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    Status update Prologue progress: Translation and editing: Complete QC: In progress Overall progress: Translation: 5662/43896 Editing: 2646/43896
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    China has a long history of VN fan translation, and a fairly big market for official releases. In the past two years, there are quite a few Chinese translation companies releasing on steam and achieving good sales figures, so I'm not surprised to see companies like Sekai trying to capture a share of this market. What I am surprised to see is how they actually do it. Yesterday Sekai released "WAGAMAMA HIGH SPEC" Chinese translation. To our surpise, it's 100% identical to fan translated patch, even the mistakes like misspelled words. It's very well known in Chinese VN community that this translation involves a scandal. The original translation team gave up the project, then picked up by a second translation group. It was planned for release using the name of both groups, but the original team leader stole the translation then released the game using original team name just before the second group released the final version. Basically, he personally didn't translate anything but claiming he did everything... Since it's not a monetised issue, the two version translation is just a joke about how messy fan translations nowdays among Chinese VN community. What really surpised me is that this guy sold "his" translation to Sekai Project, and Sekai didn't perform any kind of due diligence before buying the translation. Until people buying the game suddenly realised idential translation, then we know what actually happened. Fan translation is always a grey area. Is this copyright infringement? Probably not, but it is really hurting Chinese VN translation community when a large company like Sekai blindly buying translation and earning money, while the real translators get nothing in return.
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    I usually play my first run of a VN without walkthrough and just make the decisions based on what I would really do. But of course, like that you will usually end up in nowhere. After that I usually use a walkthrough. And in the end in some VNs you will probably never see the true ending without a walkthrough (Root Double *cough* *cough*)
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    Hello all! I'm new to Fuwanovel. Mods, please feel free to correct me or tell me if I did anything wrong. I have been a Japanese VN reader for a very long time, having read more than 1000 hours worth in the last few years. A certain VN changed my life and motivated me to learn Japanese. Slowly, I improved and now, I don't feel like passive reading helps me improve any more. To practice my Japanese, I sometimes like to translate VN lines for fun. For example, I translated the first 500 lines of Kimi e Okuru, Sora no Hana, as that is one of my favorite VNs. https://pastebin.com/YBYAgSuw I wanted to do something for the community, so I'm offering to translate something on the shorter side, ideally 2000-5000 lines long. It can be the prologue of a VN if necessary. I can't give a guarantee that I will follow through with it, but if it is interesting, there's a 95% that I'll finish translating it. I'm just looking for any ideas that the community may have which they would like translated! Thank you all! If I cannot find an interesting and worthwhile candidate, I will default to Kimi e Okuru, Sora no Hana and translate at least 5000 lines of it. Who knows, maybe I just might persevere through the whole 20000-30000 lines if I find it fun enough. Once again, thank you!
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    Superhuman physiology during sex.
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    Yeah, totally. However, when it comes to childhood friends trope I'm on the opposite end - I usually love them. Except when childhood friend's route is messed up, like in One I never had such girl in my life, but for some reasons I like this trope. Maybe because I'm, how to say it... nostalgic(?) in general...
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    lol... While I never use walkthroughs for straight-out roleplaying games, It's been over a decade since I haven't used one for a VN. The reason is simple... I'm not interested in finding my own way through endless choices only to find out that I got the 'normal' ending or some random bad ending... Tsukihime was enough to teach me my lesson on that.
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    The only cliche I truly dislike is characters turning into pornstars during h-scenes, throwing away their personalities. And other hentai cliches related to it. Most of other charage tropes mentioned above can be fun, if there is something else besides them in the story
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    With any medium there are bound to be certain similarities between works in that medium and vn's are no exception. the heroine with an unnamed disease with no cure except the mc's massive, thick, love, the walking in on a girl while shes changing, the running into a heroine down the hall, all that jazz. which one are you just sick of seeing these days? ill tell you mine, the unnamed disease one! heroine is sick with something that is never named but its going to kill her one day. she never takes meds, she goes to school everyday, pretty much does everything she can to make sure this disease kills her! that or just bad writing to make you feel sympathy for this girl. that and the useless mc. sure he does some good things every now and again, run in to save the girl in a fight that he has no chance in, tell the girl nice things so she instantly falls in love with him. maybe its the instant fall in love thing i hate. like, have you never had anyone of the opposite sex be nice to you? well, those are a few of mine, how about yours?
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    That's what it looks like to me, and seeing as they are the least favorable localization company in the community, I guess trying to reach an audience that knows nothing about them was their intention. Man, at this point I'm wondering when they will close down. Losing licenses, not releasing anything for MONTHS, no transparency......(Let's not forget to mention just buying and releasing fan translations)
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    It's hinted at, but Ceri being Ceri she's too shy to give anything away! That and, I wanted to leave the SOHL MC as much of a blank-slate character as possible, so there's no direct reference to him, but CB does take place after SOHL! And thank you! It really has been taxing, but we've been working hard to make the game something special and I'm already so pleased with the quality of the work, especially compared to when I released SOHL.
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    The original team (or only this "project leader" not the group) released the translation using their name "土豆培根汉化组“ 2 days before actual translation group released their version using their name "弥生月汉化组" by stealing texts from later group and repackaging them. The messy situation was explained in several threads in Chinese easily searchable by Google or Baidu. If I am Sekai, I would stay away from this translation, but if they really want to go ahead, at the very least they should search this "project leader" credibility and contact the second group which did most translation and editing...
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    Thank you all very much for your suggestions! After thinking for a while, I have decided that I will work on translating Kimisora. Not only is it a VN I hold dear to my heart, but I have already figured out the unpacking and packing of the script which means that I can focus solely on the translation. Once again, thank you to those who took the time to offered me a suggestion.
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    I've seen this issue before with another Cyberworks game. Use this...
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    Not necessary for short or kinetic VNs. Some VNs have flowchart unless they are misleading. I think walkthroughs are useful for gameplay VNs which requires certain skills to unlock all story/cgs.
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    Didn't play VNs in a while, so decided that March would be my VN month. Kin'iro Loveriche + FD Don't think it's good enough to be VN of the year, but I did enjoy it. Mainly the characters, loved all of them, but particulary Reina and Ria for their interactions with Ouro (and I love characters who talk like that) I really liked the principle of "showing off", it's pretty relatable. Anyway, not amazing, but enjoyable VN (+FD) Suisei Ginka Kinda disappointed. It's not bad, just didn't really find it good. Hikari no Umi no Apeiria + FD Biggest suprise. Loved it. End is half-baked so it fall short being perfect (well, I guess it wouldn't even if the end was better) but still loved it. It's been a while something made me so into it I lost many hours of sleep. Fd was kinda meh because I wasn't interested in the two heroines, but still had nice scenes. (and it's the first time I saw a true love triangle, where each character actually love each other, and not just the guy. Here each one love the other two) Tojita Sekai no Tori Colony Utterly disappointed. It has some good moments, but it felt like a big waste of time. Thought I'd have the time before going to uni, but I'm already late, so even if I basically didn't write much, this will do.
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    It depends on case to case basis, but mostly the thing you risk by not using a playthrough is losing time and getting frustrated. I have very limited amounts of time and don't want to torture myself with getting stuck, so unless the VN is short and heavily oriented towards mystery (which means even seeing choices could spoil something major), I won't even bother to approach it without a walkthrough.
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    Reading the choices can be a moderate spoiler, and it also gives away the structure of the VN. I prefer to pick the choices myself, until I get stuck at all. If it's a super clusterf**k of choices I'll end up breaking out the walkthrough pretty soon, no loss there.
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    Project is not dead. The editor hasn't been around for awhile; some personal stuff came up he has to deal with. I've been going through a list of questionable stuff he's been finding and > 85% of the items on it are translation errors I'm consequently not sure what the actual completion percentage is. It will come out when it comes out. I first started working on this in 2011, if I remember correctly. Definitely I want it over the finish line, but I also don't want to leave it full of errors. Just because that was good enough for the original translators doesn't mean it's good enough for me
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    Yeah, I feel exactly the same. Add to that the VNs that don't have enforced playing order although they should, and going in blindly can ruin or spoil some things.
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    Akari DLC announcemed well i’m definitely interested in that
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    Soft utsuge is a vn which is full of sad feelings: loss, grieving, or regret. There is comfort, but unlike in a nakige, the negative events and resulting strife are a primary part of the story. Hard utsuge is when the circumstances throughout the VN (not just the ending) are crushing and it seems like there is no hope. At least thats how I distingush them.
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    Looking for VN to fan translate

