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  1. Yeah, there's more focus on ATRI's "internals" (and her past) later on, with some interesting twists as well. But still, at it's core it's nakige and the setting is just that - the setting I still think that it's best to treat is as a fairytale, that just happens to use technology instead of magic ところで I just finished True Ending, and I'm in tears This VN is nakige that seems to be very good at tugging at my heartstrings. It was great read, and while I recognized tropes from many other works, it just all worked well together. Judging by the length and unknown publisher, I serio
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  2. Foreword: It's the only chunige of the month, so an obvious choice. Synopsis: Demon Parasites..., the ones who can transform themselves into soldiers by holding a mysterious parasite inside. One night, Juzo meets Mizuki, who is a demon parasite, in the park, and gets to know that he is also a demon parasite. Now that he is a demon parasite, he gradually gets involved in a battle against monsters. Will he be able to defeat them...? Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcPfY8STGGw Game type: Chunige Character Design rating: 9/10 Protagonist rating:
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  3. Don't bother purchasing their games if you don't have a powerful PC/laptop. They make pixel games and yet it runs so shabbily, and drains a huge amount of RAM. The polishing and graphics were decent enough but the game was unplayable because of lag. Damn, even Witcher 3 ran in my PC in better way.
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  4. I am downloading NeetWorking by Siluman Soft. I'll tell you about them after I try a few of their games.
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