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    ...the Era of Obnoxious Shilling for EVNs! It's been exactly a year since I wrote my first post around here and God damn it, it's hard to believe it has only been that long. This site seriously rearranged the way I'm spending my free time and provided me with tons of fun and a satisfying outlet to channel my questionable writing. I won't be doing shoutouts this time, because there are just too many people to list and I would most likely miss someone that deserves being mentioned, so I just want to thank all of you for putting up with me, and simply being awesome in this awesome little community. :3 My only regret is that in all this time I didn't find a way to contribute to the main site and help with the permanent crisis there... But, hell, I'm not going anywhere, so there's a good chance opportunities will still show themselves eventually. One can dream, at least... And, however things go, I hope I'll be able to do a few more of these Fuwanniversaries in the future.
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    I have an announcement. The third title in my series of unconnected fan cases has released! Two in one year. I can scarcely believe it! You better not believe it either. It's a scam, it must be! For this scam, I have used an online case maker specifically for creating Ace Attorney cons. Be scammed. Features: Lies Tricks. Gimmicks. Verdicts. And so, if you're looking for any of those things, you can probably find them in any other Ace Attorney trial. But you can play mine, instead. I even made a tutorial for people such as yourself who don't know how these newfangled online case things work (you are one of such people, right? If you aren't, why aren't you playing my case yet!?) What are you waiting for? For me to post the link? Good point. Go over to this entirely different thread and play it now! All you need is to click the link under the section designated: "Link:" Ace Attorney Online is the website, forum, community, and free online case maker I used to create this fan case. If you have any criticism, opinions, want to complain about the fact that I reused this entire section twice in a row, or just want to flame me, please leave your comments on either this thread or the other one I linked to. Thanks for playing! ...If you do play, that is.
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    Aiyoku No Eustia (https://vndb.org/r24024) A fan transation project by Eustia Translations Partial Patch is out! https://mega.nz/#!no0DyQza!DZShSFgME_-iW6vaEdYy3oek-794a1yiuiW48U05dBQ Covers up to Eris' chapter (Chapter 2). Opening Movie: Description (modified VNDB description): Personal words: Translation Video Sample: Team: Project Lead/Translator/TLC: eplipswich @eplipswich Head Editor: Desertopa Head QC: Angeldeath Reserve/Former Members: Translator (Reserve): TakoRin @TakoRin Editor (Reserve): kumada Translator (Former): goodluckmyway/Be Water @goodluckmyway Editor/QC (Former): Vermillio @Vermillio QC (Former): Esham @Esham Progress: You can check out detailed real-time progress update at the following link: https://1drv.ms/x/s!AhHDq_NSwaAqgSnImaDDLTME-lmi ---------------------------------- You can follow me on Twitter: @eplipswich Job Opening(s): None at the moment, but feel free to PM me if you feel you can contribute to the project.
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    Congrats! I appreciate the EVN posts. It's important that EVNs get fair representation as well. Also anyone who likes Yuri and understands good Slice-of-Life is a good person in my book!
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    Keep on going with those EVN posts, I like them. I actually found a few new ones to read while looking at your blogspot, but for one(AIRIS) the download is removed sadly.
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    The grammar in the title infuriates me. That aside, it is great you joined Fuwanovel. I love reading your blogposts, and even just posts in general. More readers that tackle EVNs and don't just read 18+ VNs are always a welcome sight for me.
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    Sorry for linking the twitter instead of making an on-site poll, but I don't want to further dilute the results (probably not that many people will vote in the first place). Some of you might know what game I'm most directly referencing here, but I know of a few cases of "dead" free VNs and other games that were effectively removed from the web, sometimes without clear reasons behind the move or because of some petty conflict. Do you think the will of the author should be respected in these cases, even if the license don't legally prevent anyone from sharing the game?
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    What are you playing?

    I'm glad I read this. I've been playing the Vita versions and wondering if it was a good idea. I don't like missing R18 scenes if it goes well with the story and builds on the relationship of the characters, but H-scenes for the sake of H-scenes can be pretty stupid. I'm hardly ever alone, so it just makes things more awkward too. Especially, if they're ridiculous ones.
