crimson Rafflesia is a story about truth and lies, love and hate, and a field of decaying flowers.
  14. i like to have choices in vn but sometimes i dont like having them on every game. if the choices have a meaning then thats o.k thats what the author wants us to learn as to a vn where you have to pick every other event (the walking dead). the walking dead is a good example of what not to do with choices, there just too many to even care anymore which leads to bad endings more often. on the other side of vn with no choices that can make a impact on the person because they are so engage with the story that there will be no interruptions just shocking events. thats why i like in a vn a good balance in the story not the gameplay.
  15. you wont believe this but Pocky! are at my wal-mart's and it only cost $2 +tax
  16. its the greatest story i never read and also the saddest one as well. no game will ever top narcissu story it feels too real to be consider anything .
  17. i read like 3/4 of the post (its almost time for me to sleep -_- ) and it might be a good idea to add where to publish the visual novels. the sites i use are http://gamejolt.com/ (its very nice place) , http://itch.io/ (warning too random), http://www.indiedb.com/ (adim pannding system beware).
  18. my favorites are 'long live the queen', narcissu and moonwalk lights. i do have a VNDB but i have no clue how to use it
  19. hi everyone my name is firecat and i been reading novel games for about 5 years. i am also a developer for my own novel game, i dont know if saying it will break rules or not . my college life keeps be running from one place to another but not hard to make games. lastly i hope to learn a lot more about novel games from this forum and play them all as well.
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