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    Dead waifu, best waifu. ^^ EDIT: I guess I should contribute in a meaningful way too. This thread made me think a bit and I still came to the realization that I less have favourite types as much as I have those that don't work for me, like most airheaded heroines for example. Also, maybe it's my perspective being warped by yuri, but I usually see romance through pairings more than just heroines. A good romance arc and chemistry with the protagonist will be crucial on whether I care about the girl in the end. Although, if I had to pinpoint something, I'd say that my favourites are more mature/reliable heroines and those that are cold/hostile at first but show decent depth and warmth further down the line. Using the reliable template of Fruit of Grisaia, Amane and Yumiko are my types way more than all the other heroines in the series. If we go into visuals, I guess my main hooks would be dark hair, glasses and slim figure. Thus, probably the heroine everyone but myself hates, Flowers' Rikka Hanabishi, would be as close to my "ideal" as I can think of right now. I also adore the pairing itself, but once more, I'm probably the only one.
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    So, it's again that time of the year when Getchu's Bishoujo Game Awards 2019 are out and the glorious winner is: Uh... Nukige Mitai na Shima ni Sunderu Watashi wa Dou Surya Ii Desu ka? 2 (aka Nukitashi 2). Congratulations to Qruppo for it! It follows a list of the twenty best VN's of the contest: 1.) Nukitashi2 by Qruppo (Also best Music) So this title is supposed to be super good, eh? Doesn't really look like it. 2.) Sakura, Moyu. -As the Night's, Reincarnation- by Favorite (Also best Scenario and Character with Kuro) This reminds me that I'm still waiting for the translations of Hoshimem -Eternal Heart- and Irohika. When will we get those? 3.) Tsuki no Kanata de Aimashou by Tone Work's I'm kinda interested in that one since it has some adult heroines for a change. I wonder if this will also picked up for translation by this hyper-fanboy Tsurezure Scans translation group. 4.) Cafe Stella to Shinigami no Chou by Yuzusoft (Also best Graphics and Movies) What, no first place this year for Yuzusoft? Shame on them! Must surely be a terrible title then. 5.) 9 -Nine- Haruiro Harukoi Harunokaze by Palette Jay, I like the 9 - Nine series and can't wait for the title with my favorite heroine - Empress. 6.) Nee-chan no Susume ~Onee-chan no Itazura Seiseikatsu~ by Atelier Kaguya Bare & Bunny NSFW Impressive, Atelier Kaguya got two titles into the top ten. And both from team Bare & Bunny - no love for their rivals HonkyTonk Pumpkin. 7.) MUSICUS! by Overdrive Whu, what?! Overdrive got a title into the top ten? Shouldn't they be dead by now? Though that was supposed their last title I think. Maybe they reconsider if sales are good. 8.) Motto! Haramase! Honoo no Oppai Chou Ero ♥ Appli Gakuen! by Milk Factory NSFW (Also best Ero) I guess it's the same here like with their previous titles - good art but far too many heroines and poor story even for nukige standards. Atelier Kaguya should have gotten the Ero title. 9.) Mamagoto ~Mama to Naisho no Ecchi Shimasho~ by Atelier Kaguya Bare & Bunny NSFW I actually liked this one a bit more than the higher ranked Nee-chan no Susume, but both were good. 10.) Kin'iro Loveriche -Golden Time- by Saga Planets So, since we're getting Kin'iro Loveriche, I guess this one is a possibility too now. Well, we'll see how the the first one turns out. 11.) Raillore no Ryakudatsusha by 3rdEye I really don't understand why 3rdEye is so obsessed with their double protagonists. Sorcery Jokers would have been much better if they'd left the dork at home. 12.) Aonatsu Line by Giga Looks pretty generic to be honest. What's up with Team Baldrhead? 13.) Evenicle 2 by Alice Soft I guess MangaGamer will have an interest in that considering the first one sold so well. But they've still Rance titles to translate, so this will probably have to wait. 14.) Haha Ranman by Alice Soft This doesn't seem to be as popular as their other Milf titles - I wonder why. Art looks a bit odd, but certainly not bad. 15.) Kimagure Temptation by Silky's Plus Wasabi Hmm, Nanairo Reincarnation was already a bit of a so so experience with lights and shadows and this is much lower rated. 16.) Study § Steady by Marmalade Not sure what to think about this one. Seems a bit bland. 17.) pieces / Wataridori no Somnium by Whirlpool So that's from the company that made the Neko-nin exHeart from Sekai Project? Didn't read that, but the VNDB rating wasn't particularly flattering. This seems to be a lot better though. 18.) Ryuusei World Actor by Heliodor Never heard of that company before, but apparently it's new and this is their first title. Plot sounds interesting with urban crime mystery and stuff, but I'm not sure about the quality of it. 19.) Ren'ai, Karichaimashita by Asa Project So this is from the makers of Sankaku Ren'ai: Love Triangle Trouble! we got from NekoNyan? That was rated rather average, so I'm not conviced about that one either. 20.) Waka-sama no Zasuru Sekai by Minato Carnival I'm actually a bit surprised that this is tagged as a comedy title in VNDB, because the images look more like a dark fantasy setting - and I think I wish it was. And oh yeah, the list of best selling titles is here: Getchu's sales ranking 2019. Yuzusoft might not have won the Bishoujo Game award, but they can at least take comfort in being the bestseller again. Clochette and August are both in the top five best sellers as well, but surprisingly neither of their title made in into the Bishoujo Game award list.
