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  1. AX 2019 Schedule and Announcements

    Interesting I guess, if not a redundant one (Will Nitroplus provide new opening for Saya no Uta?).
  2. Should I Read Higurashi Arcs 1-6 and/ or Umeniko

    As for my answer to the title, I'll just following everyone here by say that you should play it because the anime did't adapt it fully. While at least the anime version of Higurashi is still faithful to a degree (Even with they cut some parts), the same can't be said to Umineko because it only adapt the first part. So yeah go play the VN version, and have fun. PS - For additional note here, in case you want to play Higurashi first you can wait until 18th later in that Mangagamer will release the 7th chapter (Minagoroshi).
  3. Something like Evenicle

    If you want more, I guess there's Eiyuu Senki. Also if you interested with the story, there's Utawarerumono as well. I don't know if you already play those two or not, but in case you still didn't play it then I hope my recommendations here will be helpful to you.
  4. Hi there

    Welcome to Fuwanovel, and no problem with your very late introduction here. I hope that you'll have fun here, and feel free to contribute more.
  5. Hi everyone!

    Welcome to Fuwanovel, and seeing that it's pretty straight let me say good luck on your OELVN there. I hope you'll have fun here.
  6. Best (free) mysteries?

    As for mystery VNs, I can recommend something like either Cartagra (The MC as the detective) or Higurashi. If you need more. then perhaps you can try both of G-Senjou (The main heroine is the detective) and Gahkthun. I hope my recommendations here would be helpful to you.
  7. AX 2019 Schedule and Announcements

    As expected Mangagamer did increase their announcements from one to four, so obviously it mean that we have four announcements from them to look forward. For now I still don't know what kind of VNs that they'll announce (For obvious reason) other than all of those are from their available partner (Because there's no new partner notice), although it might be their secret projects though. Would be nice to see if Sakura no Mori speculation here is become real, although if they announced Rance 1 to 3 let's just say that it'll be redundant announcements (At least it wouldn't be the case if they announce 01 and 03).
  8. This time Sakuragame decided to kill Hakoniwa Logic

