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  1. Well good for age for finally have the new project after several years of hiatus, but then again it would be a very large scale project here so they'll need a lot of money for that. At least the anime can adapt the Alternative only seeing that the staffs can probably add Extra and Unlimited to flashback, and one of the review said that basically the prequel stuffs was added in the flashback. Although the response would still mixed anyway if they did that, seeing that most of the fans said that you need to go through voth of Extra and Unlimited to enjoy Alternative fully. In any case, let's see on how the staffs write Alternative later.
  2. Something with romance and drama

    Perhaps you can try both of Nanairo and Damekoi here. Other than that you can try Hapymaher, Chrono Clock, Dal Segno, and Da Capo trilogy. I hope my recommendations here will be helpful to you.
  3. ohayo (・ω・)ノ

    Good morning too and welcome to Fuwanovel. If you need some more VN recommendations, you can try to ask us here. I hope you'll have fun here.
  4. "Under the same roof" comedies

    There's surprisingly quite a lot of that, so let me recommend some of those. My recommendations here would be Damekoi (The main heroine Mitoko is the landlord of the MC here), Newton VN (All five heroines live in the same dormitory), Koiresort (MC and the heroines are working and stay in the resort area), Ikikoi (All heroines living in the same house as the MC, beware of tsundere though if you didn't like it), and Nanairo Reincarnation (Two of the heroine along with three demons). I hope my recommendations here will be helpful to you.
  5. new vns to play

    Looking from your list, I'll recommend Noble Works, Dracu Riot, Hoshiori, and Koichoco. But if you prefer official one, I can suggest Da Capo trilogy, Dal Segno, Hapymaher, Haretaka, and Hitotsuba. I hope my recommendations here will be helpful to you.
  6. Birthday thread

    Happy belated 26th birthday to @Satsuki, and also happy 25th birthday to @Flutterz. I hope that both of you will have a good year ahead.
  7. Welcome to Fuwanovel, and in case you want to create your own VN later good luck with that. I hope that you'll find the people that you want to meet here, and that you'll have fun here.
  8. Hey everyone - new member checking in.

    Welcome to Fuwanovel, and sorry for the belated greeting. You can always start VN hobbies here even though your in the middle of 30's, so no problem (Nice to know that you already got two children). Feel free to ask some VNs recommendations if you need it, and I hope you'll have fun here.
  9. Tsurezure's New Project - Gin'iro Haruka

    Another update from Tsurezure below. Common: 100.0% Bethly: 100.0% Mizuha: 0.0% Yuzuki: 0.0% Momiji: 0.0% Hinata: 100.0% Total: 43.87% Seeing that he'll have confrence at this week, perhaps it would be better to not expect the progress at the next week because Trip will be very busy. Still even knowing that, I just hope that at the very least they'll have Bethly's patch release at this year if possible (Of course it would be a very big bonus if they want to release Hinata's patch as well, as small as the chance it is). Well sorry for a bit of rambling here, and that's all for this week update.
  10. Mangagamer and Minori News(?) to be announced soon

    Anyway right now we have ef released at Steam, so if you somehow still not play it and waiting for that to come to Steam to get it at cheaper price then right now it's your chance to get it and thanks to your five years of patience there. Also it's too bad that Mangagamer didn't announce their next release after Amatarasu, but I guess they need some breather after released a lot of VNs that they did to make up the lost time when their payment processor is busted. PS - Apparently the real announcement that minori fans expected (Supipara) fundrising was already stopped since February, so perhaps hoping for Supipara continuation would be useless especially since minori was stopped operating (If not bankrupted here).
  11. If Branch here really require very different translation choice, well hopefully you'll be able to find the new translator here so good luck with that. While granted the Branch would likely in line with traditional moege (And I know on how you have weak affinity with that), it's still nice to see if Branch translated here seeing that some people may show interest in the heroines from there. In any case good luck with the rest of the work here, and for once I like that Pulltop's policy in regard of censored overseas here (Mostly because it mean that they'll need to cut a lot of sex scenes from Harugi here, and thus they wouldn't want to localized it therefore less risk on C&D (My assumption here)).
  12. Afternooon~

    Welcime to Fuwanovel and sorry for the belated greeting. If you need some recommendations, you can try to ask us here. As for VN BGM, I agree that some of those are quite good especially with Aokana here (I still didn't hear much admittedly, but after hearing some tracks I admit that it's quite good). Lastly I hope that you'll have fun here.
  13. Fall 2019 Anime Discussion

