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    Everyone with the conspiracy theories lol. Don't forget Hanlon's razor. Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity. Bad data management is just that.
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    Hello! New-ish VN Reader Here!

    Hey everyone! First, I wanna say thanks to everyone who creates content here, I've already used a couple of the walkthroughs and thought I would join the Forums. Like it says in the title, I'm pretty new to VN reading. I watched Clannad a while back and liked it so much I decided to read the VN. That was a long and emotional ride. I of course had to read Tomoyo After as well to finish off the story. Recently I decided to go back and read the first couple Key VNs and I just finished Kanon. Other than those, I read some smaller ones here and there like Lucy -The Eternity She Wished For- and DDLC which I guess counts haha. Anyway, I think I've made the long enough, I'll probably be watching the Kanon anime before I start another VN.
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    If this is such a problem why don't they sell their games in other digital shops? JAST and FAKKU would probably be more than happy to host everything they sell.
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    Hello, First of all, thank you for your encouragements ^^. Now, as for the patch, well, I do plan on releasing another partial patch. However, at the moment, I do not know when that will be. For the next patch, I want to include our translations of the menu as well, so I'll have to wait for that first. Also, I don't know if I will include all of the story I've translated into the patch. As I've said before, I'll only release a patch if the chapters included in there are playable in English. And well, to release the full story means that pretty much everything else would have to be translated as well. But I'll try to at least include the next chapter and the appends into the next patch.
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    It's completely safe, nothing dodgy about them at all. They are one of the biggest localizers in the business. They sell a wide range of different games, with all sorts of adult content. This is likely one of the factors that keeps getting them in trouble with their payment processors. They also had an incident with a bunch of people cancelling their orders on the site in the past for the steam codes that used to come with the games. But, this wasn't MGs fault, they just wanted to give something extra with the purchase of their games. Scammers sadly saw this as a golden opportunity. Mangagamer is a totally legit and safe site, so you don't have to worry about it "looking dodgy." I suppose that's just an issue with the design of the website.
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    I checked that live you've posted recently, and while sound quality isn't great (I think there's too much of the room sound mixed in - or it was recorded just with room mics?), it seems to be nice performance. As for live performances, and the topic itself ("What you're listening to right now?"), I'd like to post live version of FictionJunction's "Yume no Tsubasa" from 2008, which I just listened to again. I love this song, and especially its live versions. (Actually, 2009 version from "Everlasting Songs Tour" is even better, but I couldn't find it with quick search on YT) Also, it was first japanese live DVD that I've bought. (Please forgive me, if it turns out that I've posted that already before - I just love this song too much)
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    Japanese Visual Novels

    If you do not understand Japanese I would recommend that you go for things that are translated rather than japanese only releases as there are a lot of VNs that has been translated and actual translations should be much better to read than VNR. As for pirating I am pretty sure asking for where to pirate is against the rules of this site as it does not promote pirating. Under is a list of visual novels that have an official english release. There are also some other titles that has gotten fan patches in english that you can probably look for on vndb but I specialise on official releases so I would not be much of help when it comes to those.
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    Hmm, sounds more like a cheap excuse to avoid censoring trouble with Japanese authorities. I actually happen to have an art book from PeasSoft with all the game art including H-scenes and pretty much all of it is without mosaics. The sinful places are instead covered by little black bars which are so tiny, that they cover almost nothing and should be easily restored. But I guess they also 'lost' the sources for that as well and all phyiscal copies too. I could lend them mine if they want though...
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    Given how VN fans act online The audience is never 'pleased'
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    See, this is why I keep my translation files saved in three different places when working, lol. (Updated daily.) Call me paranoid, but losing tons of work is never fun. RIP non-pixilated penis power.
