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  1. Good review there, and I admit that at first I dismissed it. Of course after I did a bit of searching, I find that the character is quite good looking and that it have some familiar VAs so I picked my interest to this. And not to mention that Hobibox here is basically improved their translation from Your Diary, which mean that at least they learnt from their mistake by hire the native speaker. Too bad that their confidence is plummeted seeing that they didn't release the full version for this yet (I know that they have the reason, but I want to say it), and so we need to wait for a while here. I don't have any problem to wait until 2020 though, because we have enough good release for this year.

    By the way I already played this, and yeah it resembled Ace attorney except that the MC here is the judge instead of the attorney with Nagai Sr. here is basically Blaise with Nagai Jr. here is basically Sebastian (AAI2 refrence, and yeah I used localized name). Oh and the dad of the MC here is basically Mia Fey, except less busty and less beautiful (The dad is quite handsome here). Also apparently they change the vertical textbox to horizontal textbox, which is acceptable seeing that it would be very awkward if Hobibox keep the vertical textbox here.

    Anyway after read the review and solve the first case here, I can say that I'll look forward to the full release and of course hopefully they'll also have 18+ contents as well.

    PS - Almost forget to say that Koume here is really living up to her family name lol.

  2. I would say that I prefer to have only one post of this, so perhaps you can delete another one. I understand though why you manage to duplicate the post, seeing that I also experienced the same thing few days ago (Usually this kind of long post would lag a lot and therefore it's easy to assume that the posting might be not working, so you decided to click 'Submit' once again).

    Technical matter on the blog aside, the only VNs that we got in English are Soul Link, Higurashi Kai, and To Heart 2. For Soul Link, I can only remember that the graphic is quite good and back then I thought it's more or less like Shuffle (Well same company). For RPGFan Higurashi's review, what I can say is that it's scoring is grossly inaccurate seeing that he also included gameplay into factor (In a VN when it's not matter unless it's gameplay VN, and obviously Higurashi is not gameplay VN). The graphic is bad though, although we can alleviate that problem through the use of PS3 graphic patch.

    About To Heart 2, well it's Ittaku's favorite VN mostly thanks to Ruu. Although the casts is also interesting to note though, such as Nabatame Hitomi, Shizuka Itou, and Satou Rina. The former two is interesting, especially because both Nabatame and Itou was always shipped by the fan and that they always have work together in an anime one way or another. Also yeah To Heart 2 is originally for PS2, which mean that perhaps Leaf already have aim for console market ever since back at 2004, and turned out that it was very successful so much that we can see several spin off of To Heart 2 (Including one RPG that did use To Heart 2 heroines).

    I guess that's all for my comment for now.

  3. Speaking about Leyline, until now Sekai still didn't manage to release Daybreak here. I'm okay if they managed to release Daybreak at least, because apparently we can see more development from Ushio who basically a tsundere to become more mellow. For now I just hope that Sekai will manage to release Daybreak at this year as they promised back at AX, but if it's still not possible oh well.

    As for Kinusaga, apparently he was quite infamous for not ending his story. While we can be bitter and say that he hate to end his story, perhaps we should pity him in that he can't find a decent way to end his story seeing that his VN always have grand setting (Perhaps he would be find a way to end his simple if he write simple moege). Also apparently he can't end Kaito's story from what I see at VNDB discussion, so yeah it should tell much about him. At least Yuuji's story is end well, even with the fact that I disagree with Rakuen's ending.

    tldr - Perhaps I better avoid playing Akagoei if it's managed to be fully translated later.

  4. As for Hinatabokko, the last line that was added in the English premise is really corny if not ridiculuous and uncanny. First of all while the twin sister here is sexy, the art is definitely not show that because Fue's art here is more focused on the cuteness. Second while granted it's normal VN where the man was need to choose a girl, I don't really think that Natsuki here is really confused when he chose a girl. And by the way the new lines about sexy and confused MC here is really added for English version, because when I checked Japanese version synopsis it tell us on how Natsuki's parents dead and the first paragraph of the English premise. Oh and they got the title wrong as well, because Hinatabokko actually mean 'Basking in the sun'.

