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  1. Cheering Up Solidbatman

    My knowledge of football was very shallow since I lived in Indonesia, and Indonesian people only knew football from Eyeshield 21 manga. But I did feel very sad of how one of the best Little Busters reviewer got drunk because of his favorite football team lost. Well, I think I'll give you all of your most favorite girl picture to cheer you up. Hope you get well soon. 1. Mio 2. Kuruguya 3. Rin 4. Kud Hey, I'd only following OP suggestion okay. I think I'd heard that if some depressed people seeing his favorite girl, maybe he'll feeling better, so I tried to did that here, and hopefully it'll help @solidbatman.
  2. Eiyuu*Senki Original/Gold Discussion

    @CeruleanGamer Actually what I want to ask was how to unlock the fighting against Angolmoa. The reason was because I'd already finished all Nostradamus event and I'd still not unlocked it. Turn out the requirement was so easy, you just need to defeat Yamata no Orochi (First city in Mu Continent, El Dorado. Unlocked after Mu was defeated with ALL territory become Zipang (Including Babylonia, Uruk, and Babel)) and it'll unlock the last Africa mission *facepalm*. Also apparently you need to finish all character quest, and I'd actually already finished ALL character quest, except Uesugi Kenshin one and 2 PSV Exclusive Character. But, thanks for your tips. Oh, for Kenshin she was voiceless because of some unknown reason (In game it was some sort of side effect of dimension travel, while in company I think they still undecided whose seiyuu that should voiced Kenshin lol). As for Kenshin sweetheart, I kind of wonder what happened if he come to Eiyuu Senki world. I think all heroes will be not virgin anymore (Unlike Chihaya who only had sex with few girls (I didn't know offscreen though)), and I think Kenshin's sweetheart will be happy with 60+ beautiful woman lol. That's all from me. PS The name of Kenshin sweetheart was Rance, just in case you didn't get what I mean. (Of course you got it)
  3. Eiyuu*Senki Original/Gold Discussion

    Okay. May I asked for confirmation? Could I unlocked Angolmoa in Eiyuu Senki? To unlock it, should we leave Nostradamus quest finished after marching Mu for the first time or not? Because I'd remember that I unlocked battle vs Angolmoa in previous playthrough and since this time I finished all character quest before Mu, there was none of Angolmoa event (Not the lame 9000 HP, but 1500000+ more HP). tldr How to fight Angolmoa with 150.000 HP? Thanks in advance. PS Before confusing thing again, I'D ASK FOR ORIGINAL VERSION. Sorry for all caps.
  4. About the Steam release, I'd think it would be interesting to see how it goes, although since Sakura XXX always show boobs thing, guess it's logical that Kindred Spirit slip into Steam? Just my opinion tough. As for last 2 couple of the week, my comment are (Continued from previous post) 4. Youka who dressed as rocker got interested in Airu. So much that she always come late to watch Airu face since Airu job was to watch the school gate in case there was latecomer who want to escape from punishment. Oh since Youka was a rocker (According to herself), she made a song for Airu which for the lyric it was more like someone who stalk her lover and want to engage with SM play lol (I didn't knew if it's real or translation, but I agree with Yuna that the lyric was ridiculous. Here's the Kouba song lyric, and feel free to laugh at it or enjoy it. If you want my very honest opinion, 1st and 4th stanza sound like some masochist desperate a love from the crush who was sadist lol. The 3rd stanza looks alright, but I think it's too much or hyperbole. And 2nd line I agree with Yuna, it make Kouba looks a lot like stalker lol. If some of you here had more understanding to music, please give the comment since my music knowledge was bad and I didn't know how to make a song, although from the lyric above the song was obviously failure. 5. Miyu and Matsuri, vice captain and captain of running track. Also the 2nd longest couple in the game (The longest was Sachi and Megumi for 30 years), for around 4 years. Miyu was too careful for hiding her relationship, while Matsuri was to carefree. Although it was explained in game that Matsuri parent more open minded while Miyu parent was close minded. For Matsuri voice, since the seiyuu was also Oukawa Mio, she was sounded like Lu Bu in Eiyuu Senki. Also apparently sometimes Matsuri want to break the rule that was established by Miu. I think that's all my commentary for couple of the week. For now it's one week left until this game released.
  5. Thank You GundamAce - Root Double Info and Discussion