    True enough, although I'm still regretting the censorship here (Noraneko obviously).
  9. Welcome to my top 10 list of translated VNs for 2018, and I think it's the right time to make this seeing that 2019 is almost come. As for the rule, there's no yaoi, otome, fandisc (ie Fata Morgana fandisc), and re-release (Konosora and Chaos Child). As for my list here, my taste here is quite personal so I'm sorry if some of your favorite titles were didn't available here. Here's my list of top 10 translated VNs for this year, and I hope that you'll enjoy it. As for the score currently I'm based on the average score at today (May 2nd, 2019), although it may be change in the future seeing that the scores is often fluctuated. 10. Hapymaher (VNDB 7.44, Erogamescape 78) While I did admit that I was interested with this VN because of the costumes that the girls wear in the dream, I also can see that the costumes here is quite sexy so much that it did distract the reader's attention from the real meat of this VN which is the mind screw story that have some nakige element (I understand that the distraction may be deliberate, but it's still a waste though to have that kind of sexy costumes considering that this isn't nukige lol). As for the premise, it was in regard of the MC Tohru Naito who is burdened by his past that he was lost his family, so much that he can't rest because he did have lucid dream every night that he keep felt awaken in the dream. One night he saw two mysterious girls Alice and Maia, with the former was trying to help Tohru while the latter keep doing something bad. From there Tohru keep trying to find the solution to his own problem, while Maia somehow keep dragging the other girls into Tohru's dream. Since this VN involving people entering dream, what I can say is that it would be better to just enjoy the show instead of keep thinking seriously of how is that even plausible because it'll be hurt you head if you think it. Oh and almost forget to say that Hapymaher here did have Alice in Wonderland theme. 9. Newton to Ringo no Ki aka Newton and the Apple Tree (VNDB 7.45, Erogamescape 72) As usual Japanese like to genderbent historical figure, and this time we've got Isaac Newton who in fact turned out to be a tsundere 19(?) years old girl with the name of Alice Bedford. Other than the usual gender-bent premise, we also have the MC Asanaga Shuuji who distanced himself from science because of his grandfather who was left him and get dragged by his female childhood friend Yotsuko to Tenbridge University in London. Then both of Shuuji and Yotsuko were accidentally activated time machine in London and got thrown to year 1687, and they accidentally burned the apple tree that was the source of inspiration for Newton gravitation law which in turn indirectly alter the history. From there Shuuji decided to try fix the mistake while at the same time tried to befriended Alice. This VN is also the first VN that was released by Sol Press, in which it's also the second VN that they'd crowdfund after Sakusakura although the release order was reversed though because they did need to resolve Sakusakura's technical problem back when Newton VN released. So essentially we can say that Newton VN here is the debut VN for Sol Press, and for a supposedly moege it did have some talk in regard of science and the drama itself could be surprisingly heavy at that. 8. Sorcery Jokers (VNDB 7.69, Erogamescape 78) The first 2018 release from Mangagamer that was announced back at Otakon 2016, and it's setting was in regard of a city which got some magic user that was exist after years ago when the magic was suddenly came to the existance. While at the first glance it made people felt more content seeing that they manage to a normal life, beneath that there's some secret plan happening one that was involved the life of some people. Two of those people were Senri (The magic using criminal) and Mutsumi Haruto (Ordinary school boy), and from there they'd try to understand more about what's happening around them in which they may need have a hard time to do that. As for the MCs each of the MC got two heroines each, and yeah I did say it in plural because in Sorcery Jokers we'll going to have two MCs (Haruto and Senri). That said, since this VN involving some combat and world building we won't see much romance at least until you finished the VN, and for more info this VN is a linear one with the feature that you need to unlock the scenes first. Also while there's only two MCs occasionally we also can see the perspective from three other heroines (The fourth heroine didn't have POV), or to put it simply it's like 11eyes Cross Vision system. Speaking about Haruto, I did hear that his 'not playing fair' catchphrase is annoying although I would say that Haruto here is overshadowed by far more cool Senri, and that you can slightly understand there's a reason of why Haruto is like that if you know the twist (The twist remind me of Tales of the Abyss's own twist). 7. Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road (VNDB 7.75, Erogamescape 78) I did repeatedly say that it'll be better if we didn't expect Majikoi from this seeing that both premises were already different, but seeing that the tone is the same along with the fact that there's Takahiro who is infamously have big influence in each of his credited works, it's hard to say that it's not like Majikoi here. So perhaps the right word for Tsujidou here is 'Majikoi but no Majikoi', in which I know it's hard to understand but at least I'm certain that Tsujidou here will be full of comedy. Anyway the premise is that our Hiroshi who is far more normal compared to Majikoi's MC did spot the beautiful delinquent at his class Tsujidou Ai (The main heroine) did looking cute while pick a cat, and from there both of Hiroshi and Ai sort of in relationship for a while. While at the same time, Ai was dubbed as one of the three strong delinquent in their territory along with two other heroines (Renna and Maki). For more info, this is the second Tsurezure's work that in which Trip didn't like Maki to put it lightly and said that Hiroshi here is worse compared to HatsuKoi's Yuuma. Even so, they still managed to finish Tsujidou and I'm sure that most people who've been looking forward to this would be grateful, so I appriciate their work on this even with the fact that Trip dislike this. 6. Evenicle (VNDB 7.86, Erogamescape 82) The first attempt from Alicesoft to make new franchise now that they already ended Rance franchise, although both of Evenicle and Rance did share some of it's lore though. As for the VN story itself, it's self contained enough considering the scope was covering of the whole Evenicle world instead of a part of the whole world like Rance, although judging from the sequel we may have many different worlds for Evenicle series setting though. As for the first Evenicle premise, it's in regard of Aster who want to marry both of his childhood friend only to be stopped by the rule that man can only have one wife unless he became the knight. So Aster decide to become the knight in order to be able to marry both, and from there he met several other womans whose one way or another become his wives while at the same time he face several enemies whose based on Seven Deadly Sins. As for the gameplay I think it's like the combination of Final Fantasy 4 with fixed five party members with specified roles, and Final Fantasy 4 Heroes of Light with battle system that based on 5 BP that will regenerate by one per turn (Also with the seven sins thing). Overall I did find that Evenicle here is quite good. 5. Island (VNDB 7.86, Erogamescape 83) Frontwing 15th anniversary project, and instead of ask four writers like back at Grisaia this time they decided to ask Goo to write this, so it's normal if we expect some sci-fi from this considering that Goo did write Himawari who is also known for some sci-fi element. As for the premise, it was in regard of Setsuna who at first didn't remember his name until a girl with the name Rinne call him with that name, and so Setsuna decided to go with it and helping Rinne while at the same time try to understand his own self. We also have the setting that there's a legend that Rinne here is one part of the three families in an isolated island, and that there's a rumored curse that was supposed to be happened because of apparent past mistakes that was done by supposed Setsuna's and Rinne's ancestors. Almost forget that like Tsujidou you can have a romance with the three family daughters, although since this is all age VN obviously we wouldn't have sex scenes (At least Yukari Tamura as Rinne here is more than enough tradeoff lol). Like Grisaia, Frontwing also adapt Island into anime and it should be good if for the conclusive ending only (The anime was kind of rushed though), while at the same time the VN was ended in slightly less conclusive note. 4. Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~ (VNDB 7.91, Erogamescape 81) The first time I find this VN was through the opening song, in which I did hear it when I'm binged Astral Air opening. One time I let my Youtube video player to play next video in the play list, and it happen that one of the video was Fureraba opening in which I'd find it addictive because it's sounds melancholic. Anyway after I'd hear the opening I search about the VN, and turned out that it's a VN from Smee in which back then there's no hope to be translated even though I'm quite interested with that. At least until Nekonyan did their debut and announced Fureraba as their first title, in which they'd release it quickly at the same month that they promised (March). As for Fureraba, while the opening sounds melancholic actually the game itself is full of humor so we can say that it got some mismatch lol. The premise is simple though that namely it's about Kyousuke (The MC) who strife get his girlfriend, and that you must accomplish it through the small talks between the heroines. As for the heroines, there's estranged childhood friend, best friend, very rude classmate, and very shy popular senior girl. Overall I did enjoy this VN and if you want more Smee VNs, there'll be more considering that Nekonyan picked Making Lover. 