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    Hello everyone. Before going into the project, here's some information regarding the game: - Kami no Rhapsody (https://vndb.org/v16341) is a VN/SRPG hybrid by the company Eushully, the same company that made Kamidori Alchemy Meister. - Sypnosis (taken from VNDB, with some changes made to go with our translation patch): Team member: Translator: FlamePaladin Translation Checker: Danywar, Dark_Gamer Editor: Vuken, Yuuko Shionji Image Editor: Nylios, hubb2001, Bilbael, pegg We have a full team atm, but if you want to join us, please send me a message or post in this thread. Thank you ^^. Here's some information regarding the text-only partial patch: How to use the partial patch(for both this patch and ZAP patch): - It's the same as the previous patch. All you have to do is extracting the patch into the root directory of the game. - If you're going to use ZAP's interface patch, please apply their patch first, then ours. Do keep in mind that our translations may differ. - In case you need it, the order to install the game and applying the patch is: Installing the game -> Append 1 -> Update 1.01 -> Append 2 -> ZAP's patch -> Our patch. Special thanks: - Huang Yin Ling and maefdomn for their very useful threads. - binaryfail for helping me find the tools to work on this patch. - SaintLouisX, asmodean and Aroduc for their tools. - Special thanks to Kirashi for motivating me to work on this patch, and for the feedback. I really appreciate it. - Special thanks to Mr Poltroon for your work as an editor in this project. Though it was short, I really appreciate your help ^^. - Special thanks to Danywar. Thank you very much for joining the team as the Translation Checker. I'll be counting on you a lot from now on . - Special thanks to glupak. Thank you very much for everything you've done for the project. I really appreciate it ^^. - Special thanks to Vuken. Thank you very much for joining as our Editor. Tbh, I don't even know if you're in this forums lol. In any case, I'll be counting on you to make our patch readable XD. - Special thanks to nylios. Thank you very much for joining the team. I'll be counting on you for a lot of things, so prepare yourself . - Special thanks to hubb2001. Thank you very much for joining us as our image editor. I'll be counting on you for the images XD. - Special thanks to pegg and Bilbael. Thank you very much for joining us as our image editors. Let's do our best to make the complete patch a reality! XD - Special thanks to Yuuko Shionji and Dark_Gamer. Thank you for joining as our TLC-er and editor. Let's make this patch the best it can be XD. Finally, here's the link to the partial patch: MEGA link: https://mega.nz/#F!MstRHI6S!bQVaRTSLnwQPNjYuCJKfpw Please keep in mind that this is not the final version of the translation. We'll continue to improve it, so there may be some differences between this patch and the final patch. Please think of this patch as a teaser of sort, a taste of what is to come . Though I've played through and checked this patch, I may still have missed something. If you notice any problem (typos, text display problem, crash, etc.), we'd appreciate it if you could take a screenshot and send it to us. We'll fix it for the next patch. Any feedback is very welcome. That's why if you use this patch, we'd love to hear your thoughts on what we should improve/change. This is everything from me for now. If you took your time to read that wall of text, thank you very much. Even if you didn't, thank you for showing enough interest to click on the thread. See you!
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    When it goes to the Western market for Japanese eroge, VenusBlood FRONTIER is one of the most interesting marketing phenomena in the recent past. Belonging to a series that is most known for its corruption theme and related sexual content, it was rather brilliantly rebranded with a focus on its in-depth gameplay mechanics and the morality system which allows players to shape the fate of its fantasy world in various drastic ways. It is also a game I was highly anticipating because of its rare premise – the ability to play as an anti-hero protagonist who can either become a ruthless oppressor, or a benevolent tyrant protecting the world from destruction and terror. All this coupled with a set of goddess heroines that can be either corrupted into obedient tools, or allied with for the goal of protecting the innocent people trapped in the apocalyptic conflict, and destroying those responsible for starting it. The international version of FRONTIER is also a bit more than just a Western release of a classic SRPG – it is, by most measures, the definitive version of the game, with significant improvements and new content added thanks to the localisation project's Kickstarter funding. Its goal was very clearly to attract both English-speaking and Japanese players, which at the same time it makes it even more of a notable treat for the non-JP audience. High-budget games of this type very rarely appear outside of Japan, and even less often reach Steam, but the Western release involving significant improvements rather than just cuts and localisation-related glitches is borderline unheard of. This doesn’t mean that the road onto the biggest PC distribution platform was without hurdles: the final version, released in late January 2020, had to make some concessions when it goes to suggestive content and language, deviating from the initial “all ages” version the studio created. However, the full 18+ version is, in the old-school fashion, available for Steam players through a free patch, and what's worth pointing out, even that version gives a convenient option for opting out of all explicit content. Just by selecting the “skip extra scenes” option in the settings you can avoid h-scenes completely, making the whole game pretty approachable to players that would rather skip the porn and focus on the core story. And in my experience, even the most “compromised” Steam version is a complete-feeling and satisfying experience. But, what exactly it has on offer and can Ninetail really hope for it to get the attention of more "normie" crowds? Read the full article at evnchronicles.blogspot.com
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    I think my type is a combination of 2 or 3 of the following traits: megane, can cook, white/blonde/platinum hair, made of metal and voiced by Suwabe Junichi.
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    Help this weeb choose a game

