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  1. Hello guys Recently finished Shiny Days and liked Setsuna, but forced drama in the main route left me really unsatisfied, so I would like to find similar heroine somewhere else. I guess Dandere is the best trait describing this type of personality but I'm not 100% sure so correct me if I'm wrong. Both untranslated and translated VNs are welcomed.
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  2. Good luck to the staffs in regard of cleaning up the remaining of the work before finally manage to release the patch.
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  3. Looking for a new VN to read? Need a recommendation? Please read this before starting a new thread. If you don't find what you want here/want something very specific because you have particular tastes, feel free to start a thread. Try to be specific about your demand. If all you want is something good regardless of genre or particular elements, just consult the lists below, they have tons of stuff. Member Lists Some members compiled some lists of good titles. Maybe you will find what you want to read there. The Fuwanovel list of Notabl
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  4. Fiddle

    It's Santa Hat Time

    If you're looking for yet another hat, then I'm not ready.
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