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  1. Months of hyping, years of waiting and we got ZTD. One of the most disappointing finale in a series ever. And not just disappointing but inconsistent, badly written piece of fiction. Sure the previous games had their own problems but this time they failed and when I said failed I mean they literally shat on everythingthe series was building for. Now of course bashing ZTD has become a trend nowadays and the only entertaining thing about ZTD has become the memes. But I think looking back on it and analyzing it’s mistake is very important for the ZE fans and especially the fans who want to l
  2. I know it won't be that good. I will just outline all of the plot and leave it so that the fanfiction writers could use it. It doesn't matter if it becomes an actual novel or not it's completely fan based . I will be really happy if someone did write a few dramatic scenes but that's about it.
  3. Fanfiction. i will just outline all of the plot and post it on ZE related communities. The writing part is completely voluntery. Fans themselves would write the part they wish. So it's basically fans creating the 3rd installment themselves since Uchikoshi trolled us. But i still would love it if you Uchikoshi gave me money for the ideas and recreated the game. Never hurts to dream i guess.
  4. *Spoilers for all 3 games (999,VLR,ZTD) * Zero time dilemma is a disappointing finale for the series. The previous games had their issues but I saw it as a very creative story. I appreciated the structure and effort put into it. But not ZTD. I am thoroughly disappointed with the game so I’m making my own version of the story and will outline all of the plot giving you guys the 3rd installment we all needed and deserved. This is gonna be a huge project. So please take your time to read. So first things first. I’m your host bilguun alix nickname: slakroid.
  5. I’ve realized that I actually experienced a lot of stories written by Uchikoshi. So I thought that I should share my thoughts on his works and analyze his abilities as a writer. I have played Never7( 40%), Ever 17 (20 % probably), ZE franchise (100%) and watched Punchline(100%). Pros Good characterization One of the reasons I think ZE franchise is better than danganronpa is because the characters feel a lot realistic and their personalities are rich. You can never explain the character’s personality with few simple words because they act differently in diffe
  6. Summer is closing in and every cool boys and girls are hyped for zero escape time dilemma . But I want to say sorry to you all because I’m not going to hype the fuck out of it. Instead I will write a critical review which reveals some bullshit Uchikoshi ran away with. Let’s start with 999 shall we?* HUGE SPOILERS SO NO COMPLAINTS IF YOU RUIN YOUR EXPIERIENCE OKAY? * Overall VLR might seem like an epic tale but in reality it is a trainwreck. Noting makes sense and I bet ZE3 will have a hard time covering up it’s bullshit. I give VLR as score of 6.7/10( above average) just becau
  7. Long ago when your SAO and high school of the dead were thankfully not made, Lawrence a travelling merchant meets a hot sexy naked wolf girl who doesn’t have a nipples for some reason. *clears throat* And due to her request Lawrence decides to take her to Disneyland I mean her hometown. Be prepared for all of the economical talk where you rewatch a scene five times and you still don’t understand. You may act like you understand like most people or you could be honest and say your confused…just like me. But don’t worry this isn’t an educational anime because there are tons fun activities suc
  8. The following is written for pure entertainment purposes. Spoilers below. Directed by the infamous Shinichiro Watanabe who gave us shows like Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo comes an anime original that will save the modern anime industry, ZANKYOU NO TERROR. An anime that has an amazing original premise about terrorism, it would have stayed original if they didn't try to copy Death note. A show that has a deep hidden messages like: America is evil, blowing buildings are good unless you kill someone, cops are freakin bad at their job. Meet the most memorable cast that you will never fo
  9. Wow that is really rough As for me my dad and i played 999 together. I translated the text from english to my native language and then the elevator scene came up. Just try to translate that scene loudly if you are not from england or america
  10. zankou no terror. That is all https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmqRsIudBII
  11. i really appreciate the zero escape series and it has the most interesting story telling i've ever seen. But what i noticed after playing this game THREE times is that it has few ???plot holes??? that i have found or believe to be unrealistic. So with no further stalling let's begin 1. In the knife/safe ending clover goes through door 1 along with seven and lotus and i believe that she encountered musashidou. Some people said she killed him, some say santa and june removed him. WTF is up with that??? We need more explanation. 2. In the submarine end ace kills all of the players b
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYEAaRo0ZCg So long so good. Finally tokyo ghoul season 2 has arrived. One of the things i realized from the first episode is that- OMG THE OPENING WHYYYYYY? The new opening wasn't that BAD but it wasn't quite as good as i was expecting. I know the lyrics does make sense but the art style and the song didn’t fit the show. The animation is great like always, there aren't many things that changed. But i think that kaneki's kagune wasn’t displayed like the final episode of the first season. AND I DON’T KNOW A GOD DAMN CLUE WHY KANEKI JOINED T
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