3. Sanoba Witch aka Sabbat of the Witch (VNDB 7.96, Erogamescape 80) Back at last year I did thought that Sekai will bring more Yuzusoft VNs, and turned out I was wrong because the one who release it first was Nekonyan. Also to elaborate more Senren Banka license was moved from Sekai to Nekonyan, leaving Sekai with Tenshin Ranman and Dracu Riot in which both of those were frozen so any chance for near future release is small. So let me redact my statement by saying that there'll be more Yuzusoft VN in the future because Nekonyan did have Senren Banka. Anyway as for Sanoba's premise here it's about of how love that was started from masturbation, and it make sense in the context. Or if you want to be concise it's about our MC Shuuji who can perceive the emotion saw Nene who was masturbate in the library which turned out it's because of her witch contract that cause the horniness, and Nene sign the contract in order to fulfill her wish just like Madoka. While they say witch, I would say that magical girl here is more fitting to Sanoba but then again both of those were almost the same. For more info, this is the first officially localized Yuzusoft VN while at the same time the third (The second if you still wait for Dracu Riot official release) translated Yuzusoft VN, and once again there'll be more in the future thanks to Nekonyan. 2. Flowers -Le Volume sur Été- (VNDB 8.35, Erogamescape 81) Also known as Flowers Summer and the most interesting JAST release at this year out of four releases to me. As for the premise, it's in regard of Suoh who attend Saint Angraecum (Latin name for orchid) and currently suffer some heartbreak after the event from the previous Flowers (Released back at 2016) happened. Thus our snarky wheel chaired girl Yaegaki Erika took unto herself to recover Suoh and become the MC of this VN, and obviously we'll going to see of how Erika will handle her own problem in which she did find a new friend with the name Takasaki Chidori who'll later become her soulmate (This is shoujo ai VN after all). As for the whole Flowers itself, one may remember Maria-sama ga Miteru (Marimite) anime in which also did have the same setting, and also both of Flowers and Marimite were happened to be the tetralogy. Since this is the second part of tetralogy, obviously there'll be two more in which as of now JAST was working on the third part and hopefully they'll work on the fourth part later, and seeing that it's JAST I would say that it'll took them a long time to even release the third part. That said, the main part of Flowers Summer here is still resolved though so it would be fine if we play this as standalone VN just like Kara no Shoujo duology. 1. 428 ~Fuusa Sareta Shibuya de~ aka 428: Shibuya Scramble (VNDB 8.45, Erogamescape 83) Currently the only VN that got Famitsu score 40/40 in which in term of video game it would be a big accomplishment (Only 25 games as of 2017), and obviously it mean that Shibuya Scramble here would be a subject of hype. Although as for that, I think the hype was pretty much justified seeing that this VN is quite unique because instead of usual anime like drawing, the creator decided to use photograph which mean that it's obviously will cost a lot. As for the premise, it start simple enough with a detective was tasking into resolve the kidnapping case by giving the ransom money to the kidnapper. Of course things turn out to be not as simple as the first look, and so the detective decided to unravel what's really happening behind the kidnapping. Other than the detective, there's four other characters who somehow are involved in the kidnapping case and you'll going to see from the perspectives of all of those characters so essentially we'll going to have five MCs. Other than PS4, Shibuya Scramble was also out for PC so you can play it if you didn't have PS4, although you can only use the keyboard to play it. Almost forget that if you like Canaan anime, you should check Shibuya Scramble here seeing that this VN is the prequel for the anime itself. As for of the VNs at this year, I would say that with both of Nekonyan and Sol Press being aggressive looks like it'll be possible that we can get more VNs title. Although of course the situation can be change though because it's still up to the company whether they can release it or not, and we know that the company situation could be easily changed. With this year was almost close, let's look forward to 2019 later with more potential VNs release. PS - As for the title, I'm just combined Flowers's place setting (Saint Angraecum) with Shibuya Scramble, so we got 'Angraecum Scramble' for the title although of course there's no big scrambling zebra cross in Flowers like back at Shibuya.
  10. The fastest you've ever dropped a VN?

