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    Just a little list I'm compiling for my personal art stream fetish, but I imagine keeping it public might both be interesting to others and help me keep it comprehensive. ^^ Because of me being an uneducated pleb with close to no Japanese skills, the list will focus on English-speaking creators (that is, those with at least some English content), with anyone else being delegated to honourable mentions. 1. Ninomae Ina'nis | Hololive | English – Ina is probably the most dedicated artist v-tuber, with frequent art streams, tutorials, art collabs... Also extremely skilful and able to keep up the conversation while drawing. 2. Airani Iofifteen | Hololive | Indonesian/English/Japanese – while Ina produces most art-related content of anyone on Hololive and beyond, Iofi is the only artist-themed v-tuber I know of and is probably a close second when it goes to output. Her streams have less of that Bob Ross-esque, cozy quality of Ina's content, but are still nice to watch and she definitely knows what she's doing. 3. Hana Macchia | Nijisanji | Indonesian/English/Japanese – the star of the Indonesian branch of Nijisanji is not primarily known for being an artist, but she's been creating that kind of content occasionally, with both drawing streams and tutorials. Considering she also sings well, speak three languages and is generally pretty entertaining to watch... I don't know where they get these people from. 4. Froot | Independent/VShojo | English – the British Succubus Lich definitely has the potential to challenge Ina when it goes to soothing qualities of her content. Her voice and personality are very cosy and her drawing skills extremely solid – unlike most artist v-tubers, she's an animation major rather than a hobbyist. Her first art streams were a bit slow, with her struggling to share attention between drawing and interacting with the viewers, but she seems to be getting used to the formula and will likely be a great source of content in foreseeable future. 5. Kani Kanizawa | Independent | English – another British vtuber that is just as promising as she is bad at getting out the message that she's an artist/showing off her work. Didn't produce art streams yet, but she says she wants make those in the future, after she buys extra equipment. Honourable mentions (English-speaking): Nana Nanatsuki | Independent | English – a popular online artist with clear focus on art streams. However, she went on hiatus soon after debuting. Moona Hoshinova | Hololive | Indonesian/English – I was surprised to find out that Moona is a decent artist, but she very rarely leans into that kind of content. It's quite fun when she does, however, and there always might be more in the future. Kuzuryu Io | Independent | English – mostly publishes simple lineart and chibi drawings. Does art streams, but with an overall shaky schedule. Paprika Gallus | Independent | English – frequent art streams, tutorials etc. – stylistically and content-wise slightly more detached from otaku culture. Stalkeralker | Independent | English – draws in a relatively simple, cute style and publishes art regularly on social media. Rare drawing streams. Momo | Independent | English – very rarely draws on stream, but shares art on social media – usually sketches/doodles. Outside of drawing, she likely has the best singing skills I've seen in all of v-tubing (not an exaggeration). Cecile | Independent | English – an artist publishing speed-paints and other art content on YouTube, now expanding into V-tubing. Currently in pre-debut stage. Honourable mentions (non-English-speaking): Pochimaru | Independent | Japanese – professional mangaka and author of Pavola Reine's model. She does very frequent art streams. Collabs often with Iofi. Shigure Ui | Independent | Japanese – relatively regular art content, but with limited output overall (around a single video a week). Her illustrations are very high-quality and she created her own avatar. Natsume Eri | Independent | Japanese – so, this girl is apparently an eroge artist with nearly two decades of experience? WTH? ...I guess her skills makes it believable and she once made a nearly 10-hour long art stream which is not something I've ever seen before. Seems very likeable and massively underrated, but my Japanese is still barely a thing, so I leave SIMPing for her to you guys. Konbu Wakame | Independent | Japanese – professional mangaka with predominantly art-related content, but a very scarce uploading schedule (usually 1-2 videos per month). Natori Sana | Independent | Japanese – a long-time v-tuber with a large variety of content and regular art streams. Uses a cute, predominantly chibi-like style. Mizuryu | Independent | Japanese – the very rare male artist v-tuber. Unlike most streamers, he mostly does comics rather than stand-alone pieces. Kagura Nana | Independent | Japanese – occasional art streams & posts art online. She's done a single English Stream in the past, but primarily does content in Japanese. Also, produces a lot of music videos/covers. Amicia Michella & Siska Leontyne | Nijisanji | Indonesian – lesser-known members of Nijisanji ID also do art content, but sadly never in either English or Japanese. Hoshimachi Suisei | Hololive | Japanese – being a competent artist is among Suisei's many talents, however she seemed to have dropped drawing streams after transferring to Hololive proper. I know there's a few I'm still missing and there's a lot of English anime artists that are aiming to go into v-tubing/will debut soon so I might update this list if you guys point me towards any of them or if one catches my attention.
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    Well, it's basically a route and an after route for each heroine (high-school + adult life). Once again, I didn't ask you specifically to pick it up (it's unreasonable to do so), but I figured, since you're in the translation scene, you might have contacts that might help. Not gonna lie, I'm a bit biased, but I really want this translation to be complete, and I'll wait whataver it takes for it (like I'm doing for A Sky full of stars XD)
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    Reading Lost:Smile reminded me of this thread. I think Meguru fits your criteria pretty well.
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    General Information VNDB : https://vndb.org/v28160 Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai - Rikka to Anata no 1-Shuunen Kinen, Icha Love Birthday is a very short fandisc that takes place between Rikka's school route and after route in Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai. The fandisc unfortunately does not come with voice acting. Despite that, I think it captures the essence of Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai perfectly given it's short length. For such a popular VN, I'm surprised that barely anyone noticed that it has this small fandisc accompanying it. Even when restricted with language barriers, the work is free, extremely short, but the VNDB vote count is extremely low (7 votes at the time of writing). I thought that I could give something back to it, after being completely engrossed by Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai. And so, a small passion project was born. This will be the first time that I have done any translation for fictional works, much less in digital form. A programmer I am not, there are some things that I just can't be bothered to fix in this release (removing the character limit when rewriting names). With this limited experience, there will be the possibility of unnoticed errors or shortcomings in this release. Any pointers or constructive criticisms regarding the release would be appreciated. I also have added the SD art for all the 6 girls extracted from Hoshi Ori as a little extra bonus. With that said, I have to humbly disagree with any opinion that does not think 0003 is the best girl. Also thank you to Tsurezure Scans for giving the permission to use their assets. You can download the .zip file here. It requires AlphaROMdiE to run (included in the .zip). Drag SiglusEngine.exe to AlphaROMdiE.exe and you're good to go. The system locale should be set into Japanese; I cannot guarantee that it would work without having this setting.
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    Free Friends Review

    Here's my review of Free Friends aka FuriFure: http://gamesforadultsandeveryone.blogspot.com/2015/08/games-for-adults-free-friends.html
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    Sadly this project just went up in flames. Trip is resigning because of his burnout and is kicking everyone out of their discord.
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