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    It's English Visual Novel. As in, VNs whose original language is English, the western made ones.
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    Time flies away , will be a second anniversary befiore you know it :-) and dont have any regrets. its been a sinking ship for a long time. but fuwa still remain and will stay here for many years to come. hopefully it wont remain the way it is for forever but. things is slow
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    What are you playing?

    Yesterday I finished Yoake Mae yori Ruri Iro na -Brighter than Dawning Blue- Common route did nice job of introducing characters, and establishing very nice atmosphere. I'd say, it was kind of heartwarming - it felt really good to just spend time with Tatsuya's family and friends. On the first playthrough, we're locked onto Feena's route It reminds me of Koichoco, but I think Feena won't be as polarizing character as Chisato It's almost impossible to dislike her. She's by no means perfect, but nevertheless very likeable character, and her route was pretty enjoyable experience, with just right amount of drama to not make things stale. Then I went with Mia's route. If you're fan of cute maids, this is route for you Very sweet. Next there's lovely imouto, Mai This was also rather good route, with family as its main theme. After that I read Natsuki's route I think this was my favorite among the romance routes - Natsuki is very beautiful, and is Tatsuya's childhood friend (so she gets bonus points from me ). Their relationship progresses nicely, it's probably most romance-focused route in the whole VN. Drama near the end was maybe a bit forced, but still very good route and adorable heroine. Then, Sayaka-neesan (actually a cousin ) Another family-themed route, and also touching themes like what it means to be an adult etc. Good read. Green-haired Midori Natsuki's best friend and classmate. This route was also among my favorites. It is the third route about family, but from different angle than Sayaka's and Mai's. Midori herself was very sweet, there were many good comedy bits before they finally confessed, and the scene near the final, made my eyes wet. Estel, another girl from the Moon This was good too. Estel is almost classic tsundere (or even Ice Queen, at least towards the Earthlings who she despises), and it was very enjoyable to watch how she little by little opened up to Tatsuya and changed herself. I'd say also that this route serves as a first part of the setup for true route, giving us some insight into Moon-Earth relationships. The last route, which is unlocked after completing all previous, was Wreathlit. Mysterious little girl, who is almost like a stray cat. This route also gives the reader some more background needed for true route. And then there's Feena's true ending - it picks up exactly where Feena's route ended. It was pretty surprising. Don't want to spoil too much, but it gave off some strong YU-NO vibes. There was also lovely bath-scene with Feena The route was quite long, and very good ending to the whole game. Another nice thing is that other characters still play significant role and don't disappear during routes. The VN is all-ages (it is backport of PS2 version), but it is very good. @Stormwolf asked how romance is in this VN in all-ages version. I'd say that it didn't suffer. In romance-oriented routes there's lots of kissing, holding hands, cuddling and flirting, so we don't miss anything by lack of h-scenes. And for some characters h-scenes would make things super-awkward (like Mai or Wreath). Also, Estel's and Midori's routes are only in this version, and main story got expanded compared to first PC (H) version, so overally I think it is superior. Grahpics are absolutely beautiful - both backgrounds and character designs. I especially liked the characters - they have a bit of that old-school anime-like design that I love. Music was also good. Unfortunately translation isn't the best. I'm aware that it is unfinished patch, with almost year worth of editing not implemented. There are also some mistranslations and awkward lines here and there. It is readable, but rather rough. Of course the routes that were translated the last (Estel, Midori, Wreath and true) suffer the most. I spotted one particularly amusing mistranslation in Midori's route: Also, in Wreath's lines, sometimes "そう" and ”はい” are translated in a way that doesn't fit the context - like そう translated almost always as "I see", while in some lines it evidently meant just something like "yes/that's right". In the final route she is asked about something by Mai, (like "hey, was that blablabla?" kind of question) and confirms by saying はい, which got translated as "Okay", and it didn't make sense in a context ("Yes" would be more fitting). I'm sure that it all would have been caught and corrected during TLC and editing stage, but unfortunately some parts of this patch are just 1st pass translation, so those kinds of problems are inevitable. Also, while we can argue infinitely about honorifics , leaving "Itadakimasu", "Gochisousama", "Oba-san" and "Oji-san" untranslated was very bad idea. Actually, if there weren't some scenes where characters make fuss about them, I'd opt for removing honorifics from this translation too. Another problem is that in Midori's, Estel's, Wreath's and true routes there are some images with parts of the story (like Estel's lecture) and they aren't translated. But, setting TL problems aside, it was very enjoyable experience, 8/10 It was first VN by August that I read, and after it I have really high hopes for Aiyoku no Eustia
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    Over 1,400+ posts in one year. That is impressive! What does EVN mean anyway? I'm not familiar with that.