    @fun2novel Thanks. I'll give the warning to the review. Although to me I think it was quite minor spoiler compared to ............ Never mind. And could you point out the spoiler for me, since I think there was none when I'd read the review. Edit - I'd read again and I think I understand why you said that the review contain major spoiler. So I'd add the warning for major spoiler there. As for you, I think now I knew that you HATE spoiler with passion very much. Although to me it was still quite minor anyway, at least compared to what I learned in TV Trope. And just in case you want to ask me how much I knew, yes I knew all about Root Double Spoiler. In case you want to knew how much I know, here comes. WARNING - FOR YOU WHO DIDN'T PLAY THIS PLEASE DON'T OPEN SPOILER BOX. IT WAS MAJOR SPOILER. DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOU IF YOU FEEL SPOILED. Although it will be major spoiler, I'd only list some basic understanding, but some of the reader here might like the spoiler. My opinion is that even if you feel spoiled, I think it should not be the reason to not enjoying the game. For some people who finished the game, because there were 6 mysteries listed, I'd like to list some of 6 spoilers. I think that's all for the spoiler. If you still want to discuss spoiler, go ahead but don't forget spoiler box. As for now, my mood was still sour after certain user here (Hey, my mood was not good okay) turned this thread to flame war. I kind of thinking to move the discussion to the new thread. But maybe better not, so I'd like to hope that this thread could be use to discuss Root Double. As for my response to certain user post, maybe I'll make one in future. That's all from me. And sorry once again, my mood was not good after knowing my thread was use for flame war.
  6. Anyone tried the demo ? In case you still didn't try it yet, download it here. As for my little review about demo, the interface surely was interesting. It looks like the agenda with the event and extra menu, which we could access usual BGM Mode and CG Mode. As for the event, we could actually pick the one from the beginning up to the new one. In short, we could watch over any event without saving, except when we want to stop. It's kinda confusing to explain, but played it and you'll understand. Honestly I couldn't comment much, but for the voice our Kawashima Rino using her usual range when voicing Yuna. For Hina, surprisingly Kaneda Mahiru was capable to hold back her usual range, although as Umi she was back in her usual range. As for other performance, I couldn't comment much although even if this game only partially voiced (Mostly with important event (To the developer I think) and in CG) the seiyuu did good job I guess (Oh now that I remember Oukawa Mio was capable to sound shy compared to her performance as Lu Bu back in Eiyuu Senki). For the character, while Yuna was unwilling to helping the ghosts, she was quite the planner I see. Hina like to eat at Yuna home and Yuna best friend Ano (Why her name was sounding like when someone in Japan would like to asking the people to take the attention was beyond me) was quite forgetful (Awesomely she managed to forgot her bra, fortunately it was all girl school lol). For the ghost Sachi was indeed died before WW2 (At year 1932 to be exact since the setting was 2012), while Megumi was died at 1982 (1 year before Higurashi). Sachi was died because she save the students and the school honor her, while Megumi was died because of sickness. Oh Megumi was very very slightly devoted toward Sachi, so much that she was a little jealous to Yuna. For the couple of the week candidate, I'll try to comment one by one: 1. Aihara Miki was the senpai that Maki had crush on. Miki remind me of Aida Mana from Doki Doki Precure, with her capability to help everyone without fail (For now, and I don't have time to explain Doki Doki Precure here), and Maki was slightly interested in architecture. 2. Umi was target of the crush from Futano. Apparently Futano interested to Umi because Umi could talk to Futano normally while normal people took a little space from Futano because she was scary. For Nena (Friend from both of them), not much comment other than she like to sleep. 3. My impression of Kiri she was very tall, while Tsukuyo as the teacher was very short. Kiri was slightly adored cute thing (I thinking about Rena from Higurashi for a second lol), and when she saw the teacher as short as Tsukuyo, she adored her very much. I think that's all I could comment for the demo. Let's wait for full version, which is about to release 9 days from now.
  7. Da Capo II

    Hmm......... Da Capo Discussion 2, eh. I'll link it to VN Analysis now. @OP About the writer of Koko route, Mochizuki Jet, I think I'd have one comment, "He was big fan of Nanaka" because I checked VNDB list and I saw that he also write Nanaka route. And yes I understand the infamy of Koko route. Or if we want to see it more fairly, I think the writer almost hit the deadline when he write Koko route after wasting many months for his beloved Nanaka, so he write what the idea he could scrapped for Koko route. Well, that was according to my bullshit theory anyway lol.
  8. No One But You Review Discussion

