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    I'll cheer you on! Yay Ittaku! Go! Go! Ittaku is the best! Thanks for your work ittaku! Would you like some barley tea!?!
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    What are you playing?

    Theyre finally here
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    Let's Talk: Kami no Rhapsody

    Like I say beforehand you can change the medal before entering any dungeon. Just chose any dungeon (Other than Shrine of the End obviously) and look out the button with the text 'Equip God Medal', and you'll be able to change the medal like in the Shrine of the End. Although if you want to change the medal in battle as well, unfortunately it won't happen so you better prepared or just save and load often. Hope it'll be help.
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    I've resigned myself to that now.
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    Hey there, new user here

    That's at least true now that we have a proper mod team keeping things in check. There were darker times on the Forums too... Anyway, welcome to Fuwanovel, you person! I hope new enjoy our little community.
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    Hi! Just wanted to thank you and your team for translating Kami no Rhapsody! Looking forward to the translation of Fuukan no Grasesta (Read through some posts that it would be the next project, not sure if it's true). I might be overstepping my bounds, but I think having a website to publish your projects and progress would be great, though a forum on Fuwanovel isn't that bad too. Anyway, thanks again a lot for your hard work! Have a great day and be safe.
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    At one point, there was a discussion centered around how annoying I am on the VN Reddit (about four years ago, I think...) and some jerkwad sent me the link in a pm. I would have laughed or cried if I gave a crap what a bunch of people caught by groupthink thought, but I didn't. edit: To clarify, I believe that large social media sites are an abomination that should be purged from the net so forums can once again take it over.
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    I belong to your dreams

    This is Saki's sprite: https://imgur.com/a/ZCGdlGX
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    I belong to your dreams

    Ok,this is Shizuka's sprite: https://imgur.com/a/r8YU3fd
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