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    Hello everyone, I'm back with another progress update. First of all, about the translation... I've finished translating all of the scripts for the story! (Yay! XD) Now, this doesn't mean that the game is fully translated. There are still many things that need to be translated such as the Eushully Room, the character information, etc. I'd say around 85% of the whole game have been translated. Next, around 1/3 of the menu images have been edited. Chapter 2 is still in tlc and editing. The in-game terminologies list is also being translated. I think that's about it this time. While this is quite a big milestone for us, it'll still be a while before the game is fully translated. Please bear with us until then ^^. Thank you, and see you next time ^^!
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    The key difference you're missing is that Sol Press is an all=ages company which sells more than just all ages visual novels. They also sell other products (especially LNs and manga) from license holders which will not accept being associated with adult content (unlike most VN license holders, since even those releasing all ages content are typically comfortable with 18+ associations, by the nature of the VN industry). There could conceivably be both an all ages site for Sol Press and an 18+ site for the separate company which deals with 18+ releases of the associated adult content of some of the VNs for which Sol Press releases all-ages versions. However, said site does not currently exist. Maybe it will in the future; I do not know any more than you. The all-ages shop is a sound business decision, because they will benefit from selling their LNs and manga, and yes their all-ages VNs, themselves. Whether it makes sense for that separate company to make an 18+ site to sell their wares, and to then go through all the associated likely payment processor woes mentioned here, is a separate concern. I'll also add that, from my understanding, payment processors handling adult content typically charge a great deal more overhead due to the higher-risk nature of the product, especially when dealing with small companies. Long story short, it's a lot more complicated than you're claiming.
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    Suggest VN´s for frontsite

    If you have a visual novel you want to be added to frontsite you can leave a suggestion here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScEb9_4tAFmq4sPag_lh98Mu99s15oGF8iW1U1PnSQDx93wlw/viewform if possible please include VNDB link. otherwise it might be added in due time, but submissions make them get up faster and easier for us.
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    @Plk_Lesiak I'm not sure if your original question was ever answered, so I'll hop in and see if I can help out In regards to tools and resources, here's a list of some with small descriptions, in no particular order. https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/purdue_owl.html Your one-stop-shop for literally anything grammar and writing. Great for both professional and personal work. https://app.grammarly.com/ I use this tool to help with the proofreading that word/google won't catch. 11/10, would recommend, but don't rely on it alone! https://www.thesaurus.com/ This site will help with both definitions and, well, anything any thesaurus would help with. https://www.google.com/drive/ For EVNs, Google Drive is standard. Studios that don't use it are very rare. Touch up with how docs and drive works, if you haven't already https://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/index.php The Lemma forums are great for stuff like this. Have questions? Looking for work? Here you go! https://github.com/ A tool many use for script implementation. Some studios require it as part of their editing pipeline. Good to be familiar with regardless. https://atom.io/ The best text editor you'll ever use. For real, use it! It even has Ren'Py in it as a recognized language. Here are some skills that are generally required: Editing Specific: Firm grasp of the English language Understanding of story mechanics/tropes/themes/etc Firm grasp of character voice Understanding of how to prioritize changes Understanding of assets and how the Visual Novel medium works For example, VNs are a visual medium. You don't need to describe the trees if they're already on screen, unless it's for a specific weight. Knowing what natural dialogue sounds like, especially for voice-acted projects All edited scripts, time allowing, should be read out loud before turned into the lead writer/editor/director etc. Firm grasp of how people act and interact. General Skills: Time management Communication (specifically with writers) Including the ability to give constructive feedback Firm teamwork skills/understanding of the chain of command To touch up on some topics mentioned in this thread: I do not believe that non-native English speakers cannot or should not be editors for English games. They most certainly can, as long as they have a strong understanding of conversational English. If you've been part of the English speaking world for a long while, even if you didn't initially start with English, you still can edit. The important part is that you must understand how it works from a real-world perspective, both academically and conversationally. Here's an excellent example: I've known people born outside of the US that moved over in their early twenties. Now they're in their fifties. I am not about to claim they can't edit. Another example: If you grew up in a multicultural/multilingual area, you're generally good to go. The internet is a wonderful place for that. Again, as long as you have a strong grasp of the language both academically and conversationally. Also, to tackle another more controversial side of the debate I've seen here: VNs are not pure novels, they are not prose. They are specifically written closely to their cousins, the screenplay. In fact, the jargon is the same! We write a VN script. We are going to edit scenes. This jargon comes from both video game and screenplay verbiage. Remember: in VNs, dialogue is king. Longform prose is not as useful, as VNs have a visual (and audio) element to them that novels do not have. Don't describe the tree in front of us if we can see it - unless it's important to the script in some way. The exception is, of course, for senses that we can't have even in games (smell, touch, taste, and if the VN doesn't have SFX or for accessibility reasons: sound). Also: it is VERY BAD PRACTICE to have editors only proofread. Generally speaking, if I'm hired on to consult or edit for a studio, and they have editors only for proofreading, I see that as a massive, massive, MASSIVE red flag. I get it, we love the stories we tell. We want them to be our own, right? Well, actually, no. If we're releasing the VN to the public with the expectation that we'll get good reviews or sales (or if we want to make people feel something), then we need to understand that we must be able to kill our darlings. That is to say, when we make a game, it isn't (generally) a solo endeavor. If we have an editor just for proofreading, then we're shooting ourselves in the foot. Of course, if we don't care about how good the game is and just want to make something of our own, go for it! Everyone makes games for different reasons, and I am very fond of (most) any reason to grow the community! Over the internet, there's a mountain of resources for editing, so I'm sure others can lead you to more useful resources. If you want to sit down and chat with me about editing, I'm always available! I've been working on (and editing) visual novels for half a decade. I also know a lot of bigger editors that you could talk to, should you have the need! Feel free to catch me on our Discord: https://discord.gg/watercress (My name is WolfGameDev [Watercress]#1785) Edit: Wanted to make sure I mention that these are just my opinions! We all have different experiences, and I don't want to devalue the other viewpoints. These are my opinions based on my experiences
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    So, I found this obscure idol group with a slight retro-pop/R&B feel and it became a constant source of amusement for me for some unexpected reasons... Otaku idol, lvl hard: Idol industry reality check, lvl soul-crushing:
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    Suggest VN´s for frontsite