    Okay, so I read the counter review, and to be very very very honest for get VN I usually using torrent or erxxxdoxxxxad.com, but of course it's actually better if the people want to buy the vn to support the developer. But, I think while many people choose the way to get vn was same as me, I'd like to KO the counter review with one sentence. The sentence was "Katawa Shoujo was originally EVN and it was freely available at the site". While maybe the staff was amateur, some of them not from western, didn't get paid and took their time, it was got quite many attention from vn fan and got quite nice score on VNDB (Around 7.85 as of now). And it was free of charge. Although there was some people think it was overated of course. The problem with NOBY was short time development, it was not years like the counter review said (I knew he was extragaratte it), only less than a year if we count kickstarter, while Katawa Shoujo once again need 5 years including planning to make it complete. Although the counter review had some point of how hard to make the game though. About Bioware syndrome, didn't understand much about it. But I think I agree with yours that longer development time will help to refine the game. I think that's all I could thinking of.
  9. No One But You Review Discussion

    Poor Decay. Anyway, my impression from your spoiler about Megumi route For Katawa Shoujo, comparing to this game it was definitely the winner in term of production time (1 year for NOBY vs 5 years for Katawa Shoujo), and longer production time meaning that the writers for Katawa Shoujo had time to refine the routes. So, if NOBY was given same time as Katawa Shoujo, does it mean that it will be as good as Katawa Shoujo? Maybe, but I think even with longer time in Katawa Shoujo development, there was still some divisive one (Shizune route for example). But I agree that Katawa Shoujo team was more successful to deliver the game compared to this one (And I think to make Katawa Shoujo even better was to add famous Japanese voice actor, but that just me. And please don't turn this thread to Katawa Shoujo discussion, okay). Sorry if you didn't agree, and I just want to express my opinion here.
  10. Eiyuu*Senki Original/Gold Discussion

    @Persona13 It was fixed that you should first go to and conquer South Seas, then Macedonia and finally Russia. The reason is that South Seas army had the least amount troop (Around 1500 in normal iirc), while I would suggest you declare war against Macedonia after you almost conquer Indias, and you should challenge Russia after you had around 4000 troops and doing all of the character quest up to before you conquer EU. Oh you should do all the sidequest to upgrade your character and money. Almost forget, Macedonia strength quite medium (Around 2500 troops) and Russia was the highest - 4000 troops. Russia hard not only because high number of troops, but because harsh climate that reduce our troops by half when invade (No troops reduction when defending from Russia though. Just want to share, yesterday I'd just realize this fact and that's after I let all of conquered territory taken back by Russia, wasting more money and troops to retaken it). tldr - Choose South Seas first. The rest should came naturally, and if you curious you may invade to check the enemy strength. And about hard bonus item, the biggest challenge to me would be Vinland pirate, if omly because I faced 7 army with around 3500 troops iirc. That's all from me and good luck to conquer South Seas.
  11. @Decay I see, and yes I actually checked BlickWinkel writing about how he rated RD better than SG (I thought at first it was Killicool 64). I though since he was translator of SG, I assume that SG would be his most favorite game. Turn out I was wrong, although he still thinking SG had the good point of course. Before some of you thinking to bash him, he comment in regard of how handling the character, and I read that one of SG weakness (Don't be mad, SG fan) was how the writer handle the character. I think that's all in regard of translator opinion of RD from me. As for kickstarter, this morning the number still around 83 and now, wow the number right now was at 91. Quite massive jump if you ask me compared to past few days, although it still need a large amount of money to be funded (Around 44). If I may suggest, just in case it still didn't reach the target maybe they could try to extend it for at least 10 days and hopefully it will reach the target by that time. Although of course it would be much better if they managed to reach the goal by February 4th. Even if I suggest something like this, I'm sure Sekai already had any plan for this matter. That's all from me.
  12. @sanahtlig Yes they used the synopsis from your blog. Here's the credit from their site and to be honest I kind laughing inside reading the credit. Looks like they added the credit after you said that they copied it from your site lol. Although the trailer was looking good I think. Ok for serious comment, since they add pre order in their site (Come to think of it, Flower site didn't had pre order page), guess finally they almost finalized Seinarukana release? Anyway, this actually could be a good news and this time hopefully JAST won't need to delay Seinarukana release, since they delayed enough since 2012. For my comment, I think I could only comment the red haired girl (Satsuki) had quite nice look, but her seiyuu almost didn't had any role in translated VN. As for the review, there is no english review of this game (Actually there was, but too bad right not it was deleted along with the blog. Quite good review if you ask me). My hope was that hopefully Seinarukana will be released this year. I think I could only comment a little for now. As a bonus (and hopefully JAST understand what's the meaning to show gameplay trailer), here's the video from youtube showing how MC (Nozomu), Satsuki, and spear user (MC childhood friend Nozomi) battling the enemy, thanks to the youtube user steparu. Here's the video and that's all I could comment for now.
  13. Eiyuu*Senki Original/Gold Discussion