    That said, it's understandable though if the staff got it wrong on the translation (Actually it shouldn't be happen) because back at 2008 Mangagamer was still newbie and they probably lack of English speaker translator. Also for more trivia, actually Mangagamer was formed by four Japanese companies with Tarte was one of the company so maybe they only have Japanese staffs back then. Other than mistranslation on the title and the unneccesary addition of the uncanny premise, I guess it's more or less okay as long as you try to tolerate Mangagamer's early bad translation (I'm okay with it, although other people need to mind on that here).

  5. Spoiler

    Now that you mentioned it, suddenly I remember back when I played it (And comment about it here) and well I can only say that the guy is desperate in the very wrong context and stupid (The guy would lose in any ending, only that the bad end is obviously worse compared to the good end). My question is still remain though in regard of the circumstance of the guy, although if Megumi's route writer thought that the reader need some dramatic moments without proper circumstance, then I don't have anything to say other than he/she (Obviously not Ebi-hime here) may consider to work on soap opera production.

    In the end, I guess the KS that they had in order to create this VN is quite ambitious with the base goal was only at 1,300 and the fund gathered was at 18,000, and yet they want to have the VN have English voice and manga adaptation within that goal which to say was a bit over the top and very hard to fulfill.

  6. Spoiler for Megumi's route here below.


    Honestly I REALLY want to know if Japanese (Or whereever the setting is based on or where the writer live) education system is really messed up and corrupted or not. Granted that we can say the teacher can use the power of money, but I think no sane principal want to hire a murderer teacher even with the money unless they want to get many critic from the public (The murder in the school should be caused some major uproar). While you can still argue that the victim family might be decided to not pursue the case, there's no way that they didn't pursue the case if the killer is manage to get into the jail. While it's also possible that the killer's family is a powerful family who can get anything that they want, I believe that the writer should also elaborate on that as well and yet there's no such thing that showed in the VN (And neither the guarantor). So in the end you can say that the killer here is only act as the plot device for Megumi's route in order to have dramatic moment, and that plot device is got shoved in the very harsh way by the MC.

    I guess that's all for what I can say here, and yeah my concern here is only in Megumi's route.

  7. I agree that the third part of the release is quite sudden, so maybe you have a point about Winged Cloud being cynical here and possibly run out of idea (You can only go so far if they can only make their usual thing, although they wouldn't run out of the idea for the title for a very obvious reason). I can say that the idea here is actually very refreshing in that it deal with 'Trapped in the MMORPG', which to say is still very rare in the VN so I'm kind of hoping that this kind of VNs will increased and receive the translation (Hopefully I'm not jinxed it so much that isekai VNs became as saturated as isekai manga and LN). Oh and almost forget to say that I guess it's actually good that Winged Cloud did remove male MC presence, seeing that at most it didn't affect the story.

  8. As for your opinion on both of Remember11 and Symphonic Rain there, I agree that both of the releases are good even though Remember11 did have the problem in regard of the ending because apparently there's a conflict between the production members. While for Symphonic Rain, too bad that Ritsuko Okazaki can't watch her work being officially released at Steam seeing that she was passed away back at 2004. I just hope that those two VN will be more well known, especially the latter seeing that I'd find Symponic Rain songs is quite good.

  9. 11 hours ago, Dreamysyu said:

    I wasn't talking about the number of releases (it's not like that many VN readers read more than 10 every year on average), but about general quality of the games translated. I mean, looking through this list, there's a lot of very popular stuff. Compare it to the last year, for example.

