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    Reading Ginharu Very Slowly #14

    Good to see that it's still continuing off screen, and as for Hoshiori so far it's been good with currently it's already ~60% translated. As for contraception pill, now that I'd already finished Misa's route I remember that they (Ryousuke and Misa) use condom twice before finally not using it at the third time seeing that Misa is already past her period to be pregnant, and that all of the other heroines already know that the two are dating by the time they'd have sex as well. I see that the writer did going further by introducing contraception pill there, so no condom for Bethly and Yukito first time (Well they need to be very cautious after all). Speaking about Misa her seiyuu did act as Momo-chan-sensei, and for addtional cast Yuzuki's seiyuu is also act as Meguru back in Hoshiori. Look forward to your next readthrough there.