    Okay. Sorry to OP because looks like I was too hasty type my post so my content kinda mixed up. What I want to comment was I'd surprised that Sun Tzu got buffed in GOLD (I'd read your character tier by the way and I think it was good enough, although I'd see that TENCO also buffed Sanzo because back in original she need -30 wait item to unleash her tech), which in original she only had ATK and DEF up. I'd understand why you rate the character like that okay, although I'd like to see the tier for original version if possible. Just my suggestion okay, you didn't need to do that. And for the final boss, I actually speak about some certain god who had same seiyuu as Goemon. Well, since you give spoiler, I'll name the boss. I'd talked about Nyarlathotep obviously. Her instant kill was indeed unblockable (Without Enkidu wall it damage character for insame ammount), but her attack was quite impractical. I mean what's with her only attack arsenal was instant kill (IK) attack that need 10 braves? And only target single character (I'd know it was to allowed gamer to survive, otherwise if IK attack was row, it'll caused major pain) to boot? But compared to GOLD according to your info, I think Nyarlathotep punish us to exploit her weakness, causing us to carefully choose the party (That's why I'd said that Achilles no good in Nyarlathotep battle (But she was very fast and very capable of massive damage), because her best attack was capable to hit 3 Nyarlathotep weaknesses and give her massive brave, while her type caused the boss to gain brave faster and massive at that. And with that you risk to lost 2 party member quickly thanks to IK attack. I knew you like Achilles ok. Although I'd see that Achilles performed very well against Angolmoa in one of Youtube video), while looks like GOLD was said you better exploited the weakness as much as possible (Debuff only without damage was quite worthless, since debuff effect only stick once and not stack like SMT). That's all from me and I'll reply again if I remember something.
  14. Eiyuu*Senki Original/Gold Discussion