    I see, and in this case I'll strictly compared it to 2018 list. As for whether 2010 list is better compared to 2018 or not, well it depend on the rank here. But overall I would say that 2010 is better though because most of the score for the VN that was released in 2010 is higher if we compared it side by side (2018 releases did have less VNs that receive average score 8 from VNDB), at least if I based it on my list here. On the other hand, there's a lot of good release that I didn't add to my release simply because it's censored (Baldr Force), MTL-ed (Your Diary and Fortissimo), and only a fandisc (Fata Morgana). There's also some good releases that I didn't add simply because it's not my taste here, such as Sakusakura and Suki Suki. So objectively seeing, I would say that 2018 is better if we talk about the number of releases and quality, although each year did have advantage and weakness though.

    tldr - From my list 2010 is better, although if we look at it objectively 2018 is better. So I guess we can say that it's a draw here, although it may change in the future though seeing that VNDB average score will always fluctuated.

  10. On 7/2/2019 at 12:01 PM, kokoro said:

    Higurashi Kai first but not Higurashi Questions?


    As for Higurashi Question, I already covered that back at 2009 list.

    On 7/3/2019 at 1:31 AM, Dreamysyu said:

    Looks like it was a pretty good year for VN translations, huh.

    If we talk about it from the number of translation released, I think nowadays would be better. Although if you think that nowadays there's too much release so much that it become saturated, then yeah 2010 would be better because there's still few releases back then. Of course it's also interesting to note that some of the VNs from the list (6 out of 10) already have official rerelease, so maybe you can say that there's some demand for the rerelease here.

  11. I guess we may see real Sakura Brothel in the future seeing that Winged Cloud manage to release Sakura Cupid in which it's my VNTS Review here, although they may struggle with that though. As for Sakura VNs series, what I learn is that as long as there's adjective or nouns words then it's possible to make a new Sakura VN (Although Winged Cloud imagination for the stories here wouldn't be as much as the idea for the title though).

  12. As for Baldr Force, it's one of my candidate of best 2018 VNs for my list there. Unfortunately there's a lot of factor that hinder it, such as the lack of sex scenes and bad font. While for the font I can let it slide because Aroduc complained much abut Duel Savior engine (Both of Baldr Force and Duel Savior are from GIGA, and thus same engine), I can't say the same because the team did chose all age version instead of 18+ version. While we have Aselia as the example, compared to that one this is simply unacceptable because the benefit of PS2 backport here is not worth it. Granted we got Akira Ishida as the MC, but other than that we only got PC voice (ie the heroines) which to say it's quite lazy of GIGA. As for the seiyuu, actually both of PS and PC are well known, but for the opening I vastly prefer PC version because Haruko Momoi sang the PS2 opening like banshee wailing in desperation. My exaggeration aside, the tune of PS2 opening is very uncanny and not fitting of the overall tone of the VN itself (Even though the lyric may fitting the VN).

    About the story, I think it's fine in that Conjueror like it. For the heroine, I think they fine enough as it is even though we may need more time to get use to the design. Although the gameplay here is really dampened my mood though, mostly because it's hard to get use if you've been getting use of Duel Savior gameplay (And apparently Baldr Sky as well). I know that this is the older VN, but at least the control should be easier imo. In the end, the story and the heroine is fine, although the gameplay and the censorship didn't really help the issue here. But still I wish that Baldr Force here is more well known now that we can play it in English.

    As for other VN, I think I didn't know much abut those so I can't comment much.

  13. I see, and looks like my suspicion that it would be like Meikyuu here turned out to be true. By the way I didn't mind with the lack of sex scenes, and at least I can say that I'm okay if Frontwing want to end this like Rakuen, because at least it's been linear and no branch like back at Kajitsu (Even if you may argue that Kajitsu did have ladder system, in the end it's still a charage because Yumiko's route here really didn't connect with Meikyuu's story with it's own sufficient ending).

  14. From your review I can see that Moonstone still repeated their own pattern from back at first Imopara, in which I like Rio the most followed by Aya, Hiyori/Koharu (I can't decide here), and Michika for the least. While for the story rank (Yeah there's one), I think I'll going with Aya for the first rank (Because her route did really talk about the sibling relationship taboo), Rio, Hiyori (She did learn to become more bold I guess), Koharu, and finally Ichika. I may sounds unfair on Michika, but it's because the MC who is quite an idiot there for following Michika's order to not masturbate and I really think that the MC who got a problem because of masturbation problem is an idiot one (My bad memory from Tsuki).