    So some notes of things that been mentioned in survey: There will be a small survey hold in near future with some questions regarding for example titles without english patch or release should be on site etc. we dont have access to the survey results from last time tay did it over a year ago. so the reason titles show up on "recent releases" while not being recent/released is that we have a huge backlog to go thrue and add. the titles that show up in recent releases is the latest ones we have added to the site. once things is more up to date and we add things it should look better :-) and thanks for the sexy John Cena, a must read
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    Ahahahahahaha, you're not wrong about that. I recently graduated college, so I've began thinking that without classes and stuff, it feels really weird reading the stories of people who are supposedly "in the height of their youth" and stuff being in high school and stuff. Consuming stories like these makes me think back to my time in high school and makes me ask myself, "Why are their experiences so colorful and stuff when I just toiled over my 12 hour schedule and bulky assignments?" I sorta realized the answer to that at some point, but I find myself still wondering about that every now and then. In a way, it makes me feel lonely and sorta sad that I didn't make as much of my time back then like what these people are doing in these stories. But the feelings don't stop there. If anything, loneliness that comes up from memories of high school almost always comes up with vague nostalgia for me, regardless of being able to directly relate with the events in the story or not. I guess it's because more than 'making use of my experiences to the highest extent', I've began to realize that at some point in time I've worked as hard as they have for a certain goal, bantered with my friends so much that it made my stomach hurt, and grieved over something that I deem trivial these days. And that makes me feel good even if just a little, knowing that at some point, I was also living my own kind of story to the utmost extent that I can manage to. The loneliness ceases to come from not being able to live life to the fullest, instead coming from a sort of yearning for those times that have passed. But hey, I also use it as leverage to launch myself forward! If I haven't managed to do my best for the days that have already passed, then I'll do it for the coming days in the future! If I did live my days to the fullest ever since those times, then I'll continue doing so, even if the days currently feel stagnant! If it happened in the past, then I'm sure I can make it happen again. HS settings do make you yearn for those colorful experiences, but they also remind you that you can have those experiences, even as early as high school! Better late than never, you know! I hope you find these stories to be ones that remind you of good memories as you gain more years on you.
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    Kyoto Animation arson

