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  1. Tomoyo After ~ going Greenlight.

    Good luck for trying to greenlight I supposed, although I didn't interested in the first place anyway since I think there's no need to make separated game for Clannad heroine (But it's KEY idea though). But, even though it's greenlighted since Tomoyo After was already translated, and therefore it's obsolete I think. But since it's Steam and the main heroine was from Clannad, maybe it'll be good for Clannad fan there.
  2. Well, I'd learn another new thing today I supposed about anti-salt, since in Indonesia there's no anti-salt product sold here. Even with anti-salt, obviously we still need to take care of salt consumption I supposed. Since the OP said he was lack of salt, I'll give 3 more below.
  3. Ummmmmmmm....... good luck I supposed, although my advice that you better not consuming salt too much though, since it will causing hypertensive and we knew that hypertensive could cause stroke and heart attack in long term and I didn't want you to die young because of those 2 degenerative attacks. But, I think 2 should be enough for now. Here's your salt below.
  4. Hi y'all

    Welcome to the Fuwanovel, or I should said welcome to introduction page I supposed (Because I just saw your profile and you registered back at 2013. No problem though) and hope to see you here more in forum. As for your taste, I think Arcadeotic and Dergonu above already recommended enough. But if you want more, how about ToHeart 2, Koi Suru Natsu no Last Resort, and Katahane (For more yuri). And for bonus, since apparently you already play Grisaia, how about Sharin no Kuni and G-Senjou no Maou if you want heavier VN but a good one. I think that's all recommendation that I could think of. And I said welcome once again, also hopefully you'll enjoy your stay here. PS - Almost forget, play Katawa Shoujo too. I'd read that this VN was starter VN for many user here even though it's not Japanese one and only OELVN, and most importantly it's free.
  5. That's interesting new fact Decay, and since I just said who visit VNDB or Fuwanovel could be misinterpreted as someone who only visit the site once, so I'd add regularly in my post. I think I remember back in 2011 when I searched G-Senjou review and I find the site who also talk about Sharin, and I searched it and find out it was translated too. Then I grab it from somewhere and installed it (Somehow back when I installed it my laptop run slowly when installing). Okay enough with nostalgia and back to topic here. Since you said someone could participate here without knowing this, maybe it's good opportunity to introduce them to this VN i suppose. Oh, I just remember that Frontwing want to did Kickstarter, and since Kickstarter ban any work with sex (It's quite complicated stuff here) I think the easier solution was obviously cut the H-Scene. And this time actually AKB2 had experience with that too, as if they already did that to their PSP release unlike G-Senjou in which AKB2 was never port it to PSP or any console. Although I said it's easier for AKB2 to cut the H-Scene, I understand that some people didn't like this change (Especially Scorp). And if we talk about H-Scene which had the most impact here from cutting, I think maybe Sachi Bad End was qualified (Natsumi was easily solved with some kissing if we talked about her development, since her punishment made her must be not touched by any man and she was afraid of opposite gender just by looking at man). Well, let's just see it later.
  6. Looks like very good VN we got there, with apparently the premise was like some country thing and society. Oh, the uniform looks good and they got Norio Wakamoto and Taguchi Hiroko voicing the characters here. Apparently this game also got quite the good score on VNDB and EGS. Well, looking forward to this game and I think the opening was quite good. I'd think I'll make sure I'll open the discussion thread in this forum. See you later at my thread. PS Did you believe that I didn't know that this game was already translated, played, and discussed to the death like G-Senjou? Well, everyone who visit VNDB and Fuwanovel regularly should knew this game duh. Anyway, I think I'll tried to make it brief here, but for the first point in regard of Frontwing, I think they already aim America market for their new segment back in Grisaia no Rakuen, especially with the segment which was like Hollywood segment according to some reviewer out there. As for Frontwing cash grab tendency, I think Grisaia franchise should be solid proof here with 2 sequels and 3 side stories VN release (Personally I think Kajitsu should be enough if we leave it as charage). Back to the topic, apparently they release Chiru Chiru VN in English with bad translation without asking koestl first, holding Himawari scripting, and now this. I think Frontwing actually want to reach America market back since when Hirameki still operated (The VN was Tea Society with Witches and they cut H-Scenes and release it in crappy DVD-PG format). It's quite interesting though if Frontwing really want to expand the market to America, especially with they announced their new VN with English language. Well, I think that's all I could write in regard of Frontwing. For the translation discussion, well thanks to remind me why the translation was always divisive topic either in here or VNDB. As for Ixrec translation, well to me as long as people knew what they read and understand the story it should be fine (But if someone prefer quality over quantity that's fine too, especially for some people that didn't had much time to just read VN like Decay said), but for sure his contribution to growing list of translated VN was still need to be appreciate, although once again maybe some people didn't like his way of translation. As for Sharin old translation, it's somewhat quite questionable that why they didn't proud of their translation (Maybe it's too literal or too many meme like that). And personally, I think Sharin TL team (Moogy and n00bavenger here) was care too much about the prose in translation while I think people who read VN should be not care too much anyway as long as they understand (Just my opinion here. If some of you still want prose from VN that's okay too). I think that's all I could write and sorry if some of you didn't like my post here, also with bad English here.
  7. Looking for good School Life VNs

