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  1. I QC'd this together with Infernoplex, casual_scrub and someone called Jack. It was an arduous, monumental task but we probably did well enough. Should you find some problems feel free to post screenshots in the #majikoi-discussion chat on the JAST Discord or here! (*´∀`*) Happy Majikoi-mas
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  2. Ah, fuck it. I was just going to bed and I realized I want to complete this now. I'm going to start working on it again. Next up is Hikari's route. As grueling as it is translating this as a non-native speaker, I can't ignore the skills I have gained over the years or letting the progress I have go to waste.
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  3. Happy holidays peeps! I finished Abyss of the Sacrifice and did manage to somehow clock in 33 hours so I guess that's a relief. Though admittedly I probably lost 10 hours just getting absolutely hardstuck in some puzzles, so it's maybe more of a 20-25 hour VN depending on how gitgud you are. There's only 16 BGMs, but they've got some pretty catchy techno-y escape room themes going on so I never felt the tracks were too limited/stale: I enjoyed my time with it. Again, most puzzles are doable but there are some that are wtfmuxlogix-tier so I recommend if you are approachi
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  4. Hey hey and Ho ho, quick post before I write up any bigger update! Merry only-slightly-late Xmas! Here's a new demo video of the project: It's just a collection of short clips from different places, meant to show the technical side and also the rough TL/writing quality of what we're working with. The scenes are random, spoiler free and not in chronological order. Feel free to let us know what you think!
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  5. loam

    Data extraction thread

    I heard that some were having trouble extracting .dat files that come with Aokana and AokanaEXTRA1, despite it apparently being based on another known format from what I've heard. Here's a tool that allows you to both unpack .dat files to folders and folders back to .dat files that will work with the game if you decide to modify its contents. It supports both the PC and Switch formats. Early versions of this tool were used to make the Aokana +18 patch for the switch, which consisted in simply unpacking the PC +18 files and pack them into the Switch's version format. Binary: http://ww
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