    That's what happen when I did type this while being sleep and recently play that VN. Sorry for the mistake here, and by the way I mean it as Kemono Michi here (It's already fixed). As for Average Ability, I would say that apparently the people that Mile one shotted will reappear as the instructor for the test at the end of episode 2 (Good luck for them to being beaten up again later, and hopefully the writer can resist to not write one of the adventurer being stupid by saying Mile have a small breast so we can have the other three (Mavis, Pauline, and Reina) have their exciting one on one match with the team later). Also the only thing that can threat Mile is the elder dragon, and we probably wouldn't have that battle yet (I don't know though if the novel already have Crimson Vow fight the dragon). In any case, I'm probably content as long as the writer can end this properly and not like Yoake, but then again I know on how the staff adapt Yoake very badly was because the VN was already translated here. Almost forget to say that the manga also have flashback on Mile middle school period, and the anime will add that arc seeing that they already cast three VAs to play as Mile's bullies turned friends in the middle school later.
  14. Fall 2019 Anime Discussion

    Late to comment here seeing that some anime was already going, but I guess better late than never. By the way for the anime that I'll watch here of course I'll still going with STPC, and as for this season anime probably will binge it later. Keep in mind that my comment here based on the manga for the most part, and I recognize some of the title thanks to my binge of some manga here. - Average Ability: At first I did think that the people are overworrying too much about the adaptation, but after seeing that both of the director and the main writer work together in adapt Yoake to anime I can see from where the worries come from. In any case while the manga/LN is generally accepted as being good while the anime was quite liberal (Hopefully not change the story too much like Yoake later), the manga is very slow to be uploaded so like it or not the anime is the only way to enjoy this series. I'll probably binged it when the series end, seeing that I like the premise in that we have clumsy overpowered girl from another world make her teammate to be very skillful and form the team (Crimson Vow), and yeah it's very refreshing to see female MC in isekai story. - Shokugeki no Souma: While naturally people would prefer to adapt the original source faithfully, I think it's the first time when I see an user prefer the anime to have the original ending. Which is very understandable seeing that the original manga final arc was quite a mess, and writing about the messiness here would be very tiring and need a lot of thinking here (I'll try to write my view on that later). - Ascendance Bookworm: The manga did focused on Myne x Lute too much, but I guess it's integral to their development later. Still want to see adult Myne though, and yeah this is the 2nd isekai anime with female MC here. Will probably binge it later seeing that apparently it's also will adapt the latter chapter as well. - Choujin: Can I ask Kodaka to write the anime, and can we have eight more Ultimate students along with Monokuma to start the isekai Killing Game? In any case, I'm quite mixed seeing the seven students being the ultimate people like Danganronpa with the MC is basically Nagito Komaeda become prime minister (And less crazy obviously). Other than that the kendo champion one was looks like the samurai girl from smartphone isekai, and the doctor girl is the least develoved character so far (Also have the least interaction with the rest of the members). - Kandagawa: Saw two episodes, and may as well just watch it for the visual excitement (ie big breasted female) here because it's pretty much that the creator probably asked us for (Make sense seeing that it's handled by Senran Kagura creator). Oh and it's apparently also functioned as game promotion, which at least provide some more contents compared to Wagahigh and Noraneko anime. As for additional anime, I'll just pass on Overprepared Hero (Maybe because it have another male overpowered main character). The rest I'm quite neutral on that, although Kemono Michi might be good for Konosuba fans seeing that it have same writer (Shigure might be getting along with Kazuma here seeing that they're the same). For new Cooking Master Boy anime, apparently they adapt the second part of the manga so for now I'm just hope that they'll adapt the part that didn't managed to be animated in the first anime. I guess that's all for what I can say for now.
  15. Summer Pockets English Translation

    Another update that somehow I manage to miss for three days here, and it's in regard of the patch in which we finally have Tsumugi's patch released. You can download it from their site as usual, and feel free to try it if you've want to play Tsumugi's route as soon as possible and thought that her catchphrase (Mugyu) is very cute. Have fun. PS - Visual Arts did announce that they'll release Summer Pocket at this year, so perhaps we may see December release of Summer Pocket in which Alka stated that they'll stop the work if the official release is really happen later (Or through C&D). Let's see whether Visual Arts will manage to release it or not later.
  16. [NekoNyan News] Senren Banka delayed

    Now that you mentioned it, yeah Nekonyan did planned to release Hello Lady first. Although it's not like it's surprising anyway to see Nekonyan changing the release order, as seen with HGB here. Also 45% of Senren Banka here would be quite a lot of lines, and even if it's not there's still some works need to be done such as editing, QC, and scripting. While you can say that Hello Lady translator is an independent one (Steiner), I think the scripting here would take some times so it's possible to have Hello Lady delayed as well because the staffs need to concentrate on Senren first. I might be wrong on this though, and in any case here's hoping for successful December release of Senren Banka (And hopefully it will really happen, but if not it can't be helped I suppose).
  17. What are you playing?