    Sorry for late reply, but I'll reply your comment about GOLD first. +85 Delay? Sound insane when I think +30 already very helpful. Then again, Achilles was quite capable at multihit, although for final boss in original she was not quite good. Not because her damage output (Equipped Futsunomitama (+1000 DMG) and Seven Star Sword (+500 DMG) would net Achilles insane 22500 DMG), but because the final boss would change her weakness, and Achilles most damaging attack type would happen to hit 3 of 4 boss type. And as we knew the final boss would instant kill 1 people (I tried use Enkidu to cheese it (Thanks for the save by the way) and it simply caused instant death to the target) if the boss filled 10 braves, and hitting enemy weakness mean you give brave to enemy. So I think Yoshitsune more appropriate to final boss. Although Achilles could be used for fast damage I think, but for the most safe option it would be Benkei who could hit 7 times and never hit boss weakness, because her attack type was Magic, although with 3 slot she could only give 11900 DMG with +DMG equipment. Oh speaking about brave, don't ever bring character with punch or axe because instant kill attack from boss was axe type, while punch and axe defense didn't weak against it, and we obviously want the boss to get brave AS MINIMUM AS POSSIBLE. Oh and if we could get Hammurabi killed and equipped with Used Up Kettle, I think she will be capable to deal major damage to final boss without giving brave to the boss. And she was quite useful with passive speed drop together with Beethoven. I knew that the OP (CeruleanGamer) should realize the trick, but I think I would share this tips to anyone who had the trouble. About Chu Culainn, another fact that she was had 50% critical in original, while usually all people only had 10% critical. So equipped Lavaentin there would cause Chu Culainn to critical everything. Looks like GOLD using Luck status to determine critical. For Sun Tzu, too bad she was quite useless in original, although I like the 3 (Qin Shi Huang, Sun Tzu, Lu Bu) from Taika Empire. I mean that they like sisters to each other imo. Oh I tried to using the difficulty challenge, and the hardest opponent to me was Vinland (7 enemies with around 3000 troops, causing me to reload before fighting Inca and buff my troops from around 2700 to 3500 for 6 people. It takes a lot of money and I used money equipment gaining for that purpose). So far the most useful item are Gullinbursti, Tamatebako, and Elixir imo. For the patch, my comment would be could you wake me up when they managed to translate all sex scene. It mean that I think the current patch should be sufficient for now, although it still managed to show us some sex scene that came from the original with Japanese text. If they want to translate it, just basic is fine imo since I think the scene consist of moaning and the reaction anyway I think. And I planning to not recruiting Michelangelo and Kojirou (Her sprite looks so different that it became unsettling imo). That's all for now.
  15. Looks like there was quite a lot topic here, so I comment some. And sorry if my post will offend the user here. - About the claim this game was better than Steins Gate, I think it was more like one of Lemnisca staff opinion rather than the translator himself. Why I could be certain? Because I'd read some post back at Ever17 board on Gamefaqs. I think between Lemnisca staff, it was more like kilicool64 opinion, because back in Lemnisca site, he reviewed Steins Gate quite negative at 2/10 (Don't be mad Steins Gate fan, although I understand that popular game like that bound to had divisive opinion), while BlickWinkel himself was Steins Gate translator and according GundamAce Steins Gate was 1 of 5 his favorite game (The other are Fate/Stay Night, Root Double, Ever17, and I/O). But I agree if they want to promote like that, it was of course bad business model and Root Double (RD) was very different from Steins Gate (SG) anyway. RD deal with survival at nuclear facility, while SG deal with time travel. - For RD, I think it was quite nice contrast. One deal with the rescue inside nuclear facility, while another scenario was deal with high school harem, and for the girls name in high school plot GundamAce commented that the name (Mashiro, Yui, Yuuri (I like Yuuri design by the way)) sound like generic name from the girls at the harem game lol, although I read at TV Trope (Which probably filled by GundamAce) Mashiro filled the same role as Sakuya back at I/O. To me, I think the setting is fine, because we had Ever17 in the past with route system and yet it managed to be still one of the highest score VN at VNDB, so maybe RD could repeat that? tldr - The claim RD better than SG I think it was more subjective. - I didn't had any problem with dating sim style, although some people may disagree. I think while Sekai business model was quite divisive, I also agree that was some major backhand dealing with Regista and Yeti needed to localize RD. So my stance for Sekai was neutral, didn't hate it too much while not supporting it too much also. Besides if someone want Sekai to be fail, I think Magical Boy VN would be better sacrifice for them lol (And it was failed back at Kickstarter). About RD itself, I'll give a comment about it later, maybe when it was about to be released in English. That's all from me and once again I'm sorry if my post offend some user here.
  16. Oh, looks like I was quite late to the party, but let me say this first. Congratulations on your very successful Kickstarter, Mikandi Japan. Although I'd never give my post here, I'd always followed your progress you know. Anyway, my impression for this VN was the graphic and OP was good, although my judgement may be wrong though. While usually I would comment about seiyuu, in here I couldn't comment much because they still had quite small role roster for translated VN, and I usually like to comment about seiyuu for translated VN. Although I'll give comment about that very later though. For character design, I think for now Lycoris had the best design, if only for the her cloth. But for now I'd said all of the characters design was quite good. As for the premise, I think it'll be like Tsukihime because of vampire thing, even though I maybe wrong. Either way looking forward for this game release in English, although from now it'll be a long time (Around 10 months later). Oh, and for Mikandi Japan thanks for your effort for translating this game to English. That's all from me and feel free to update the progress here. PS I prefer you release the VN at 2016 Halloween, but if you want to do that at November, it's okay.
  17. SakuSaku Info and Discussion

    Since it's been long time I'm not bumping this thread, might as well do it right now. Anyway here's the progress thanks to Decay for info and akerou for update. And no, I still didn't know when @Akerou break begin (About his 3 months long university break), although he promised that the patch will be released when his break begin. That's all for now.
  18. It's kind of late, but whatever. Hello!

    Nice to meet you. Hope you enjoying staying here. I think it's still quite early for introduction, Ike. Because I just introduce myself after 1 year joining here and 41 posts lol, although I think it's still nice to introduce here.
  19. Koichoco Info (Seiyuu and Other Review) and Discussion

