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    Oh, I'll take a guess! MangaGamer will start developing games using minori's IPs, and minori will sell them! With the power of friendship, they'll do together what they failed to do alone!
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    Hello everyone, I'm here with a progress update after 2 months XD. I've translated all the scripts of the Eushully room and the text for the terrains and obstacles. With this, I've translated almost all of the text (not counting images XD). There are only a few minor files for the voice actors and stuffs left. If I can find the time, I'll probably be able to finish them within this month. Also, @frontier14th, thank you very much for your support, but you don't have to check back everyday for an update XD. I usually post an update around the middle of each month, so you can just check back around then. Or you can follow this thread to get a notification whenever there's a new post. Well, that's about it this time, Thank you for reading, and see you next time ^^.
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    Since the VN industry is a lot smaller than say... the general video game industry, I was always kinda interested how the process of localizing VNs goes, especially since many people are familiar with how fan translation process is. A lot of what I learned was talking with some people who work in the industry and observing the actions and reactions of some people in the industry. Others were assumptions and inferences based on how I think a company would work based on what I heard. I may be wrong or misinformed on some of these things, so I'm open to be corrected. -------- Figuring out what to license You would think all these licensing companies would just listen to whatever the online community wants (MangaGamer's survey results seem to indicate what the most requested titles are). However it looks like there are major factors that really decide what can or can be considered to license What are the most popular fan requests What has good looking art What are personal favorites of people on the team What can you actually afford to bid on a license that's up for grabs Would it be the first license with a company? If so there's risk management of even being able to get license. Would it be a license with a company that's already had a previous English release? If so, it could be a bit easier to get this license, especially if the previous release did well. A bunch of other factors I can't think of -------- Negotiations, Obtaining a License and Funding So now that you have some ideas of what to license, how do you get it? You need to have connections or be able to go to Japan to be able to advertise yourselves and talk to Japanese VN companies for these potential licenses. This seems to be the localization company CEO's job or at least someone of high authority. There's some Japanese companies who refuse to allow official English releases. Not sure if it's related to risk of their funds or PR in the west or they just don't want to deal with extra international business relations. For more popular Japanese companies/licenses there's some kind of bidding process to properly get a contract for a license. Naturally, the highest bidder would win a title. If you can get talks with a company there's likely negotiations of what the company will allow in a release (mosaics, sometimes actual 18+ to begin with) and stuff like costs, resources, and potential release dates. Depending on what the company will allow in an international release, negotiations could take longer which delays the actual startup of a project. Some Japanese companies may only commit to letting a license be taken if something like Kickstarter is used. I know some people hate the idea of Kickstarter, but if I'm not mistaken Japanese media culture relies a LOT on first day/week sales. So a Kickstarter would be needed for at least some titles to even have a chance of making it over. If a Kickstarter fails (almost never happens) then I'd think the deal would be off. -------- Starting up Project, Translating, Editing, QA So now that a license has been successfully negotiated, when do you start the project? One thing to keep in mind is that a lot of the people who take part in the translating, editing, QA, Image Editing, etc are freelancers and many of them work on at least 2 of the major licensing companies. So as far as choosing the team you'd have to keep in mind How many projects are the current list of freelancers taking on the moment each? Do they seem reliable enough to meet deadlines (if there any really hard ones to be met)? How busy are they in real life? As this is freelancing, it might not be a typical 40 hour week (might even be way less, or more. Maybe depending on project, I don't know) As far as prioritizing the project you just got, do you wait for the whole team hired to be finished with their other projects first? Or is it ok to put later ones on lower priority have the team multi-task at first then just increase the title's priority later on? My guess is the order would be based on the order the company got each license, but that may not always be the case. It's possible the Japanese company wants to work on a different VN first, or some want tighter deadlines which can move other projects around. ---------- When to Announce a Project This is an interesting one. I've seen projects announced as late as when they're pending Steam review/only a month from release and ones that apparently just got licensed not even a week before the announcement. This can make this part of the release difficult because the longer something is announced and not released, the angrier and more impatient the fans get. But on the other hand, announcing a project earlier can get fans excited, especially if there's nothing that's interesting them at the moment or