    C;C spoils the ending of C;H, but as long as you don't plan on reading the latter you should be fine. I only read C;C and I don't think knowing C;H would have improved the experience. In regards to S;G it's the other way round for me: C;C is so bad I would probably never pick up another title by the same developers ever again if I hadn't read S;G first. So I voted for 428.
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    Help this weeb choose a game

    just buy the KINGDOM HEARTS ALL IN ONE PACKAGE FOR 30€ INSTEAD OF 110€!!!1!!!!!11!!!!!
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    Help this weeb choose a game

    Sadly I have never played Chaos;Child, 428 or Psycho-Pass Mandatory Happiness. So I only vote for Utawarerumono MoD & MoT bundle. I need help to pick a game myself. So I made thread in Gamer Talk.
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    Help this weeb choose a game

    I also went with 428. As a matter of fact, I'm playing it right now and I'm enjoying both the story and its quirkiness a lot. Chaos;Child is great as well, but you should play Chaos;Head first to fully appreciate it. I imagine the same goes for Utawarerumono. At the very least, the only reason I haven't played MoD/MoT myself yet is because I'm awaiting the remake of the original, which will be released in a few months. I haven't played Psycho-Pass yet, but it's supposed to be pretty mediocre, so it's definitely the least interesting title out of the four listed.
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    Hyun-ae is the best VN character, because she isn't a one-dimensional trope turned into a person.
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    There has been no official confirmation, but the game has been found in the Steamdb as Meteor World Actor here. (Including a complete english opening here.) The translation company behind it is most likely ShiraVN (https://twitter.com/shira_vn) since they are partnered with or a part/subsidiary/western publishing arm of DMM. Since the game hasn't been official announced they can't really comment on it, but I would be pretty sure that they are behind it.
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    Help this weeb choose a game