    Back then I get it because the girls remind me of Tokyo Mew Mew, and I want to get some game for my new computer (At 2003 obviously) so that we can play together. As for how my siblings react, I didn't remember what kind of reaction that exactly they display but obviously it's quite awkward (I think they may not remember about it anymore). By the way I tried to play it again back at 2010, but seeing that it did have some additional step I decided to just drop it for the second time. As for the topic other than Jewel Knight Crusaders, there's also Disciplinrle that I did delete it immediately after hearing some ridiculuous BGM that accompanying the sex scene. Granted that it fit the situation to a degree, but still it's quite ridiculuous.
  11. The fastest you've ever dropped a VN?

    Jewel Knight Crusader, in that I turned it back as soon as it show the sex scenes in front of my siblings back when I'm 13 (My brother was at 8 and my sister was at 7), and I think it's less than an hour after I installed it.
  12. Trinoline Release

    I see, although story wise I prefer to avoid the one that have the least connection to the story. And since apparently Yuuri was the one that fulfill criteria, I think it might be for the best if I do her route first. It's not like the order is absolute anyway, seeing that you can do Yuuki and SHIRONE routes in whichever order that you prefer.
  13. Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart English Release

    As far as translation concerned well I guess there's no complain about that, although it's still too bad though about the censorship (I guess it can't really helped if the license cost issue is really true).
  14. This time Sakuragame decided to kill Hakoniwa Logic

    By the way there's a H patch that allow us to play the sex scenes as well, and here's VNDB page for the patch. What I can say is that at least they better than Harukaze in that front, although seeing that there's a lot of release potential with better translation may as well just ignore it. PS - By the way I'd just realized that I should write it as 'Hakoniwa' instead of 'Hanokiwa'.
  15. Majikoi S Translation Project Discussion