not. Most companies do it differently but it seems like these days most like to wait when there's at least a 50% TL/Edit Progress done on the project before announcing. There's still a couple that seem to announce things when they're far from being released or even started on. ----------- Delays for releasing Project or Giving Status Updates, or Taking Too Long in General No one likes delays. It makes the fans unhappy for having to wait, it likely makes the JP company confused/upset for not meeting deadlines, and the localization company would rather not risk PR and they'd much rather have a project released to make their fans happy, have something off their plate, and earn money. However, at the end of the day there's many things that can prevent a company for delaying project and/or not giving consistent updates. A lot of it depends on the company but some major factors can include: The translators/editors/QC didn't meet their expected deadlines A bug found through QA causes a potential release date/window to be pushed back Team Resources got moved around to other projects or got replaced. This could be a problem with Translators in general especially with different TL styles. Image/UI Editing might be more difficult/time-consuming than expected Waiting for feedback from Japanese company. Whether it's just general approval for the VN to release, getting CGs with no mosaics, them asking for things changed, or extreme worse case... the project is cancelled or given off to a different company. Negotiations of including the VN on specific storefronts, ESPECIALLY if the dreaded Steam wait is included which could be up to half a year depending on the evaluation As far as Kickstarter updates go, it seems to be based on how far along the project is. If a Kickstarter was done around when the project was basically almost finished TLd/Edited/QCd then it's probably easier to give more updates of what's being done, especially if it's closer to release. If the Kickstarter was specifically to get the license and start the project, it's safe to say its priority will be based on how many translation projects are ahead of that one. If there are plenty of projects to work on and no resources, expect updates to be much slower. Backerkit... is based on the availability and how busy the Kickstarter runner is, especially if it's someone with a lot of work like the CEO. ---------- Anyway, these are my personal insights on the official localization process of a Visual Novel. Hopefully it gives some insight on the process if you don't know or creates some discussion, but feel free to disagree with me on any of my points if you want.
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    You can find the list in this Google Doc here. I've been reading visual novels for almost 10 years, and it's still one of my favorite fictional mediums. Part of that is because of how much I love these characters and how long you get to know them in these stories. Now that I've read just about every English TLd VN I was interested in, I figured it'd be good to do this list as I go into reading VNs in Japanese and share which characters and experiences I've enjoyed the most. There's a simple TLDR list at the bottom of the doc you can access on the left side menu if you just want to see that without going through 30+ pages of writeups. I chose not to include characters from series like Ace Attorney, DanganRonpa, and Zero Escape since those are popular enough and have enough gameplay to be considered just games and it was already tough to narrow down the characters I had for this list and wanted to highlight more from the text-only visual novels. For Fun here's the spread of characters by localization company: MangaGamer- 6 JAST - 9 (8 currently unreleased) Sekai Project - 10 (2 currently unreleased) Sol Press- 1 Nekonyan- 2 MoeNovel- 5 Frontwing- 3 (All currently unreleased) Degica- 2 Fan TLd Only- 9 EVN original- 3 Feel free to give any comments, gushing, or dunks on my opinions. Or to ask why certain characters are/aren't on my list. Or which characters of yours are your favorites. I'll answer whenever I can.
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    Well that was out of the blue
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    PRETTY X CATION https://vndb.org/v14005 Description Spring has come to Tokyo once again, except this year you’re now living alone after your parents had to leave due to work. You’re renting a room at an apartment run by your aunt, who bluntly asks you, “Could it be that you’re not interested in girls…?” Well, of course you are! It’s just that you haven’t had much luck finding someone. “Your youth is now. Go and find your love or you will regret it later.” With just that little push, you feel a little confident that it’s your time to fall in love. Yes, your love will begin to bloom now… While the old-style dating sim concept is still the same, this new title is produced by a different staff. Source: VNDB Project Staff Translator: Me Image Editor: Me Quality Checker: Me Programmer: Still Me Progress UI /Image Translation: 786/1650 Images Edited (Lovely Call System, Items, and Places on edit) ( https://imgur.com/a/r59kqKA ) Lines: Only Prologue is Translated (Route Lines including Append Life: Untranslated) Expected Release Date: December 20, 2019 Q. Recruitment? A. I haven't attempt to recruit one, just support me on paypal for motivation. https://www.paypal.me/kurosakijin or ko-fi https://ko-fi.com/kurosakijin Q. Are you a CG Artist? A. Yes. Q. Can you Uncensor the H-scenes? A. I can, but you have to pay me. Its not the same as Manga Gamer Decensor, but a Digital Redraw Decensor (meaning I will draw the d*** and the v****a myself) Note: For more concerns about the Project just comment, if someone takes over it, then I will close this thread.
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    Hi from Spain

