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  1. Emi

    Now hiring : Review staff

    As i didnt have a thread about this i might aswell create one. its always relevant. Positions needed : Reviewers: Barely needs a description, play the vn´s provided and write down a review. experience isnt mandatory but good if you can edit the review yourself. we dont have much people. Leader: As a leader the job is abit more involved then reviewer position You will need to contact developers about review keys. Try keep a good relationship. Keep check on you´re team and hand out keys to people in
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  2. Merry Christmas indeed. Obviously take things at whatever pace is sustainable and as enjoyable as something like this can be. If I had any relevant experience, I would offer some help, but for now all I can really add is saying "Thank you so much, and this project is in our thoughts."
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  3. The longer I research the more I'm convinced of one thing: to say that Risu is underrated is not saying much~ And a nice take on v-tubing in general as a bonus. I don't think it applies to all of v-tubing (there are definitely people that try too hard or rely on a gimmick), but it definitely captures much of Hololive's success – they pick up people with personalities that easily shine through their v-tuber personas. Ones that use their gimmicks as tools to create entertainment rather than be defined by them. Risu and the whole ID gen 1 are good examples of that, but I think Risu
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  4. Google Translate knows
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