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  1. Your link doesnt work for me Anyway first that comes to mind is Wagamama High Spec https://vndb.org/v17823 If those aren't big enough, you can always go to Funbag Fantasy https://vndb.org/v2762
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  2. Plug for my new project. I am making a full length VN with two collaborators called “Heart Of A Hero”. It is a story about young people manifesting superpowers and being confined to specially built school/research facilities. Your character has a particularly “bad” power but discovers as they meet other students that many superpowers are often as much a curse as a blessing. We’re going with an overall comedy/romance/action formula. Some of the features that are implemented of planned: Three major routes with 3 heroines Character choices that can lead to more than 30 good
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  3. Of these, I've played Kaiware and Maid-san... Maid-san is... predictably a maid-themed nukige that happens to include swords. I couldn't fap to it, so that should say everything that needs to be said about it, since it is a nukige. Kaiware is a kusoge. It was among a plethora of random games I played through at the time. While I do have a mild gender-swap fetish, this was one of the few games where a rather abortive effort was made to take it seriously. It failed.
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