    Hi. I am a Spanish user, and the main reason for me to registrate was to find a way to translate the new remastered version of Saya no Uta (from English to Spanish). I already discovered how to unpack the 2003 version, but the 2019 version is encrypted in another different way. I hope to find solutions here.
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    The link is here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfg-ty6HRuZ4qesbON7bv0ML55lC7Od1mV7mRibo3QlttNqmQ/viewform I'm a western VN (EVN) developer, and the purpose of the survey is to help myself and other EVN devs understand things like the demographics and content preferences of our target audiences, as well as make decisions about things like which platforms and storefronts to release on. It should take 5-10 minutes to complete. I appreciate your time!
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    Does that even count? If it did I guess my first would be the Love Hina dating sim made by the same people. My second would be the Galaxy Angel one. I stumbled upon it while exploring the adult games on newgrounds like any good middle schooler would do(or maybe I was a freshman) I liked the game so much that I decided to read the Love Hina series and I really loved it at the time. Of course with Galaxy Angel that love never faded. Of course, my first vn was Galaxy Angel proper and I loved it absolutely loved it. My favorite character was finally given the chance for her to shine and it was just really sweet.
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    VNs with rap/hip hop aesthetic

    I see a fair amount of VNs with punk rock/heavy metal aesthetic, so i would like to know if there's any VNs with rap/hip hop one. Some examples of "hip hop aesthetic" would be Boondocks or even Afro Samurai.
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    What Anime are you watching now?

    Was looking for something good to rewatch with my wife and spotted Kotoura-san and we watched that through. What a great fun show that was. Had a nice balance of (resolving) drama, comedy, light ecchi, and romance. Loved it. It had been so long since I watched it that I'd virtually forgotten what happened. I need to find more gems from the past that I haven't seen in ages instead of watching the vast quantities of new crap that keeps coming out.
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    What to license It's a basic supply and demand problem. What's available, how much it costs to sell, how much you can expect to sell at what price. The best deal isn't necessarily the most-wanted title. Licensing Mosaics can be a major sticking point. Some companies don't want to release an ero version overseas at all. Timeline The process goes at the rate of the slowest step. In many cases, this is the interface between the JP dev and the English localization team. God help you if you encounter problems that only the devs can fix, and they see your project as their lowest priority (typical).
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    Hello I am very happy to see that you are trying to translate this awesome game on your own. If you do need help, feel free to ask me. All the best
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    Ittaku you are the best. It literally blew my mind, when I heard that Ittaku isn't some fan tl group but a single guy doing all the translations. I can't even convey with words how much impressed I was. Its too late but Thank you very much for to heart 2's translation. You are like a celebrity for me.
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    Are you still looking for a translator? I took a Japanese for a couple of years so I could help out.
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    Summer 2019 Anime Discussion