    For School Days, I think it's not as bad as people make out, and as for indecisive MC Makoto, well it's more or less one of VN MC bad feature. I knew this game was infamous for bad ending, and apparently the infamous bad ending was adapted for anime. For the adaptation, I think it's probably for marketing purpose since without bad ending, it's quite as generic as any galge or harem anime out there (It still could got quite dark though). And since they got so (in)famous, they could expand the story line to many side story like Cross Days and Island Days (Might as well call it Days franchise). And once again I said that we could make Makoto not asshole or more nice so much that we could end with harem ending (It's depend on the choice, just like usual VN). Back to topic, I think just like ittaku said, there's surely many school VN out there, more if you try untranslated one. And I think all of the recommendation from the member here should covered for translated one. Good luck and if you already finished downloading School Days (Quite big size to be honest, around 9.6 GB) better use walkthrough to avoid bad ending if you didn't like once again bad ending.
  8. Dracu-Riot Saga Part 3: Nicola Cepheus

    Good review (I knew it's cliche) and quite fast this time. Compared to Hotaru's route back in Noble Noodle Work (And Clephas lamented that there is no Makoto route), this is definitely had more substance. I mean it's comprise of around 4400 lines compared to Hotaru's which only comprise around 1100 lines. Other than this, not much to comment other than I remember that when I saw Nicola wearing one piece dress, I knew that I should follow Dracu Riot translation progress even if Insem once again delayed more than 30 months for fulfill his real promise.
  9. Tokyo Babel Released!

    To nerathim, not. Raziel route is not the true route if you need confirmation from me. The true one was Lilith. As for your next route expectation, let me tell you something. It's better if you expect happier ending for next route, and for true route you could only unlocked it after finishing Sorami route. By the way, for VNDB Bayesian score, currently right now Tokyo Babel score is at 7.23. Quite massive jump compared to the time when it's not released yet, with Bayesian score was around 7.01 or somewhere around that. For sales, I couldn't comment much other than hope it'll be doing well and in the future Tokyo Babel will be recommended for good VN. And speaking about Mangagamer Tester Corner page, I agree that this game may as well called 'Megami Tensei: Galge Edition' because we had apocalyptic setting, location was in modern Tokyo, and we had 3 parties here who did pilgrimage in Pandora (Human, angel, and demon. Or respectively Neutral, Law, and Chaos in alignment word). But I think it's only from the setting though, as for the angel and demon they were not as extreme back in Megaten in regard of their ideology (Well, they had much more important issue here though). I think that's all I could write now.
  10. Dracu-Riot Saga Part 2: Mera Azusa

