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    My favorite ones that I've played this year are 1. Flowers Vol.2 It was a sequel that managed to be better than it's predecessor in every way, thanks in part than having one of the best and most interesting protags I've seen. I really felt a deep connection with Erika and she stole the show, just like I thought she would. I should probably write a review for it just so I can gush on it some more. 2. Fatal 12 It is pretty rare that a vn comes along that really surprises me and Fatal 12 really accomplished that and it did so consistently. I loved how varied and intriguing the characters were, I loved how wonderful the protag was. I also just really loved the story. 3. Sekien no Inganock -What a Beautiful People- Few visual novels try and even attempt to do any world building at all. It's just one forsaken high school after another until the end of time. Inganock pulls this off splendidly and that's it's greatest strength. It also has a splendid cast including Atti, who's just the best. 4. Aioshiro Despite having some drawbacks, which includes a few extremely long discussions about food and long tirades about Japanese folklore, it still manages to be very enjoyable thanks in part to it's unique and varied cast and it's great protagonist. Shouko is one of the best I've seen and she is steadfast and strong without being overpowered. 5. Shadows of Pygmalion I really enjoyed this vn thanks to the intriguing plot and solid characters. I especially liked the last route and how strong it turned out to be. The protag was also really enjoyable and I enjoyed the explanation behind her character. More proof that yuri's produce some of the best protags around.
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    So, here are screenshots from current state: I wanted to post a video too, but MSI Afterburner has problems with framerate... I found original censored version too - had to look for FDD images instead of HD images with preinstaled game.
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    There's a lot of animosity and even boycott against Sekai. Like Lesiak said, I don't see the benefit in them going under. I guess there are some people who will say, "they did shit work, they had it coming" but that's a rather extreme view. Anyway I've seen all kinds of things said against Sekai. I mean, if people boycott Sekai before Winged Cloud, they're pretty twisted. This reminds me a bit of the console war, and that's quite sad. Boycotting them because "they're a mess" will put the final nail on their coffin. Why not help them in their time of need if something they release appeals to you. No, we must send them to oblivion because they... Er... What they did again? I thought they were just another company, with their own misgivings.
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    For me, Sakura no Kisetsu is a classic. However, it's a bit unapproachable now, with old engine and awkward adventure-gameplay system - which is much more annoying than, say, YU-NO. As I wrote recently in recommendations thread: Well, sometimes I do things on a whim, and shortly after writing the above, I decided to give it a try Actually it's quite fun for now - writing things in Ren'py is almost like directing your own puppet-show . The goal is to rewrite Sakura no Kisetsu into standard VN structure with branching choices system - getting rid of the "look/think/talk with everything to trigger next scene" system. I do this by arranging texts from various "think" "look" and "talk" sections into the order that gives the best flow (and inserting small connecting bits in between where absolutely neccessary). I also plan to re-edit it or partially retranslate the lines that annoy me too much As I see, Brazilian Portugese translation uses similar approach, but they used assets (graphics and music) from the remake, which I'm not too fond of - they are very blurry, while the pixels from dithering are still very visible, so it's like the worst of both worlds . I'm working with assets from PC98 and DOS versions. I also plan to have switchable soundtrack, with all three versions available: PC98 - original FM soundtrack, GS - PC98 MIDI music replayed with SoundCanvas soundfont and AdLib - PC DOS version FM soundtrack. While browsing graphic files extracted from both versions I was surprised. I expected Japanese PC98 version to have mosaics (and if such were the case, planned to have mosaics on/off switch in the options), however, the version that is floating around the net is uncensored. Probably somebody hacked files with HCGs from English PC version into it? Graphics and scripts formats are identical between two versions, only music files are different because of different sound hardware. I looked at files more closely and yes, it seems that some CG files were replaced - while all graphic files from PC98 have 1996-04 dates, HCGs have 1999-10. For now I have ported first two scenes - talk with parents in Shuuji's home and first meeting with Reiko on the way to school - complete with music and sprites with facial animations, just like in the original Some preliminary screenshots coming in ~12 hours. Of course for now it is all pretty basic - just full-screen background and standard ren'py textbox. I'm still not sure whether to go with that approach, or try something more like in the original, with borders etc, and the actual scenes taking just small portion of the screen? Also, I'm still not sure how much smoothing (if any) should I use while converting backgrounds and sprites. But we can discuss that when there are screenshots. *I'm not sure in which subforum should I place it. It's clearly not "Original Visual Novel", it's also not exactly "Translation Project" (although probably some translating will be involved). Well, I hope our mods will help me by moving it into most suited section.
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    Something happened at Sekai Project?

    Oh, I forgot Nekonyan is Jesus and we must worship them. No way, Sekai has done a lot more even if they're in a (big?) slump. I wish that Sekai makes a comeback.
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    I would agree with you 3 or 4 years ago but now there's other companies ready to take their place rather support someone like Nekonyan than Sekai at this point and what do you mean by support anyway, buying all the crap they release instead of good titles? They also haven't communicated about a lot of stuff either, why is Leyline 2 delayed again? If you look at a post thats from more than a year ago now they were apparently 87% done...? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sekaiproject/a-clockwork-ley-line-a-visual-novel-trilogy/posts/2023733 Literally 0 updates after that other than saying 'Engine porting is difficult'. Imagine how the kickstarter backers feel. Also depends on what interests me, nothing Sekai released in whole of 2018 is interesting (note VNs are a very low priority hobby of mine, below a lot of other things) They are becoming the new JAST
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    Sorry to say, but after testing, the files don't work properly because they are password protected. The Arc extractor brute forces the data but when trying to compress back into an archive the data doesn't store properly which is also compounded with the password problem on all the data_arcs. It's protection so people like me and you can't just steal their code and such. Another shame is the only script I have for cracking arc passwords is for older scripts only(Security is stronger on newer releases) and not for newer scripts (It's custom but found the main code on hongfire). Unless you or somebody else can bypass the password, I believe you are out of luck here. I'll keep trying though, I might be able to alter my script enough to bypass it. Edit: If you can get the BSE on the arc reader to work, it may remove the encryption. I would try that.
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    Trying to solve as we speak.
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    What are you playing?

    Playing Little Busters, aiming for Komari's route. And once again, the Battle Rankings have had some surprises. Basically, Kengo kept losing, and losing, and losing. And getting demoted. In fact, got demoted so badly, he was being challenged by a debuting Mio..... ..... and before the fight even happened, new cutscenes happened, and she got a new weapon!! Then Mio utterly DESTROYED Kengo with it (and Kengo had Laundry Pegs for crying out loud!)!! Now if I can unlock Saito again, the Battle Rankings should turn into a chaotic bloodbath..... This VN has a lot of unlock-able side stuff......
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    I, for one, wouldn't be that happy about it because of their role as EVN and doujin publisher, with probably no company that would be able/willing to fill the void. Plus, them going down wouldn't necessarily mean the licences they already have would get any kind of smooth transition to another publisher. I just wish they'd at least get their translation quality fixed, delays are annoying, but I see them as little more than minor inconveniences if the final product properly delivers. Although if they already mismanaged themselves into bankrupcy and are only delaying the inevitable with the restructuring etc, it wouldn't be that surprising. After all, if the mess on the outside is in any way indicative of how the company functions internally... "A mess" would probably be a pretty generous description here.