    I agree. I started out thinking this would be a great season but so much has faded over time. Maou sama is boring now despite being initially hilarious, Two hit mama is lame arse mom love shit, Hensuki barely gets a smirk out of me, Katsutte kami desperately needed a much longer running and rushed AF, arifureta was appalling from the get go, but managed to get worse (long since dropped now), cop craft has serious production issues but is still kinda okay, uchinoko is soothing iyashikei but not much else, dumbbell forgot to actually be funny or ecchi, failing on both counts, fire force is as you said, joshikousei, sounan, and Tejina barely get a grin, and there was sooo much I dropped. However, it's not all bad. Savage girls is really pleasing, astra and dr stone are both intriguing, accelerator is okayish, danmachi is good fun. Kimetsu no Yaiba really stood out as you said, and based on its pacing desperately needs about 3 more seasons if it's to fully explore all the characters, Tanjrou's evolution, and the downfall of the 12. My biggest disappointment is Mix though. I really expected magic from it like the original Touch anime it's a sequel to, or even better Cross Game (also by the same writer) but instead it's been pretty plain sports anime. Weirdest part of all I can't get my head around is the sound mixing (pun intended) in it. The sound effects are ten times louder than the voices, making it really distracting.
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    Summer 2019 Anime Discussion

    Aye, that was pretty powerful. Also, it sets up pretty nicely what the second season will be about. I'm kind of excited for it, because the first one is kind of one giant piece of setup and character introduction. Although, I'm kind of unsettled how Tohru was treated in that sequence... That girl is putting up with way too much and most of the time it feels more disturbing than admirable, even though the show tries to push very hard how her doormat attitudes are universally a good thing. I guess they at least removed some of the misogynists tropes connected to Akito, but still, the show has some issues... EDIT: I guess while I'm in this thread, damn, there are some stinkers in this season. Fire Force is slowly degrading into brain-dead mess of obnoxious harem tropes and nonsense shounen cliches. On the other hand, Kimetsu no Yaiba grew into something truly excellent. It took me a while, but I'm now super-invested in all these characters and the strange setting. It's pretty obvious it'll have a second season and I can't wait to see things escalate even more. Plus it's pretty fascinating how the show uses pretty realistic passage of time, I have a feeling like we'll see a decent part of Tanjirou's life before everything gets resolved...
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    Summer 2019 Anime Discussion

    If anybody else has been following the Fruits Basket reboot, that episode was the clincher. I've been waiting for that scene since seeing the original many years ago, but it still floored me. Damn I wept so hard.
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    Aokana Release by Nekonyan

    Probably because the other stores don't have a "key function" at all as far as I know.
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    Hey, everyone! I wanted to mention that a new public release of the game has been made available today. Highlights include upgraded sprite art for two of the main characters, the first CG and two additional story paths for the existing consensual and villainous routes. Full update notes below. I also want to say thank you for the interest shown thus far! However, I can understand not wanting to play the game in its current state, not just because some of the existing writing is likely to get revised later on, but also certain decisions are going to have a lot more weight to them for a new reader once there are fully fleshed-out alternatives available. What's New (September 14th 2019): Nozomi's new sprite has been updated with a full range of outfits New initial sprite art for Sayori (limited functionality) First CG has been inserted into the game, depicting the start of the game's two darker routes New path added for Nozomi's consensual route, starting from the third day New alternate choice added for the Villainous route along the robot path, leading to a very different conclusion Added a secondary character to accommodate the Villainous route additions Nozomi's consensual route ending has been slightly expanded Removed Kyou's side sprite (Did he ever need one?) Two new music tracks added. One for the title screen and a few of Kyou's bedroom scenes, and a creepy one for the new robot path ending, because it wasn't quite creepy enough already... Fixed a bug in Nozomi's consensual route where Nozomi's hypnosis trigger was being overwritten Fixed another bug in Nozomi's consensual route where Sayori always talks about Nozomi forgetting a number while giving her rundown of events in day 6, even if you changed Nozomi's name instead. Nozomi's and Sayori's nametags have had their colours altered slightly, matching their new sprite's hair colours Kyou's nametag colour has been changed to green to more clearly set his speaking lines apart from the others Word count is now almost 74,000 (up from about 63,000 in the previous release) Miscellaneous spelling and grammar corrections and script tweaks
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    From what little i could understand from your question, you didn't play the Agave route from the original MajiKoi (where Tatsuko and Yamato get to know each other)? You have to play the 5 main routes on the original to access Agave.
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    Funniest VN

    Hello All!, I was wondering if any of you guys could recommend a VN that is downright hilarious, I have been away from the Vn scene for a while so i was wondering if anything came out that was funny recently I really enjoyed Edelweiss and Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! Thanks for all the Help! -Neo
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    Fred the Barber

    Hippoboar Rancher, anyone?

