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    Love Lab announces Chinkamo Twins!

    Hello, it's me again, here to shill for my company Please support us if you like imoutos and twins!!!
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    Emotes & Reactions [ Suggestion thread ]

    This is where you can post suggested emotes and reactions. Make sure to remember that you have to name them. Emotes will be resized to the new 64x64, so test if they work at that resolution Reactions will be resized to 100x100 and will be a very limited quantity Macro emotes will be very rare, so going for normal ones is preferd. examples of new resolution: Emotes will be accepted or denied at no specific time, will be checking for others opinions.
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    Hi there, I'm new ^^

    Hello i discovered the VN world not too long ago and I started with the fate series, maybe is not the best VN to start with but I'm really enjoying it (btw i didn't watch the anime so please don't do any spoilers). And if you know some good horror VN type their name down here, i love the horror genre so i was thinking to play some horror VN ^^
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    Why I haven't posted recently? (a new addiction)

    Alright hmm.. If you couldn't get into Chaos Seeds (this has a audiobook as well btw) which I'd consider a nice beginner series. If you want more action. Something like Reborn apocalypse or Shadow sun. If you want more world exploring/info-dumps prbly Completionist Chronicles. But if I'd say one. I'd go for first book in Reborn apocalypse series. it's just great.
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    Hello there

    I just found out this forum recently and decided to make an account. I've known about VNs for a long time but only recently got interested in them. I'm also interested in how VNs work and how fan translations are made.
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    Thanks a lot. I'll try it and, if I don't forget, I'll rate in this thread the accuracy after finishing the VN.
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Hilarious I remember hearing a bit similar '80s song, but don't know the title. Will try to shazam it next time it comes up on the radio
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    Mr Poltroon

    IxShe Tell Release [UPDATED]

    All will be revealed:
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    Until it's not. HA! GOT YOU, YOU STUPID SHIT! I pulled you into false sense of security and BAM! subverted your expectations! Before you go on, I want you to know that this will have spoilers to all 3 The Fruit of Grisaia games so quickly read all of them and come back if you haven't already. But anyways, I decided to delve a little bit into the anime of Grisaia no Kajitsu and while the opening text displayed over each character as they are presented on screen I began to think about my own interpretation of the characters from the series and how it does a great job of somewhat subverting the anime/visual novel trope with it's characters. Feels like this is what Doki Doki Literature Club tried to do but instead of being smart it instead did "hey, reader, wouldn't be weird if one of the cute girls started bleeding from their eyes? Pretty creepy for a visual novel with cute anime girls set in a school environment." But Grisaia somewhat embraces these tropes and turns them on their head. Instead of taking place in a high school environment where only a few characters matter and therefor have actual names and faces it takes the approach of having it still set in a high school where literally only the important characters exist since there's no one else in the school! I've honestly never noticed the subtle genius of this on Grisaia's part. How many visual novels have you read where the entire school is nothing but background noises? They do away with the pointlessness of background characters altogether and make them literally isolated because that's pretty much how it is in every VN. It's this type of subtlety I enjoy from an almost parody to visual novels. Well, what about the character's themselves? Well, I'm glad you asked, me! You have the usual character tropes in Grisaia, sure. There's the tsundere, the unapproachable one, the obedient one, the slut, the loli, all of whom who you expect certain traits from but again, it subverts your expectations. The tsundere takes on a facade to hide her own identity, so her own action of trying to be a tsundere is simply so she can hide the real part of her. Christopher Nolan must be turning in his grave thinkign he couldn't come up with a character this deep in cliches! The unapproachable girl is so unapproachable that she tries to kill Yuuji, LITERALLY! The obedient one acts like the childhood friend because... well, she is and even goes to far as to dress up as a maid. The slut instantly attaches herself to the MC and offers her body, not out of her own personal feelings but because she feels she needs to be punished. The loli's character is a result of her abuse as a child causing her to be emotionally stunted. All characters have an underlining dark reason for why they fall into these cliches which pulls the reader in to learn more and honestly, I'm sad I never caught any of this in my first or second read through of the series. It's so well done, so subtle that it makes me really appreciate the first VN more looking back on it and I'm glad I went back to the anime to remember all this. ...And then the sequels came out. Yeah, remember that first bit of this blog? If not, might want to scroll up some. It's the bit about bringing you into a salse fense of security. Yeah, you read that right and I did that on purpose. What are you gonna do now? My comrades @DarkZedge and @Dergonu informed me that later entries in the series involved Yuuji ending up in a harem with every girl. I don't know how to look at this angle as more than fan service and undermining the emotional investment I had with the characters, especially when the first one was doing so well in NOT succumbing to your typical visual novel tropes, although there was the Makina's sex scenes with Yuuji where this emotionally damaged girl is having sex with someone who she views as her papa shivers but then the sequels do fall into the biggest trope of all, the "everyone wants the MC's dick" trope. Every girl who he slightly breathes in the direction of wants to be a part of his life. This cliche has infested the anime, manga, and visual novel world like a cancer and in visual novels its more acceptable since you project yourself into the character more often than not and therefor feel fulfilled as a person while your visual novel counter part is fully filling your waifus with his massive love! But I digress. Grisaia felt smarter than that, I felt more respect for the character's before I learned they all fell into this overused trope. I feel like the series went on for one more visual novel long than it should have, like The Hobbit movies. We get a whole backstory of Yuuji's training, his life with his master which was nice but to top it all off we get a plot about a father figure of his coming back and causing a mess with all the girls coming together to save him in the end, or something. You know, now that I'm thinking about it, I feel like I remember nothing about the 3rd one, aside from a fight with the dude, and seeing his sister again but when I do think back on it I just feel like it wouldn't have missed anything to be a bit more condensed, cause that's what remembering it is like. I can't remember anything aside from bits and pieces because those were the ones the set itself the most from this overly long series. "No, don't you see, Mitch?! They subvert your expectations again by making each character unique and he STILL ends up with all of them? Isn't that clever?" That's fine and all but the girls were dealing with crippling emotional baggage that was dealt with one by one and felt we had actual climax to, and not the climax Yuuji got in Amane's massive vagina! I would've preferred if Yuuji died, cause I'm american and that's how we end every series these days. That or they think he died and he decided to start a new peaceful life while the girls must take their once again broken lives and rebuild the pieces but this time with more efficiency thanks to Yuuji. As opposed to the alternative route where they live on an island, ignore their problems and have everything solved by sweet, juicy Yuuji cum! Though I will say I did like the implication that the routes at some point all converge, so he sleeps with all of them while solving their problems. But then the problem arises with Amane's where it goes deep into the future with them being happily married then eventually dying. And you know what? That's perfectly fine with me.
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    I belong to your dreams