    Hmm........ Maybe it's kind of late, but I decided to make a poll here. The reason was because I'd remember that another member here was made a Koichoco discussion with the poll, and the poll was purged along with the forum breakdown at this month. So I once again want to give a chance to all of you to give your vote (Come to think of it, I should make the poll from the beginning, because of the election lol). Anyway, maybe the wording might wrong, but have fun there.
  20. Mod @Down May I help to add discussion link? Since from what I'd seen it quite lack of new discussion link. So I'll help you here, although guess I want to promote my thread which majority was VN discussion lol. The list not in alphabetical order though. Visual Novel Discussion Eiyuu Senki + Eiyuu Senki Gold Discussion (Note that since Gold Discussion also contain some useful info, I decided to link Gold Discussion too) Koi to Senkyo to Choco Discussion Rewrite Discussion Kindred Spirit on Rooftop (Yurirei) Discussion + Review by Decay Ikikoi Discussion Princess Evangile Discussion Noble Works Discussion Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort Discussion Saku Saku Discussion euphoria Discussion Kara no Shoujo 2 Discussion Beat Blade Haruka Discussion Bunny Black Discussion Bunny Black 2 Discussion + A little review Nekopara Vol. 2 Discussion Dangan Ronpa Discussion Da Capo 2 Discussion Root Double Discussion Sunrider Liberation Day Discussion Tokyo Babel Discussion Magical Eyes Discussion To Heart 2 Discussion Dracu-Riot Discussion The House in Fata Morgana Discussion Lucid9 Discussion Dangan Ronpa 2 Discussion Corpse Party Discussion Seinarukana Discussion KARAKARA Discussion Nurse Love Addiction (Hakuai) Discussion Koiken Otome Discussion Yoake mae yori ruriiro na Discussion (Quite a mouthful title by the way) Corona Blossom Discussion Supipara Discussion Flower - Spring Chapter Discussion Rance 5D and VI Discussion Himawari Discussion MYTH Discussion Shadows of Pygmalion Discussion Chrono Clock Discussion Hatsukoi 1/1 Discussion Dies Irae Discussion Dal Segno Discussion Wagamama High Specs Discussion Princess Evangile W Discussion Doki Doki Literature Club Discussion To Heart 2 Discussion Sorcery Joker Discussion Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road Discussion Fureraba Discussion Umikana Discussion Sono Hanabira 11 Discussion Evenicle Discussion Hapymaher Discussion Maitetsu Discussion Flowers Summer Discussion Trample on Schatten Discussion Sanoba Witch Discussion Bokukotsu Discussion Sakura Sakura Discussion Suki Suki Discussion Hello, good-bye Discussion Under One Wing (Hitotsuba) Discussion Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai Discussion Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai Discussion Trinoline Discussion Damekoi Discussion Visual Novel Review Ever17 Review Killer Queen Review Little Busters Review by Solidbatman (Slightly infamous though) Hoshizora no Memoria Review by Original Ren Clannad Review Monster Girl Quest Review Kindred Spirit on Rooftop Review by Tyrael Lucy The Eternity She Wishes Review Beat Blade Haruka Review (Sort Of) and another review by Kaguya Noble Works Review Tokyo Babel Review Lucid9 Review Root Double Review Ozmafia Review A Little Lily Princess Review The Men of Yoshiwara: Ohgiya Review Rose Gun Days Review The House in Fata Morgana Review Higurashi Onikakushi Review VA-11 HALL-A Review Grisaia no Meikyuu Review Just Deserts Review Supipara Review Flower Review Funbag Fantasy Review Enigma Review Memory Dogma Review 11eyes Review Himawari Review Steins Gate 0 Discussion Miniature Garden Review Rance 5D and VI Review Shadows of Pygmalion Review Chrono Clock Review Wagamama High Spec Review KARAKARA 2 Review Hoshimemo Review Umineko Chiru Review Tsujidou Review (Sort of) Fatal Twelve Review (by shcboomer) (by EroHataVNI) No One But You Review by Decay by Tyrael VN Reading Club Gahktun Discussion - Also in VN Reading Club January VN Reading Club February 2016v- Demonbane VN Reading Club March 2016v- Steins;Gate VN Reading Club April 2016 - Imouto Paradise VN Reading Club May 2016 - Yumina the Ethereal VN Reading Club April 2017 - Deardrops VN Reading Club Summer 2017 - Everlasting Summer VN Reading Club Summer 2017 (Yes, there's two) - Chrono Clock I think that's all for the VN discussion I could list. You may add those to your list above. I might add more in few months later, although it depend if VN had the discussion of course. Hope the list could help you, mod Down. Edit - Maybe in the future, I'll try to make this post more neat looking. Right now it was only putting the link as soon as the thread established, so it was still messy. Edit (February 20th) - I think my edit hopefully make this post a little more neat looking.
  21. Hello, I knew it's already very late to introduce myself. But for the sake of being polite guess I should do it, and I think I should try to explain about myself. About the name, I choose it at random when I commented in one of Grisaia review about the time when it was still translated around 2012. The reason, well just because I remember shogun name from Chaos Head and the little just something I came up with lol. Nevertheless it managed to stuck until now, and I used this username in few board, except VNDB which my username was asaki at there. About myself, I live in Indonesia and I knew some of the user here was from Indonesia. And the Grisaia review that I mentioned was at Indonesian language. Speaking about Indonesia I'd read there was a VN which got inspiration from May 1998 tragedy. The VN was called May Jasmine, which to be honest still hasn't played it yet. And about the tragedy from what I remember I was going to my parent acquaintance house while my father take care of my house. I remember that I was still 7, so I couldn't understand much although from what I read it was horrible tragedy which caused my president to be changed. Back to MayJasmine, maybe if I had time I'll read it. For my interest, as Decay knew I guess I kind of interested with the seiyuu in VN, especially if they had some role in VN that I know. For the VN, actually my first exposure was at 2009 with Shuffle and KiraKira. The better one was KiraKira of course with the infamous normal ending which leave me like "Really?" (All of the user here knew which scene I mean), while Shuffle was like quite good at that time, but maybe it will bland now. After that I kind of forgetting about it, until around 2011 when I found the site called erxxxdoxxxxad.com (Is it allowed to using the name here? If not you must know which site) and I saw many VN from Shuffle to old VN. Now that I'd remember it back at 2003 I buy Jewel Knight Crusader (Thinking it was Tokyo Mew Mew games lol) and played it in my new computer, and my little brother and sister like "Huh?". Well, since it was nukige, I'd decided to change it with another game at the shop, and forget about VN for a while. And oh for the anime guess I like PreCure right now (You could guess from my avatar anyway), although recently I kind take a liking to Gochiusa and Kinmoza. Lastly, it was very late to introduce myself, but guess better late than not at all. It's my 41st post now, and hopefully my post here would help the user here. And if not I'd apologize if I couldn't help you, and sorry if some of my post here in the past was inappropriate here. And it's nice to meet you all here, even though it was very late. That's all for my introduction here, and sorry if my grammar here was not stable and bad English.
  22. Very Late Introduction and A Little About Myself