    Tried Ouka Sabaki, and it's quite good (I look forward to the full release here). As for my VN that I played now, currently play Kemomusu and graphic wise it's pleasant looking.
  18. While I admit that I dismissed this VN at the beginning, at least I can say that visual wise it's quite refreshing compared to Imopara bright hair color here. For the sister here, let's just say that all of those are quite cute here. Also since the MC is nameless and the girl will keep calling you big brother regardless of your name, you didn't need to worry about awkward silence when the girls supposed to call your name (Your default name is Onii-chan, by the way). PS - It's interestimg to note that Shokugeki no Souma also have Asahi, and let' just say that Asahi in Onikiss here is more cute (Duh). Bomus point for not make the main story messy just because her appearence.
  19. Speaking about Lucia's route, I did read an interview that apparently Ryukishi expected that KEY will change the route only to be not changed at all. Also apparently the route is what Ryukishi wanted, because he was just encouraged by Baba (The executive producer of Rewrite) to just write what he want. Here's the interview in question if you already finished Rewrite, and the translation credit goes to Ixrec who also the translator for original Rewrite. Back to the main topic, and what I can say is that it's more or less quite reflect the fans. As for Kanade, I think it might be because of Hanakana here although seeing that Angel Beat is anime first might be causing some voters to have it as their first KEY work and introduce them to KEY. No surprise that Nagisa here is the third place seeing that Clannad is quite well known anime, although perhaps people prefer more action like Angel Beats here. As for Kyousuke, I guess Midorikawa Hikaru here really charmed a lot of voters here with his cool voice and that he's a veteran seiyuu so people would likely recognize his voice and took the liking to it (One of his role is a coolest man who named Sakamoto). Character wise, he's the one who help Riki and thus it make him as the cool character here even though technically he's the male best friend character, and that there's a story reason here. His handsome look help a lot though. Misuzu also doing quite good here, and perhaps it's because of her story here. I guess that's all for what I can comment in regard of the poll result here, and sorry for being late to the party here.
  20. When the Wolf Cry Review

    Seeing that this week we have Kemomusu release with the wolf girl as the heroine along with Ciconia release 10 days ago, I decided to parodied both title so I change 'Ciconia' word into 'Wolf' in the translated full title of Ciconia (When the Ciconia Cry) so we have 'When the Ciconia Cry'. By the way I know that the title here is basically the old localized title for both of Umineko and Higurashi here, and let's just hope that Ryuukishi wouldn't make When They Cry 7th part like my VNTS Review title here XD (It's not like I can prevent it anyway if he want to make it later). Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for this week once again there's a number of the releases along with Nekonyan's updates here. So overall what I can say that it's nice to see that we can see a number of released VNs within a month here seeing that we have four weeks with average three releases per week, and let's see what I can write for this week here. From fan translation we finally have Shin Koihime Musou reaching 31% mark edited, which is quite a big jump here seeing that it's been at 30% edited for months here. We also have Miotsukushi at 33% translated and a sudden progress from Majikoi A-3 in which we have 61 out of 95 scripts are translated, and of course we still have Eustia's update with the current progress here was at 79.05% translated (Eustia's chapter was at 59.85% translated) along with passing 60% mark (62.10%) edited and 53.04% TLC-ed. For usual Ginharu update, currently we have overall Ginharu was at 43.05% translated along with Hinata's route was at 94.52% translated, and apparently Trip will attend the conference at the next week so we probably wouldn't have the progress at the next two weeks here (Or in more simple term we probably wouldn't have Momiji's route translation started until November later). That's all for fan translation updates here. As for Lilitales, apparently Frontwing wasn't in charge of the publishing anymore seeing that it was released under Kagura Games. In any case it's already released back at 11th, and if you're in mood of playing some HRPG then go ahead and have fun. Speaking about HRPG we have Ninetails announced the exact release date for Frontier, and the release date for that will be at December 20th later. We also have one news from JAST, in which Flowers Autumn was in QA so perhaps we may it's release at this year if all goes well, but then again it's JAST so perhaps we may wouldn't be able to see the release at this year. Just in case you're in need of some nukige, there's Magical MILF nukige VN from Cherry Kiss in which they announced that they'll release it at 22nd later. While I did say that I want to see more magical girl VNs being translated, unfortunately the breast here is too big so I'll just pass on this (You may be happy though if you like big breasts). Lastly there's NG from Aksys Games, and you may try it if you've been wanting some mystery VN here so have fun if you pick it. Currently we have Lamunation was in Steam review, which mean that all of the translation work of that is already over and all that left is the release so good luck to Lamunation Steam review there. From Nekonyan we have Senren Banka delay here, which to say was not surprising to me at all seeing that they've still at at 45% translated according to the last month update here and yet the estimation release is at October. In any case, at least they admit that they've been overconfidence here and therefore they decided to set the estimation release at December later, which to say is quite surprising here seeing that currently it's just past halfway (55%) translated and edited. But if they already prepare some measure to make it happen, perhaps it might be possible here so good luck with that. Other than Senren Banka update, we have Makeover was at 86% translated along with 71% edited, Hello Lady was at 90% translated along with 80% edited, 2nd secret project was at 35% translated and 30% edited, 3rd secret project was at 15% translated and 5% edited, and the first secret project was planned for early 2020 release. For bigger releases we have both of Amatarasu and Kemomusu, in which it's from Mangagamer and Sekai respectively. Both are charage, although as for Amatarasu here it have five routes along with three side routes while Kemomusu here is only a kinetic VN here. As for the premise here, in Amatarasu the MC (Takaya) will have to deal with the sudden arrival of several female that was happened at the same time when a shooting star crashed, while in Kemomusu here we have the MC (Shuuji) was find a wolfgirl who actually a human female that was stranded into spirit world for 10 years and somehow manage to grow a wolf ears and tail. There's also a comparison of sex scenes number, in which we'll have 31 sex scenes in Amatarasu (Make sense seeing that the company is a branch for nukige producer Softhouse-seal, and 31 scenes here would be quite a lot for a medium length so-called charage VN) while for Kemomusu it's only five scenes here. In any case, both of VN should be interesting here so perhaps you should try those two and have fun. That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.
  21. Master Magistrate - Early-Access Review