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    Aye, it's a bit of a sad story with that one. But you actually reminded me to check a few things: try if the Steam version of the game actually has any DRM on it and if it does, ask on Lemmasoft whether anyone has an Itch.io copy to share. I'm not really huge on respecting the studio's founder desition to delete all their work, so I'd happily put it on a cloud somewhere... Anyways, glad you enjoy my posts. ^^ That's what you call having really messed-up life priorities true dedication.
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    Congrats, man! Fuwa would not be the same without you anymore! And damn, how can you even manage to keep your posts going even if you're busy??? I salute you, my man. Also thanks for filling my backlog with stuff, it's not like it was packed enough already aaaaaaaaaa
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    Well, it wouldn't be truly me without some properly terrible or confusing grammar, would it? Sadly, this was meant to be a short post, so it would've been hard to fit some absurdly long sentences with multiple hyphens. And thank you, I'm also pretty happy with this little niche I carved for myself - hopefully I did at least a little bit to make people more interested in this side of VNs. :3 I was planning to write this post for some time already, but would most likely miss the actual date if your thread didn't remind me about it, so I owe you some thanks anyways. My activity was pretty crazy in the first few months, I'm not even sure how I've managed it TBH. At least I'm still very much enjoying myself here, so the stream should never dry up completely - hopefully I still have a few decent recommendations to make and some potentially sensible things to say. Looking forward to your posts too!
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    Happy fuwanniversary mate! May have I started a trend with this? We are both from nearly the same period but look at you, you've been twice as active! Even though I'm not a frequent EVN reader (fortuitously, as I have no prejudices concerning origin nor genre) I do read your posts and have some recommendations of yours in my wishlist So yeah, you've definitely been a very helpful user and one of the most recognizable public fronts of this year. I look forward to keep reading your posts next year.
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    What are you playing?

    It's a legendarily bad scene. I had actually just finished MLA a few days ago after starting it in freaking 2014 (it's taken a while...). When I got to that scene last week I was flabbergasted. I knew everyone was calling it bad, but I didn't expect it to be THAT bad. There are dozens of different ways you can tackle that sort of storyline, and they chose the worst possible one, lmao.
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    What are you playing?

    Lol.. all i think when i read this is that the scene is a desperate fetish scene for rape/ntr lovers where they madr some silly reason to make it somewhat fit. But likely, if thwy removed the scene the experience would be no worse. in fact it would likely be much better. Many people just cant think outside of the box and what they've been presented. The scene fit and that means that its perfect and no alternatives would work. But the fact is that most story driven vns dont need sex at all.
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    Are we thinking of the same, second-half-is-dedicated-to-the-protagonist-being-a-literal-pedophile Killer Queen?