    Either way, I think thinking about the perpetrator's motives is ultimately irrelevant. Whatever it was, it doesn't justify what they did to the studio, nor to the families that are grieving for the loss of their loved ones. Useless to talk about it, and pretty insulting to those that have died. Prayers out for those suffering from loss. If you ever want to help them monetarily too, you can opt to buy from their online shop instead so that they directly receive the money. It would be helpful if you buy products that do not need packaging as well to not burden their employees with the work. This guy lays out the process for doing it.
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    As I proud myself with my poor life choices, I'm flirting with the idea of getting into this wonderful, overcrowded and grossly underpaid niche known as editing and I was wondering whether the wise people around here, such as @Decay or @Fred the Barber could recommend any sources to learn about common tools and skills associated with said craft (preferably free, but reasonably cheap ones, like audiobooks or online courses, are also within my interests). If I ever go for it, I'd probably start with offering my services for free to some small-time EVN devs, to gain some experience (you don't need any unpaid workers in your projects @Zander? ), but it's still not something I'd like to go into blind. I obviously have experience with editing journalistic and academic work, but hardly in truly professional capacity. Any and all suggestions will be appreciated. PS And, of course, if anyone is willing to share their experiences on what editing work for VNs looks like in practice, it'll also be highly appreciated.
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    @Plk_Lesiak Anytime! I don't use the paid version of Grammarly, to be honest. Money is always tight, so things like that just nickel and dime my account As for game length, the average is 2-3 hours, roughly. Of course, this range is HUGE, but 20-40k is the range that I see most often. Smaller ones are pretty rare since short storytelling is a skill in its own, and longer ones require more resources, which many free studios don't have. A cool rule of thumb is that for every 10k words in a script, the game is an hour longer. 10k = 1 hour, 20k = 2 hours, and so on. Of course, this is a very rough estimate (and voice acting breaks this rule of thumb!) As for translations, that's entirely dependent on the genre, the reach, the scope, and the target audience. Analytics really help with that. Right now, English/Spanish/Russian/Chinese/Portuguese (Brazil) seem to be the big ones to look for translations on, Japanese being another decent one to translate to (but not as common as you think - they have JVNs to read). But I agree, this thread wasn't supposed to be about translation, just editing. If you need anything else, just say the word!
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    Kyoto Animation arson

    I am shaking right now. I donated $50 to their GoFundMe. I wish I could’ve donated more. https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-kyoani-heal
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    Some people are saying stuff like "no because high school sucked / wasn't particularly meaningful", but isn't that actually one of the main reasons it's such a popular setting on manga/anime/VNs? People who couldn't experience it fully get to live the student life through the characters in stories where those years are meaningful for them. And for those who are nostalgic for high school, it helps them relive it. I mean, this is one of the main reasons the high school setting is like, a cornerstone of anime. Personally, I'm generally nostalgic, but mostly for life at that age in general, not just school. Like, being excited by tons of random stuff, hanging out with friends for days on their/my house, playing games 24/7, etc.
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    I don't really know myself either, to be honest. I totally agree with what you're saying, it makes perfect sense. I just honestly get way too worked up about these kinds of things sometimes, and end up forgetting what point I'm even trying to make, lol. I should save that energy for the Moenovels and SakuraGames of the world, heh. There are some issues with the store, but it just launched so I am sure these are issues they will address in the future. (Like being unable to sell one of their own games. I am interested in seeing how they go about handling this one.) I do think they should still offer a link to their patches on the store, or if this gets them in trouble with their payment processor, at least mention that the games have been altered and that there is a patch available to restore the content. New customers finding this store, perhaps through the manga and light novels, won't know what "this is the all-ages version" means. The idea of patches being needed to play the full game is probably alien to them. They will probably get more "mainstream" customers specifically because Sol Press is a more "mainstream" company. I suppose this is the only real gripe I have with the site. The other companies you mentioned do this. KaguraGames offer the patches on their own website, which is linked on their Steam profile, and while CherryKiss does not have a store, we sell our games totally uncut on Steam. The theme here being that the patch / uncut versions of games are easily available and not hidden away on a secondary site that you need to know about to find. That I guess is the only real thing I would like to see them fix.
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    I don't really get what you're trying to argue here. If it's "every eroge localizer needs to have their own store", it would seem to be a silly thing to argue, given there are numerous other examples you can go after (at least one of which you yourself work for!). Sol Press making a store is independent of Panty Press making a store, for reasons which I think I laid out pretty clearly. Each of those actions comes with a separate cost-benefit analysis; the costs are separate (and quite substantial in both cases), and the benefits are separate (and much larger on one of those than on the other). What fact or consideration are you taking issue with here? There are lots of eroge loc companies performing this same cost-benefit analysis and ending up on one side of it (Denpasoft, Mangagamer, JAST USA), and lots of eroge loc companies performing the same analysis and ending up on the other side (Kagura Games, Cherry Kiss Games, Panty Press). I don't understand why it's something to get worked up about.
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    Funny fact: a guy that lent me his laptop during the MLP con a few days ago, where I was talking about fan VNs, had like a full Type-Moon library there. But other then that, the only Poles I've seen being into VNs are on this Forum (whole two of them, other than me). When I spoke about VNs at university, to other people interested in fan studies, they only had a vague idea of what VNs are. I'd want to hold a panel on VNs on Pyrkon one day, that would be a good way to find out whether there are any hardcore VN fans among Polish otaku. :> Yup, this is the reason I don't see much potential for translating VNs into languages other than English and Spanish, Western market-wise. Obviously, it's always cool to make your project more accessible, especially if it's small hobbyist VNs, but I can't say I'd find doing such translating work appealing if there's barely any target audience for it.
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    Suggest VN´s for frontsite

