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    Burning down the Capitol is an old British pastime, and thus I condemn it in the strongest terms.
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    Burn which capitol, the capitol of Fuwanation? As a die hard patriot of these forums, I have remained loyal to Fuwastan from the beginning. Even now I refuse to step foot on enemy territory, notably r/vns. Even our colonies, the Fuwa discord, I can count on one hand all the times I've ventured over there. And while I'm on the topic, it should be said that the Fuwa discord is a renegade state. They have no true reverence for our homeland, I heard they even have their own memes! It won't be too long before the secede from us like the traitorous Americans did to Britain. Fuwanese may be my 2nd language, but it's the one I choose to use on a daily basis. Burning down the capitol would be to burn down our history. To dishonor Aaeru who first built this place up, and then Tay who has maintained it since her untimely disappearance. If you want to burn down the capitol of Fuwaland, you will have to go through me first!
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    instead of burning it, why not make a party in capitol insted?? its a one time opportunity. but then burning it is also one time opportunity too
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    I think we'd get some good memes from it, so I'm guardedly positive
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    What are you playing?

    I just finished PSP version of Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku o ("The promise under blue sky"). I'll try to write my impressions below, but it might get a bit chaotic - please excuse me. This VN has been written by Maruto Fumiaki (DameKoi, White Album 2) I really liked it - it's nice charage, and while no LB! or Majikoi, it's also very good at evoking that "Group of friends" trope that I love I think this CG somewhere from common route captures the overall mood pretty well: I quickly got very attached to characters. Each heroine has her own quirks and problems, there are also some minor, but still interesting twists and mysteries here and there. I also liked the protagonist, and I didn't have the "problem" I had with Sakura Strasse - this time I was reading few hours everyday, and didn't get bored for a second. There's also lot of side characters with voices and sprites. Comedic bits were brilliant - I was laughing often and loud I think my favourite routes from the main six were Saeri, Rinna and Umi. Next would be Naoko, followed by Shizu and Miya - but they were all very close. Each route had different theme and mood - quite nice variety. After completing all six routes, kind of "True Route" gets unlocked. First there's a story titled "Yakusoku no Hi" - "A promised day" (or "Day of a promise"). Very heartwarming (and tearjerking) story about our group's final day at the dorm. Then, after that, there's Akane's route. Akane was one of the side characters in the main game, and while some say that her route is just an meaningless bonus, I really liked it - it is very good continuation of "Yakusoku no Hi". It also has nice connection with one of the twists from Rinna's route And then, after completing all above, eighth route gets unlocked (PSP exclusive). This time it's hidden heroine - Chihiro. She's a shy girl from Wataru's class, who suddenly confesses to him somewhere during common route. I didn't have any expectations regarding this route, but it was lovely and heartwarming. It was also perhaps closest to typical VN high-school romance, with dates etc, but it also did good job at showing how the group of friends accepted new girl. PSP version also features four side stories from the fandisc, which get unlocked after clearing respective routes. "Hidamari no virgin road" ("Aisle under the sun") - absolutely lovely extension of Umi's epilogue "Kono Aozora ni Omoide o" ("Memories under blue sky") - side story that gets unlocked after Shizu's route, revealing a bit more about her past - how she met Wataru. It also has some small memories for other characters. "Kono Fuyuzora ni Utagoe o" ("Singing under winter sky") - heartwarming side story/extension for "Yakusoku no Hi". "Atashi no kakera" ("My fragment") - side story further connecting Akane's and Rinna's routes, with quite emotional ending. So, to sum it up - it wasn't perfect, but lovely. 8/10 ******************************************************************************* I also briefly compared it with adult version. PSP version's "censorship" level is similar to Konosora - meaning that scenario got rewritten in a non-erotic way - there's only kissing and handholding at most, but I'm fine with it . Replacement and additional scenes are quite good. Adult version was actually a big disappointment for me. It almost felt as if it was made by applying Rule34 to all-ages version First sex scenes were definitely too rushed, and whole thing seemed like just being there because "PC VN has to be eroge". Meh. It isn't reaching the bottom where Kanon's or LB!'s h-scenes lie, but I feel like in this case still non-ero version aligns better with overall mood of the story. Also, bonus content in PSP version >>>> hentai in PC version. The only drawback of PSP version is low resolution - the whole thing definitely looked much nicer in original 800x600. Also, if you are going to play it - walkthrough at seiya-saiga isn't optimal. While it works for getting all endings, it makes you miss one important scene for Rinna's route, because it does split between Umi's and Rinna's routes at a later point. So it's better to follow for example this one. Well, guess those are drawbacks of map movement system.
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    Liturgical Christmas has ended, so it's time for you dopes to actually switch your avatars back this year. Otherwise you'll be inflating the value of Christmas. @Dreamysyu @Zakamutt @Dergonu @Silvz or @Sillysa I hope you saved your old avatar, because it's time to switch it back, bucko. @droganpc Change it back, nerd. @FinalChaos @MaggieROBOT @mitchhamilton @Mr Poltroon As beautiful as your Santa hat avatar is, I insist you change it back to whatever it was before. @1P1A
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