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  1. Albatross

    Novels like Subahibi.

    so guys what Vns are like like Subahibi?, its simply mindblowing for me, how deep the story is, and how good Subahibi plot is. like this is the first novel im replaying so i can understand everything. even thought at the start everything seemed like nosense, once the pieces of the puzzle started falling into place it was a amazing ride! i know this probably has been asked a thousand times already, but i gotta ask again....
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  2. Greetings, our dear friends! Today, we’ve got huge news for you! We want to tell you about the game we’ve been working on for quite some time now - Project Genome (this is a non-final name). Our team wants to improve most things in the game we all love, so we decided not just to update it, but to create a completely new game that allows us to fully incarnate our ideas. So, what’s it going to be? Firstly, and most importantly, we want to divide the game into 3 completely different parts: Gameplay, Plot and 18+ content. That allows you to play any of those parts separately to enjoy what you really want the most. Secondly, every aspect of those 3 things is going to be dramatically improved: Gameplay is going to contain a much more interesting completely reworked battle system with endless replayability; Plot is going to include more immersing relationship between the characters which you can have impact on; Content 18+ is going to be improved from all sides, especially in terms of visuals and animations. Thirdly, we want you to find the thing exactly you like in our game. But how can we do that if the “wrapping” is the same? Right! We completely change the visual style of the new game! You’re able to enjoy not only new mechanics in it, but its visuals, too! With the new beginning of such a huge project we really need your help to create the gaming experience we all dream about. If you want our next game to become as great as our team wants it to, please support us on Patreon. Your help tremendously increases our capabilities in the development! Only together we're able to make our way through thorn and briar to reach the stars! The announcement of the new game doesn’t mean we’re done with the first one. We still have something special up our sleeve for every one of you. Just you see! Thank you soooo soooo much for being with us, and of course, stay tuned for more! P.S. We’ve added new Patreon Goals specifically for Project Genome. There you’ll be able to see more stuff that we’d like to implement into the game. Eventually, we’ll add bonuses for all of you, our dear subscribers. If you’re interested, please consider following us on Patreon. We’ll be posting lots of info bout it on our page!
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  3. No much to say here other than congratulation on the release and I hope the people who play this would enjoy GSS here. I know that there's something more than gore as indicate by the title, although obviously it should be noted that there's a number of disturbing contents before you play this. Oh, and I still think that Metawo's art here is still looking good even after 16 years.
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  4. I think it's been over 8 years since the community effort was dropped and TL was abandoned and given to Sekai Project (which is the same thing as dead forever, tbh). But it actually and finally came out; The Hoshimemo Fandisc! I would like to tell you fine folks more about it, but in some wild turn of events, the HD Translation up for sale (the only version available for purchase) can ONLY be run in FULL SCREEN. There is NO windowed option in SIGHT. So I can't read it, because I can't read fullscreen VNs. But maybe someone else who still cares about Hoshimemo can tell me if it's a good release. For me, it failed straight in the options screen.
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