    Good review there, and I admit that at first I dismissed it. Of course after I did a bit of searching, I find that the character is quite good looking and that it have some familiar VAs so I picked my interest to this. And not to mention that Hobibox here is basically improved their translation from Your Diary, which mean that at least they learnt from their mistake by hire the native speaker. Too bad that their confidence is plummeted seeing that they didn't release the full version for this yet (I know that they have the reason, but I want to say it), and so we need to wait for a while here. I don't have any problem to wait until 2020 though, because we have enough good release for this year. By the way I already played this, and yeah it resembled Ace attorney except that the MC here is the judge instead of the attorney with Nagai Sr. here is basically Blaise with Nagai Jr. here is basically Sebastian (AAI2 refrence, and yeah I used localized name). Oh and the dad of the MC here is basically Mia Fey, except less busty and less beautiful (The dad is quite handsome here). Also apparently they change the vertical textbox to horizontal textbox, which is acceptable seeing that it would be very awkward if Hobibox keep the vertical textbox here. Anyway after read the review and solve the first case here, I can say that I'll look forward to the full release and of course hopefully they'll also have 18+ contents as well. PS - Almost forget to say that Koume here is really living up to her family name lol.
  22. Maggot Baits to be released Oct 24th

    Here's Mangagamer's CEO Koryuu (Also Maggot Bait translator here) post in regard of the disturbing contents that you can find in this VN, and beware that it's quite a number here. Also yeah I'm quite late to post this. Maggot Baits - Content Advisory While it's not a secret that Maggot Baits here is containing the disturbing contents seeing that it's from the same company as euphoria (Which already infamous enough with disturbing contents), the post should be helpful in case that someone stumbled this VN and somehow thought that it's very cool VN without knowing that it'll contain disturbing contents. I know the chance for that is very small if not almost none, but you never know.
  23. VNs without loli characters?

    Perhaps you can try Hoshiori here. Other than Hoshiori, you can try Sanoba Witch, Fureraba, Damekoi, and Koiken Otome. Actually I also want to recommend Nanairo here, but seeing that one of the heroine look like a loli even though she's a very old youkai I figure better not. I hope my recommendations here will be helpful to you.
  24. Help Recommending New Romance VN's

    I don't know on how long you've beeb busy there, but still let me try to recommend few VN even though I'm late to the party here. As for my recommendations here, my suggestion would be Haretaka, Damekoi, Nanairo, and Majokoi. Other than that, I guess you can try Kemomusu if you prefer shorter VN seeing that you're quite busy there. I don't really know whether you already read those or not, but I hope that my recommendations here would be helpful to you.
  25. Yuri nukige

    Like everyone said, Sono Hanabira here is the good recommendations. But if you want more, perhaps I can recommend Raidy trilogy (The first one is quite hard though, and beware that all trilogy have rape) along with Sacrament Sheep. I hope my recommendations here will be helpful to you.