    First of all,thanks a lot for your kind words Anyway, the setting of the visual novel is in 2020 and certain songs are written for a ''special'' occasions: the song that u heard is for a dance scene that takes place in a big mansion and that's not the only one: Today I ended writing all songs for my VN (which are 49 by the way) and Im still writing the script while Im waiting that my artist will end drawing the other sprites Have a nice day mate and sorry for my late answer!
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    So apparently I can't see the view of my blogpost from the blog main page along with the 'Read more' function, okay then. That said, I like on how I can see the full picture of the blog header so I like it. Other than blog thing, I didn't have any other comment in regard of the updates so it's nice to see after there's no update for several months.
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    Data extraction thread

    Its been a while since I used it so I'm not sure If I remember it right. But I think you could use vfstool. It can convert the agf for you. The only problem I remember is that on some games the image you get will be flipped vertically. So you had to flip it back when repacking again. After you edit the images and repack them back into .agf you can just use the bbtools to repack them back normally. I'll post the download for vfstool here are the old link(on hongfire) does not exist anymore. Please reupload it somewhere as this is a temporary link. http://www.mediafire.com/file/s6ju6dn6a94sjrf/vfstools.zip/file If you need any help PM me and we can text over discord. PS: Not sure if you had this problem but there were a few different versions of bbtools going around. If the tool crashes when repacking the interface(text) scripts, them you probably have the wrong version. (Not sure if there are different versions now but I have 2 different versions here) PS2: If I remember correctly there were a few games that could recognize the image even if there were not agf when you repack it back. You had to save them as BMP and remove the extension when repacking it back. But not sure if it was a older or newer game now and it might had been an exception.
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    Why I haven't posted recently? (a new addiction)

    Oh god, no clephas. Don't do this. That's how I felt as well when I started reading the litrpg books as well. Basically english isekai more or less. Many of the litrpgs have excellent audible audiobooks as well. I recommend trying those for those who don't want to read and prefer to listen. I personally tend to keep my eye reading to books that doesn't have audio books. Some other series I enjoyed were: Reborn apocalypse series, audiobook is really good I'd like to mention. The Voice actor has the very very dark and edgy voice going down so good. I grinned like a moron while I listened to it. Completionist Chronicles, good comedy, feels kinda like choas seeds in that regard and funky stat build going on in a weird world. The Wraith's Haunt, has the I am in isekai yaay, but combined with fatalism haha.
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    Why I haven't posted recently? (a new addiction)

    So does Richter. Overall, you have to be primed somewhat to really get into the genre. As far as I can determine, there are a number of qualities that benefit anyone trying out the litrpg genre. 1. Being familiar with and enjoying stat-based rpgs. 2. Being something of a stat/skill geek 3. being able to suspend disbelief sufficiently to dive into a world that feels somewhat artificial due to the presence of stats and obviously quantified growth. For me, the recent growth of a similar genre in anime is what made it easy.
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    FuwaChanges : The update log

    Havent updated here in awhile. 81 emoticons added 2 reactions added suggestion thread : https://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/23132-emotes-reactions-suggestion-thread/
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    thanks 4 your contribution to Eroge games, i like the part when you pointed out your favourite OST and explained why to the readers !
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    Mr Poltroon

    IxShe Tell Release [UPDATED]

    Ah, you've found what the point of interest that was calling to me is. I wasn't able to find out what was it that was attracting me to this in particular.
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