    About the addtional info: while Chaos;Child has a fairly separate story from Chaos;Head, the ending of the latter sets up the background for the setting of the former and the same goes for the Mask Utawarerumono games in relation to the original. I chose 428 because that's the one i liked the most, but that's not exactly for weebs like the other choices, lol.
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    Getchu Bishoujo Game Awards 2019 are out

    Ryuusei World Actor had a lot of potential that went absolutely nowhere. Waka-sama is a much darker take on Minato-soft's standard way of doing things. Anything charage on that list is pretty mediocre (coincidentally, I either tried or played all of those...), the only exception being Shinigami no Chou which was about average for Yuzu Soft games. Kimagure Temptation isn't as good as the other two games by the same team, but it is still an excellent experience. All the more so because they only had one heroine. Sakura, Moyu would have been my choice for number 1 out of the games on this list, by several degrees. From what I've been told, Nukitashi 2 is basically your standard fandisc experience for a game that doesn't make a lick of sense. Just ask @ittakuwhat he thought of it if you want to know. Kin'iro Loveriche's fandisc was a good addition to what the original had already done, albeit lacking the same level of impact. The addition of a route for the antagonistic ojousama (who should have had a route in the original game) was a great idea, though it turned into a total comedy route. I don't get why anything Alice Soft from 2019 was even on this list... 9... I wish they had just released all of them as a single game. This drip-drip of paths is annoying as hell. Don't even get me started on Milk Factory... even for a nukige, that was godawful. Raillore... I dropped the game for obvious reasons (at least to me), but I suppose the flashy visual effects brainwashed enough people into sticking with it... It doesn't surprise me at all that Tone Works is up there... nothing by Tone Works ever sucks in my experience, even though I can only play one path in any given one of their games before I get an SOL overdose and have to be taken to the virtual hospital for injections of action and story.
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    Birthday thread

    All best wishes to You @Silvz! Sorry for being late.
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    VN with after story

    This VN is pretty old, but certainly fits the bill - Kotori Love Ex P (English) It's a combination of Kotori route from Da Capo, her fandisc stories and after story that you are looking for. Basically you don't need to read original Da Capo game, and you can ignore IF (Innocent Finale) alternative route since it's drama oriented and meaningless. Hani Tsuma (Jap) is good too, although after stories is not that long.
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    VN with after story

    If you're talking about in the same game then the only one to fully do that is Gin'iro Haruka, same company as Hoshi Ori, which is currently partially translated. Other than that the only one I can think of off the top of my head available in English is Private Nurse and that only applies to Ayano's route and those are a collection of short stories. Otherwise after stories are relegated to fandisks.
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    Help this weeb choose a game

    Opted for Utawarerumono 2&3 since that's the only one I'm familiar with. Never played Tears to Tiara 2, though I have played some of the PS3 port of the first game and gameplay wise I remember it being a little similar. I would recommend either waiting for the PS4 version or watching the anime for the first game so you'll get some references and foreshadowing sprinkled throughout the second game.
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    If you don't mind a little gross out humor in the last episode, Are You Lost?/Sonan desu ka? is a pretty good chuckle and each episode is only about 15 minutes. If you want a slight-yuri SOL comedy Ms Vampire Who Lives in My Neighborhood/Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san is pretty good too.
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    Birthday thread