    I imagine this mostly flew under the radar, but a certain former PR rep, once known as the nicest guy in the VN industry, is translating this charming-looking indie game which is getting a Kickstarter to fund the translation: They already hit their funding goal, but consider showing them some love anyway; the game does look fun and goofy, and knowing Ian, the localization should be a riot.
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    Galaxy Angel Who saw that one coming? Oh yeah, Bloom Into You as well.
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    Well, a dead company working with a company that can't even sell its own products anymore? Sounds exciting! Most likely, a localization of an older game.
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    My first was Saya no Uta. I thought it was pretty cool and interesting, but over time my positive opinions towards it gradually decreased.
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    What are you playing?

    Hey, it worked for the Flintstones
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    Noratoto - 18+ Restoration Project

    Btw, just to make a small update while we are here. We got some attention on OAG today, and the progress that was mentioned there was when I originally posted this thread. Right now, at this very moment, we are at 6% for the TL of the H-scenes, courtesy of @Zephyrast
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    Isn't there a theory that all KEY games are in the same universe? It'd be great if it is a thing. I like the idea of a shared universe, as long as it is consistent.
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    I'm pleased to see more of the To Heart world getting attention, having translated To Heart 2 myself. Good luck with the project.
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    as i said in my comment, its just a "trick"... just put the force linebreaks code before the cutted line/word, the code is as follow: \n dont put the code during translation, you'll get tired with editing, so put it on proofreading or at the point you sure you dont make any translation mistake...
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    D.C. Da Capo III

    Here is a modified version of Otakulair's Da Capo 3 walkthrough Go ahead and check out their site for VN news The first 4 heroines on the list MUST be completed first(in any order you choose) before proceeding to the other routes! The (*) indicator means different CGs for both choices, if you want all CGs unlocked make sure to save before commencing these choices. Morizono Rikka Rukawa Sara Yoshino Charles Katsuragi Himeno Hinomoto Aoi TRUE END Scene Recovery (This is essentially covering all other choices you did not pick in the previous routes) Side Episodes END (Must have all previous routes cleared, including scene recovery)
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    like this? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=446351691
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    Ikinari Anata ni Koishiteiru

    Ikinari Anata ni Koishiteiru Summary "Choujo-sama... You're a healthy young male so maybe it's impossible to avoid it but... How long are you going to keep groping me?" High-spirited Tane, bitter smiling Eika, cold gazing Ryou and new resident Tsumugu. How did Chouji's normal life suddenly become like the Palace of Versailles? The story is constructed like a slice-of-life light novel, albeit with lots of ichaicha since there's four heroines who are already at max affection with him. Ending Guideline / Suggested Route Order There are four heroines: Tsumugu, Tane, Eika, and Ryou. You may play in any order you like based on your preferences. Route Guideline I *think* the first three choices don't matter when it comes to locking in a heroine. Never got around to fully testing; PM me if otherwise. Yourou Tsumugu Onigase Tane Yanagise Eika Yukawa Ryou Bad End Attribution This walkthrough was created, formatted, and tested by Eclipsed. Yes, this walkthrough has the most views ands 'his' credentials on it, but it wasn't created by him, he just stole it bwahahaha, try again! Special thanks for information provided by predecessors who attempted to make this walkthrough (Sioxz, HackRabbits).
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    Aokana Release by Nekonyan

    To be honest, Steam is my ideal choice, but whenever I read VNs on steam they show up in my friend's recommendations and I don't feel like listening to them moan about how I'm ruining their store feed. I'll take Denpasoft or Mangagamer (assuming their store gets fixed) over JAST. I can get back into my accounts for either of those sites in under 5 minutes easily. For some ungodly reason I have to check all of my emails multiple times before I can figure out which one is linked to my JAST account. Of course finding the email is never enough, now I have to go through password recovery which, again for some ungodly reason, never works the first time on JAST.