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    Hello, from South Africa everyone. I just recently got interested in visual novels, they really seam like an underappreciated genre and more than just stereotyped 'porn game' that people make them out to be.
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    While I'm sure this isn't anything new to people who have already been doing this, I wrote a tutorial (with videos) on how to extract text from untranslated JP PSP games using 1) PPSSPP and 2) either ITHVNR or Textractor. https://aurora6290.wordpress.com/2020/08/28/tutorial-on-extracting-text-from-psp-games/ I hope this will be useful to someone
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    Overview YOUTUBE TRAILER The Remission of Sins is a fully-voiced, multi-ending short horror visual novel. Depending on the player’s choice, it branches to 12 different endings. Features Remission’s mysterious story consists of around 7k words (about an hour of gameplay) with multiple endings. This game includes 8 character sprites along with 11 images of landscapes and tools. The soundtrack is composed of a stunning theme song but it also counts with extensive voice acting in Japanese. The game supports English, Japanese, German, Spanish, and Polish. Screenshots Available on Steam
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    True Love's Lily Dyes Red/Manakashi | 18+

    Hi everyone, I'm yumi and I just want to announce that I'm working on a translation of the 2019 adult visual novel 真愛の百合は赤く染まる Manakashi no Yuri wa Akaku Somaru [True Love's Lily Dyes Red] Yes, the title is a pun on multiple levels, but this is the most fitting translation I've come up with so far. Introduction Team: pantsudev Members: @yumi [everything] VNDB: https://vndb.org/v26232 Background and Current State At the moment I'm going at somewhere around 1000 lines, but I haven't been at it for long yet, and I do work at a rather brisk pace. This is because, being a programmer, I first developed all-custom tools that now let me focus on the actual content without wasting time on manual labor. I'll divide this section into separate background and progress blocks later when it makes sense. Other Info While I'm content working alone and not strictly looking to recruit anyone, it is true that the effort could benefit from at a few additional hands; Namely, someone more adept than myself at crafting emotive prose in English, and a fluent- or native level Japanese speaker to check some of the harder source material. Given the sheer amount of material, I could also consider another regular translator, should someone fitting come up. My system/tools keep track of updates and translation state per each individual line, so it's easy to go back at any point to only fix up lines that haven't been finalized yet. I'm doing all of this for my own amusement and to train my skills in both Japanese and creative writing, so my perspective might differ somewhat from how other people view their projects. i.e. the journey matters more than the destination. Alright, cool! Anything else? Feel free to let me know what you think! And if you'd like to directly contact me for whatever reason, preferably DM yumi#0163 on Discord or send a PM here. Thanks for reading!
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    Quite a twisted GL VN I would say, then again it's from Izumi Banya so I guess it's expected. I don't have much word other than good luck to the project and hopefully it'll be successful.
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    Hi there.

    Welcome to Fuwanovel, and sorry for the belated greeting. I know that you already have some backlog with decent length, but just in case you need more recommendations of VNs then feel free to ask here. I hope that you'll have fun here.
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    I know right? It's quite a shame that nobody wouldn't be able to continue this project. So perhaps you may be the one who capable to translate it and in process would be the one who released the restoration patch for Miagete here. In case you ask on where's the script, you didn't need to worry about it because I still have it. So just let me know when you want to translated 7,500 lines of sex scenes and I'll send the script to you. But my Japanese skill is almost none, how about it? Don't worry, because you can try to treat it as Japanese learning tool and see if this can be your first step towards translating the work that you want to translate (Such as Muramasa).
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    True Love's Lily Dyes Red/Manakashi | 18+

    Wow, I never thought anyone would translate this title due its content but I'm happy you're translating! I read it using machine translation, I'll gladly re-read the VN with your translation ❤
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    That's where you're wrong kiddo.
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    To me it's not like anyone who own Switch and can play adult content (18 or above) didn't own the PC anyway. While I'm sounds like not interested with your (Redundant) effort, I should appreciate it in that some people may prefer console to watch the sex scenes even though they might more than able to buy laptop that can play Aokana, so good job on that.
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    What you're looking for is extremely common in fantasy isekai, for instance, but VNs are a bit different. The part where the protagonist pretends to be weaker than he is (physically or otherwise) can be found in VNs, but naming them would actually spoil the VNs as these cases tend to be plot twists.
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