    Yes, there used to be about 3 times more then been avaible now :-) but already have fair bit of submissions and the walkthrough list(good suggestion) to go thrue so we will pass what we had before.
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    Suggest VN´s for frontsite

    Hmm. I'm pretty sure there were more VNs listed there during the dark past, or am I wrong? Edit. Also, since these VN pages are linking to the walkthroughs, wouldn't it be better to go through VNs that already have a walkrthrough available first?
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    Hello, I created an account here just to tell you that I've appreciated you and the team's work so much for this game! I've come to like Eushully since the time i played Kamidori and I'm glad to know that you're working hard to translate this game Good luck! The finish line is almost there
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    Sure, but you can just save yourself the trouble and buy it uncut on JAST, which is kind of my point. Not to mention, this way new customers won't know that there is a patch, as there is no mention of it on their website. Seems utterly pointless to me, as they already have their censored games on Steam. Why buy from this sore when you can buy A) the uncensored game on JAST or B) exactly the same version on Steam. The payment processor issue is clearly fixable, as Denpasoft, JAST, Fakku etc etc are all already selling eroge. They clearly chose some processor that's overly strict on adult content, and that's their own fault. They are selling eroge. What the hell are they going to do with games like Nukitashi? That game physically cannot be sold in an "all-ages version." You have no game left at that point.
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    https://vndb.org/v9879 here is one
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    Fuwanovel Logo Contest 4 Voting phase

    So the submission phase have ended, now let the best meme win. Voting phase will be open for 7 days. end on july 26. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.
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    Fuwanovel Logo Contest 4 Voting phase

    11 makes me nauseous
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    Thanks, Fred. I was just about to start hunting for a name before you brought her up. Sadly, looking up DAOKO lead to a traumatizing discovery of ME!ME!ME! Other than that, though, she is awesome!
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    I Need a detailed summary of a VN

    It's ntr. Either the protagonists dick was too small or generally limp and the girl got fucked by someone with a big dick and got hooked on it. That's the story.
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    Kyoto Animation arson

    Most recent news from NHK:
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    Kyoto Animation arson

