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    Uhhh, this might be true if you just look at moege, but in better plotge, some otome and much of yuri you'll easily find female characters with actual agency and whose actions have clear moral weight. The picture is not this black & white. Just don't expect a "breakthrough" when it goes to typical eroge - those games are like this because they cater to very specific needs of a very specific audience, and deviations from the formula rarely pay off for them.
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    That's quite a long winded way to say that you want to play otome VN there, so I hope you'll have fun on playing that latter.
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    This is because it's difficult to write a good, active MC. Just look at english fanfiction, and you can see the opposite but similiar problem. Tons of active, edgy, but poorly characterized protagonists.
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    ...Why do I have a feeling that you made this post after reading nothing but nukige?
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    You'd have to dig a bit deeper, but there are a few games like the ones you want. For example: Koikake, Kakyuusei 2, Myself; Yourself, Crescendo, and Symphonic Rain.
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    Is Euphoria worth it ?

    I'm pretty sure no one missed it. No one even said it's incomprehensible, it's just... Dumb and unconvincing. A good setup drowned in ridiculous, overly convoluted sci-fi dribble and over-the-top plot twists. I understand people loving this game for its atmosphere and the psychological parts, but I find the overarching mystery plot absolutely indefensible. It doesn't make the game awful IMO, but doesn't deserve to be treated seriously.
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    Lamunation! announced by Love Lab

    Well congratulation for that, and may your release will be successful in the future later. Good luck.