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    The first thing most of you are going to ask is why I didn't play Deep One first, given my tastes... but the answer is fairly simple. An a-hole spoiled the entire story on the release day to me in a PM on another site, and I read it before I realized what he was doing. As such, my enthusiasm was dampened to almost nothing, and I'm left feeling listless about everything in general. The commentary about it all over the untranslated VN community only accelerated its trip to being sealed in my archives, lol. I picked up this game mostly because Hulotte games are generally good for cheap laughs and funny characters in slightly mystical settings. This game is unusual for them, in the fact that there is a true path and heroine. Sadly, my tolerance for happy SOL games has gone down greatly in recent years, and so don't be surprised if I'm a bit harsh at times while writing this commentary. First, the protagonist, Yuuma (how many Yuuma protagonists have I encountered now? lol), obtains a watch that can stop time for five minutes from a clearly suspicious fortune teller named Hakua who promptly worms her way into his life, constantly encouraging him to use it for sexual reasons. Sadly for her, he gets bored of the watch inside the prologue, and the watch itself only serves as a catalyst to move the heroine relationships forward outside of the climax of some of the paths, lol. I'll be straight with you... I love Sakura, so when her path was over, I felt like I'd been cheated greatly. Oh, there was some decent drama and incest love is always good for me, especially when her actions are so hilarious. However, this path is the one that decided my impression of all the non-true paths. I felt that there could have been some more detailed drama included in this path, and the drama that was there was mostly her being an idiot. The path took only about two hours for me to read, and I came out of it feeling cheated, somehow. *sighs* Unfortunately, this greatly effected my feelings toward the other paths as I played them, and I became so bored by the end of Noa's path that I dropped the game outright for a week while I did other things (like work and playing random video games) before picking it up again yesterday. I forced myself through Kanon's route, enjoying some of the moments but still fuming about Sakura... and in the end, I couldn't even fully enjoy Hakua's path. Part of that is Hakua's path is nothing I haven't seen a few dozen times in games like this, but that was made worse by my lingering sourness on the game in general. Objectively, Hakua's path is obviously better structured and written than the others... but it follows the pattern of self-sacrificing true heroines everywhere. Moreover, the exact happenings in the story were rather predictable due events in the other paths which established just what state she was in before I even headed into it. In the end, I came out of this game feeling cheated and wishing they'd just stuck with the harem formula from their previous games.
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    Hello everyone, I'm back with another progress update. The translation for chapter 8 is now under way. Currently, about 10-15% of the script has been translated. As for the translation check, Danywar is continuing with his work on chapter 1. We've been quite busy so there hasn't been much progress, but I'll try my best to work on it whenever I can get some free time. I think that's about it this time. Thank you for reading and see you next time ^^.
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    Sry, couldn't make a working japanese demosaic patch yet. Had some encryption errors. Maybe I have some faulty version? Fixed the links in the OP. But here is the folder with all the patches: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1S9VFXbR_NEU5YR36e0rLMV-U_4kroxPk Maybe I should finally make it all in one patch.
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    Fuwanovel Confessions

    If you can afford it and it makes you happy, then I'd go for it. Feelings > logic for all human beings, and you only live once And if you are gonna regret whatever choice you make, if you go for the thing that holds sentimental value for you then you'd have at least that. ---- So some days ago I placed an order on Amazon for some items I wanted to buy. The international shipping was fast and that same day at night, according to their page, my package was already ready to be delivered and was expected to arrive to my place the next day. Yeah it didn't, and it must be the local shipping company's fault. It's been 3 days since the expected arrival date, so I phoned them to ask what was going on. That was more than two hours ago, at 7 pm. According to them, "there was no reported incident and I should receive my package before 8 pm, hour when their delivery service ends for the day". 9:30 pm right now. Yeah go figure, it didn't. *sigh* It really pisses me off this kind of inconvenience for a paid service. And I'm not an unreasonable person, if they contacted me and told me that they had some kind of problem, OK, I could understand that. But nope, not a call, not even an e-mail. Fan-freaking-tastic. 10/10 would use again. EDIT: Ok, so after the phone call and an e-mail they updated the info on their tracking page. Do you see anything off? Let me translate for you: Your shipment couldn't be delivered due to a logistic incident in our delivery. We've already handled your shipment and you'll receive it on the expected date. Expected date: November 6th, 2018 Welp, now we only need a phone microwave. Let's hope it doesn't turn into jelly.