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  1. I got a new windows 10 laptop where can I find ITHVNR 64bit for windows 10? I can only find an old 32 bit version floating around.
  2. I can't get the 18+ version from Fakku anymore. It's been taken down. HOw do I buy the game now?
  3. That's because BMP doesn't have proper transparency. It uses a solid color background which is encoded to act like a green screen. You'd have to do some photoshop magic to get the any images to act like a transparent.
  4. I don't think so not as well. GarBro has a built in pack tool but it depends which game and engine you are using. You can extract and recompile with with .xp3 files easily as long as you find the right encryption. There are certain files types that GarBro doesn't have a recompiler/packer. That's .med, .msd and .msg. .gyu files. Also extraction doesn't work for .gyu files. For pictures in .gyu files you need to use the convert multimedia tool but you can't extract scenarios either. It frustrates me to no end that there is is no recompiler for these file types. There needs to be a GarBro updat
  5. Well I give up. Guess I can't recompile the scenario files for saiminjutsu4. No proper recompile/archive creator out there.
  6. Ohh .gyu I think I remember now those are from imouto paradise 2. Garbro extracts perfectly fine. Interesting enough if you pull a .gyu file into Photoshop it can read it. Just save but it can't recompile jpg or bmp back to gyu properly. If you want to save picture as a jpg you have to pull a .gyu file directly to Photoshop and save it to jpeg png or whatever format you want. What I want is someone to tell me how to recompile .med scenario files.
  7. Don't know if anybody find anything for a complier/repacker for .med files that works without python? I've tried Garbro without setting the archive type. While it creates a file, the game won't load due to some error. I don't think garbro can compile the archive properly. Anybody have any solutions for repacking .med files? I tried asmosus's tool but it doesn't work. Also asmosus's tool when extracting corrupts the files. By the way I edited the md_scr.med file of Saiminjutsu 4 but I can't find any tool to properly recompile the damn thing. I guess there are only tools for the CG's but I wan
  8. Wait...GarBro can repack scripts? Where is that feature? I extracted some scenario files from the md_scr.med. I edited the scripts in notepad++ and now I'm ready to repack. But I'm not sure what program to use for repacking .med scripts. I'm not sure what engine this uses but it's a Fudegakisoft game (saiminjutsu4). Is there away to repackage scripts to an .file. By the way all the scenario files extract from the md_scr.med have no extension but I was still able to open them in notepad++. All I need is as re compiler.
  9. Unfortunately I'm unfamiliar with the engine. The company is Fudegaki Soft which is a semi-independent company that has staff from BlackRainbow. My First goal has been trying to repatch senario files for sprite CG's to use in-game play the full body sprites instead of the half body sprites. Next goal was to work on event CG's by uncensoring. I don't translate and the person I was gonna have help translate dipped out on me. So My main focus is the two goals listed above.
  10. Do you know what programs to use for MSD scenario files and MED files? I need an extractor and compiler.
  11. Looks like the extraction failed. It still shows weird characters. it's super hard to determine the file organization tree when the text is illegible. I also tried extracting an older game, Bakyunyuu Kissa and I got better results as seen below. But I still see garbled messes. I at least can see evt images an dialogue text with Bakyunyuu kissa but I can't see sprite CG references. I wonder if it has something to do with the language notepad++ is set at. Maybe change it to python, C++ or something. Anyways the image below for Bakyunyuu Kissa shows other problems. Also ignore how the file isn't
  12. So i've able to extract the scenario files from saiminjustu 4. But of course those files don't have any file type extension on them. When i try to open any of the scenario files in notepad++ I get a garbled mess. any help I'm trying to change the picture references for uncenosred pictures as well as translating. Thank you.
  13. I'm trying to extract the scenario files from the md scr.med file from saiminjutsu4. I tried garbro but i can only extract the contents from the root file. I can't extract any of the scenario files so I can change coding such as translation and sprite image generation. Anyone have anything useful to help out? https://imgur.com/a/nx3j75p
  14. I'm needing to extract files from Sister scheme HD. They use .nme files, .det files and .atm files. I used gar-bro to open up the object.det file since that was the only file i could open with gar bro, and inside had the string file and scenario file i'm needing to fix standing CG problems that the developers didn't fix in the HD. However the files to extract are .o files. so it would be something like main01.o and I can't further open those files to extract. I need an extraction program and a a repacker program that can deal with those types of files so I can fix the issues with the CG. I'm g
  15. Well JAST USA licensed the main game...SO maybe that's a reason why the group disappeared because the Majikoi A series may get licensed as well? Where did you buy those?
  16. Trying to extract scenario and script files from 健全!変態生活のススメ. the files are ypf. So yeah need help the game came out this year.
  17. How do i repack .pac files. I extracted the the script file which was srp.pac files as .srp files but now i need to repack all the .srp files into .pac files.How do i repack .pac files. I extracted the .pac files as .srp files but now i need to repack all the .srp files into .pac files. I can only find tools for pak and not pac. I used garbro to extract the data but now I need to repack the files. What do I do? By the way I'm doing this for Lune games. I'm going to be editing the text and also how the sprites appear on the screen. I also need a packer/unpacker for MSD files s
  18. Alright. Also do you know any repackers for .gyu files? What's interesting is that fuwanovel has a thread about unpacking and extracting data, but there isn't a thread dedicated to repacking edited data.
  19. What tool extracts pictures to .gyu files? Like stuff from Moonstone Cherry. I'm looking at Imouto Paradise. Garbro doesn't work. Says this is not a resource file.
  20. I am trying to find repacking tools for images I've extracted from .pd files but I can't find any repackers for this type of file.
  21. And Sekai Project just announced it's licensing of DRacu-riot. Also seems the handling of this IP seems super shady.
  22. Okay so I'm working to translate Nanatsuiro Drops. I've extacted the game_sys.dat file but inside that file has a scenario.dat file labeled as an arcive. I can't extract anything from the scenario.dat file. If someone can get me the scripts for Nanatsuiro Drops and a program to recompress the data, I'm willing to translate it. Unisonshift makes their games hard to translate.
  23. So yeah I had xp3tools-20060708 to work but it doesn't work anymore. But I can't find a tool that exacts data from Complets games because their file format is in MPX, GDS and VMD. The .GDS I'm assuming is character images. The .VMD I'm assuming is voice and the .MPX is script/text. There was a tool on wiki that could extract mpx files but the person who programmed it requires you to have python installed. I don't want python installed because I have no clue how it works, what "embedded into variable path" means, etc. I'd rather not mess installing python when I don't know the effects it would
  24. I'm trying to extract data from Lose's game Maitetsu and I can't the programs to work. Also I'm not sure how to extract the game data from COMPLETS games like 野外学習2 and 野外学習3, and then re-packt them.
  25. So, how is this coming along...and is the rest of the project seriously being translated by Google Translate? *cringes*
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