    @All Well, it's still nice to get welcome here anyway, so no problem which word you'll use here. Just want to follow formality here I think since I still not introduce myself here yet, and I saw some of the first post here was introduce themselves, so I figured to did that. And if you subtract 40 from my post, the post here was actually my first post here lol. @OriginalRen No it's not from that anime. Like I said it was from Pretty Cure or shortened PreCure, or to be exact my avatar here right now was one of the villain from Happiness Charge PreCure, Deep Mirror. If you want to know more about him, his story was major spoiler for the series, although I guess nobody here would be interested to PreCure.
  23. Eiyuu*Senki Original/Gold Discussion

    Guess I should talked about Eiyuu Senki here, since I'd already finished it, although I still curious about Hard Mode Bonus so I tried to replay the new one. Hopefully it's worth it, although the major obstacle for the challenge would be Russia with S queen and her M soldier which you must conquer it before EU (And it'll be hard since to bypass half troop reduce you must conquer EU, declare war to Russia, and got Da Vince event which she will create the warmer for all of the soldier). Hope I could do it, although there was a video guide how to did it though and I think I'll need to have very big cash to did that. For the endgame, actually the the item which had the function to increasing recovery rate will be very useful here, if only for the ancient hero which only consist single unit and you couldn't recover it using money (And for majority of the game actually the recovery items to be frank useless since you could recover troop using money anyway lol). Oh one more thing if you confused which guy you want to take to the mission, just press auto (I'd just realize it near endgame lol). My endgame comment (Some of them are story spoiler): 2. Nobunaga and Napoleon managed to form Vitrolic Best Bud after we conquered EU. And Napoleon character design was quite nice too after Yoshitsune. 3. Yoshitsune endgame skill was 10 hit, not 8 hit like Persona 4. Not that I complained about it, although it would be nice if they make that 8 hit to following Persona 4 lol. And yeah the first time I equipped Yoshitsune for total +700 damage equipment and I used her skill, the opponent which previously couldn't be damaged at all suddenly fall for around 7000 damage. And yeah, her skill was very useful to give massive damage to final boss. 4. For the character, I think Beethoven was very useful because her normal attack give some delay to the opponent, and delay here could played some of the big change to the flow of battle, because in normal battle it mean that you could finished delayed opponent. Kay also my favorite cannoner, if only because her attack using gunner attacking range, while usually cannoner only could hit rarely occupied 2nd and 3rd row. And her endgame skill could be useful to blast all enemy in row (I knew Nobunaga also had the skill, but if you lazy Kay could fulfill that). Also she was in charge to educated Ywain how to speak properly lol. 6. Almost forget, but I remembered about Nostradamus and her very creative BL doujin (Napoleon was fan of her work lol). Her first doujin was paired Eiffel and Arc de Triomphe (Are you insane paired 2 Paris monument lol. Then again if back at KanColle we'd had moe ship, why we couldn't had handsome monument there lol). 7. Lastly about seiyuu, I'll split my comment to 2 part. I quite impressed that Shinohara Yumi could still called Onii-chan with her monotone voice as Geronimo, while I remember that she was quite expressive as Suina in Kamidori and Channel in Soukoku no Arterial. Montezuma, well her voice was usual range from Kaneda Mahiru, as far as I remember from Kamidori's Sharty and Soukoku no Arterial Madoka. Quite impressive that Arisugawa Miyabi here played Nero and Chu Culaiin and showing her high pitch, while back in Soukoku Mehisa was more deep voice. I think that's all my impression of Eiyuu Senki for now.
  24. Eiyuu*Senki Original/Gold Discussion

