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    Hello All You Beautiful People

    I know I am late to post one of these, but I thought I would do one anyway. My name is Jardic and I am a writer. I got some things on the back burner of my mind and I dream to have some VNs to share when I am done. I have a ton of ideas for my works and I can always take any ideas you may have to consideration. I'm currently working on some stories I have written last year and I have been thinking about putting them on the net after I get them published. I mainly play VNs now. Before, I would play video games and be done with them. I put down the controller and started writing when I was in high school and I never looked back since. I still play games on my pc, but not as much anymore. My love for VNs happened 3 years ago and I got into them by boredom from playing video games. I found my calling from this medium and I have written a lot of stories that my be a base for VNs. I found purpose through them and I have been happier the past three years than the time before finding VNs. I hope you all can learn a few things from me and I want to learn a few things from you guys. If you guys are wondering, I am always on here, so if you want to chat, I am here. So take care and i will be wandering this place called the net. Take care.
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    Captivating novels like Umineko

    Although I've been reading VN's for quite a while, I was never hooked to the point of reading a single novel all the dam day as I do tend to space out my reading, but Umineko changed that. I managed to read through those 90+ hours in a single week whilst being totally focused and immersed, which is not something usual for me to be able to do. Clannad, which would be one of my favorites VN, took me between 3 and 6 months to fully complete as each session did tire me out, but I guess the mystery and conspiracy aspect can change that. I'm looking for any novel that might replicate this feeling, which is not a problem considering the coronavirus situation, all the free time in the world right now. As for Steins Gate, I did see the anime so I will skip the novel considering it's totally spoiled for me, which doesn't excite me one bit
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    Don't worry about it. I was just giving ideas out. Also, good luck
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    @Novel21 No need to overreact, I am used to it (but thank you for standing up for me ) Anyway, I mostly explained the situation in my earlier posts. @MDruidd The progress is that there is no progress because no TLer. It means that it's still stuck at where it was before: only Hikari done. It will stay that way for the foreseeable future, unless someone finally comes to help me or start another project for it (I was hoping Alka Translations may do it in the end, but who knows...). I kinda had a spreadsheet here before. Well, since all TLers left the project for various reasons, I had no way to update the spreadsheet. So... I could post a monthly spreadsheet update, but it'd stay the same as long as nobody comes to TL. That's the problem, and why I am not using any spreadsheets now. It's pointless. I was contemplating maybe releasing a partial with only Hikari H-scenes done as someone earlier here suggested, and that may happen down the road. We'll see. Ideally, someone would come along and just finish it off. But I guess we don't have such luck ;(
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    Captivating novels like Umineko

    Oh, well this feeling is pretty familiar to me. While I'm usually a pretty slow reader, it only took me something like a week to finish the main bulk of the story (episodes 2-6), though I had to slow down after that for irl reasons. Sadly, it's already been 6 years since I finished Umineko, I never really manged to find another similarly addicting VN. I guess, the closest thing to me was Muv-Luv Alternative, but I can't really say if you're also going to like it, since it's pretty different. And, actually, I wouldn't recommend picking up something so drastically different right away, it's usually better to let yourself cool down a bit after reading something so grand. You know, I think I'm also going to recommend Higurashi, since the new translation for the main arcs just recently finished. It wasn't really as captivating as Umineko for me, but it's something like its spiritual predecessor, and overall, it's still a pretty good mystery and horror VN, though its written a lot more like a proper story and doesn't go into the meta territory. Actually, I personally read Higurashi pretty soon after Umineko, and I had already seen the anime for it, but I still ended up enjoying it, especially since the anime adaptation, as it turned out, skipped a lot of important details (though reading chapters 1 and 2 was pretty boring, as they didn't have that many changes, but in chapter 3 the anime skipped the entire epilogue). Also, the anime completely messed up foreshadowing for a certain important twist in chapter 7, so they even had to include a completely new arc just for that.
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    A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    im pretty sure glad for this project, and enjoy to wait. yeah i know if a sky full of stars is readable without H scene, and i still put this on the WL cus this project, ofc ill wait. i never asking here, so i just want to ask, thats all. its forbiden to ask to someone? pls look if youre mad with someone, dont throw it to me
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    Captivating novels like Umineko

    May as well recommend Shibuya Scramble here, seeing that it have thriller story along with some mystery. If you want more, then perhaps you can try Fata Morgana and Rose Guns Days (The latter is from Ryukishi07 as well). I don't know though if those three would be able to captivate you or not, but still I hope that my recommendations would be helpful to you anyway.
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    Captivating novels like Umineko

    G-senjou and Grisaia i think can replace them. Im also read higurashi, but its too dark i think. Edited: oh.. almost forgot about this series. Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo There so much conspiracy with more mystery's story.
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    Captivating novels like Umineko

    Subarashiki Hibi and Muv-luv can hook the reader pretty well, but it kinda depends on you. To get to the actual drama/intense story in Muv-luv, you need to wait till you get to the 3rd game Muv-Luv Alternative and the first 2 probably aren't what you're looking for, but I would say it's worth it. As for Subahibi, your enjoyment will be based on how well you can tolerate it. The story is very interesting, but I'd probably describe it as "hard to read"
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    Captivating novels like Umineko

    Have you tried the first two games in the When They Cry series. The Higurashi series of games. They were the first two in the series and if you want the full story for this series.
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    VNs Mainstream or Niche