    Good review once again. I just check again using sagaoz save, and I think Azusa H-Scene to be honest should be considered only 4 and half including after story (I also knew that first H-Scene only involving blowjob, so it could be count as half H-Scene I think (No penetration I mean). Another reason was to make it balance with Rio's scene which only contained 4 H-Scene I suppose). Oh, for Ayase Eli fan I think they'll enjoy Azusa's voice (By Nanjou Yoshino aka Nanjolno (I learned another seiyuu nickname here), although since this is eroge she was obviously use pseudonym (Satou Shizuku. I forgot to write the pseudonym back in your thread)) Anyway, interestingly regarding Azusa route, there's a review back at VNDB which state otherwise. According to the review Azusa was better route while Rio was more sub route for Azusa (Although his taste was more in play though ie the reviewer taste was loli. But interestingly he suggested to take this route after Rio. Guess it's better to take note of it). Well to each of their own I supposed. But I think his complain about romance in Azusa route was same as you. I think that's all I could comment now. And looking forward for your review in Nicola's route. PS - Back at 2012, I saw Nicola's CG with her wearing black dress. I think she was quite cute there, although if I comment now she was almost like Kanomoto Akari.
  11. To OP, yes I had this kind of issue too right now. Well, I'd have more than 200 GB of VN in my hardisk at my laptop, and yet somehow I was more addicted to browsing instead of getting around to play it. I think it's quite normal problem here if you distracted and find yourself addicted to browsing so much that you forgotten to playing the game you want to play. Also sometimes from watching anime people could get distracted to playing the game (I also experienced that by the way). To be more precise and clear, I think it's quite normal if OP feel like that and good luck to find out the solution (I couldn't offer any advice to be honest, since each people circumstance might be different).
  12. Birthday thread

    @Jade Nanjolno eh? Guess I learned another seiyuu nickname today. And you're welcome @CvkHawk1547 Yes, I'm from Indonesia too. In fact there's another active Indonesian user here, gijimu. By the way, did you expect me from France or America for example previously? As for Indonesian user, just like arcadeotic said in here it was quite a lot (Around 12,000 or so user here). Anyway since I didn't said this back at your introduction thread, let me said welcome to Fuwanovel here and hope you enjoy your stay here.
  13. Tokyo Babel Released!

    About your speculation for Kanae Ito, interesting stuff, but I think it's more like Higashide writing I suppose because even if we dismissed Kanae Ito, propeller obviously still need to take note to Kamiya Hiroshi here, in regard of famous seiyuu. Oh, also for small spoiler let's just said Ai Kayano and Sakurai Takahiro also involved more in Sorami route (Not to mention both of them were quite famous), so I think if propeller couldn't afford Kanae Ito here to do much, it's probably because in regard of involvement of many other famous seiyuu. As for gaming writing, I think the first step would be writing the story first then thinking who would voicing the character, so once again it's more leaning toward Higashide writing because I remember that Princess Waltz (PW) was had the main heroine not voiced for almost half of the game (He was there as assistant writing though, but I think he managed to influence it. Oh by the way PW main heroine seiyuu was not quite famous ie had not much role according to VNDB). tldr - I think it's once again more of Higashide writing, but maybe it's my bias here though.
  14. Birthday thread

    Today it was @Zalor birthday, so I say happy birthday to you and wish you luck. Thanks to be always here since Fuwanovel established here. By the way you're younger than I though, since I thought you should be at 20 or more for Fuwanovel most senior member here and I'd just read that you only 19 (Not that I said it's wrong though, just a little surprise maybe). Well, once again wish your luck for coming years.
  15. Noble☆Works Review Discussion Thread