    Happy belated 25th birthday to our @Silvz there, and I hope you'll have a good year ahead.
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    It's pretty shonen-y I guess but I enjoyed it. It's a tighter, more focused story than any of the big shonen names for sure.
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    This is already in my list, I'll be watching it this weekend I have already watched My roomate is a cat. The other two seem interesting, specially Keep Your Hand off Eizouken. I love Kaguya-sama! I'll be watching the other one soon Is it good? It looks like a bland shounen I already tried watching this, but didn't like it
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    Use https://github.com/morkt/GARbro for *.xp3 files. You can extract text from *.txt.scn files with PsbDecompile from https://github.com/UlyssesWu/FreeMote.
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    Random VN: Haruru Minamo ni

    Haruru Minamo ni is one of my favorite games by one of my favorite charage companies, Clochette. Clochette is known for a combination of decent stories, moe-ero (sexy and moe) heroines, and fantasy/sci-fi settings. Haruru Minamo ni is based in the same world as Amatsu Misora Ni, which is - ironically - my least favorite Clochette game. In this world, the idea and existence of Japanese-style deities is a self-evident reality. This is partly due to the fact that 'arahitogami' (kami who take a human shape and live as humans) come into existence regularly enough that they are obviously recognizable and accepted as what they are. This game has five heroines: The protagonist's little sister and goddess of the mountain, Miori; the new sea goddess of Tamatsue, Kanau; a young thunder goddess named Mei; Tatsuki's (the protagonist) and Miori's osananajimi Ena; and the fisherman's daughter Asumi. Miori comes across as the most level-headed of the five heroines, having been a goddess from birth, rather than ascending to the position. She was 'raised' to a great degree by her older brother, and she is all-too-aware of how the task of raising her has shaped his personality and way of looking at the world. She has all of her worshippers' names, faces, situation, and lifestyles (and that of their relatives to the fourth degree) memorized, and she is the trusted and beloved goddess of the mountain. She is also a heavy gamer (console) due to the fact that the siblings' ancestor (the first goddess of the mountain) having promised to remain upon the mountain, thus binding her to the old town around her shrine, thus making her a homebody. She is the epitome of the Japanese idea of a tochigami, being able to express her will anywhere within her territory and protecting it against misfortune. Obviously, she is a brocon. Kanau is a young girl who became a goddess at a relatively late age, and as a result, she doesn't have great control of her powers. She is also extremely unlucky and tends to draw misfortune to herself to an extreme degree. However, she also has a hidden core of steel in her spirit that lets her get up after every failure with relatively little help or interference. Her kind and hard-working nature show a great deal of potential, though it is, as of the beginning of the VN, unrealized. Mei is the incarnation of a bolt of lightning given the form of a girl after attaining divinity. Unlike Kanau, who is learning to be a goddess because she was born human, Mei needs to do so because she has had little connection with humans. She is very straight-laced and honest, telling people what she thinks upfront. Her emotions are obvious, but she will often hold herself back for the sake of what she thinks is right. She desperately wants to be of use to humankind, but she has no idea of how to go about it. Ena is the daughter of a Japanese sweets shop owner and the Yamagami siblings' osananajimi. She is an easygoing, kind-hearted girl who cares about others first and foremost, without a malicious bone in her body. Having grown up around Miori and Tatsuki, she knows them almost better than they know themselves, and thus she has made a point of restraining her long-held feelings for Tatsuki and keeping them below the surface. For better or worse, she is the type of girl who suffers as a result of her tendency to put others first. Asumi is a seemingly standoffish daughter of a fisherman. Having been raised near the sea, she became an excellent swimmer at a young age. However, she quit the swimming club and now avoids swimming anywhere but the mountain river, avoiding the seas like the plague. She also doesn't believe in deities, feeling deeply betrayed by them for reasons that come obvious later. Despite this, she is actually very straightforward and easy to get along with... once you understand she doesn't like wasting time on small talk. Mei Mei has the cutest dere of all the heroines, I'm just going to say right up front. Think 'cat who absolutely adores her master' and you'll get an idea. Mei's path is pretty heavy on ichaicha... but since her dere is cute in a good way and there is little romance drama to annoy me past the actual stage of them getting together, I didn't mind either time I played