    I'm just started this game, and sometimes watch the play through in youtube, so I think I could comment a little. For battle system, I think it's simplified version of Sengoku Rance, while the turn is like Sengoku Rance too of course. Also the premise looks like the same as Romanesque, with 2 action/turn thing (I knew Sengoku follow that, but with same company, I'll take Romanesque). The plot, to be very honest it's excuse plot one. But there were many thing that I want to comment in this game. Some of them are 1. Nobunaga and Himiko vitriolic best bud tendency. 2. Marco Polo attention toward Kublai Khan. Marco was slightly devoted toward Kublai, and if Kublai ever entered typical all girl high school in anime, I kinda wonder if all of the students will call her "Oneeeeee-samaaaaaaaa". I mean what's with her flirt other girls. 3. Lancelot glutton tendency. I kinda wonder here why the seiyuu of Lancelot not Asami Imai, otherwise Lancelot will be copy of Okitsu Ai from Yumina, except the hair color of course. 4. Speaking of Asami Imai, her role here was Yositsune. Right now I like her design the most, it remind me of her Majikoi one, which also had Yoshitsune character. Her end game skill like Persona 4 one (Hassou Tobi. Is Yoshitsune skill hit 8 times here by the way? Need confirmation). She need to use pad for her chest, because one clan cursed her family to be flat chested forever (I knew I supposed not to ask logic here, but could you give the curse better, like short age, die because blodshed or family feud, or always sick? Since it's grudge relating to Yoshitsune destroy the clan, of course the curse should be serious). Just want to laugh there. 5. Chinese queen had Isara and Ilya voice (Kadowaki Mai). When she cough blood, I ask that if she was related with Izumi Curtis from FMA. And I kind ask MC body double back at Noble Work, and turned out his father name was Izumi. Anyway, she was drank mercury, which of course worsening her health, and in real life the queen, Qin Shi Huang died because of it. Oh and looks like Lancelot could work as poison detector, because she knew how mercury taste. 6. Sanzou from the show that I watched was quite strict to Goku, but he'll listen to him if necessary. Here she was apparently managed to safely reach west and want to overthrow corrupt India government. Her preaching here was very long, so long that the bandit run away lol, and she mad MC as one of the companion, Hakka (Pig one, also Goku here is her monkey). Anyway, didn't know that the monk I'd watch 10 years ago turned to preachy girl with Makina voice. 7. Lastly, I've just watched the video andI saw here Rasputin is quite M. Deliberately late reporting 3 days for punishment lol, although if you delayed it 1 month I think you'll get the reward (Or not, since the S queen here just told her to stand very faraway probably). Rasputin being M here had some history connection though, since there's a trope called Rasputinian death, and Rasputin had fame for hard to died.Oh the seiyuu for S queen (Sakurai Harumi/Manaka Umi) also voiced Ami in Majikoi, and she gave same punishment to dirty old man who liked to be abused, not abused them lol. For the seiyuu, there's too much to cover but there was name like Asami Imai, Manaka Umi, Tomoe Tamiyasu (Sanzou voice), and Kadowaki Mai like I mentioned above. Ringorin here played as Benkei, Aoyama Yukari as Nobunaga, Ai Shimizu as Napoleon, and many more. Also Isshiki Hikaru who played Neon in recently translated Gahkthun and veteran with many role Kawashima Rino as Goemon. Anyway, I think that's all the impression I could give and happy new year to all user here. Oh by the way this is my first post in 2016.
  25. Light-hearted fluffy romance visual novels?

    To answer your question, actually there's a lot. Bordering silly too, but since you've read infamous one VN, how about recently translated Noble Works? Koichoco and Koirizo also nice to calmed you down. Hoshimemo or Princess Evangile too in case you want something old. Also you could try to read Shuffle or Majikoi. All of these still had some serious moment, but not as much as Saya no Uta though. In any case just search the info first and choose one from my recommendation.