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  1. Gensou no Idea Paradise Lost Ikusa Megami Zero (not at first, about halfway through, then the rest of the series has the protag periodically losing his memories)
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  2. Happy New Year to everyone, late as it may be.
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  3. Mr Poltroon

    It's Santa Hat Time

    Is this finally the time to use my power?? Well, I do come in peace, and if you desire that I change down my profile no sooner than January 6th my earliest convenience to do so will be on January 6th itself, so I will do so then.
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  4. Emi

    Happy New Year 2022

    Late happy new year!
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  5. Looking for a new VN to read? Need a recommendation? Please read this before starting a new thread. If you don't find what you want here/want something very specific because you have particular tastes, feel free to start a thread. Try to be specific about your demand. If all you want is something good regardless of genre or particular elements, just consult the lists below, they have tons of stuff. Member Lists Some members compiled some lists of good titles. Maybe you will find what you want to read there. The Fuwanovel list of Notabl
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  6. Time will tell.. Time will tell. But you heard it here first. I'll remember to laugh at you if i'm right, and you can laugh at me if i'm wrong.
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