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    @Plk_Lesiak I'm not sure if your original question was ever answered, so I'll hop in and see if I can help out In regards to tools and resources, here's a list of some with small descriptions, in no particular order. https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/purdue_owl.html Your one-stop-shop for literally anything grammar and writing. Great for both professional and personal work. https://app.grammarly.com/ I use this tool to help with the proofreading that word/google won't catch. 11/10, would recommend, but don't rely on it alone! https://www.thesaurus.com/ This site will help with both definitions and, well, anything any thesaurus would help with. https://www.google.com/drive/ For EVNs, Google Drive is standard. Studios that don't use it are very rare. Touch up with how docs and drive works, if you haven't already https://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/index.php The Lemma forums are great for stuff like this. Have questions? Looking for work? Here you go! https://github.com/ A tool many use for script implementation. Some studios require it as part of their editing pipeline. Good to be familiar with regardless. https://atom.io/ The best text editor you'll ever use. For real, use it! It even has Ren'Py in it as a recognized language. Here are some skills that are generally required: Editing Specific: Firm grasp of the English language Understanding of story mechanics/tropes/themes/etc Firm grasp of character voice Understanding of how to prioritize changes Understanding of assets and how the Visual Novel medium works For example, VNs are a visual medium. You don't need to describe the trees if they're already on screen, unless it's for a specific weight. Knowing what natural dialogue sounds like, especially for voice-acted projects All edited scripts, time allowing, should be read out loud before turned into the lead writer/editor/director etc. Firm grasp of how people act and interact. General Skills: Time management Communication (specifically with writers) Including the ability to give constructive feedback Firm teamwork skills/understanding of the chain of command To touch up on some topics mentioned in this thread: I do not believe that non-native English speakers cannot or should not be editors for English games. They most certainly can, as long as they have a strong understanding of conversational English. If you've been part of the English speaking world for a long while, even if you didn't initially start with English, you still can edit. The important part is that you must understand how it works from a real-world perspective, both academically and conversationally. Here's an excellent example: I've known people born outside of the US that moved over in their early twenties. Now they're in their fifties. I am not about to claim they can't edit. Another example: If you grew up in a multicultural/multilingual area, you're generally good to go. The internet is a wonderful place for that. Again, as long as you have a strong grasp of the language both academically and conversationally. Also, to tackle another more controversial side of the debate I've seen here: VNs are not pure novels, they are not prose. They are specifically written closely to their cousins, the screenplay. In fact, the jargon is the same! We write a VN script. We are going to edit scenes. This jargon comes from both video game and screenplay verbiage. Remember: in VNs, dialogue is king. Longform prose is not as useful, as VNs have a visual (and audio) element to them that novels do not have. Don't describe the tree in front of us if we can see it - unless it's important to the script in some way. The exception is, of course, for senses that we can't have even in games (smell, touch, taste, and if the VN doesn't have SFX or for accessibility reasons: sound). Also: it is VERY BAD PRACTICE to have editors only proofread. Generally speaking, if I'm hired on to consult or edit for a studio, and they have editors only for proofreading, I see that as a massive, massive, MASSIVE red flag. I get it, we love the stories we tell. We want them to be our own, right? Well, actually, no. If we're releasing the VN to the public with the expectation that we'll get good reviews or sales (or if we want to make people feel something), then we need to understand that we must be able to kill our darlings. That is to say, when we make a game, it isn't (generally) a solo endeavor. If we have an editor just for proofreading, then we're shooting ourselves in the foot. Of course, if we don't care about how good the game is and just want to make something of our own, go for it! Everyone makes games for different reasons, and I am very fond of (most) any reason to grow the community! Over the internet, there's a mountain of resources for editing, so I'm sure others can lead you to more useful resources. If you want to sit down and chat with me about editing, I'm always available! I've been working on (and editing) visual novels for half a decade. I also know a lot of bigger editors that you could talk to, should you have the need! Feel free to catch me on our Discord: https://discord.gg/watercress (My name is WolfGameDev [Watercress]#1785) Edit: Wanted to make sure I mention that these are just my opinions! We all have different experiences, and I don't want to devalue the other viewpoints. These are my opinions based on my experiences
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    Thanks for your feedback and responses everyone! I haven't been able to find any tools for Sinsemilla, but it seems Applique's DRM removing patch may have also removed encryption (?). I tried out a few tools here and there like KrkrExtract and GARbro, as well as KiriKiri Tools, but XP3Viewer miraculously worked! I now have all scripts in plaintext, along with other resources for the game! You certainly have a point, Infernoplex, but even so I'd like to try my hand at it. From what I've played so far, the language is not as hard and nuanced as Hatsuyuki Sakura, plus even if I fail, there are have been no active translation projects over the nine years since its release, so I don't think anyone will mind. It'll certainly be a fun learning experience, and a way to give back to the community if I do succeed (one day)!