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  1. "I have no regrets whatsoever about the fate I chose, bore, and walked to its end." "The reason is that I had only to but bear the burden alone. It was a situation where the madman known as Valzeride was the only one that needed to suffer to the end." "If offering up the Monster of Light as a sacrifice would bring my homeland prosperity, then there need be no hesitation. It truly was a perfect exchange. As I desired, I ran through the infinite hells to their end." "Believing to the end that, beyond the holy war, a shining future where someone would be able to smile awaited...
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  2. Clephas

    Magatsu Barai: Story

    First, I should note that this game suffers from what are likely budget constraints. I say this because some of the VA choices are... questionable. Ragou's VA in particular is something of a disaster, with a discordant mismatch between the voice and the characterization. This stands out even more because other choices like Kaen and Diran's male VAs are actually really awesome matches. I failed to properly articulate what the music in this game resembles at most sometimes... and that would be Persona 5. Something about a number of the tracks resembles the ones seen in that game enoug
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  3. Before someone asks, I merely paused the other VN to start Magatsu Barai (and Xenoblade Chronicles 3). I will finish it (eventually). Magatsu Barai is the first Light game to be made from beginning to end after the collapse of the company's original owners. As such, it is only natural (and unfortunate, at least to an extent) that some things will have changed. To address the elephant in the room for anyone who has seen the cover or sample cgs... The coloring really is that awful. I mean, how could any cg artist think those colors wouldn't be eye cancer? On the other hand, t
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