    Good for you, but i'd advise against asking this on this forum. Not going to point at any individuals, but really toxic elitism is pretty rampant on this forum where translations are concerned. For your question i'd suggest you try something short and original to begin with. You never know how motivated you truly are until you've been at it for a while, so i'd start with something short.
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    The only one that really annoys me is the useless MC, why is this one so common anyway? Just because they're easier to write (it's easier to make someone universally incompetent having problems/doubts/whatever without contradicting his/her character)? Other parts of VNs it don't like aren't common enough to call them cliches (like open endings).
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    Dorei to no Seikatsu -Teaching Feeling- is literally a game about taking care of a loli. Can get very sexual, but only if you choose to and the premise is nowhere as gross as Musumaker.
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    Cliches in VN's You Wish Would Just Die!

    The pervy best friend who is in pretty much every eroge.
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    Cliches in VN's You Wish Would Just Die!

    The only trope I dislike is small dicks. The schlong has to be big to be arousing.
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    @tymmur was tling musumaker
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    Another update, and sorry for being late here. Here's the upate below: Common: 100.0% Sora: 100.0% Marika: 100.0% Natsuki: 80.42% Misa: 100.0% Rikka: 100.0% Touko: 100.0% Total: 97.50% We may or may not have the patch by the next weekend according to Irru, but either way Natsuki's patch release here should be close. Also still don't know though whether this is the last update or not, but we'll see. That's all for this week update.
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    Eushully's fantasy world

    Well there is an edited version of the machine TL so it's readable at least. I enjoyed reading it, but I'm also the type that reads through grammatical or other type of errors Some people also say that the editor took some liberties in the translation, but it's not like there are any alternatives sadly. Personally I think you are better of learning japanese and reading them yourself, then waiting for a TL. At least that is what I'm trying to do since I got bored of waiting -.-'