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    Kiriri (きりりw)

    Kiriri is a newer self substained vtuber and is not part of any network. Kiriri can be a troll at times and is an big otaku.
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    Well, to be honest, I really don't care about v-tubers, but this app (game?) kind of caught my attention. I wonder if it's possible to use it to create original characters for RPG Maker games with it. The design feels a bit too moe for something I've been thinking of, but maybe it's possible to do something like that. PS. I was thinking about something like face portraits or in-game CGs. In-game sprites, obviously, would have to be done some other way. Edit. Well... I really should've used the translation patch...
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    So, introductions are not my thing but I don’t want to leave a bad impression. I’m Allan, also known as AsGryffynn or AstonGryffynn throughout the internet. I’m dedicated to, strictly speaking, content. After being totally disaffected by my career of choice (yeah, a lawyer that regretted his choice is writing this), I decided to indulge the creative side of me that I neglected for millennia and dedicate myself to creative pursuits, of which writing is my favorite and I’ve been doing for at least eight years now. As a result of a major windfall, I was always able to quit my day job early on and dedicate myself to writing a book series. However, I also dedicated space for gaming and have had a fascination with narratives like that of the Ori duology and the lore of the Elder Scrolls series. I’m a Microsoft fanboy and total Xbot by the way. Visual novels are, however, something that emerged as a response to my dissatisfaction with the PSVita and general Sony VN catalog: all otome games unless you were willing to jailbreak the thing like with iPhones, which have a similar issue (no wonder I’m an Xbot bruh!) and I wanted to resolve. I first started by launching a side gig to a much larger project (launched as a way to support my platform of choice and show the world you don’t need to be Final Fantasy to be a great, graphically impressive RPG): developing something I call “VN on Rails” which is more of a method than program. The idea you could run VNDS within a DS emulator on an iOS device. I’m still working on that. Which brings me to side gig B: translating. I happen to have staff/colleagues with Japanese knowledge and have a fascination with modding games, including Visual Novels and wish to translate some projects and test them out. So that sums up the wagon of infinite to-do lists that is me... greeting and good Foodrum!
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    I hate her.
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    Accented characters: The square symbols is probably because the character was misinterpreted as something else by the font. What tool are you using to edit the game's MES files? This will ultimately need to be customized to work appropriately with whatever way you're handling accented letters in your script + font. When I did accented letters for my example, I essentially remapped accented symbols to the 91xx SJIS range and the dll would map them back to the intended codepoint. For example, ê is 0xEA in unicode/cp1252 and outputted as 91EA in the script file. Line breaks: the game expects the script to provide explicit line breaks in the text using the 0A byte. That means your editing tool needs to be able to insert line breaks into the text; the game will not auto-break lines by itself.
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    would be possible. atleast maybe to get more ideas and draw based on? if you choose static background and leave it grey and take screenshot with f11 you get transperant background png.
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    If I can tolerate waiting for both Amayui Castle Meister (progress unknown but not dead) and Gin'iro, Haruka (on Hiatus atm due to Trip being burned out) to finish being translated then I'll gladly wait for Aiyoku no Eustia to finish translating. Goes to show Stormwolf being negative in this thread was entirely unnecessary, no one agreed to his negative stance to begin with.
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    Most of the font overrides I did were handled with a dll that I wrote. Here's my current one for it, just put it in the same folder as the game exe. Finally, the text spacing is a hex edit on the exe. Since I did my testing on the disc release of EXS, these next instructions will only work for that version. Use a hex editor and look at address 1CA32 in the exe, and you should see the bytes A1 B8 52 BB 00 ..... now overwrite those with B8 0C 00 00 00 where 0C is the amount of spacing. Something between 09 and 0C should suffice, depending on the font. I should mention that a bunch of technical considerations will need to be kept in mind, but I'll let you try it first and see how that goes.
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    Nyaners takes me way back. I remember her well before she ever did the whole V-tuber thing. Her review of KissxPiss KissxSis was... something:
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    Taking the first topic in this Forum😎

    Yo, Yuuko here with another spicy topic. Please watch Natsume Eri. She is very kawaii. Also watch my sheep friend Ps. I'm dumb.
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    Absolutely stoked. If this comes out during winter break this year, it'll be a real treat for us during the holidays. If it doesn't the wait will be a little more painful, but with the amount of care you're putting in, all will be worth it. Congrats!
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    Much like yourself, I was interested in Kizuna Ai initially and then quickly fell out of it, not coming back due to the general lack of subs. I found out, however, that there were many nationalities of people doing this sort of thing. Still, too many random ones out there, couldn't really be bothered to venture anywhere. However, last month, during a period of time that I happened to be free, a bunch of people I followed on various social media went up in arms about the "debut" of a bunch of English-speaking V-tubers for Hololive (some sort of mainly Japanese group for V-tubers?). Well, I tuned in, saw some crazy stuff, now I just mostly tune in when it happens to be convenient or I need background noise. It seems I particularly enjoy the contrast between the character they each are attempting to portray and their moments when they slip up or can't be bothered to keep up the character at the time (rage, tired, too casual, too much fun, etc). So my recommendations are, beyond the previously mentioned Gawr Gura, Amelia Watson or any of the other 3 members (which you can easily find if you stumble upon the channels or videos of any of the members, as they link to one another). I'd frankly just watch the content of any that you think you'd be interested in. I believe the "v-tuber hole" everyone speaks of is when you start to become knowledgeable of previous events that get referenced, or memes, or new made up setting details that become inside jokes.
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    Gawr Gura is popular atm and good singer. theres many. also many channels do hard subs of them. just search vtube eng sub and you will find many channels doing it. (im still figuring out stuff on here adding tags and shit for when i start adding threads for vtubers. )
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    You know, The Sims predicted that I'd piss my pants as an adult far more often than I actually do, so I guess you could say I'm pretty successful.
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    V-tube board info

    A virtual YouTuber or VTuber is an online entertainer, typically a Japanese-speaking YouTuber or live streamer, who is represented by a (usually anime-inspired) digital avatar generated by computer graphics such as Live2D. [Wiki] Program board will only be for program specific related discussion. keep in the provided thread. if the program dont exist make a thread about it. V-tuber board will be entertainer specific threads & discussions, if the vtuber in question dont have a thread make one. all other threads, general chat about it, modding, sharing should be in this category and not the sub categories. If you need icons or tags added give me a pm and well fix it.
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    It is done. The translation is officially 100% done Progress will now move on to post-translation, where there's TLC and QC to be done. I'm hoping to finish everything else and release the patch by end 2020 (unlikely, but hey, you never know). If not, then at least get the TLC done by end 2020. So do refer to the TLC tab of the sheet for progress on the TLC. I will save my translation remarks for after the patch is fully released. For now though, rejoice that the translation is done! Yay!
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    Goodluck, I actually also tried this, but as textractor + deepL, have a problem with this game in fullscreen I need to manually translate the game with deepL, anyways here is the deepL pro MTL, compared with your human translation.. close enough I guess ?
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