    But aren't you jumping the gun a bit, believing the rumors - and rumored culprit's reasoning - already? He could as well just be insane without KyoAni screwing him over in any way. Some other sources/news claimed that he had no relations with KyoAni or anime business in general.
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    This is probably the happiest game OST I've ever heard.
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    I have experiencie porting game to kirikiri engine, what I can say is: - You need a way to extract everything, image, sound, and scripts. - You need a way to get the script source if the engine use binary scripts then will be a much hard task port to other engine, There are 2 ways to you port the game, one is the automatically way, that is what I did. I wrote a tool to convert the script, and I need say, it's hard to do a automatically accurate conversion, Then basically after the conversion I spend a time searching and fixing bugs manually, with this with a 50h vn I did in 3 weeks a entire funtional port. and this is the result: The automatically port it's like magic, but this is possible only if your game have non compiled script, and this include scripts like the catsystem2 that is binary but isn't compiled in machine code, then it's easy to 'understand' the script and convert to a kirkiri equivalent. I allways want port to kirikiri because is a engine that support many languages, and is open source. If your game script is compiled and is impossible to get the source of the game script, then the way is do everything manually basically play the original game while writing a script to do the same thing of the game. We have a example of this method, what this spanish group did, https://vndb.org/r30006 but they don't know how to extract the game assets then used fucking screenshots in their game by what I know, then, don't do this! I think it's what I can say, if the script can be extracted to plain text it's better try do a conversion tool that do the port work to you, then what you will need do after tis is just convert the game image, sound and videos, and to finish, test it.
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    If you've only read a several untranslated VNs, then you're likely not yet ready to translate. Especially not a decently sized title with a semblance of plot like Tasogare. As for tools themselves, back in the day, I think I saw somewhere on the net tools specifically designed for Tasogare. Try googling and seeing if you can find it. Right now I can't dig out anything, but I am fairly sure I did see someone sharing tools for Tasogare somewhere. There's a way to figure out the encryption on Kirikiri VNs too, but I forgot the method. Someone on Github shared it back in the day, so try googling it with "Github" in search terms.
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    Summer Pockets English Translation

    Decided to bump this thread because we have a new patch in that it'll cover Shiroha's route, or in term of the whole it'll cover at least one third of Summer Pocket so it should be quite substantial enough. Get Shiroha's patch at the download page here, and have fun if you just want to play Shiroha's route. PS - Just realized that Shiroha's seiyuu is Konomi Kohara, who is currently well known among PreCure fans because she voiced one of five STPC members (Hagoromo Lala/Cure Milky). Or if you've Kaguya fans you surely would know her as the seiyuu for Chika, and also she voiced Kukuri in Mahoujin Guruguru 2017 version.
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    Late to the party here, and I'm sorry about your situation there. As for the recommendations, I would say that all of the above are the good ones. So let me add some new one such as Saku Saku, Noble Works, Daitoshokan, and Koiresort here. Also seeing that I already recommend Hoshiori to you, let me recommend it once again to you and I think it should be the closest one to what you want. I hope that my recommendations here will be helpful to you.
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    Yeah, looks like this. Aftear all, didn't many of us learn their English mostly by playing games? However, as a side note, I'd like to point out that IMO PL fansubs for Toradora were much better than english ones BTW, sometimes I wonder, how many people in Poland read VNs. There definitely aren't many of them.
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    Here we are, folks! The last 48 hours before the Whiteheart Woods Kickstarter campaign ends! http://kck.st/2WKC2u4 If you're not indifferent to Whiteheart Woods becoming a reality, now's the last chance to help us out. Give us a hand in spreading the word - tell your family, tell your friends, share it with anyone who you think might be interested in giving this visual novel a try! We did our best to promote the campaign and reach as many people as we possibly could. Now, in these final moments, our fate is in your hands. It's not over till it's over, and win or lose, we had a great time along the way! To all of our current and future backers - thank you for believing in us! --- Handy links: Share our pinned tweet | Join us on Discord | Follow us on Steam Tumblr | Instagram | Facebook Whiteheart Woods Demo | Vote for your favorite character
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    I feel that way too, but surprisingly it nevertheless clicked for me, and in turn made me nostalgic for something I haven't experienced in the first place... It seems that I have become nostalgic for fantasy. Life definitely can be strange...
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    I recognize it as a fantasy and nothing more. For one thing, romance is never as clear-cut as it is in most SOL games... and for another, girls aren't that pretty in the third dimension. Becoming lonely... I do wish sometimes I could go back in time to kick myself in the ass, but that doesn't have anything to do with that kind of game, lol.
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    Hello, Thank you for your encouragements ^^ As for your question, yes, we are translating the appends as well. When I said I've finished with the scripts for the story, that also includes the story of the appends.
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    I feel a bit shafted that you didn’t mention me. 😂 @Plk_Lesiak, but seriously though, what’s your native tongue? Because you should be a translator. Hell, I could set you up at the one of few studios I work at. Or I can hire you myself to “edit” my VN into your native tongue. Of course, you have to familiar with Renpy and if you’re offering your services for free, I think translating a small kinetic VN is a great start. But if you’re heart is dead set on editing vs translating, then well, it’s get complicated. You see, I had an editor because it can get really murky when you’re charge of vision for MY VN. I don’t wanna sound mean, but whenever I hire an editor, it’s largely for proofreading. No story edits. No style edits. But..... we’re reaching a point in the medium where prose should matter more. Meaning that an author, who puts a comma, in a particular place, is doing so, with intent. Non natives may not get that because the English you learn is “standard” meaning that grammatical mistakes are always a problem but you’re a smart person you would now if a character is doing a particular dialect or this broken run-on sentence without a any punctuation is a James Joyce reference For some larger EVN studios, writers just come up with stuff and the editor is in charge of voice. I am not the biggest fan of that. But in a studio of 20+ people, you kinda need to have a voice that unifies everything. I am surprised that no one else has mentioned this. I just don’t like sending over my voice and then comes back all different.
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    What are you playing?

