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    The number of lines is no problem. The time it will take to do said lines is what might disappoint people. I estimate it taking at least 4 months. I plan on translating after work a few times a week. This is merely a hobby projet. I have never actually played Noratoto, but got interested in helping out after seeing the discussions about the cut content here on Fuwanovel. I will probably buy the original game so I can have it running in the background while I translate. Translating Japanese without context can be a nightmare. That will not be necessary. Using a machine translation as a base would just hinder my progress, if anything. I am sure there are some people who would be satisfied with machine translated h-scenes though. Maybe you could make a machine translation patch for people who do not want to wait for my translation. It will take a while before I finish. Thank you very much for the spreadsheet.
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    Reborn as a censored goat in another world.
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    Well, it's been a lot longer than any of us hoped, but lo and behold, we have a Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/972160/The_Witchs_Love_Diary/
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    Google "Sagaoz net" and the Japanese title and you should find one. I would love to translate the missing content for this title. @Infernoplex @marcus-beta Would either of you be capable of extracting the missing text so it could be placed in a spreadsheet?
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    I need help finding this hentai!

    A refined taste, to be sure.
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    As I am reading it now, it'll take me a bit to reach them all. I am using the "Japanese + English" mode, reading both in JP and ENG at the same time (which means I am being rather slow with my progress on Noratoto, but I am having a blast readnig this VN). That said, I took a look inside the voice options and this is how they showed the characters' names: This should be helpful for you, I think.
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    it may be hentai or just a comic someone made and here's all the details i remember part of it includes a rich boy who hires a young prostitute to play his vr game, while playing his father uses her body to switch with his wife paralyzed as a show for investors and the rich boy gets angry a boys mother also ends up playing the game but she skips the tutorial and her character is a young girl, think there's some furry elements to it the vr pods are large and are entered nude and the game features a fantasy type world think it doesn't really show sex but has lots of nudity if you could help me it would be appreciated since i cant seem to get it out of my mind.
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    Nope, no PMs here. Not a big deal to me but I did want be able to edit the thread so no one would be disappointed with a dead code like you were. I just hope it didn’t get sucked up by a bot or anything.
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    Hi there! It’s summer sale on Steam and “Tales From Windy Meadow” is currently 20% off!
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    Update status after a long time lol~ (*´з`)b
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    I need help finding this hentai!

    theres a subreddit called hentai source that may help. try that.
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    That doesn't mean they won't have any influence on the English translations. Unlikely yeah, but not impossible. I'm sure there will be at least a few Chinese people who will want to read the English translations to improve their English. Keeping the translations more accurate would be beneficial to Hikari Field for this reason. It's also their loss since they aren't getting money from me. Sooner or later I'll get to reading some of them with machine translations since they are more accurate than NekoNyan.
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    I prefer the game because is way more colorful than the anime.
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    As a casual english player, reading the Eris route was smooth and coherent. I wouldn't have noticed the inconsistencies in the translating if someone more fluent in Japanese didn't point it out in that image posted earlier in this thread. My knowledge of Japanese is pretty basic and I originally read the novel with my meager weaboo skills and a text translator, so my input may not be very helpful. It does seem to me that a lot of effort was put into the translation though, and for that I am grateful Looking forward to Saint Irene's chapter, no pressure with that though