    Well it's been half a year since the last time I saw the update, and may as well just pass on this (At least until they give some significant update). As for the reason, I can speculate more but I guess the most logical one would be that the translator themselves is pretty busy so they may didn't have enough time to work on this. Personally I'll skip A-3 to A-5 anyway, seeing that it's fandisc and all (Other than S).
  16. Majo Koi Nikki Translation Project

    I guess it's too bad that we can't get Dragon Caravan here, but I didn't mind about it as long as we didn't get another Noraneko case (To be fair Dragon Caravan is better though seeing that Niijima write the new scenario and new characters for that version). Anyway congratulation for the Steam store page there and hopefully Sekai will manage to release Majokoi at this year.
  17. I say that it should be a good addition for Chaos Child seeing that it shed more light in Mio's past, and considering that she's not one that made a good impression at her first appearance perhaps it's necessary here. Good work on animate the audio drama, and let me say that Parental Abandonment in Chaos Child (And Chaos Head as well) is quite rampant.
  18. For the title I'd combined both of Aokana and Noraneko because we have a big news in regard of those two, and the title here is a derivative of Noraneko localized title (The Princess, the Stray Cat, and Matters of the Hearts). As for 'The Coach' part it should be obvious that it's from Aokana in which it's our Aokana MC (Masaya, which have same name as Evangile's MC) role, while for 'Matters of the Censorship' part it's because Harukaze here have a brilliant idea to release Switch version that was obviously censored for overseas instead of regular version (With 18+ contents obviously). As for 'Goat' part, well it's because we have Noraneko episode 6 in that we have a real life goat instead of usual animation, and I'm not making this up here. Anyway welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for this week other than aforementioned big news we have some updates from Sekai and Mangagmer here, so let's see what I can write for this week as well. For the roundup of fan translation, we have Eustia was at 71.55% translated (Eustia's arc was at 5.53% translated) along with past halfway edited (At 51.97% edited the all of the chapters up to Irene's was already edited), 4,379 lines from Pure x Connect were edited, and Summer Pocket was at 30.30% translated. We also have one release, and apparently it's a VN with shota MC that was about to experience a summer camp together with some elementary students female. Said camp was have some activity that was surely involved with some reproduction process, and one of the tags at VNDB is nukige. Do the math. While I'm not quite fond to that kind of VN (And it can be very disturbing for some people), it's not like I can forbid someone to liking a particular stuff anyway because each people did have their own interest (Although I can't help to notice that the translator is like shota and loli VN though). The big release for this week is Noraneko, although ironically it's been censored here seeing that for some reason Harukaze thought that the overseas would easily accepted Switch version without the option for seeing 18 scenes. While granted there's some reason such as license and stuff like Phlebas said, it's not like it would be hard for Harukaze to handle the license seeing that there's a lot of release like that (The exception are Pulltop's releases obviously). The only reason that I can think of is that they afraid that Steam would randomly banned this if they localized 18+ scenes as well. As for the cut, it's pretty big seeing that apparently ~30-40% scripts of Noraneko are sex scenes, and unless the change is worth the cut then it mean that it's censorship is worse compared to Miagete (For comparison ~17% of Miagete's scripts did cut to get rid of the sex scenes, and it's already big enough). As for Noraneko itself I think the synopsis at the Steam store is enough for the premise so I'll just say that it's too bad that Noraneko is censored, even though I know that three of the main heroines seiyuu (Kirihana, Sendai, and Kotori Yuuka) will appear at Senren Banka later (Obviously will be not censored). From Sekai we have a lot of their project was at preparation stage, so it's hard to describe in general here. The only release that they have is that they'd already release Ninja Girl back at 24th (I'll try to talk about it at the next VNTS Review), and that that they already almost ready to release Nanairo (Hopefully by July end). For the roundup we have Nine episode 2 was started the QA, Kemomusu do the build check before QA, Nekonin 3 was awaiting build from the developer, and Sanarara was about to start the editing. We also have Bell Chime otome VN spin-off release, in that if we remember the main game of that was released by Sekai (This time the developer decided to release it without Sekai's help). As for the premise, it'll tell us the story of our female MC after she finished the adventure that she was gone through together with five poor men back at the main game, and that we'll going to see her ordinary life here. While granted that the heroes are still not as handsome as usual otome VN heroes, at least it have sex scenes like the main game (It's still rare to see otome VN with sex scenes being translated here). As for Mangagamer's update, this week most of those was focused on the secret projects because almost all of their revealed projects are either already finished the testing, in testing, or finalizing the build for the release. But before going to the update, we have surprise news from them in that they managed to have Steam allow Amrilato to be sold at their store which obviously mean that the Steam user can buy Amrilato directly from Steam. I don't really know though who or what pressured Valve to allow Steam change their policy in regard of Amrilato quickly (It need more than four months for HGB to be available at Steam store), but I guess it's good for now that at least Valve is a bit willing to hearing. As for the update roundups, we have Maggot Bait finalizing the release build, WanNyan was at 55% edited, Kyonyuu Fantasy 2 was in setting, and both of Imopara 3 and Haretaka finished the testing. For the secret projects, we have 6th was at 76% translated and 36%edited, 7th was fully translated and 92% edited, and 8th was fully translated along with 40% edited. Out of all updates, I'm just glad to see that Haretaka here finished the testing. Also apparently Managamer will bring one announcement to AX, although I wonder though if they'll really only bring one. To me the biggest news to me is not Noraneko release because it's censored, but rather Aokana's physical copy KS. As fr the KS itself like Nekonyan said beforehand the base goal itself was quite low, although to tell the truth I didn't expect the base goal was at 10,000 euro though (I expect at least around 20,000 euro just like usual Sekai physical copy KS). In any case, the KS was very successful in less than a hour after the launch which to say was quite a record. As for now, currently it managed to gather at around 58,000 euro and already managed to reach the third stretch goal, and perhaps they'll be able to gather 70,000 euro considering that it's still 35 days left. In any case I just hope that Nekonyan will be able to deliver the KS goods (I'm not quite interested with the prize), and that they'll deliver the download version at their promised time (Around August end). Almost forget that I like Nekonyan also provided Aokana OST, seeing that sprite didn't manage to add the Music Collection at the VN itself. That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.