    Okay maybe it's quite out of topic here, but really it's not because once again it's still the same as first Imopara. Except instead of blood related siblings, in here we have one mother sibling and four different mother siblings that was came from the same dad (Should call the other four siblings as cousin though) so at least it's enough for the difference. As for the sibling and pseudo cousins Chiharu's design is looks nice compared to Koharu, Momoka is the only same mother siblings for the MC (ie the MC and Momoka are Aya's children), Michika did really teach Shizuku a lot of inappropriate knowledge, Ririna is apparently as smart as her mother, and Yuzu is at least improved from her mother in that she manage to talk back to the MC. For the design, I only like Chiharu because it looks different from her mother.

    I guess that's all for what I can say, and as for whether I'll play this or not maybe I'll just skip on this even with Chiharu's design here.

  15. Honestly you didn't really need to make a clickbait title here for a meme unless you changed your opinion on Little Busters dramatically, because after all you already firmed with your opinion there and nothing should change that. But I'd appreciate your early April Fool joke here (20 days early), and if anything at least you still on your opinion instead of changing it.

    PS - Since you rate Sakura Spirit better than Little Busters, back then I thought you would rate Sakura Santa higher than Little Busters only to find out that you rate the former as 1/10. Just want to say it.

  16. All of those seiyuu were working in the anime, so maybe the writer will make it all age by using those casts simply because they use the real name. No idea though why the writer decided to get rid all of the sex scenes, but my guess is that the writer want to focus more on the gameplay and story if he manage to release Eternity Sword 3 there (I knew it'll be long time anyway). I have no idea though why the writer did release drama CD and art book first, but maybe they need money to develop the VN.

  17. Well just treat Seinarukana as the last series maybe, and yeah I agree with the sentiment that this VN is still good to me. Also the gameplay is still good and even challenging if you want to get SS mark (I need the walkthrough to achieve that), and I see that they'd improved the gameplay in Seinarukana with the number of skills was added there. I think it's still interesting to play, even though it's all age version instead of 18+ version (For localized version) and obviously it's almost 15 years here. If anything at least the reason for the censorship is better compared to both of Konosora and Miagete by Pulltop, because Dakkodango did chose the best version (At that time) that contain extra routes and yet it didn't contain sex scenes (The release with extra routes and sex scenes was released after all of Dakkodango work is finished). Lolicon censorship was probably the convenience for JAST here, because I still think obviously JAST wouldn't want to do more work by translating the complete version back then (And yet ironically I think that the extra work that Mangagamer did for Damekoi was unnecessary here (Just release as it is instead of implementing emote version on Damekoi)). I think that's all for what I can comment here.

  18. Thanks for the shoutout there.

    Anyway now that I took a look at Emir and tone work's male character, I think we find anther tone work's interest in which they like to draw handsome male (From the look) with glasses (Kishi and Sugiyama in HatsuKoi, Shuuchi in Hoshiori, Emir in Ginharu, and Tajima in the 4th VN (Tsukikana)). It's not like I have any problem with that though, just something that I want to point out here because the designer may like male with glasses. I like that in Ginharu we have more side characters get the sprites while at the same time keep the Hoshiori writing (Presumably), because while HatsuKoi here is infamous to be bad at the writing actually they did the good job for designing sprites for side characters while in Hoshiori we only saw three side characters got the sprites. Abut the image songs, I think they also learned from HatsuKoi as well in which they understand that they couldn't force the karaoke scenes for each heroines in order to promote the image songs (The image songs is good though and it's logical to have the heroine singing), so that they tried to insert when the story abut to enter the climax at Hoshiori (Except Misa's in which it's her mid ending song) and that apparently they decided to use Hoshiori's approach for Bethly's route here (I can't say about the other routes though).

    For the last word here, once again good commentary.