it. Her path's drama is mostly centered around her growing as a kami by being loved by Tatsuki (yes, seriously), so most of it isn't that serious. However, there are a few 'trouble moments', especially toward the end of the path. Nonetheless, all is well that ends well, and the path is tied off nicely. Miori Miori, despite her efforts to keep her brother at arm's length, is a rather self-evident brocon. This is fairly typical of Clochette imouto heroines (incidentally, Clochette little sister routes are some of the best out there, though they lack the twisted stuff you see in some other companies' lineups). However, this is made more complex by the background of the two. The first part of the path, the formation of the relationship, is more of a clash of positions: brother/sister, priest/goddess along with a bunch of other baggage that was inevitable. However, it does make it a lot more interesting than your typical 'incest is bad' drama you see in most imouto routes. Miori and Tatsuki, once they get together are somewhat... intense. This was also the case with Mei, but if Mei and Tatsuki were an extreme version of the typical bakkouple (idiot lovers), Miori and Tatsuki are so insanely intimate (think finishing each other's sentences half the time) that it takes it in a somewhat different direction. There is some significant drama near the end of the path that is very, very revealing about the setting in general... but because of that, I would recommend that first-timers play most of the other routes before this one (Kanau's and Miori's can be done at the end) for the best experience. Asumi Honestly, as a character, I like Asumi the most of the five heroines. However, I have to say her dere is more 'hidden' than the other girls, as her feelings don't really reach the surface in the same way as the others. As a result, in her path, you don't get to enjoy the kind of melty deredere crazy couple ichaicha you do in Miori or Mei's path. On the other hand, her path is a gift to those who like intimacy over brain-melted ichaicha. Asumi's romance starts the most 'naturally' of the three paths I've played this time so far. This is probably because she isn't a goddess (meaning Tatsuki's hangups aren't as strong an issue in that stage of the relationship), and Asumi's seduction of Tatsuki happening to be a lot more subtle than the others because of the way she handles emotions. Honestly, I don't like the way this path ended, in comparison to the way the previous two did. While it is highly emotional, it also trips one of my major most-hated tropes Kanau Kanau is a pretty straightforward girl in every way... but the beginning of the romantic part of this path is seriously weird. I mean, it is a Clochette game, so sexually charged scenes are normal but... The attraction of Kanau's path is the way she starts to change things in Tamatsue as a result of her personality. While Kanau isn't my favorite heroine, she definitely has a strong path worthy of a main heroine. This path can be considered to be the 'main' or central path of the game, as it has the most story-focused approach, whereas most of the other paths had a tighter focus on the lovey-dovey aspects, with the story growing like weeds between ichaicha moments. That said, it isn't like this path makes the other heroines feel underserved. Rather, it feels more like a natural extension of what was going on from the beginning. Conclusion I'm not a fan of Ena's path or Ena as a heroine (Ena as a side or helper character is ideal, but I don't like her type as heroines). As such, I'm not interested in replaying her path. This game in general is Clochette at its best, in particular the way there are so many diverse elements interacting with the central characters, as opposed to the charage standard, which generally has only the heroines, the protagonist, and maybe a few friends with relatively few other connections. There are mild cathartic moments, humor, and ecchi enough for anyone who likes a more varied 'flavor' in their charage, and the heroine paths actually have a story to tell, not just a 'romance'. I recommend this for people who want some mild fantasy and story in a primarily SOL setup (and for people who like heroines who happen to be attached to oppai).
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    Summer Pockets is here!

    FanTL patch itself has been cancelled, but recently the group released patch for official version that adds subtitles to OP and ED videos.
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    If you're talking about "the localized" copy of it, then that one is a completely edited MTL translation. It's possible that in the middle of the VN and onward, they just stopped even editing it.
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    How to handle .scn files?

    https://github.com/marcussacana/KrKrZSceneManager/ https://github.com/UlyssesWu/FreeMote/tree/master/FreeMote.Tools.PsbDecompile https://github.com/xmoeproject/KrkrExtract
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    Romance with Teacher heroine

    It's probably not exactly what you're looking for, but Euphoria has a route for the teacher. https://vndb.org/v6540