    Started playing KoiChoco. Was initially interested in it because of how beautiful the art was, but was a bit weirded out with the combination of themes in its title. I've been reading for around three hours, so I haven't gone far enough to really get into depth with any of the story elements. Yaoi sticks.
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    Personally I think more stores is always better than just one store where stuff is sold.
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    Personally I'm glad that they retained the "all ages version + optional patch" approach. Not all of them. Yotsunoha has been rejected from Steam, and I want all-ages version of it (and PS2 version suffers from horrible image quality, so it's a no go)
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    I wonder what they're going to do with that first "h-light novel" they say they've licensed... Patches for a book?
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    Yeah, they have to keep it all-ages and innocent because of payment processors, I guess.
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    School life with a bit of exaggerating

    Majikoi is Majikoi. There really isn't anybody who copies Minato Soft's style. Assuming you want things that are over the top... Appare! Tenka Gomen comes to mind Onigokko Kizuna Kirameku Koi Iroha (sort of a battle tournament school where people use magic weapons to fight one another in hopes of going pro) Hyper→Highspeed→Genius (Above has 'main story' and 'charage' routes based on choices you make) Tiny Dungeon series (probably the closest outside of Minato Soft games) Kamikaze Explorer (no true route, but it has solid story for the heroine routes) Yami to Hikari no Sanctuary (depending on your tastes, the atmosphere might be too dark, but it fits your basic requirements. Protag is Momoyo-level brought down to earth, lol) World Election Primary Magical Trouble Scramble
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    Man, this is so weird to me. I guess part of it might be you're doing it for cash and they're stingy, but still... --- If you're going to edit fan translations rather than trying to go professional (which I can't recommend, though nothing is impossible in this industry I guess lol), the skill in interpreting 'fantranslationese' and translating it to English gets much more relevant. Also, learning Japanese helps - and then you can always realize you should actually be a translator instead, fun stuff!
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    VN engine porting for translation purposes?

    Well, to be honest it wouldnt be worth it. if you want to "port" it into a new engine you have to basicly recode the entire game from scratch outside just exporting assets. not a thing you do in a hurry. and you could not share the translation in any way legaly as it would be major copyright infriction.
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    Ok, so just finished editing all of the UI elements provided in the patch. Below are a comprehensive list of notes about some of the changes/improvements I made. First of all, like I mentioned before, almost all of the PNGs were exported with dirty transparencies. So what I did was simply layering back in the orignal PNGs, clip the translated ones, and finally restore the original said transparencies. Below are some examples: Second, many of the translated exports have a lower bit-depth than the orignal. Although no visible differnces were observed in game, I've restored the original specs just in case/for future-proofing: Third, in the particular case of \Eng\p\item\icon_ichigo(karin, or mikan).png, the engine seems to struggle with their transparencies, resulting in tiny black spots around the image in game. Still, I've chosen to stick with what the original files were like, and retained their transparencies. Just know that if wanting to resolve it, you'd simply have to make the edges opaque, and the black spots would go away: Fourth, certain text knockout and layering seemed to be poorly done, so I remade them, albeit with a slightly different font, as seen below: Fifth, any minor blemishes (poor maskings and slight displacements) I could find were also fixed: Lastly, here's the files for download: MEGA Within the provided archive, there also are all the working documents of the images that I've touched (folder: PSDs), orginized by respective file paths in their naming, in case you need to further edit, or simply for reference. Let me know if I've made any possible mess-ups. Hopefully, I was able to help at least a bit. Good luck on finishing the translation!
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