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  1. though i´ve happened to read more than 50+ titles (incl. lots of short ones) over the last couple of months, i wasn´t able to fap even once. *blames those superstrong psychotropic drugs they made me gulp down. life is shit.

  2. more or less back, somehow. still feeling a little demolished mentally, but so far dem doctors have done a good job in trying to fix the unfixable.

  3. still feeling like borschtsch due to overloading my brains, but hey, five days of reading hiatus should have been enough to somewhat recover mentally. onwards comrades!

  4. yo maggots please go watch galaxy express999
    - same goes for reading be-yond in case of one knowing japanese, as i´m pretty darn sure you wont regret it.

  5. geez that never ending circle of pointless blahblah coming to oelvns put me into one foul mood. back to dead end junction now & hopefully it´s going to return the happiness that went awry

    1. Narcosis



    2. XReaper


      there´re truly isn´t, but------------ i cant help but start going mad everytime the same bullshit comes up. think you did also ask the ones von alienworks not that long ago, why they try doing a japanese op for their upcoming work, like it doesn´t make any sense to me. always those justifications, those hollow excuses, them always bringing up the same blahblah - it´s frustrating. & if you happen to poke long enough into the truth, they´ll just call you toxic and a oelvn hater. *sigh, just kill me

  6. gentle reminder that w-standard wonderland is a cool read, and you should fucking pester mangagamer to take it on as a next project, after myth´s upcoming release. way too less stories about dystopian settings & suspense around.

    1. XReaper


      btw. it´s by no means perfect, but does feel pleasantly different form the mainstreamity tainted masses and delivers on what it tries to do.

  7. on another note fruitbat factory seemingly partnered with tears of mermaid, a small jp-studio having produced quite cool & enjoyable works in the past, notably ghost ship & lost smile2. anyway seems fruitbat is aiming for their upocoming title called sevendays, which is still in developement and also has a pretty sucessfull looking crowdfunding campaign running.


    still no idea why no one seems to have bothered telling so far, yet every single fucking whatsnot made by winged cloud and consorts gets its own topic, but oh well...

  8. just in case no one and their mother has noticed, koiemaki2 got released just few days ago. a little typohunting & bugreporting is appreciated. enjoy! http://koiemakino2.wixsite.com/kikikoi2/download

  9. doujinshi are my everything. no money to waste on subpar commercial ones, dont bother convincing me otherwise. go away.

  10. pretty much unable to handle fuwa in its current state visual-wise & therefore wont check in daily - regarding stuff related to the kami no rhapsody tl-project feel free contacting me via
    - absolute.hanakawa@web.de
    - cameleroloco@gmail.com
    - twitter.com/Dai_Kaioshin

    or if its real urgent buiseness you have, which i cant/wont answer in time for reason unknown, then you might try mailing my editor/overseer via the.will.o.crisp@gmail.com

    doing the same with the other members like glm4475 btw. cryingwestern is also a possibility of yours


  11. sorry for me beeing alive, faggot

  12. girls frontline purin purururin puru puru rinrin puru rin purururin

    1. Sonitz
    2. XReaper


      watch Welcome to the NHK & you´ll understand my mental sufferings :D

      edit: regarding girls frontline - visit www.girls-frontline.com

  13. 泥棒にも三分の理

  14. ...same flesh as mine, birthed by my fathers [apám lit.head of house] beloved one... - ...coll. bloodrelated sibling...

  15. I am pururin purupururin pururin purupururin rinrin purupuru pururin pururu

  16. re-evaluating my priorities

    1. SaintOfVoid


      sounds rough, did something happen?

    2. XReaper


      blackmail happened *sigh

  17. waited one fucking year for a new chapter of berserk & then there´s no guts....pissed level is maximum

  18. The Pleasures & Merits Of Loosing Body Fluids In A Fashionable Way...

    1. Decay


      So basically the second half of this video?

    2. XReaper


      hehehe reminds me strongly of my current self, sweating like fuck, whilst working without a functional a/v, including my nighttime activities aka all hail eroge-sama

  19. 10.07.015...The Day That Made Me Hate Elves...

    1. CryingWestern


      WHY?! Why hate elves?!

    2. XReaper


      because yu-no remake happened. simply dont like the new look

  20. the unrivaled pulchritude of ones shattered soul resonating with nature, incarnation of goodwill, nurishment for a world yet to come - me. now. birth of a symbol. - Isakawa

  21. 過労死...

    1. SaintOfVoid


      lseems tough

    2. XReaper


      hahaha barely breathing, havent left my appartement for ~2 weeks because of work...

  22. ~ Melonbread Genozide ~

  23. ~~Embarrassment is just a long word, that one wont find in my dictionary ~~

  24. No Commento Until I´m Somehow Finished

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