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  1. The only Tsukihime anime we'll ever get (excluding Carnival Phantasm)
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  2. They're all well written!Gj man.
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  3. They all have a graceful quality to them, starting right before the action begins and savoring the ending. I especially like how you always close up each scene with some sort of punchline that indicates more scenes are to come. I imagine the fourth scene was the hardest to write, because a Goo Monster doesn't have that much of a personality, but nevertheless I liked how you built the scene's emotion from terror to some sort of fucked up cumplicity by the end -- that's a little different from the sheer mind break you usually see in scenes like these. It's interesting that all scenes have t
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  4. Hi folks, long time no see. With the recent announcement finally out of the way, I can talk about the future of this project, and the reason it has been somewhat dead for a while. As I start to move into official translation work, I can no longer continue working on fan translations, sadly. Not only do they take time out of my day that I could be spending doing official TL work, but they also put me in a bit of an awkward position, due to the legal grey area fan translations are in. It would be a shame to get in trouble, possily lose a job etc because of my involvement in fan translation. As s
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  5. Don't. their TL was shit and you know it.
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