    The same thing happened to jrpgs. As they became more mainstream, quality in general began a drastic flaw as efforts were made to appeal to casual and mainstream users. This led to the mistakes that eventually crippled the genre, such as reverse-including elements from MMO games into normal jrpgs and abortive attempts to 'upgrade' series that were mostly geared to old fans (Suikoden Tierkreis, Growlanser V, etc) that ended up killing the series outright in the long run. A lot of hardcore fans of jrpgs eventually just quit playing them or resorted to playing roguelikes and low-quality imitations instead. The relatively low number of high quality jrpgs made since then (there are a ton of mediocre copies of the few hits, such as the dozens of copies of the latter-era Persona games) says everything about what appealing to the mainstream can do to a genre. Some particular examples were the disappearance of quality music direction, the overuse of VAs to compensate for poor writing, and the increased tendency to ignore the story-driven gameplay that was the center of the jrpg golden age. Very few jrpgs actually tell an interesting story anymore, to the point where when one does (like the Legend of Heroes series or Tales of Berseria) it gets worshiped outright by the newer generation, who haven't experienced anything like it before unless they were already retro gamers.
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    VNs Mainstream or Niche

    Its steadily getting more mainstream, but as is often when a niche medium/genre steadily gains more mainstream attention, it isn't necessarily a good thing if you are an old school fan. I first got into VNs around 2010/2011, they were extremely niche back then. Not as niche as say the early - mid 00s, but thanks to the Visual Novel fan-translation scene that took off around the mid-2000's they were steadily gaining more attention. Likely in part because anime was also becoming more mainstream. And It was the fan-transaltion of Kanon (which I was interested in because of the 2006 Kanon anime) that actually first exposed me to this medium. The correlation between a rise in the amount of fan-translations and rise in VN popularity in the west (even if still very moderate), is likely why Aaeru started Fuwanovel. She was the one who coined the Fuwanovel motto "Making VNs popular in the west", and among her biggest goals was to increase fan-translation output. Ultimately she fought a losing battle, because as VNs were starting to get more attention, companies and localizers started to pay more attention to them as well. So ironically the fan-translators who arguably helped grow this incredibly niche medium, were now getting cease and desist threats because companies wanted to take advantage of this potential market. Infact this very thing happened to Aaeru herself Not saying mangagamer or JastUSA are the badguys at all, I respect them a lot for being the OG localizers in the industry. When shit really hit the fan imo, is when Steam became a popular avenue to sell/market VNs. It was in this phase that VN's once again hit a bump in relative popularity, but this new audience by in large has very different taste then what original VN fans care for. Dies Irae and Suba Hibi for example, are two VNs very much beloved by older school VN fans but did pretty poorly when compared to DDLC. DDLC was a perfect market exploit of the new demographic of potential VN purchasers on Steam. Now I know DDLC is a free game, but its massive outburst in popularity proved one thing. It proved that VN's can reach mainstream popularity, but to do so would require betraying old school VN fans (at least in my opinion).
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    Desk-chan, ganbatte!
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    Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! A 2 || Majikoi A 2 Summary Majikoi Fandisk. Published in 5 different releases, Majikoi A-1 to A-5. Each release features about 3 stories. A-2 contains: Seiso, Monshiro after+, Cookie 4 IS Ending Guideline / Suggested Route Order No particular route order. You can play whichever heroine you like first from the heroine selection screen. However do note that unlike in A-1 where there was only a single possible ending for each heroine, in A-2 we have 2 possible outcomes for them. I played the Heroines in the following order Monshiro ----> Aiesss ------> Seiso. Please Note that i will be naming Cookie 4IS as Aiess (Her given in-game name) as her route involves the other cookie as well so it becomes confusing. The Choice/s in Pink affects multiple ingame events so it is recommended to select both on different play throughs Also Don't Forget to replay the training area 19 times to unlock special cgs. Exiting the game each time will unlock you skits every time you do it. Route Guideline Kuki Monshiro || 九鬼 紋白 Good End Bad End Cookie 4IS || Aiess || クッキー4IS Good End Bad End Hazakura Seiso || 葉桜 清楚 Good End Bad End Attribution This walk-through is referenced from seiya-saiga.com as well as my own play-through of the game
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    D.C. Da Capo II

    D.C. ~Da Capo II~ Licensed by MangaGamer Takes place approximately 50 years after the original D.C. ~Da Capo~ game. The story revolves around Sakurai Yoshiyuki and Otome & Yume, sibling granddaughters of the original D.C. ~Da Capo~ protagonists Jun'ichi and Nemu. ***Ending Guide*** There are Four main routes, Anzu, Nanaka, Koko and Minatsu. Otome and Yume have routes as well however, they are locked until you finish 1) Anzu or Minatsu's route!! 2) Nanaka or Koko's route!! You must do one of each to successfully unlock Otome and Yume's routes. Then, after all of these are completed, Sakura's route will be unlocked. Trust me when I say, it is worth the effort. Below is a step-by-step walkthrough to help you along. ***Route Walkthrough*** Anzu Nanaka Koko Minatsu ***Bonus Routes*** Otome and Yume's Routes can only be unlock as described above. If you have not completed the prerequisites, you will not be able to continue. Just restart game and you will see D.C. in the Main Menu. Click that and continue on. Otome Yume You must finish all above routes to unlock Sakura's route. Sakura ~~
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    Fuwanovel Confessions

    It is worth a shot, Thanks. However, that statement I said is kind of true in a way. You choose who you want in a marriage and not so with the one you're born in. I just want to leave the family because they just don't understand the concept of accepting others well. Most of my family are genuine southern rednecks and they are racist as hell. I can't even be myself around them at family outings because I'm afraid of them using my status against me. That is why I am wanting to find the family by choice. I don't want to be around those people anymore.
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