    Before trying to analysis your review, I'd had 2 thing to said (The cliche and non-cliche one). For the cliche thing good review, and for non-cliche thing your avatar compared to Rider one was quite cute. For serious thing, the first thing I started the discussion of this game here my expectation after saw Aedes review on NW was not much, so of course I didn't expect much. And back at December VNDB score was around 7. Since the premise was not ground breaking here and I kind of expecting the heroine was stereotypical one, so I change my attention to heroine's seiyuu (And I agree with you regarding if you play or read Evangile spoiler, of course you should know what to expected from NW heroine's considering almost same setting). And for the seiyuu, yes they got quite a nice list of the role for each heroine seiyuu. I mean they got name like Nabatame Hitomi (As Kunihiro Hinata or if you want MC best friend kouhai) and Ryouko Ono (As Tsukiyama Sena or overly-kind student maid) for voicing heroines here for example. Since you mention 3 best side character, I think for Kotetsu he was quite loyal to Mana, but he'll try to help MC. For the seiyuu, the name was Tasuhisa Suzuki who his role list was supporting character in some anime according to wiki. For Makoto, I just know that if some people already played Dracu Riot and saw Makoto, they will probably reminded them of some certain Russian silver haired girl from there (Same seiyuu (Ai Shimizu) and same pervert joke was obviously playing factor there). Chiaki, I think the maid could also become 2nd woman at Kanemoto conglomerate, considering that she also act as Izumi's secretary and I think it's quite interesting that we had secretary with maid clothing (The seiyuu was Imuraya Honoka, who play Rain in Baldr Sky duology and Gilgamesh in Eiyuu Senki). I think for the story, since I saw Aedes review I was expected like that you said in con segment (I mean Aedes was only give score 65 for this). For the feature of sprite viewer, I think last VN that where I found this feature before Noble Works was Shuffle. Also another feature here was each heroine had image song, and for heroine's leitmotif Yuzusoft using instrumental version of each heroine image song. I'd think as for heroine image song, Shizuru was the best between those 5 image song. Okay, once again good review from you and I just try to elaborate from con here. Maybe I'd not write well enough, but my suggestion here if some of the reader here want to read this, just expect light charage and don't expect the ground breaking story here or heavy character drama.
  16. Birthday thread

    Happy birthday to @Jade, even though I didn't know you much other than according to your post you like to post on Love Live thread (By the way, did you like Eli's voice? If so then I suggest you to continue your stalled Dracu Riot and play Azusa route, because Azusa seiyuu was also Eli's seiyuu). Anyway, hope you in well in upcoming year, and by the way you still quite young at age 20. Also, even though I didn't play Love Live free games, I also hope we got know each other better in here. Also happy birthday to @Kurokusari here and thanks for Dracu Riot Interface patch instruction back at the patching thread. Hope you got well in upcoming years. And if you had chance to come here, better fix your birth year since apparently it was mistaken you as 100 years old (Or if you really 100 years old it's okay too).
  17. Dracu-Riot! Discussion

    I just find out in here there's a project to translate Dracu Riot interface. Maybe it's already well-known to all of Fuwanovel user here, but here's the link to the thread below Dracu Riot Translation Interface I think the translator himself admitted it was bad English, but it should be help enough (Unless for some reason you got the need to criticize every bad English in all work). At least you didn't need to open the picture of translated image every time you go to config page. As for the games itself, it was quite fun. Also some trivia here, I just find out another Easter Egg from their previous games Could you guess what is it (You may know though). Oh by the way the scene above was MC, Miu, and Azusa find uncensored porn video that was illegally sold. For the fetish, I think it's fine except for scat. And tomorrow after the incident above Rio curious about the video and she only got animal part (By the way, uncensored video also involved bestiality), and Miu said that was a video about 'Russian man with female goat'. Then Rio conclude that the man must be pro wrestling with goat and she feel sorry for the man (I just want to said, yes Rio the man and goat did pro wrestling all right (Back in Eiyuu Senki MC was using euphemism pro wrestling for sex)), although I wonder is there any sick person who got horny with the goat so much there's a video for it. Oh, this game had quite many virgin joke. As for the background, it was more interesting than Noodle Works (NW), which to be honest was quite bland (I didn't said NW was bad okay). And here we also got gay doctor who always optimistic in everything, a disabled secretary (By the way Kawashima still in her usual range), and loli mayor (The range was quite defferent from either Sayane (Soukoku) or Narika (Haruka). And to @NickFreja, you may as well play Dracu Riot untranslated because of Ringorin even though she was only side character this time). One last word, I'll looking forward for completion patch once again.
  18. The House In Fata Morgana demo is out!

    My comment on this VN, well the graphic was less bright than normal VN which is anime like and the art style for the character wasn't exactly my style, but if someone like this art style that's okay too. For VNDB score, it's quite interesting that average score was around 8.6 while Bayesian score was at 6.7, which mean this game wasn't quite popular and well-known before translation. Maybe the way to know if this game was good or not was through playing it. And one more thing, this game didn't had voice so obviously I couldn't talk about seiyuu who play a role here. Maybe I'll try this VN later, and to vorathiel, my request is that could you change the title of the thread to 'Fata Morgana Discussion' or something like that after May 13th. The reason should be obvious and thanks in advance to hear my request.
  19. Kindred Spirits - Hour problem

    You're welcome. Glad I could help you
  20. Hi, newcomer here!