  19. Good readthrough as usual, and I didn't have any problem with what kind of reading speed that you have here. As for Bethly's New Year grab, actually instead of yukata it's kimono mostly because it's winter and obviously yukata wouldn't fit for New Year visit. You can read more about the difference here, although to be fair it's hard to differentiate those two if we're not familiar with the difference. Since you also mentioned budget, I understand if Tone Work's here was saving the budget by not drawing the items because they probably blew it up at HatsuKoi in background image (They'd have two or three variant of that compared to both of Hoshiori and Ginharu), although HatsuKoi as 20th anniversary project for Visual Arts definitely helped with the budget though.

  20. Good to see that it's still continuing off screen, and as for Hoshiori so far it's been good with currently it's already ~60% translated. As for contraception pill, now that I'd already finished Misa's route I remember that they (Ryousuke and Misa) use condom twice before finally not using it at the third time seeing that Misa is already past her period to be pregnant, and that all of the other heroines already know that the two are dating by the time they'd have sex as well. I see that the writer did going further by introducing contraception pill there, so no condom for Bethly and Yukito first time (Well they need to be very cautious after all). Speaking about Misa her seiyuu did act as Momo-chan-sensei, and for addtional cast Yuzuki's seiyuu is also act as Meguru back in Hoshiori. Look forward to your next readthrough there.

  21. Well as long as you're willing to wait for Noah it's okay then. What I can say is that the reasoning was reasonable enough because the requirement to unlock the additional route could be similar like Little Busters, and I understand that it would be pain to reread already finished route. Speaking about KEY, perhaps it would be fitting VNs for the beginner seeing that it's one of more popular VN companies for mainstream player, although what I can say is that it's still up to you to whether you'll take a liking to any KEY game again or not.

    PS - Since you did mention what you should do in regard of whether you should play continuing Meikyuu in order to knowing what happen to Yuuji and his family, well you can watch the anime itselves to save some times and from there you can decided whether it'll be worth to replay Meikyuu for the main story or not. For the reception, so far I didn't find any critic like usual VN adaptation anime so it should be telling that the adaptation was quite faithful to a degree.

  22. If you think that Front Wing (FW) did regressed Michiru at Meikyuu, perhaps this thread at Reddit could give you some reasons lol. Note that it talk about FW's almost broke situation while they already planned the trilogy for Grisaia, and so they decided to make Kajitsu as almost standalone VN (Remove some of Amane's route foreshadowing, and we can have Kajitsu as totally independent VN). Of course seeing that Kajitsu is stand alone VN to some people, any attempt to make the trilogy would be met up with some confusion in regard of the canon. Before you say that Muv Luv did that I would say that Muv Luv here still better as the trilogy because they managed to introduce the major plot hook at Unlimited that was sold together with Extra, while in here both of Kajitsu and Meikyuu did sold as separated VN so it would be fitting if we say that Meikyuu and Kajitsu here is separated to an extend, mostly because FW probably scrambling off to write the original plan that they have with the trilogy in both of Meikyuu and Rakuen.

    As for Michiru's AS, well if you feel uncomfortable by that you can treat it as the fanservice for the fan who like idiot Michiru, and I'm sure that it make up most of the fans out there back at Meikyuu development in Japan with the current situation was back then FW probably need to sell Meikyuu as much as possible, possibly to cover the development cost back at Kajitsu. Other than that, we can also say that FW probably thought that Grisaia trilogy need some comedy relief, and poor Michiru was the one that FW chose lol. As for my opinion in regard of the trilogy, I think we can treat Kajitsu as the main entry of Grisaia while at the same time treat both of Meikyuu and Rakuen as the fandiscs, moreso because of the development situation of Kajitsu (Then again, FW did sell Meikyuu as Kajitsu's sequel though, so there's that).

    PS - In case you afraid that Rakuen would be unkind to Michiru, feel free to ignore that FD because in there she's pretty much flanderized into the idiot one (And by the way I wouldn't treat Rakuen as the sequel even with FW did mentioned that Michiru got lost in my country Indonesia lol).