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    Ey, I just hit 4000 posts, or should I say, I'm only 10283 posts away from Nosebleed's disgusting post count. Wohoo. Totally going to beat that in like... 2 weeks. Totally. I'd like to take this moment to thank some special people here on Fuwanovel. @Fiddle For being the best user. @Fiddle For being the funniest user. @Fiddle For being the best at posting funny gifs, even in the most serious of discussions. @Fiddle For being the best AND the funniest user. ... ... ... Yeah, that seems to be everyone! Oh, right, AMA and all that. Ask me stuff!
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    Forum email server probably borked

    Let's see if that (read: what I intend to be a fix for this particular problem) manages to fix those issues.
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    Yes, actually! It wasn’t really intentional, but I was IP banned for about 1 day. I made an alt account, and since this is kind of frowned upon and I was openly posting on both, Nayleen wanted to merge the two, though in the process accidentaly blocked me from accessing the site completely, and I had to borrow a friend’s internet to make yet another alt, PM Nay and have him fix it Fun fact, this is also the reason I currently have a pretty unique account that is following itself. Twice. Lol. (This happened when the alts were merged with my account, while still following myself.)
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    Selfcest it is.
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    This dude completely forgetting about getting triggered by NTR lmao
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    What are you listening to right now?

    I won't lie, I think one of the reasons I enjoyed Bakemonogatari is how excellent most of the OPs and the ED were...
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    I wouldn't really say so. There's specific fetishes I don't really enjoy, but no one game has been too extreme for me so far, and I don't think anything will be, tbh. If I were to avoid a game, it would just be because I find certain types of scenes boring or uninteresting. Maggot Baits is an example of a VN where most scenes don't interest me, due to how overly detailed they are. I just find the weirdly fetishized focus on details kind of uninteresting. Half the text in most scenes is just info dumps about human anatomy, essentially, with very little focus on actual guro, which requires some actual erotic elements to apply. The game is fairly non-erotic in almost all its guro scenes. This is intentional, of course, and I'm not saying the game is bad for this, but this is a style of guro I'm less interested in personally. I am also unable to enjoy the guro in games where I am very emotionally attached to characters. Chrono Box is a good example. On paper it has some great guro scenes, but I actually got nauseous reading them due to the emotional connection I had to the characters in the scenes. I can think of no tags that would make me avoid a VN other than BL/ Yaoi, which is not really related to guro at all.
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    MangaGamer 2020 Licensing Survey

    License cucking isn’t super rare in this industry, so it’s definitely possible. It really just depends on the relationship between the original licensor and the JP company. (And potential contracts for exclusivity, but these are rare.)
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    What Anime are you watching now?

    I'm halfway through W'z, the Hand Shakers sequel. I still don't understand how this show became a thing, but damn, it has all kind of stuff. Yuri bating. Yaoi baiting. Wierd romantic tension between the new protagonist and first show's main couple. All the absurdly cliched and dumb characters from the first series in supporting roles... Pretty much, it's everything you would expect a Hand Shakers sequel to be, but infinitely more competent. I mean, it's still clunky, visually inconsistent and at times plain ugly, but words can hardly express how barfy and cheap the original was. Even the writing and characters are a major improvement, despite by no means being good – it's a step-up from the ultimate trainwreck of all time to just being amusingly bad. And I somehow find it very fun to watch, probably because of the memories of Hand Shakers being so very much alive in my mind. I'm not sure any bad anime will ever be able to beat it and while this second season is not the same, it satisfies my twisted nostalgia. Maybe it wasn't a mistake after all...? 5/10 so far, and I think it'll stay there. But the joy of seeing arguably the worst anime in history spawning an actual franchise? Priceless. Edit: After finishing W'z, I have to lower my score to 4/10, because some of the new characters proved incredibly obnoxious and once more, the rules of the world and character motivations were all over the place. To be honest, I still don't really know what was the main villain's deal... But I know that the heavily-implied yaoi ending he got with his butler was one of the most glorious things I've seen in crap-tier anime. Generally, the second half of the season was a little bit more of the side of "plain dumb" and less "amusingly bizarre". Still, I have no regrets about watching it, as the "so bad it's good" entertainment factor was never fully gone.
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    I was looking for a good live performance of this song and well... Considering how Shizuka Kudo was singing at the beginning of her career, it wasn't easy. But finally, I found this one in which she seems to be slightly older and the difference is pretty significant. ^^
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    @excel3789 PMed you ^^
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    Hi, I'd be willing to help assuming you're still looking. My Japanese is alright, and I've worked on making subtitles for some variety shows in the past. Let me know.
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