    Okay, sorry then. To be honest, TV Trope and VNDB was mixing utsuge and nakige trope, make it more confusing to be honest. Okay, so here I'll change my recommendation since apparently you didn't like sad ending or utsuge thing (No problem though since taste for each people was different). For the new recommendation, how about Katawa Shoujo and Yume Miru Kusuri. And as for Shinikiss, the tone maybe depressing, but the game was ended on happy note though (And in VNDB it was not listed as utsuge anyway, but eden and ef was), so you should try Shinikiss. Although I must admit for 3 of my previous recommendation the ending was not so happy. tldr - I recommended Shinikiss again, with Katawa Shoujo and Yume Miru Kusuri as my new recommendation. Have fun for playing VN.
  21. @babiker I'm agree with you, but I think all mods here obviously had same problem as bigfatround0, bored (Hey, I also could bored too, okay). So of course they need something to entertain mods, and here we had bigfatround0 willingly to become clown for all of the mod and admin here by posting bait post here, and also to cure his boredom. And I'd read in some forum that sometimes forum need people like bigfatround0. Although I said bigfatroun0 was like clown here, I think the problematic post was not that offensive at least compared to his other posts (Even the target for the post was like it) imo, but of course there's a proverb called the straw finally break the camel here or something like that. And I think it's already intolerable enough, then the rest is history. Note that mods also human, so of course they could be angry or had their limit. But I think by complaining with profanity will not helping the case (Well, the mods also need entertainment though), and if you always saying thay Fuwanovel is shitty, just go back to reddit even though it's quite stale (From my observation it was not only reddit problem, but also with Fuwanovel and VNDB in regard of stale board ie less activity). But if you still willing to entertain mods here and me in the future here, go ahead. Okay, for formality back to topic, I once again didn't had complain about moderation. If I find something wrong with moderation, I think it's better to find a round way to work with that (babiker already point it out about moderation complaint). And the reason I posted in here, well let's just said I was also bored at this time. PS - My post in the past was removed too you know, but I'd definitely would not reacted like you, nor will in the future, because I knew it's pointless.
  22. Dracu-Riot Saga Part 1: Inamura Rio

    Good review from Dracu Riot fan. Looking forward to your Azusa route review. Sorry, couldn't elaborate more, but I didn't mind your gushing about Rio's route though.
  23. Birthday thread

    Happy 21st birthday to @Dergonu, even though in your country it's still too early. Thanks for your review of Beat Blade Haruka, and hope you got more good thing in coming year. Your new avatar was very cute by the way.
  24. Just browsing yuri site randomly and suddenly found this. So apparently one people started a petition to started Yurirei anime back at March 29th, and now they need 413 more signature to reach 1000. Oh, according to Yuri Nation , Liar-soft was hearing fan wish. For some people who still want more Yurirei, go to petition page and sign that. Hopefully if the petition success and the anime was in production, it'll be good enough (And personally I think it will since Yurirei arc was like normal high school anime, only the producer needed to think how they should changing the H-Scene to more relevant scene since the portion of H-Scene for Yurirei was quite small imo).
  25. SakuSaku Info and Discussion

    Another bump today for Saku Saku update, and next will be at May 2nd. For Saku Saku, only Ann route that still needed TLC, and then he'll started QC and technical stuff according to his post at the blog here. From the 2nd May post (He promised that he'll use first Monday as the time for announcement) later then we'll knew his ETA for Saku Saku. Anyway, good progess Akerou, oh and TLC percentage was at 82% right now if some of you want to know the number. Oh, since this is charage, I'll add poll because of course taste for people in regard of best girl and best route was different. Looking forward to this VN translation release, even though it's only way for Akerou to practicing his Japan before translating Irotoridori. Edit - Just checked that our Clephas did recommended this game. So, @Clephas may I knew about your opinion for this game personally, and if possible, could you post it here. Sorry and thanks in advance.