  19. Sorry for the belated review here, and yeah I'm quite surprised that we managed to have Daitoshokan full patch leaked just like Yoake. Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for the title I parodied Daitoshokan alias (A Good Librarian Like a Good Shepherd) by changing 'Librarian' into 'Magical Girl' because we also have magical girl nukige release as well. Another reason is that because there's a seiyuu joke in here, and I'll tell it in PS seeing that it's a spoiler. Other than Daitoshokan which is the biggest release, we also have Tokyo Chronos that was released by Sekai after they managed to funding it through Kickstarter. As for this week, if not for Daitoshokan sudden release I would say that it would be another dry week thanks to the smaller releases, but thanks to Daitoshokan it's getting more interesting here although the updates still didn't much though (ie no Mangagamer updates). Anyway, let's see what I can write for this VNTS as well. As for the releases other than Daitosho, first of all we have Inugami in which it's a nukige with the premise that the MC did going to live in an island together with the martial art god who turned out to be female (Should be goddess) in order to train, and at the same time have the sex with the goddess. While it's not the most interesting VN out there, you can get it from Steam (Because it didn't have high school setting maybe?) if you getting interested with that and have fun. Other release to note is Gedou Mahou Shoujo Rinne in which it's aforementioned magical girl nukige here, and it's quite unique seeing that we have villainous MC who is a girl (Rinne, which is the title girl) that was jealous with her classmate (Hijiri) and want to beat the classmate after she got the magical girl power (And get corrupted). Also coincidentally Hijiri is the magical girl so Hijiri will obviously try to stop Rinne here, although it wouldn't be easy though seeing that Rinne will using all of her power to beat Hijiri. While this is still a nukige, at least it's still nice to see if you want to play magical girl nukige here in which it's surprisingly rare to see one got translated, so go get that if you interested with it and have fun. We also have Sekai did release Tokyo Chronos, in which it did got Kicstarted back at August 2018 with the base goal at 75,000. While the premise looks promising with the Virtual Reality world and that one of the staff did involved in Sword Art Online anime as the producer (The romance is as romantic as Twilight for some people by the way), I didn't quite interested with this seeing that there's no much info on this. But still since the VN did have interesting premise with survival and mystery theme, some people should find this quite appealing so if you want you can try Tokyo Chronos there and have fun (At least it got two famous seiyuu (Romi Park and Yuki Kaji) if you interested with that). We also have Sekai finally managed to have G-Senjou 18+ version did enter the QA, which to say was very late seeing that we already got it translated by TL Wiki since back at 2010 despite of the mosaic (Not very important to me here). There's Nekonin 2 Plus in which apparently Whirpool did add the additional sex scenes based on consumer wishes so good for them I think, and currently it's already fully translated and edited so it should be released in near future. For fan translation, we have Moususgu Natsuyasmi patch release in which apparently have shota MC did have sex with his friends that more or less are at the same age as him. Whether you find this acceptable or not is up to each of their own seeing that it's a loli VN, but if you find it interesting you may try that later and have fun even though the graphich is quite old (It's from 2006). We also have Eustia was at 64.45% translated along with 49.50% edited, Shin Koihime Musou was finally at 29% edited, Relaxation Yuka was at 76.42% translated, Watamasu was at 72% translated, Loverable was at 62.27% edited, and Hoshiori's overall was at 97.42% translated with Natsuki's route was at 80.42% translated. For the last week biggest release, it's obviously Daitoshokan in which it's been released back at Saturday by one of the editor leaked the complete patch in Reddit. As for the project history, it's been in work since back at 2014 before the leader seemingly vanished after gave the last update back at October 2016. Of course by now people would already give up on this to be released, and yeah we have surprise release on this in which it's a good surprise here. With this it mean that finally August's curse is broken again, after Yoake (Leaked by same person at Reddit) and Daitoshokan side story release (I didn't have any problem on the side story release anymore seeing that we have the main game translated). As for the premise, it's in regard of the MC Kakei who have power of precognition saving a girl (Tsugumi) in a weird way (Touching Tsugumi's boob) and then Tsugumi did invite Kakei to join her project to make the school happy, while at the same time both of them investigate Shepherd rumor because both of them did received the messages from Shepherd. Also Daitoshokan here is better than Yoake, simply because it did have the sex scenes lol. Have fun with Daitoshokan there. That's all for this week, and see you next week. PS - For the seiyuu joke in regard of the title, it's because we have Kirihana here voicing a character at Daitoshokan.
  20. This time Sakuragame decided to kill Hakoniwa Logic

    Well good for them I guess, although Mangagamer license was probably more helpful to them though (Hopefully). And with that I guess Cabbit really did desperate to get the money in order to fund their fourth project, so hopefully they'll allow Mangagamer to have that licensed instead of SG if they still want overseas release.
  21. For a glance I tempted to read Miagete with the MTL patch seeing that I can at least try to tolerate it for the sex scenes, although looking for the bug from way back at Konosora uncensored back at 2014 I guess it's not quite worth it (That's why I'd wait for the restoration patch to be completed). I don't really know though whether Miagete will have the same problem or not, but looking from the same engine perhaps the chance for that is quite likely.
  22. Eiyuu*Senki Gold Translation Project

    In this case then my condolence to you, and I hope that you'll managed to cope with the loss.
  23. MangaGamer now has an official discord

    I'll check it then.
  24. Any other VN in english like Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai?

    I would like to seconded Fureraba here, and if possible I would recommend Wagahigh here. If you want more you can also try both of Dracu Riot and Noble Works. I hope my recommendations here can be helpful to you.
  25. As for now, what I can say is that it's still not completed. About whether it's abandoned or not, it's still going albeit in a slower pace because of real life matter. You can refer the project leader post (Infernoplex) here for more clarification.