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  1. yeah my system locale was set on japanese i just erased the invalid characters when installing the game, now it's working thanks alot!
  2. I can't seem to install the game, this window keeps popping up whenever i try installing it http://imgur.com/CDH5yrJ I have DirectX and I set my locate to Japan anyone know what's going on?
  3. I ended up uninstalling Fraps, I'm now using Dxtory and it's back up and working. The problem was the config file in my "みなとそふと\マジこい!" was corrupted for whatever reason so I ended up deleting my saves and downloaded a 100% save file from Sagaoz. Thanks for helping out appreciate it! I will be primarily using Dxtory and OBS now, Bandicam doesn't work for VN's unless I get the Japanese version. Yeah it had nothing to do with my recording software suprisingly, the Majikoi config file was corrupted so once I deleted it and got a new one it started working again. Thanks for helping out! I really appreciate it.
  4. I've been recording scenes from the first Majikoi game and Majikoi A-1 and just today when I tried recording again it didn't work. It won't even show the FPS on the game anymore. When I tried Fraps, FPS isn't shown so I can't record. Same problem with Dxtory it just stopped working all of a sudden. With OBS the audio works but the video doesn't, just shows a black screen when I try previewing or recording. Currently on Windows 8.1 AMD Radeon HD 7640g, I've updated all my drivers and tried reinstall Majikoi but it still doesn't work. Anyone know what's happening?
  5. Does anybody have a 100% completed save file for Da Capo II? I can't seem to find one on Sagaoz
  6. Today is just not my day, I've seem to run into another problem. Windows 8 did an automatic update like usual, I came back and tried to play Majikoi and all my saved files were gone... I can't find the files anywhere, I've checked the game folder, installation folder, my program files, everywhere. I looked on other forums and people have been saying their pictures, videos, etc have been deleted too after windows 8 updates. They retrieved them back by restoring documents back to default, I've tried that with the Majikoi folder but nothing I still don't see my saved files. Does this mean I have to replay that loooooong ass prologue and redo Momoyo's, Wanko's, and Yukie's route again? (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
  7. Nope nothing, well I just won't this play this VN I guess haha. Thanks for trying to help, appreciate it.
  8. I'm currently running on Windows 8, the game downloaded and runs fine but It's still in Japanese. I've tried redownloading it and redoing the installation steps but I still run into the same problem. I've tried doing the steps here https://forums.fuwanovel.net/index.php?/topic/2645-game-release-ikinari-anata-ni-koishiteiru/ [Press Spoilers] But I don't have the menu on the top like the images and when I try Alt-C nothing pops up. Can anybody help me?
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